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There's No Way Out


a part of “There's No Way Out”, a fictional universe by CandyOrchird.

(REVIVAL) Trapped in a new video game, a group of 5 adventurers from all over the world are forced to find their way through the video game, to the end, and to the life they left.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “There's No Way Out”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CandyOrchird on Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:08 pm


While we don't have the max ability number set yet, this is sort of a base skeleton for what we're going to be doing. I'll look at levels and when you can theoretically get that new ability.

Thanks for being understanding, everyone, I'm sorry that it's kind of been confusing!!

(Each post will have a different class).


After the ability itself, there is a color, telling you the level that it is available at. THE COLORS ARE IMPORTANT. They tell you the kind of ability it is! Red is a damaging ability. These are your main forms of damage. Yellow, while hard to read, is a defensive ability. These do not heal, but help you shield yourself and your allies. These will be important in the Final Battle, be warned! Green is a healing ability. You will not have many, be warned, but can be used in case the healer isn't paying attention.

All Main Abilities (Levels 1-100)

  • Stinger - A quick, short stab, dealing 50-100 common damage. (Level 1+)
  • Watcher of the Halls - Holding your shield before yourself and your allies, you are defended from 60-130 damage. (Level 2+)
  • Strike-Back - After a parry, you may strike for 60-110 damage. (Level 3+)
  • Shield Bash - A strike with both sword and shield, for 80-130 damage (Level 3+)
  • Arc Strike - A defensive strike, curving the sword in front to knock back enemies, and deal 50-80 damage (Level 4+)
  • Whirling Retaliation - A short swipe to hit all nearby-by enemies, dealing 90-110 damage. (Level 5+)
  • Vexing Strike - A quick strike to hit nearby enemies, dealing 80-100 damage. (Level 6+)
  • Avalon - Digging deep into their moral reserves, the caster can increase either their defenses or the defenses of their ally member to shield from 100% damage for 10 seconds. (Increases by .25 seconds per level, max 25 seconds). (Level 7+)
  • Brutal Charge - Increase of 50% speed, to run to an ally's side, or away from the heat of the battle. (Level 8+)
  • Strength of the Seven - Removes 1 stack of poison, disease, wound, fear, or taunts from the caster, and heals for a 80-130. (Level 9+)
  • Guaridan's Horn - A loud taunt deals damage to all enemies within a two mile radius (50-80 damage), and causes them to directly attack the caller. (Level 10+) TANK ONLY
  • Unseen Strike - When stunned, feared, or knocked back, the caster can rally and remove the debuff, and strike for 150-200 damage. (Level 13+)
  • Swipe - Must Have Shield Bash Used The caster follows through with Shield Bash, dealing a three second stun. (Level 17+)
  • Fray - Stuns the target for five seconds, taunting them to attack the caster. (Level 20+)
  • Stagger - When striking from behind, deals 250-350 damage in a critical strike. (Level 23+)
  • Take A Breath - After blocking an attack, the caster can heal for 280-320 health. (Level 27+)
  • Warrior's Heart - For a brief time, the caster can increase their morale by 10%. (Level 30+)
  • Promise of Salvation - Creates a whistle to be given to an ally, to summon the tank to their side. (Level 35+) TANK ONLY
  • Shield-Taunt - Must Have Swipe Used The caster laughs at an enemy that has been struck with their shield, taunting them to attack. (Level 40+)
  • Shield Wall - The caster raises their shield before themselves or their allies, and blocks all incoming damage for 3 seconds. (Level 45+) TANK ONLY
  • Overwhelm - Deals a massive blow with the caster's shield, dealing Bleeding DoT effects to the target and stunning for 2 seconds on a critical hit. (Level 50+)


  • [u]Clash of Arms - Deals 250-300 damage, forcing the target to ride alongside the caster for a short time. (Level 13+)
  • Driving Slash - Deals 200-250 damage, creating a bleeding effect that will deal DoT. (Level 20+)
  • Blessing of the Gods - Damage output increased by 15% for 8 seconds. (Level 25+)
  • Eternal Curse - After dealing a critical hit, the caster will strike for 280-340 damage, healing nearby fellowship members and the caster for 10% of the damage dealt. (Level 30+)
  • Staggering Slash - A strike meant to weaken the enemy against further attack, dealing 350-380 damage. (Level 35+)
  • Serrated Edge - An initial strike for 80-120 damage, and a second strike for 330-380 damage, creating a bleeding effect that will deal DoT. (Level 40+)
to be cont!

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