Still got these stars in my eyes..

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Still got these stars in my eyes..

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dinny on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:57 am

Hello my fellow story nerds,

a few days into discovering the art of RP as a personal experience
but am otherwise just another new browser to another of a few new sites.
So I can only accept games with just two players or "1x1" for now...
Love the wordcount features for posts here. Tags be confusing though, is it like @twitter?
Uh. Digression detected. Back to business:
I can certainly write higher than G ratings but my tastes usually tend towards
adventure; Friendships, silly rivalries or relationship filled stories.
Suggest! I can try my hand at everything except existing (and rather specific) canon.
That is, no "fan fiction" please.

I understand gender can be somewhat of an issue so will just say:
Most of the time, I've written male perspectives and
thus will probably be my choice given only two to choose from.
And I'd rather learn about your character/s same time mine do
or when the story and ideas we play unfolds those pretty litte facts.
PM, forum, offsite or this site's choice?
Any. Though it looks like for now
newbies only have "anything but PM". Aw.

Paragraphs are no problem as you can see,
with my chatty nature that's rather impossible.
I'd prefer not to try replying singulur lines but
if you so must, do so. Warning: Will take that as a cue to take
Lots of initiative with story. I love world-building and
dont mind pantsing or plotting before or after play.
As in, brainstorming 'til we're half dead at deader hours?
Or rolling our writing straight away
and see how fantastically how characters can clash? Both.

Seriously, try me. I love to experiment with untraditional storytelling
ways; script, letter, song. texting, flashbacks, photos..?
Written imagery not posted links.
Always and forever, the more ideas, the more experience,
the better for the most beloved of fun.

Last questions,
If you like details, specify how in-depth you like to be!
Research is fun but enjoyment can roll from anywhere, anyhow.
If you want drama, say so. I love humour only too much
and will try for it, any time I can, haha..

Look forward to hearing from you all!
Hopefully this sort of written layout makes for easier reading.
Good night, good holidays and good fun to all~
Always Open!
Official(?) 1x1 Request thread at:
Post there or PM to alert for replies.
Warning: Quite lengthy..? Happy Holidays all!

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