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Species List

a part of “S.C.I.O.N”, a fictional universe by VitaminHeart.

The organization known as SCION has provided the world's first line of defence against threats from the supernatural for centuries. Do you have what it takes?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “S.C.I.O.N”.
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Species List

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VitaminHeart on Sun Feb 14, 2016 5:52 pm

A collaborative collection of species lore from the creatures of SCION. Players are free to add to the species here, but only after submitting it for GM approval. Thank you! - Vit



The children of the night. The nosferatu. The things of horror stories and teen romance novels the world over...but the truth of a vampires is both scary, and a bit sad.

Vampires were once humans, humans who had the venom of another vampire injected directly into their jugular vein so as to have it reach their heart almost immediately..and cause it to stop. It would remain stopped for about six hours as every cell in the host's body was infected with the curse, only to have it restart again slower and colder.

A vampire has a very low body temperature, and a naturally slow pulse. They have astonishing darkvision and very fast reflexes. Much like snakes, they are able to sense body heat through adapted cells beneath their skin, and additionally like snakes, they are able to snap out a set of very long, hollow canines from their upper jaw. These often snap out when a vampire is angry or threatened, as well as about to strike.

They are incredibly effective predators. Like mantids their appearance draws their prey, humans. Humans see them as uncommonly, if rather savagely beautiful, and tend to be drawn to them. This suits a vampire well. They must drink blood every few days in order to maintain good health. Without it they will begin to sicken and decay. Their cells will degenerate until they resemble a walking corpse and until their minds degenerate into animalistic madness.

Vampires were supposedly created at some point in pre-history, when a human sold their soul to a demon in exchange for eternal life. The demon granted them their wish, the progenitor would never age, nor sicken, nor decay, but it was a half-life. They would forever be cold, forever cursed to shun the light, and would never bear living children, only able to create more through mixing their tainted blood with that of humanity to create more of them.

That was The Mother, the first vampire.

That's if you believe the legend, but tha is what has been passed through the oral tradition of their kind for centuries.

Vampires are defined by the following characteristics:

-Low body temperature and slow pulse.
-Slow metabolic processes and efficient energy usage, allowing their kind to exist on the comparatively nutrient-poor foodstuff that is blood.
-Extremely good dark vision.
-Extendable hollow canine teeth driven by strong muscles in the upper jaw. Venom sacs existing next to salivary glands.
-Anti-coagulant in saliva.
-Longer, more tightly-coiled digestive system.
-Cartilage rather than bone making up the sternum, creating a weak point in around the centre of the vampire's chest. (Hence the folklore belief that a vampire might be killed by a 'stake to the heart'.

-Increased strength and physical ability, particularly related to having a very fast running speed, and an especially strong grip, for chasing and holding prey.

-Appears generally attractive to humans.

-Extreme sensitivity to UV radiation. Whilst vampires will not burst into flames in sunlight, their cells are very easily damaged by UV radiation. Their sensitive eyes can easily receive retinal damage, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause painful necrosis of skin tissue.

-Requires blood every few days in order to retain optimum health. Without it the vampiric cellular structure starts to break down and their cells will start to die and the vampire will begin to appear to 'decay', the subsequent brain damage causing the indiivdual to behave in a progressively more agressive and animalistic manner. Due to the vampire's enhanced healing factor this damage is reversible up to a certain point, before vampire can be considered too far gone, though there are reports of some older vampires being brought back after centuries of burial.



Hungry like the wolf. The werewolf is another of the supernatural creatures that has permeated popular culture.

Like vampires, some werewolves were once ordinary humans, turned by the bite of one of the lycan kind. However, unlike vampires, a werewolf may have children, and as a result, the majority of werewolves around in the modern era were born never having known humanity. Born wolves tend to be stronger than those turned, and those from certain lines stronger still than that. This tends to make born-wolves a little...hung up on it.

A werewolf, most of the time, resembles a person. A born-wolf tends to be on the tall side, with an athletic build and something a little..scruffy about them. Males of the species tend to build muscle mass quite easily. All werewolves have a fast metabolism, a high body temperature, and a rapid pulse. They tend to display quite impressive strength even in human form, and this is greatly increased when they transform.

Transformation is a major part of a werewolf's life. By default, upon every full moon, as the last rays of sun disappear they will be hit by agonizing, blinding pain. Bones will snap and reform, organs will fail and warp. The werewolf will suffer a heart attack, multiple fractures, massive internal trauma and their skin will tear itself apart. By the end, they will be a new creature, a horrifying meld of human and beast with a wolf-like head and a hunched body, covered in thick fur.

