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In Space outside L5

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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

In Space outside L5

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zach_Rendar on Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:44 am

The lone evac shuttle from MO-V prime drifted its way through the L5 Spacezone, the occupants inside having no idea where to go, or what to do. In the cockpit, the pilot and Zach Rendar were having a blazing row.
"We need to get back to Earth! I have stuff there that I need to retrieve!"

"This shuttle wasn't meant to go to Earth, we just need to find another colony where we can park until the heat dies down!"

"Yeah, and you'll just be assimilated into the L5 culture! I doubt any of you will be able to go back to MO-V once you get off!"

"Well guess what, son? I'm the pilot, and we're going to L5!"

The pilot pushed Zach out of the cockpit, and for a few minutes all was calm until the radarman spoke up

"Sir, we've got an incoming ship bearing an MO-V Prime markings, it wants to perform an open-space docking with us and take a passenger."

"Tell them we're a refugee ship, we need all of our citizens accounted for."

"But it's not a citizen they want, they want that kid who came up from Earth..."

Two minutes later, a refugee ship, and a cargo hauler locked tubes in the dead of space.

Zach Rendar moved tentatively through the tube, the idea of having open space being only two inches away, even through solid metal, was a bit disturbing.

He made it onto the ship. The interior looked like the inside of a great metal box, being at least a fifty yards wide, tall, deep, with a crew milling about like so many ants. Every sound echoed inside like a great cavern. There was the smell of oil, grease and sweat everywhere. No doubt about it, mechanics ran this ship.

As the portal behind him sealed shut, Zach was blinded by a flash of red hair and in his shock didn't notice the quick shaking of his hand or the flight suit being pushed into his hand. The first thing he noticed was someone talking very quickly.

"Hello Zach Rendar! Welcome to "The Gilgamesh" independent space freighter!"

Zach goggled at the person in front of him. Unlike the drones crawling around, nearly blending in grey-on-grey, this one was wearing a mechanic's suit of teal blue that stood out against a sheet of burning red hair.

"I'm Estovana, but everyone calls me Ess. I'm head mechanic on "The Gilgamesh" and was instructed to help you in every way possible."

Zach was finally able to get some words around what he wanted to say.

"Help me? What do you mean?"

Estovana smacked herself on the forehead.

"How could I have been so stupid? I forgot to show you what we're supposed to help you with!"

With a flourish, Ess pulled a remote control out of one of her suit's pockets. She pressed the lone button on it, and the far wall began to sink into the floor. Behind it was a sight that made Zach's heart soar.

Epiphany... Gundam Epiphany, full and complete as he had imagined it the day he decided to build it...

The crew that had milled around on the deck no stood silent, in awe of the mechanical beauty standing before them. Ess smiled at it and turned back to Zachary.

"We're the task force that Okami called to deliver Epiphany to you. We're also supposed to help you maintain and repair it when you get down to it."

A dreadful thought occured to Zach

"I... I can't pay you."

"You don't have to pay us! You're a Rendar, we just accessed your system and we found all the money we need!"

Zach smiled, he didn't have the heart to mention that it was his father's money they were spending, but whatever they were spending was a drop in the bucket to the fortune

"So what are we going to do now, Mr. Rendar?"

"Call me Zach, Ess. And first and foremost...

We defend Earth."

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