Storytime With Scurvy D (online tabletop RP series)

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Drawing, painting, playing, and writing! All your creative instincts can be satiated here - feedback, commissions, contests, and even requests!
In this new youtube series, Scurvy D guides our heroes on fantastic (and slightly silly) adventures set in a fantasy world. The system we use is derived from bits and pieces of other tabletop systems, customized to best suit an online Skype environment. We call it the Storytime System and plan on documenting the rules for public use. Keep an eye out for future chapters!
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"Demonic Dealings" (Ch. 1: "The Adventure Begins")

"Demonic Dealings" (Ch. 2: "To the Gates!")

"Demonic Dealings" (Ch. 3: "Rumble in the Ruins")
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