Spaceship Zero! A retro horror sci fi RP with rayguns :D

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Spaceship Zero! A retro horror sci fi RP with rayguns :D

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Hey stranger. Would you be interested in a sci fi RP with a set world, story and aesthetic based on a tabletop rpg?
Think Flash Gordon meets Cthulu. Or Futurama tackled John Carpenter's The Thing. 1950s retro sci fi that embodies and somewhat parodies those vintage movies like Journey to the Forbidden Planet, whilst also contrasting it with genuinely horrifying hostility. It's like Fallout if the nukes never ended up going off.

There'll be ungodly horrors. Cute, dinky robots. Murdery, tyrannical robots. Spaceships, vehicles, rayguns, death rays, you name it.

I also have many multiple story arcs lined up. The first of these involves 3-5 players (maybe including me and my NPCs), hired by "SpaceCorp" to board a prototype spaceship and test its experimental drive. It's a huge deal for the world these guys are in, as they've got spaceships to traverse their solar system but anything beyond that is a stretch.

Once my little 'intro' arc is done, the world opens up with huge branching options. Factions, additional character creation options, the ability to write in your own spaceships/vehicles what have you. I'm always a fan of collaboration here, so I'm also completely open to any major world-changing event ideas people may have (believe me, the nature of Spaceship Zero means there will be many regardless) as well as any original locations, or factions or just anything really. I'll be adding new locations, characters, story threads etc over time. So if you want something more handheld or freeform, I'm hoping you'll be able to have that choice.

Anyways, probably just better you go check it out for yourself. The front page is written in character, introducing you (the player) to the world from the perspective of one of the primary characters in the guise of a company pamphlet.


Thank you for reading and please do leave a comment on any thoughts you may have, regardless :)

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