Tale of two tails

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Tale of two tails

Postby sketchy on Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:44 am

Take this in any direction wanted, this is an open RP, I will join once everyone else has. I only ask that for those of you that want the role of the Boy, the Girl, or the Emperor, PM me and i'll decide who gets the role. For everything else, its up to you.

Back story:
In the beginning of the Era of the Emperor God, there were two people documented that were born with tails. One, was the Emperor God's bastard son born from one of his many peasant-wifes (these were only used to serve his "needs"), and the other, a girl, was born of a servant girl when she was only 14. the servant girl was the sister of the peasant wife that birthed the Emperor's son, but alas, the servant girl died giving birth to the child. The peasant wife in emotional blindness, ran away from the Emperor, and left the child with Him. But a bastard child in the care of the Emperor (let alone with a tail!) would not bee looked favorably on by his advisers and the public, so he sent the child with a messenger as a gift to become a servant in the neighboring nation's capitol of Soreos. As fate decided, so was the child of the deceased servant girl. He was sent to a school to fight and to care for royal animals. She was sent to a school for Magic and cooking.
(All citizens of the Emperor's Empire are trained at the age of 10 in some form of combat)

The bad guys:

Emperor God (God is his name)
God's Elite Soldiers (5 people left)
God's Servants (if no one wants, can be All Access Characters)
Custom Characters Willing to serve the Emperor

The Good Guys:

The Boy With the Tail [insert name here]

The Girl With the Tail [insert name here]

Custom Characters Willing to help The Boy & the Girl

Social Class: Noble, Worker, Soldier, Servant, Slave
Fighting Class: [Mage(magic), Healer(magic/medicine), Knight(defense), Archer(ranged), Spearman(strength/ranged), Frontline(Strength)]
Alignment: Good/bad/mercenary(highest bidder)
Back Story:
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Re: Tale of two tails

Postby Xiphos on Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:37 pm

Name: Hendrick
Age: 14
Social Class: Soldier
Fighting Class: Mage
Alignment: Bad
Appearance: Tall skinny and pale. Long black hair and black eyes. Wears long black robes.
Back Story: Born and disowned for his strange ability to do magic since birth. The first chance he got at ten he began his training with Jerriah a dark mage. At 13 he completed his training (much faster than a regular) but stayed Jerriah's apprentice. Jerriah died and Hendrick headed to the Emperor God to serve him the one his master served. Since he had no parents he took jeriah's death like a mom, dad, and best friend's death all at once. He doesn't talk about it or talk much. He is now heading down a dusty road through a dark forest to the capital, hoping to find the emperor.
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