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The Gilded

Supplemental Content

a part of “The Gilded”, a fictional universe by Scarlet Loup.

In a world where wealth is based on the ability to possess beauty, revolution begins to brew, and no one is who they say they are.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Gilded”.
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Supplemental Content

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Scarlet Loup on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:47 pm

The Gilded: A Subculture that Became Culture

The emergence of The Gilded began somewhere around two hundred and fifty years ago, give or take. Of course, they were not referred to as such back then. The Gilded were merely a class of young men and women who had been dragged out of the dredges of society and given a new life in exchange for companionship in a cut-throat society.

It began as a sort of subculture, one that moved against the social norm by introducing outsiders into a circle that had been established from the descendants of those brilliant men and women who birthed a new government and society in Arcadia. In the early days, these lower class men and women would remain with their Patrician for life sometimes or until the Patrician grew tired of them and sent them on their way, often accompanied by a sizable wealth to ensure a safe life.

In practice, it was originally a good way to share the wealth among those who had not been dealt the best hand in life. But soon, it became yet another competition among peers. Those with the most beautiful "protégés" (as they were once known) were regarded as wealthier, with more resources to find the best - or create it. Whereas plastic surgery had once been only for the wealthy, it quickly became dominated with Patricians demanding surgery for their protégés.

The already wealthy and astute began to see the wealth in such an industry. And so a market popped up, originally finding young men and women to "customize" for the Patricians and then, later, creating them by taking the most attractive specimens and, appallingly, breeding them.

When that practice came to light, about one hundred and fifty years ago, there was a great outcry. Protests popped up, and legislature was demanded by those who saw the injustice in playing god to that extent. And so a law was passed, outlawing the reproduction with this class. Of course, despite this law, exceptions have popped up, and it is still quite common for a Patrician to have their Gilded mother or father their children to ensure paternity and, further, custody.

Though "breeding" was outlawed, modification still flourished. Trends came and went quickly, and it would be impossible to recall each and every one. But one that never seemed to die off was the practice of Gilding. And thus, the term "Gilded" was born. Gilding refers to anything from dressing one's Gilded in jewels and gold or going so far as to etch gold into the skin of a Gilded.

The anti-breeding legislation is perhaps the only example of regulation in regards to The Gilded. They are private property, and thus, regarded as such. Many Gildeds are skilled in the fine arts, but others serve as bodyguards or simply as companions.

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Re: Supplemental Content

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Scarlet Loup on Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:43 pm

Patrician Culture Shock

The lifestyle of the Patricians is one that contrasts starkly with the lifestyle of the lower class. While lower class citizens do not all live in poverty, when it is compared to the abundance of wealth in the upper crust of society, the disparity is very clear. Arcadia houses roughly 25,000 Patricians and an unknown number of workers and Gilded. From this 25,000, there are multiple "Inner Circles" of no more than 50 Patricians.

The Patrician class is descended from a collection of some of the brightest men and women to emerge from the ruins of America. As such, these men and women are also the cream of the crop. The Patricians hold all sorts of occupations from doctors to politicians to artists and so on and so forth. There is a class of lower class citizens who work the service industry, but they can hardly consider themselves Patricians, and the difference between their cramped tenement buildings and the sprawling mansions or multi-story penthouses of the Patricians is evident.

Patrician fashion is not far from our own, but it is obnoxiously colorful and ostentatious. As all are wealthy, they can often keep up with some of the bizarre trends. Plastic surgery is very common. The fashion style is more comparable to that of The Capitol in "The Hunger Games".

Technology has advanced significantly. Medicine has advanced to a point that allows elongated life spans as well as a general well-being in the Patrician class. Their homes are equipped with high-tech panels that can access the news, regulate the internal temperature, or send messages. Despite increases in technology, the cell phone remains relevant and efficient, and it is still in use. The lower class also has their own televisions and phones, but they are hardly as advanced as the those of the Patricians.

The media greatly dominates the society and, more or less, controls what is heard by Patricians and the lower class, which also keeps up to date on Arcadia's media as well. Books and movies are consumed by the common folk as well as the Patricians. They still read the classics of civilizations that have passed, but they have written their own material as well.

Transportation is extremely efficient. Cars are still common, mostly for the thrill of owning something "vintage". All cars are extremely efficient, and though there may be some based off of those of a time gone by, none of the cars from America remain. Most travel Arcadia by foot or by an extremely efficient rail system which reaches outside of the capital and can take citizens of The Republic to and from any city on the continent.

Religion means very little to the Patrician class. Practicing a religion is not forbidden, but it is viewed as abnormal or outdated.

It is also important to note that cultural practices have changed greatly. With the decline in religion, marriages have just about disappeared as well. Marriage occurs, but it is far less official and really only occurs for legality issues or for celebratory purposes. Children are still born, for the Patricians see the need in sustaining their legacies, but monogamy is seen as outdated. This issue, however, brings the question of custody into play very often. It tends to be easiest for one to use someone of lower class standing to father or mother a child. While it is illegal to reproduce with a Gilded, the practice is extremely common and regularly goes unreported.

Politics are controlled by a unicameral house referred to The Republic, the same way the actual nation itself is. It is made up of three Patricians with the title "Doyen" (feminized to Doyenne) who preside over a group of fifty-one representatives. They preside over any legal concerns in Arcadia, but they also will listen to legal cases if they have passed through a necessary, local court. They make laws which must be supported by at least forty representatives to pass. Each Doyen has the power of a "veto" over anything said or voted on - but they must argue their case, and it must be backed by at least ten representatives.

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