Transformed, partly due to the beast instincts, and partly due to the immense trauma of transformation, werewolves become animalistic and vicious. They will attack most living things and act like a wild creature, causing destruction and chaos around them.

That is unless they are properly trained. Born werewolves will be put through rigorous training by their own pack. First of all mental preparation in order to maintain their goals in wolf form, and to not harm those on their own side. The second set of training they got through it using a focus to bring on the change outside the full moon. These 'forced' transformations can give them a needed edge in a fight, but are also very hard on a werewolf's body. To force a change whilst injured or unwell can easily kill the individual.


Another who has known what it is to be human, most as they were often born of humans. A sorcerer is a mortal who has magic running through their veins. They are able to channel into the fundamental forces of nature and wreck things with it.

This tends to be a problem to an inexperienced caster, though. For many it may begin to trigger accidentally, fires starting, objects flinging themselves into walls, strange presences within the home. That sort of thing. Uncontrolled, the powers can be very dangerous, growing unchecked and unfocused they often end up lashing out at random, killing the caster or people around them.

A sorcerer can however, train and learn to manipulate their abilities to call upon the elements. Through this they can become very powerful, despite being physically unremarkable and as mortal as any regular man.


An enigmatic form of cryptid, most Fallen with Scion were picked up directly from where they appeared. That is, Fallen appear to literally...fall. When you see footage of meteorites crashing to earth wreathed in flame. Not all of them are meteorites. Investigators will sometimes find, rather than shattered space rock in th e crater, a humanoid figure, smoking and blackened with burns, bones shattered and body twisted up like you might expect something that'd just rocketed out of the sky in a trail of flame to end up looking like.

It's pretty nasty...but is made quite a bit more nasty by the fact that they're nearly always alive after landing.

Most Fallen recovered by SCION have been comatose since their recovery, and offer little other than research material into the phenomenon. Those that have awoken, whilst more immediately useful, suffer from acute amnesia, and have no memory of their lives before they fell. Most however have appeared easy enough to deal with, and have often taken up posts within the organization.

All Fallen are very heavily scarred, and tend to not be too pleasant to look at, but often have quite gentle dispositions. Their touch has the odd ability of being able to relieve the pain and infer a sense of serenity upon those they make contact with, and as a result many have had success training as medics within the organization.

In legends, it is commonly said that the first gorgon, Medusa, was birthed when the angered Goddess Athena cursed a beautiful maiden to an eternity of hideousness. Of course, while this is merely a myth, the true creation of the gorgon race is said to have mirrored this closely.

Long ago, a powerful and haughty sorcerer had come upon a village in his travels. The people there were vibrant, lovely, and as luck would have it, the sorcerer soon fell hopelessly in love with one of the local women. Desperate to make her his bride, he sought to court her, only to be rejected, for the woman had fallen for another of the town.

Angered and embarrassed, the sorcerer cursed both her and her village. He locked them into an eternity of being frightful beasts, subsequently creating the gorgons known to day; or so some those of the race will claim.

The traits of the gorgon are as follows:

Cold blooded.

A quick metabolism, brought upon by the fact that the serpents that grow from their scalp require as many nutrients as regular snakes.
Similar to vampires, their canines are hollow, and can retract to the roof of the mouth. Their venom sacs contain a deadly poison, however, which brings about nausea, dizziness, and, if left be, death.
Scales litter the surface of their body, replacing what would be human flesh in many areas.
Are hatched instead of being born live.
As their blood serves somewhat as a healing agent, their wounds heal relatively quickly.
Gaze has major chance of causing heart attacks or stroke in those who meet it.
Although the snakes share a more or less symbiotic relationship with their host, they are also very much a part of the gorgon’s body. As a result, any damage inflicted upon them affect the gorgon, as well.


Incubi and Succubi are the same species, but are different genders. Called demons in human lore, they are actually closer to vampires in the ways they survive. Like vampires, they rely on something they must get from others to sustain their beauty through their long lives, which usually end around 1000 years. However, no one really knows what exactly incubi/succubi feed on. The most common names are life force, life energy, and sex energy.

As implied, this energy is best gathered through sexual contact, though an incubus/succubus can feed through simple proximity. The difference between methods is comparable to filling a bucket by placing it under a tap compared to placing it in the rain. Similarly, the intensity of the activity determines how much energy is generated. Incubi and Succubi can control how much they take from their targets, ranging from a barely noticeable depletion to a complete drain which results in death. They can feed from either humans or supernaturals, though some types of cryptid are naturally more resistant. They can ingest human food, however, it will not sustain them. Going without feeding results in loss of refined powers, extreme fatigue and physical signs of sickness, and eventual loss of control which is a last ditch effort before they die.

