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Stealth Force 6 [open]

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Stealth Force 6 [open]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:38 am


'Undiscovered minions from the Serphorial Grove Wars have begun attacking the city……'

Spartan Cnyte, tuning out the TV, stared numbly at the red tinted broadsword he held in a loose grip. It was the one thing he had from his better days, before it went to hell. Before the team he helped lead were all killed in the last battle of the Serphorial Grove Wars. How he survived it is a mystery to him, one that hurt to much to look into. Spartan brought the sword to eye level and turned it edge up. 'Tell me Ultra Rex, what do I do? Everyone thinks me and the others died in the Wars, died defeating Lord Malicious and his minions. Why leave with me this hole and no enemies to beat?' he mused.

After several moments Spartan re-sheathed the sword with practiced swing, while sending a prayer up to Xenari. Draping the blade over his right shoulder he turned to face the door. Which had been the only thing that kept the world are bay. Reaching up slowly Spartan grasped the door handle and closed his eyes. "Can't hide here forever Cnyte. A new war is on the horizon and the damn world needs a damn sentinel." he grunted aloud. Shoving the door open, he walked briskly toward his battered Force bike. Taking hold of his charging buckle, Spartan saw the smoke rise from downtown Serphorial Grove. Then the sounds of rampaging minions reached his ears. Cold detachment settled over his mind like a familiar cloak. "Damn people can't they save themselves for a change. Freaking crybabies." he mumbled under his breath. Pausing near his Force bike, he took in a calming breath and centered himself. 'Can I go another around with the darkness and survive?' he found himself wondering in the back of his mind.

'If we don't do our duty, who will?' Hearing Caituryn's voice in his head made close his eyes. 'Never told you that I loved you.' he thought as unused skills resurfaced from the hole he laid them to rest. Mounting the red Force bike, Spartan picked the Force metal up. Feeling the power rush back into him he opens his eyes and saw his bike revert to the bright and shiny condition it was the first time he got it. "This isn't personal, this is duty." he said firmly attaching the Force buckle to his heavy garrison belt.

Moving the broadsword from shoulder to hip, Spartan placed the metal in the buckle and slid close the front enclosure. "It's time." he said, turning over the bike's engine. A loud jet or starship like hum filled the air, raidiating with leashed power, that Spartan remembered fondly. Peeling away from the small house that he hid away from the world since the wars ended. Spartan knew that this might be the fight he got into. Because he vowed that won't live to see another day after this, he just couldn't take the deep pain which festered in his soul anymore.

Feeling the wind across his face, Spartan weaved through the fleeing masses of people. 'How familiar.' he thought, seeing fear on their faces. He felt unwanted memories flicker like strobe lights in his mind. 'The team racing to the trouble while civilians raced away. How ironic that I'm doing it all over again.' Spartan mused. Reaching the area to see the cannon fodder minions focus their dark soulless gaze on him. Dismounting, he drew the sword with a controlled flourish. Holding it blade pointed down he slowly scanned them.

'How typical, just cannon fodder for practice. Who the hell took command of the leftovers from the Wars?' he mused darkly. As a demented groan/growl filled the air, Spartan caught his reflection off a minion's shield. What stood most from the reflection was that his dark eyes took on an unreflective property to them. 'The eyes of corpse, that what they are.' he thought, shifting into his all round battle stance. "Caituryn, I miss you. Sorry for not being with you near the end." he murmurs. Even knowing that he couldn't change that outcome they had all came to then.

'The final push had to be made, the city was running out of supplies. So after consulting Altrodon, it decided that last push would only consist of the team, our few remaining allies, and the automated Force mech. So it started as any other mission we had before, teleport in the area as a group, mech hanging back till it was needed providing fire support, fight through the first few primary waves of minions. Then armor up during a lull and engage the follow on secondary minion waves. Once they've been dealt with, allies began splitting off to go to their chosen objective. Followed by the mech as Lord Malicious' set of enlarged..... ' Spartan stopped the line of thinking dead.

He needed to be in the here and now, not in the past. Where the resulting inattention would get him killed. With another centering breath, Spartan rushed the dark mindless horde. Loosing all his pent up sadness and fury upon them. Falling into a combative autopilot, he began to cut a long and bloody swath through them. Choosing not to care if he lived or died during the night. He figured whatever happens wouldn't change much anyway. 'They are many and I'm only one properly skilled person. What else can I do in this situation?'
Beta 19, last surviving Stealth Force ally and former robotic assistant of Altrodon, watched Spartan's semi-heroic killing spree from the battered Stealth Force command center. 'Spartan, you won't be alone in this battle. I swear on my electronic heart.' it thought while turning to face the five orphans of Serphorial Grove Wars. "Before we began, I will like to thank you all for coming here this evening. While I'm sure you are wondering why I've called you here. Outside of the obvious reason, I called all of you to ask for your assistance. Because right now, there's only one person out there fighting, while not really for the city, but for the memories of those that were taken. While I haven't talked with him since the Wars, I have a feeling that he could die tonight. And I can't stand to lose him, he is like a brother to me. He and the team he lead saved the city last time, was hoping that could save him this time," the robot paused, Spartan's fight appearing on the massive viewing sphere, "So will you help me save him? He fought his demons, past and present, alone for long enough? If you accept my offer, you only have take one these Force metals and weapons."

