Star Wars: Brought to Light

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Star Wars: Brought to Light

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Between the events of Naboo and her Master's death previous to said events, Elwing was an emotional wreck. A new Master hadn't been found for her yet and so she had left the Temple in the middle of the night without a word to anyone. The teenage girl had disappeared into the lower levels of Coruscant since she had family who owned a club plus having their hands in some of the criminal underground as well. Elwing took some deep breaths as she dressed for work in a short black skirt and a purple top that clung to her form. She slipped into the stilettos that helped to make the petite female appear at least a little less like a child before making her way to her uncle's club for the night. She would be waitressing tonight and she shivered as she neared the club. The dark currents around it that everyone tried to hide or ignore weren't what was bothering her, it was a feeling that something was coming. Something was going to happen soon. She pushed the feeling away and took some deep breaths centering herself as she hid her force presence trying to make herself seem like less than she was in case someone with talent came into the club that wasn't meant to be there and to know.

Character Rough

Name: Elwing Hunter
Sith Alias: Shadwe
Starting Age: 17
Race: Half Sea Elf
Gender: Female
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Description: Medium length strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, blue skin, scales down back, gills at neck, slender and petite

When she was only a couple of years old, her Uncle Elriel who is a sith came to fetch her from her mother and her mother died that day trying to protect her from being taken. She was taken to a dark side training facility where she met Maul. Maul became her best friend and protected her from the other students until she was about 7 years old when her Aunt snuck her out and gave her to the Jedi. She was apprenticed to Tavin Hunter a Jedi Consular and practically raised by him for the next several years. He dies on an unknown mission and she is left to figure things out for herself.

She is a healer not a warrior. Her interests are more along the lines of racial studies and the like. She also is skilled in some handicrafts enjoying basket weaving and baking. She can breathe both in and out of water. She can occasionally feel Maul's emotions if they are strong enough.

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