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Staff and Relevant NPCs

a part of “ad infinitum”, a fictional universe by partially-stars.

Strange occurrences in Cascadia College have the students and staff wondering and worrying about the true nature of the college's secrets.

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Staff and Relevant NPCs

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Callista Royle | Dean Of Studies | Fiona Shaw | Arcane

Dean Royle was one of the advocates of opening the college to all, and she hasn’t regretted it since. She’s a force to be reckoned with, both when disciplining and defending her students. A former physics professor and cursed with the touch of life and death, she’s had to fight for everything her whole life and she’s a huge supporter of the underdog. She is both revered and feared around the college.

Nicolas Park | Counsellor | Jang Hyuk | Human

Nicolas is one of just a handful of human faculty members who knows the true nature of the college and it’s students. He’s known to be kind and supportive, without ever being patronizing. He’s got a wicked and sarcastic sense of humor, one that surprises many people. He’s still trying to wrap his head around some of the abilities he sees, but is deeply intrigued by them all.

Kathy Stark | Magick Mentor and Professor of Linguistics | Mindy Kaling | Arcane

Kathy was a freak in her family as the only one with any form of abilities, but she never let that set her back. Her abilities to duplicate items by touching them has been surprisingly useful so far in her career. She’s confident and charismatic when lecturing, but her students are often surprised to find she’s much more reserved in person. That is, except for her mentees, who have seen the more casual side to her.

Morgan Toller | Psychic Mentor and Lecturer in English | Bradley James | Arcane

The newest member of the mentoring team, Morgan still seems more like a student than a member of staff. He was employed as a lecturer immediately after finishing his doctorate, and is known to be one of the most chill and casual members of staff. He can communicate telepathically and has been known to use it to frighten students who aren’t paying attention in his class.

Katrina Atteberry | Necromancer Mentor and Lecturer in History | Rosario Dawson | Arcane

Discovering that you can raise the dead while you’re a teenager really just complicates things, but Katrina still managed to overcome that. She’s known to be a little bit boring and a stickler in her class, but her mentees see a slightly softer side to her. History is her passion, and asking her interesting questions is the easiest way to get on her good side.

Isiah Thomas | Cursed Mentor and Professor of Pathology | Robert Carlyle | Arcane

Isiah turned down his job three times before finally accepting it, and getting him to be a mentor was almost as difficult. He was cursed with destruction, causing things to turn to dust at the slightest touch. Him and Dean Royle are old friends, having bonded over their ability, but Isiah doesn’t have her softer side. He’s angry at the world and the only people he will tolerate are his mentees.
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