Spirituality without Religion

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Spirituality without Religion

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby dealing with it on Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:39 pm

If you take the spirituality out of religion, you end up with a parody -- a holy social club.

What happens when you take the religion out of spirituality? I posit that spirituality without religion is philosophy.)W Philosophy is the attempt to answer the big three questions:
1) What is there?
2) What can we know?
3) What should we do?

These are interconnected and any answer of any and all must be at the very least consistent among themselves.

The first question, what there is, is Everything. This is hard to visualize, so it goes by many names, but the nature of naming means that any name is missing the One-ness of Everything. The opposite of Everything is Nothing, capital-N Nothing, and it should go without saying that we thus cannot give an opposite Everything without destroying the monism of Reality.

We cannot know more than what there is. Our senses give us perceptions, but these only need to be useful to our survival as a species. Major landmarks in science -- natural selection, Neutonian physics, quantum mechanics, and so forth -- are the closest we can come to knowledge. But the question of what knowledge is in the first place -- whether we can know knowledge -- blockades any final answer. Where question 1 is metaphysics, question 2 is epistemology.

The third question in the trifecta of perennial questions is what we ought to do. It would be hard to say what the best thing to do with your time if you don't know anything about the world you live in, and without trusting the facts that we can ascertain.

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