Students Wanted: Arcane and Human alike

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Students Wanted: Arcane and Human alike

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby partially-stars on Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:46 am

Hello! This is a Roleplayers Wanted thread for my new RP, ad infinitum. There have been strange goings on in Cascadia College, and both its Arcane and human students are affected by it. Here's the full plot details, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

buzzcut season - lorde. hallucinations - pvris. work song - hozier don't mind me - walking on cars. give me love - ed sheeran.

Cascadia College is known mostly for its reputation as a highly prestigious and exclusive college. People know stories about somebody's cousin who knows somebody who went to Cascadia, but it seems that nobody actually knows anybody who went to Cascadia. They have a notoriously small intake each year, and rumours abound that it's exclusivity is limited to people with direct links to the college, that a huge fee is required to get in, that only people from the surrounding towns can get in. But none of the above is true. Cascadia College has students from all over the world, and it offers a wide ranging and extremely generous scholarship program. For years, however, it did only accept a certain type of student. Those with magic in their blood, with connections to the arcane, who have strange and unusual curses and abilities and oddities.

But times change. Ten years ago, Cascadia opened its doors to all. Previously, they had offered the broadest range of classes and subjects possible to its students, but given their small numbers, it was increasingly difficult to afford this. They were faced with two choices- cut some of their classes, or open their doors to all. Limiting the number of classes would have meant that their students didn’t have the same range of choice, and many parents didn’t feel safe sending their children elsewhere. So they opened their doors to all.

Cascadia’s odd reputation still lingers, even a decade after the population was diluted by students from all over the country. The “arcane” students, as they were known, were taken under the wing of select staff members, continued to be nurtured as they had been before. But now it occurs in secrecy, leading to rumors about secret societies. Students love myths and superstition about their college, and many thought the odd stories were just that. Stories.

The arcane students have their meetings with their mentors and spread more and more ridiculous rumors about the campus in order to keep themselves secret, and life goes on as normal, as it ever did. Things have run incredibly smoothly for the last ten years, and Cascadia’s reputation as an odd but beautiful campus has remained. It takes a certain type of person to come to a college in a remote part of Northern Washington State, a two and a half hour drive to the nearest city, and those seem to be the people that fit in well with Cascadia and its strange past.

But lately, there are odd occurrences on campus. Animals showing up dead in mysterious ways, remnants of odd and often disturbing rituals in remote and disused parts on campus, and most disturbingly, a student disappearing for three days before being found dead on campus. Rumors of cults and satanist groups have begun to spread, and it’s concerning the arcane students and faculty. If Cascadia’s secret is found out, the lives of their students will be ruined and in danger.
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