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Syn City

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Syn City

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sapphire_Roze on Thu May 25, 2006 2:42 am

In a world where chaos reigns, can anyone find what one woman is looking for? Peace is all she wants, but as she is a bounty hunter, not much can be said of peace in her life. She has been searching for years, hoping to find another way of life, a new start, but all she can find is more bounties to collect. Will she be able to find peace or will she be devoured in the eternal flame of fighting that is her soul.

If you want to join, please let me know! I'm happy to have people join I just like to know who you are playing and to what relationship. Right now we are looking for virtually any type of relationship (Bounty hunter, neutral, the ones being hunted, etc.) and need many more people yet! Keep in mind this is a futuristic roleplay and anything up to modern guns (Custom weapons are allowed as long as they opperate the same) are allowed. I can guarantee you will have fun if you put effort into it!

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My Character

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sapphire_Roze on Thu May 25, 2006 2:43 am

Name: Sapphire Genesis
Bounty Hunter
Age: You never should ask a woman's age
Picture: Image
Desc: At 5'8" she is slim built and is extremely well toned. Her training in hand to hand combat is extensive as she has mastered several types of martial arts. While on the job she normally wears tight-fitting leather pants and a black sleeveless. She can sometimes be caught with a black leather vest.

Murra: Her custom revolver is longer and more accurate than most of it's kind. At a foot and 3 inches, it would normally be too heavy to wield effectively, but the unknown material it is made out of is light enough to be held with one hand and still be easy to handle. This weapon has been with her for while now and has sentimental value. It's holster fits tightly around her left thigh.

Rilma: Her favorite ship. It's built slim for speed and maneuverability. The name translated means "glittering light" which is appropriate with it's ability to outrun some of the fastest ships around. Painted her favorite color of a deep red, it packs a punch with two front-side turrets mounted on each wing and an automated Gatling gun in the rear mounted topside.

Home: She never really had one place as a home so in recent times she made some friends who joined her and they bought a ship big enough to live in. The ship was black so that it would be harder to pick out in space. For weapons it had two front-side cannons mounted next on the sides and a rotating turret on the top. The hanger was in the back for defensive purposes and each of them had their own ship. It had the ability to cut through dimensions to make traveling from one galaxy to another a breeze. It was quite a find for the price they paid and only needed minor immediate repairs.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Reitsuki on Thu May 25, 2006 4:18 am

**Character things based on Rivierna (spelling x.x)**

Name: Chikawa Reitsuki
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Status: Neutral.

Her diviner- Manassesh – Scythe of Repentance, enchanted with the magic of healing and Aer Elemental capabilities.
A twin crescent headed scythe whose blade morphs into a clear metal to avoid being seen by the opponent where its danger lies. The handle itself is only slightly visible and quite long so as to allow the user to sink the blade into the hollow handle to vary the distance between the blade and opponent. Also, chains hanged loosely at the joint between the handle and the blade, showing that the blade can detach itself and possibly go a further distance as secretly there is an invisible string that will pull the blade back to the handle. The only way that the weapon can be seen for approximately 5 minutes in battle is when the whole blade is touched by water, fire, earth, unusually strong wind and lastly, metal in the given order. However, if the order goes off, the blade will return back to its half visible state. The only way to get the weapon visible again is when the bearer tells it to.

The girl- She is non other like any other girls you will know- one that is forcefully silent and yet, very knowing in a way. She can be very emotionally inclined and that would be most probably one of the God's flaws in her. Although she dislikes conflict, she isn't totally avoiding it either. For unknown reason, she seem to have a fetish for the red liquid, and yet, she doesn't want to see it. Something like if her opponent is a fully-pledged undead being, she'll most likely to heal him to death and that is what she is most probably comfortable with.
She is very strongly towards the albino side for her skin and hair is very very light in colour and since her hair is very thin, it sometimes looks as if they are ethereal. Her eyes are of the colour of a blood sea that speak of mixed emotions if ever seen. Not only is she often cloaked in white attire, she also wears a pure white blindfold to avoid allowing people to look at her eyes and also a white assassin-like mask to cover her mouth.


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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Heishiro_Mitsurugi on Thu May 25, 2006 2:40 pm

Name: Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: Stoped at 25 when he became vampire
Samurai Demon Slayer ... oncept.jpg
Desc: He is tall and has Long black hair, he has red armor and red eyes, he has clean white teeth stained a little with red, and fangs, he Is charming in a way but he is evil.

ShiShi-oh: A long sword that if it slashes and kills you makes you unrevivable, It has a grip made of red and black leather and it is very sharp.
Goustan: His rifle that is long and black. and extreamly Accurate.

Jeno: A large ship that has guns that could blow up a mountain.
Bashin: A motor cycle that he uses to move around.

Home: HE was once home in nagasaki however he was cast out by the elders because he was a vampire.
Family: Deceased
Martial Status: Single
Allignment: Evil

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