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RPG Stores

Offer others resources in exchange for cash.

1,000 INK free!
Not enough INK? Try selling something in the marketplace.

Open Stores

The General Store, located in Main Street

The General Store

Airship Dealership, located in Ship Yard

TCmart, located in Tech Con Headquarters

The Cryo Slave Market, located in Lochcrest: Slave Market

Shadow's Guardian, located in Shadow's Guardian

Shadow's Guardian, located in Shadow's Guardian

Tauvyr Tavern, located in Tauvyr Tavern

The Replicator, located in The Orbus

Silver Knuts, located in Silver Knuts

Coot's Bar, located in Coot's Bar

Kourindou, located in Kourindou

On Target, located in On Target Gun Range and Store

Hollowed Goods, located in Hollowed Goods

Tech Con Gift Shop, located in Tech Con Terran Headquarters

Epilogue Books, located in Epilogue Books

Sol Heavy Industries, located in Wing City Spaceport

Designers, Builders, and Sustained Services for the Modern Multiverse.

Castelia City Center, located in Castelia City

Theo's General Store, located in Avenue of Heroes

Astrius Academy School Store, located in Astrius Academy

Mage's Guild Supply Shop, located in Mages Guild Headquarters

Gambit's Bar, located in Gambit's Bar

Tinker's Repairs, located in Blue Heaven Docks and Maintenance

Boulangerie de Diamant, located in Boulangerie de Diamant

Forn-Pop Pop-Up, located in Space Station Z Convention Center

Florens Botanical Gift Shop, located in Florens Botanical Gardens

The All Mall, located in The All Mall

Eat Out, located in Eat Out - Tierge's Resturant

Epilogue Books, located in Epilogue Books

Fish Market, located in Fish Market

Falcon's Chopshop, located in Falcon's Chopshop

Galaxy Cupcakes, located in Galaxy Cupcakes

Gun Cabinet, located in Gun Cabinet

Hellfire Dining Hall, located in Hellfire Colosseum: Dining Hall

Horne's Irish Pub, located in Horne's Irish Pub

Hughes Security Bank, located in Hughes Security Bank

Kepler's Bar, located in Kepler's Bar

Dancing Whisper Bar and Grille, located in Dancing Whisper Bar and Grille

Crimson Moon, located in Crimson Moon

Club Nyt, located in Club Nyt

Diza's Stable, located in Diza's Stable

Medical Bay, located in Medical Bay

Medical Center, located in Medical Center

Mess Tent, located in Mess Tent

Michael's Tavern, located in Michael's Tavern

Multiversal Cafe, located in Multiversal Cafe

Munroe Auto Repair, located in Munroe Auto Repair

Obsidian Armory, located in Obsidian Armory

Par & Parcel's Pub, located in Par & Parcel's Pub

Pilot's Bar, located in Pilot's Bar

Poacher's Bar and Grill, located in Poacher's Bar and Grill

Rhia's Armory, located in Rhia's Armory

Rollin' Bones' Bar Room, located in Rollin' Bones' Bar Room

Ruby Flask, located in Ruby Flask

Sjief's Lodge, located in Sjief's Lodge

Sparky's Bar and Grill, located in Sparky's Bar and Grill

Steelie's Diner, located in Steelie's Diner

Stones of Isis, located in Stones of Isis

Tarosi Pub and Bar, located in Tarosi Casino, Pub, and Bar

Taylor's Bar, located in Taylor's Bar

Teahouse, located in Teahouse

The Bagetelle, located in The Bagetelle

The Cantina, located in The Cantina

The Cheri Teahouse, located in The Cheri Teahouse

The Dancing Mug, located in The Dancing Mug

The Den, located in The Den

The Drunken Griffon, located in The Drunken Griffon

The Dwarven Stout, located in The Dwarven Stout

The Enchanted Hearth, located in The Enchanted Hearth

The Galactic Bar, located in The Galactic Bar

The Grinning Ghoul, located in The Grinning Ghoul

The Hangover, located in The Hangover

The Haven Nightclub, located in The Haven Nightclub

The Kappa's Cup, located in The Kappa's Cup

The Magic Shop, located in The Magic Shop

The Nightinggale, located in The Nightinggale

The O'Malley Pub, located in The O'Malley Pub

The Penance Tavern, located in The Penance Tavern

The Rusty Dragon, located in The Rusty Dragon

The Salty Shack, located in The Salty Shack

The Stars and Stones, located in The Stars and Stones

The Village Cantina, located in The Village Cantina

The Weaponrar, located in The Weaponrar

Thor's Tavern, located in Thor's Tavern

Vogel's Bar, located in Vogel's Bar

Windcrest Stables, located in Windcrest Stables

Y??s??i Fish Market, located in Yōsái Fish Market

Yosai Fish Market, located in Yōsái Fish Market

Der Kalteste Umarmung, located in Der Kälteste Umarmung

Saphira's Speakeasy, located in Saphira's Speakeasy

All That Glitters, located in All That Glitters

The Magpie's Nest, located in The Magpie's Nest

Amoeba Records, located in Amoeba Records

The Lazarus Moon, located in The Lazarus Moon

Roy's Convenience, located in Roy's Convenience

Ereb Industries, located in Ereb Industries

Tailored Swift, located in Tailored Swift

Crossworld Supply Company, located in Crossworld Supply Company

Velmart, located in Velmart

Cortex Real Estate, located in Bayside Crescent

Albatross Bar, located in Albatross Bar & Inn Second Floor

Dried Goods, located in Dried Goods

Hand Over Hilt, located in Hand Over Hilt