Kaimetsu Kaze watched the video as her memories of the second Serphorial Grove War flickered through her mind. Torn, she glanced to her older brother Gekimetsu and saw the emotions race over his face. 'He's torn to.' she thought as the images merged with into one long continuous streak. After several moments, she watched the only other female take the pink hued Force metal and weapon and stare at them. Then suddenly something inside her clicked and the decision was instantly very clear to her now.

Going and taking the yellow hued Force gear, Kaimetsu turnt to her brother. But she saw the opposite decision flash over his face. No words were needed for her to know the reason for immediate refusal. Glancing as the female nods, Kaimetsu did the same felt a sudden burst of energy raced through her. 'Damn.' she thought, closing her eyes as basic Force information was implanted on her memories. Reopening her eyes to her brother gone and the other two still undecided. "Now." Hearing the other female speak, Kaimetsu didn't have time say anything she and the female teleported.
Materializing just outside the pulsating mass that surrounded Spartan. Kaimetsu saw the female race to the opposite side of the mass. Adjusting her grip the two daggers she sent a silent prayer skyward as she used her free hand to slap on the thick garrison belt. Once she heard loud click, rushed into the mass and began to work her way to Spartan's side. 'Hope that's what the other female is planning on doing.' Kaimetsu thought as her years of fighting on the street showed. Finding the boost in her physical abilities an unexpected bonus she unconsciously tracking her progress.

'About halfway.' she reckoned from the trail of exploded minions. Catching a flash of light in her periphery vision, she leapted over a towering minion to the one of the males that stayed dive with the black hue Force gear. 'So he chose to accept.' she thought, landing with a minion's head between her thighs. Forcefully rotating her body around, with the accompaning neck snap, Kaimetsu planted her hands and tossed the dead minion into a rushing pair of minions before it exploded. Coming back to a vertical base, she ducked and slashed around her. "Damn, is this what they went through during the wars?" she whispered.

Hacking his way through the mass, Havoc Creed cartwheeled and used the blaster fuction of his Force axe to clear out a sphere of relative peace to catch a breath. 'So out of shape. Guess that warehouse job wasn't enough.' he thought before charging back into the fray. After a few minutes, Havoc reached a spot less twenty yards from Spartan. But couldn't proceed any farther than that, the concentration of minions was to much for him to over come. 'Damn, so close but not enough. To many for me alone to breakthrough on my own.'

Kaimetsu, noticing that the male had stalled just yards from Spartan, worked her way over to him. Reaching him during a lull in the fighting she nods towards him. "They're endless." Kaimetsu shook her head at that comment, "Not endless, there's just so freaking many them like seems so." she said. Glancing around, noting that the mass seemed to have thinned a bit, she spun her daggers and heard the male sighed. "Name's Havoc." "Kaimetsu." Taking a deep breath she followed Havoc back into the mass of minions. Picking off his stragglers and clearing his back, Kaimetsu wondered if Spartan would accept their help.

Something bounced off his internal radar that caused him to look around as partial lull settled over his sphere of exploded minions. 'The hell?' he thought as he noticed three people close in on his his position. "Hi, an acquaintance of yours asked us to help you. So we are here." 'Beta 19.' he thought, quickly sized up the three newcomers. 'We'll see.' Spartan added, as they were modded again. Feeling the Force metals gradually tune their movements to work in more streamline fashion. 'Don't get attached. They might not stay around long enough to be helpful.' he thought.

Minutes wore on while Spartan and the newcomers thinned out the minions, once a lull took hold of the area he glanced over at the female that spoke earlier. "Names?" he asked. "I'm Kaimetsu and he's Havoc." Nodding he turned and saw elite minions appeared, weapons in hand and formed in combat formation. Sighing inwardly, Spartan covered his Force metal with his free hand. "Havoc, Kaimetsu, chica armor up and follow my lead." he states twisting his metal. Red nanites and power erupted from his buckle and projected outward in front of him. 'Give me the strength to lead.'

Taking a moment to center himself, Spartan narrowed his eyes on the biggest elite minion. "SR-1, red!" he yelled while leaping through the hover red tinted cloud. Once again he felt the familiar heaviness of his red, black, and gunmetal grey armor settled over him. "Your evil ends here." Spartan states after landing back on his feet. "Bring it runt! KRAV MAGRAV ATTTTAAAACCCCKKKK!." Meeting the giant minion halfway Spartan began to batter at the minion's defenses.

"SR-2, yellow!" Running through the yellow hued cloud, Kaimetsu rushed the smallest of the elite minions. Letting Spartan and Havoc deal with the bigger elite minions, she saw the other female mirror them attack the closest targets she could reach. 'This is going to be a long day.' she mused, ducking under a high kick snd landing one of her own. Taking an downward sword swipe on her crossed daggers, Kaimetsu pressed back against the minion, barely keeping the wicked blade from touching her armor. Breaking the bladelock, she leapt back and drew her Force blaster. Pulling the trigger she fired somewhat wildly while avoiding blows and blaster shots. Hoping kept them focused her somewhat, Kaimetsu made sure to draw group away from Spartan's fighting sphere.

"SR-3,black!" Rushing through as his armor materialized Havoc worked his way around Spartan's fight. Picking off the rare stray that got passed Kaimetsu, he wondered if agreeing to help Spartan would get him killed someday. 'But it's to late to back out now. Time ride or die with this group.' he mused. Catching a long blade on his axe Havoc pushed the minion back and blasted him futher. Moving on the next challenger, after quickly checking the situation, he just focused on the minions in front of him. 'How will this go? And for how long? Would there be a city left once the dust settles.'

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