Star Wars: Re-Connecting with a Childhood Friend

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Star Wars: Re-Connecting with a Childhood Friend

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It was late afternoon when Elwing left the Temple clothed in the standard Padawan garb. Her blonde hair was loose about her shoulders and a padawan braid was showing longer than the rest of her hair. She moved with silent grace, shouldering a well worn bag and slipping out of the gates of the Temple. She knew how to get around and mostly any guards knew better than to worry about her, she always came back after all. She was known for going to some handicraft stores and selling baskets and candles that she'd made. That wasn't of course her plan today. Today she was headed down levels to her Uncle's club to make contact with the Dark which was not a good idea but necessary. She had been having nightmares for months and between her Master Tavin's death and the nightmares of Maul's death, she was downright on edge. She couldn't hold the nightmares in any longer. She stopped along the way at a library and used a public bathroom to change out of the clothes of a Jedi Padawan and into a pair of black skintight pants and a black tunic before unbraiding the padawan braid and trying to blend it into the rest of her hair. Her lightsaber hilt went into her bag with the clothes and she then continued her journey down-levels.

It wasn't long before she was approaching the seedy club which wasn't quite as low levels as it could be but was certainly lower in level than the Temple where she made her home. She slipped past the bouncers by showing them an id with her Sith name on it. She was on the vip list after all since her aunt and uncle owned the place. She ignored the drug deals, the dancers, the gambling, and the drinking with a practiced air of disdain. She headed straight for the back room to see if she could find someone in the more hidden parts of the club who would send a message for her. She needed to know that her best friend was alright and had to warn him that she'd seen him wounded by a Jedi and his Padawan. She had seen part of the fight that was to come and the pain from losing Maul would drive her nuts if she didn't try to help at the least.

She slipped into the back room and thus into a totally separate more private part of the club. This was where her Uncle's associates and those associated with the Dark could be found. Not that many force users would come to Coruscant without being heavily shielded but if she was going to find anyone to deliver the message, it would be here. She took a couple deep breaths before opening her senses. Once her senses were more open she was shocked, she thought she felt a ripple of the Dark Side and not just what usually lurked around the club.

((You can play as Maul. Heck, you can play as whoever you want. You could even play as a Jedi who followed her...maybe the council is suspicious of her vanishings or something. Just because it looks like it only has one direction doesn't mean you can't turn it on its head, side, whatever. I just had this post floating around and had to get it out of my head.))
Character Rough

Name: Elwing Hunter
Sith Alias: Shadwe
Starting Age: 17
Race: Half Sea Elf
Gender: Female
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Description: Medium length strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, blue skin, scales down back, gills at neck, slender and petite

When she was only a couple of years old, her Uncle Elriel who is a sith came to fetch her from her mother and her mother died that day trying to protect her from being taken. She was taken to a dark side training facility where she met Maul. Maul became her best friend and protected her from the other students until she was about 7 years old when her Aunt snuck her out and gave her to the Jedi. She was apprenticed to Tavin Hunter a Jedi Consular and practically raised by him for the next several years. He dies on an unknown mission and she is left to figure things out for herself.

She is a healer not a warrior. Her interests are more along the lines of racial studies and the like. She also is skilled in some handicrafts enjoying basket weaving and baking. She can breathe both in and out of water. She can occasionally feel Maul's emotions if they are strong enough.

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