Stumped On What To Say? Have No Fear, Discipline's Here!

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New (or returning) members post here to announce your arrival and be greeted by our wonderful community. Also, if you're going away on leave, post here and we'll say our goodbyes.
So you've signed up to RPG, checked out the tutorials to RPG's unique features as our good head admin Remæus has posted up on his handy-dandy Newbie's Guide to Roleplay Gateway, and are ready to make a thread announcing your presence to the whole world! Of RPG, that is.

But wait. You don't know what to say, and while you're just sitting in front of the computer with the red X staring you down, ordering you to write more words, you can't figure out how to introduce yourself for the life of you.

That's what this thread is for! With any luck, after looking through this thread, you'll have a positively fertile base of information to start your welcome thread here (and hopefully a staff mentor can help channel your roleplaying energy into maybe one of the roleplays here!)

So without further ado, questioning time! Remember, you don't have to use the answers to any of these questions in making a 'hello' thread! You don't even have to use this at all if you don't want to. :3

1) What's your username? Why'd you pick that username?

2) How'd you find this place? Google? Why'd you look it up on Google or whatever?

3) How long have you roleplayed on forums or chat? On what sites? Did you start with tabletop games or such?

4) In coming to RPG, what've you been looking for specifically? A new home for roleplay? Better roleplay?

5) What kinds of roleplay are you interested in? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Go in-depth about it if you want.

6) What're your hobbies? Do you collect rocks or mount insects?

7) What's something you're good at besides writing? Maybe you're on the volleyball team or you're a quick learner? Maybe you play the flute or can fold up chairs amazingly fast? xD

8) Do you have any friends here at RPG that invited you here? Would you want to make more friends while you're here?

And lastly...

9) Do we get cookies for looking through your thread and saying hello?
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