Incubi/succubi are perfectly equipped to gather the substance they need. Besides being physically attractive on their own, the most well known power of the incubi and succubi is allure. Allure is an originally unconscious mind control that induces extreme desire in those it targets, usually for the incubus or succubus using the power. There are different levels of allure which older incubi/succubi can learn to use, ranging from just enough interest to warrant a second glance and a lingering curiosity, to a mindless need to do anything if it means the target can be close to the incubus/succubus in question. Allure can also be turned off, but very few can both master the control needed to do so and actually have a desire to. The other unconscious power is the Blur, another subtle psychological trick to lure in the target. The blur slowly changes the features of the incubus/succubus until it matches the target’s ideal. This can be either all in the target’s head or can translate into physical shapeshifting (Note: It takes a very well “fed” incubus or succubus to transfer the Blur into a physical effect) It has been theorized that incubi/succubi could potentially change sex with enough power, but the species themselves doesn’t see much need to discover if there is truth behind the idea. Other powers must be worked on consciously and are all variations off the first two unconscious abilities.

Incubi/succubi are born, and do not have the ability to turn others like vampires do. Despite rumours, only succubi can carry children. Incubi/succubi are adorable angelic children that grow into striking, stunning, and altogether gorgeous adults. The allure matures when the child incubus/succubus reaches adulthood and switches fully from drawing attention and affection to drawing lust. They tend to adjust quickly as the vanity typical of the species takes over, and come to embrace their new powers and lifestyles.

Incubi and succubi also have trouble forming genuine emotional bonds, though in recent generations, many have been driven to try to live lives of chastity and monogamy (which tends to crash and burn rather quickly).



The final type of cryptid, and the only kind to have no known representation within SCION. A demon is an ancient manifestation of a primal darkness, and major demons exist to constantly scheme and plot and fight amoung themselves. Most will deal in 'blood pacts'; deals made with other creatures in return for something. Years of life, a first born son, years of servitude...a demon will deal in all such things, and chaos is something they thrive upon. Most demons would benefit greatly from SCION's failure.

Demons are one of the few species unrepresented in SCION, and with good reason. A greater demon would have little concern for aiding the organization, and a lesser demon would always be enthralled to a greater one.

Seven greater demons exist, known in mortal tongue as the Septem Cardinalis, Seven Cardinals. Their names differ according to the demonological texts they are taken from, and their true names are largely unknown, due to the danger of even speaking such things aloud.

The Seven are the incarnations of primordial darkness, they remember when the world was nothing but a barren chunk of rock and fire and they anticipate they day when it will return to it. And in between they jostle amongst themselves in a constant war for position and power.

Every lesser demon carries with it a piece of one of the Cardinals, and as such is unbreakably linked to it.

(GM Note: For balance and wider storyline reasons, the Septem Cardinalis roles are limited to NPC roles and can only be invoked with GM permission.)


a Wendigo, known in other cultures as an Ithaqua, Jikininki, Rakshasha, one of the Wild Hunt, Draugr, or a host of other names, is a spirit of the savagery of nature that may come to inhabit a human.

These are primordial spirits borne of the earth, and exist less as a full intelligence and more of an animal drive. To hunt and feed the earth with the blood of the prey.

A Wendigo may be 'contracted' in some ways, but in some cases it may be invited in with certain rituals.

This is because becoming host to a Wendigo does not, at least, if properly managed, overtake the consciousness of the person carrying it, and does confer certain benefits.

The host is stronger, faster, will heal more quickly, and has highly acute sense like a predatory creature.

In addition they will be brought into the flow of nature itself. Plants will begin to grow wherever they stay for long, animals that might be fierce and dangerous to others will become submissive and calm, and the host can sense the intruders in any woods where they dwell.

However. The wendigo must be sated by hunting.

The host must spill the blood of a creature frequently as an offering to the earth, or they will begin to change. The symptoms resemble the development of rabies, then, addition their whole body begins to change and become something bestial and horrific. By the time they've reached this they will remain a bloodthirsty monster until the creature is vanquished, and that can only be completed by using weapons made from the naturally occurring plants of the area it inhabits. When the beast is defeated the circle s completed and a bloodied battered human body will take its place.
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Re: Species List

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Rasteva on Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:12 pm

I don't want to get involved in Drama, but I DO want to know 100% of the details.

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