Fanciest Facets, located in Fanciest Facets

Fated Captain Supply, located in Fated Captain Supply

Gaia's Closet, located in Gaia's Closet

Thom's Tomes, located in Thom's Tomes

Tigerlily's, located in Tigerlily's

The Grubby Paw, located in The Grubby Paw

Norwesti Spirits, located in Norwesti Spirits

Aeronautica, located in Aeronautica

Victory Alehouse, located in Victory Alehouse

Eldensmithy's, located in Eldensmithy's

Canus Iced, located in Canus Iced

Kwikishtuff, located in Kwikishtuff

Black Hole Books, located in Black Hole Books

Fair Fire, located in Fair Fire

Laughing Magpie Brewery, located in Laughing Magpie Brewery

Supplied Demand, located in Supplied Demand

Gold Bullet Boutique, located in Gold Bullet Boutique

MediMart, located in MediMart

Silkworm's, located in Silkworm's

Ground Sol, located in Ground Sol

Second Stories, located in Second Stories

Delbio's Corner Store, located in Delbio's Corner Store

Solinus Glitz, located in Solinus Glitz

Mystic Mortar, located in Mystic Mortar

Mage's Emporium, located in Mage's Emporium

Silverseams, located in Silverseams

Hardcovers, located in Hardcovers

Goldilock's Box, located in Goldilock's Box

The Hollow, located in The Hollow

Wash Up Pharmacy, located in Wash Up Pharmacy

Shakespeare's, located in Shakespeare's

24k Touch, located in 24k Touch

Windribbons, located in Windribbons

Bitten Thumb Armoury, located in Bitten Thumb Armoury

White Brick Bodega, located in White Brick Bodega

Frobisher Repository, located in Frobisher Repository

Lorhill Medicinal, located in Lorhill Medicinal

Caprica City Hospital Pharmacy, located in Caprica City Hospital: Discharge Processing

Kanta Korner, located in Kanta Korner

Pegasus Library, located in Pegasus Library

Tech Con, located in Tech Con

Thread City, located in Thread City

Goddess Gifts, located in Goddess Gifts

Manchurian Electronics, located in Manchurian Electronics

Atlas Arena Gift Shop, located in Atlas Arena Gift Shop

Sole Est Sol, located in Sole Est Sol

Foot Rocket, located in Foot Rocket

Seventh Smithy, located in Seventh Smithy

Deadstar Bar, located in Deadstar Bar

Up n' Out Airship Depot, located in Up n' Out Airship Depot

Topaz Tavern, located in Up n' Out Airship Depot

Luma Hookah, located in Luma Hookah

Sakura Garden, located in Sakura Garden

Blue Moon Cafe, located in Blue Moon Cafe

The Roaring Goat, located in The Roaring Goat

Moto's Smithy, located in Moto's Smithy

Fireclaw Ranch, located in Fireclaw Ranch House

The Growling Grain, located in The Growling Grain

Soughville Dough, located in Soughville Dough

Third Shovel Supply, located in Third Shovel Supply

Bargain Oasis, located in Bargain Oasis

La Sirene Bistro, located in La Sirene Bistro

Book n' Bean Cafe, located in Book n' Bean Cafe

Book n' Bean Books, located in Book n' Bean

Corvid Cafe, located in Corvid Cafe

Dante's Bar & Grille, located in Dante's Bar & Grille

Stonethrow Pizzaria, located in Stonethrow Pizzaria

Fort Ashanga Quartermaster, located in Fort Ashanga Keep

Bargaintua, located in Bargaintua

Montague Metals, located in Human Village

Ascaris General Store, located in Ascaris Island

Adventurer's Guild Bar, located in Adventurer's Guild HQ

Blue Halo, located in Club 47 Back Bar

Club 47 Concierge, located in Club 47 Entrance

Baba's Bazaar, located in Blue Heaven: The Bazaar

Gromp's Gun Emporium, located in Gromp's Gun Emporium

Raptor Bar and Grill, located in Raptor Bar and Grill

The Leaky Faucet, located in The Leaky Faucet

MAEGA Merch Mobile, located in MAEGA Merch Mobile

Pho Real, located in Pho Real On Wheels

Pho Real, located in Pho Real

Zador Marik's Comfort Mechanics, located in Zador Marik's Comfort Mechanics

Jax's Trash Forge, located in Jax's Trash Forge

Pies of Parran, located in Pies of Parran

The Leaky Faucet, located in The Leaky Faucet

The Undermarket, located in The Undermarket

Oak Labs, located in Pallet Town

Rellus Rex, located in Rellus Rex

Septem Viginty Quattuor, located in Septem Viginti Quattuor

Great Bastion Federated Services, located in Great Bastion Central Bank

Mithras' Metals, located in Great Bastion Commercial Square

Writer's Resource, located in The Writer's Guild

Writer's Resource, located in The Guild Hall

Currency Exchange, located in Malidris Central Bank

Hoon's Wares, located in Camp Store

Nulix's Sackland, located in Non-Controlled Space

LogicRoad, located in LogicRoad Factory

The Bar, located in The Tavern

Weapons Shop, located in Weapons Shop

Testing, located in Celestrium - >EXIT GAME?<

Assortment of Items, located in Mysterious Grove

Potions Market, located in Mysterious Grove

Happy Donuts, located in Happy Donuts

Sallys Diner, located in Sallys Diner

CVS, located in CVS - UCAJ

Pride Store, located in Pride Store

Caravan's Arms and Supply store, located in Oscar Colony

Naomi's Garden, located in Naomi's Garden

The Imperial Store, located in The Multiverse

Minsk's Emporium, located in The Emporium II

Gene's Caster Shells, located in Blue Heaven: The Bazaar