Star Wars: Shattered Hawk of War

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Star Wars: Shattered Hawk of War

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Warhawk Megidola sat quietly as Typhuna's funeral replayed in his mind. Squeezing his eyes shut against the emotional turmoil raging beneath the surface, he reflexively levitated his lightsabers and Typhuna's. Feeling them orbit slowly he drew on what little peace he had left to bolster his emotional walls. "Sorry Typhuna, sorry that I had to kill you to kill our target. Also sorry for not telling you that I loved you." he said, hearing the pain in his voice. As his concentration increased Warhawk started levitating with the lightsabers. "Forever the raging shield for my siblings, never to know love or peace." he states. Running a hand through his hair, he buried what primitive emotions that could get him in trouble under a wall of fire.

Beginning to rotate opposite of the lightsabers, he turned his attention on to the only annoyance he felt in the Force. Damn thing was to far in the future for his somewhat lacking Force perciption to pick up any details. Growing low in his throat, Warhawk caught all three lightsabers and left his rented room. Attaching the lightsabers to the attachment loops on his belt, he activated his wrist communicator. "ZR-10, start my fighter." he states. Upon hearing the confirmation beep Warhawk bypassed the main lobby by leaping from the second floor window on to a passing cargo land speeder.

Crouching low he saw his newly aquired enemies entered the hotel. 'Idiots.' he thought, snorting. Warhawk watched the traffic rush by. Sighing, he saw the hanger that held his T-65AC4 X-wing approaching fast. Leaping in time to fly through a hole in high topped fence, he rolled off his shoulder. Coming to his feet Warhawk jogged to his T-65AC4 and ignored the surprised hanger crew. Climbing in the cockpit he settled a battered black/gold helmet on his head as the dark R2 unit started the four Fusial Thrust Engines. Running abbreviated check list Warhawk, he aimed his fighter towards the open end of the hanger and rocketed out.

Touching the remaint of Typhuna's robes, Warhawk closed his eyes for moment. 'Wish you were here.' he mused. Warhawk reopened his eyes as his X-wing broke the planet's atmosphere. Throttling up, Warhawk watched the range between him and the planet rapidly increase. 'Alone again.' he thought with heavy resignation. Pulling the darken blast visor he narrowed dead eyes forward and cracked his neck. Subconsciously picking a destination that he hadn't been to in years, he threw the T-65AC4 into lightspeed.

Dropping from lightspeed hours later, Warhawk weaved by slow moving freighters and spots the neglected and unused city spaceport. Setting down without any fuss, he removes his helmet and hops out of the cockpit. Retriving his sleeveless cloak from the small cargo bay he locked down his T-65AC4. Sliding it over his dark clothed frame, he instinctively checking for his weapons. 'To many bounties on my head.' he thought, recalling every bounty hunter he's killed. Those had ingrained the reason for always being armed and ready.

Even if lead to a lonely existence, he had be ready to help his siblings at a moments notice. 'They are the only family I've ever known. And the only ones to love me for just being me.' Warhawk mused, getting on a public transport. Keeping his face covered and head down, he listened to cacophony of languages spoken. Shutting his eyes to the world Warhawk gently checked his Force bonds with his siblings. 'A little strained, but I know that's partially my fault. Just hope they're okay.' he thought leaning against the rear window. Heaving a breath he lowered his guard just enough to look like he was asleep.

Once an unknown amount of time had passed, and after leaving the transport, Warhawk entered the Jedi temple. Winding his way to a meditation room near the top of the temple, Warhawk knelt and bowed his head. His meditation training from Kotor showing themselves as he tuned into the Force.

Sabine Drex, kneeling with three of her siblings in the passengers' lounge of their YT-1300, felt a disturbance in the Force that snapped her from meditation. 'Someone powerful is moving towards Warhawk.' she thought. "Warhawk." Turning to see Saphira staring at her, Sabine nods at her. As the two youngest sprang to ready the ship for launch, Sabine stood and glanced at Yemyr. "Are we planning to save Warhawk this time sister?" "Yes brother, we owe him much for protecting us.We should at least try repay him." she replied. "I'll go work on the light sabers." Once he left, she looked up and said, "It's about time your were saved for a change Warhawk." Grinning she went to prepare for the coming battle.

Jerking upright, Loki Drei glanced about the barracks and searched what woke him. Seeing nothing but the pilots of Rogue Squadron, he threw his legs over the side and rubbed his face. "You alright Loki?" Turning to face his squad mate and green skinned Twi'lek girlfriend Zia Cyhauk. "Not sure hunny, something woke from a deep sleep. Thought it might be something close, but I didn't see anything." he answers before shutting his eyes tuning into the Force. It then that he knew what woke him. 'Warhawk is in danger from someone he can't pin down.' he mused, standing and spinning on his heels.

"The adopted brother you spoke of?" Loki nods and heads to his T-65B X-wing. "He maybe in trouble and can't pin it down. His precipitation of the Force was never real accurate at a distance to begin with." he said. Recalling the only disagreement he had with Warhawk, over something that could've been dealt with differently, Loki heard Zia and three others from another barracks fell in toe with him. 'Here we go again, breaking more rules.' he mused. Once he and the pilots reached their squadron's hanger, Loki saw Commander Antilles and Janson standing near the snub fighters. Before he could open his mouth, Loki was handed a data pad.

"Your adopted older brother has pissed alot dark elements when he killed that bounty hunter months ago. Got you and your flight aproved for a detached mission with Wraith Squadron. Good luck." Surprised, Loki just nods his thanks and glanced toward Zia and the pilots. "Let's go Hauk Flight." he said. After readying their fighters, they left Typhera. "Where are we going Loki?" "Coruscant, that's where I felt him go. Hopefully we can get there before they do." he replied, before jumping into hyperspace. 'I'm coming Warhawk.' Loki thought, settling down for the long trip to Coruscant.

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