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Tancer and friends.

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Tancer and friends.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Drake Tancer on Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:19 am

(Multiverse) Drake Herzeleid.

Nickname(s): The kin slayer, Danzig.

Age: 997

Height: six foot, nine inches.

Weight: 423 pounds.

Race/Species: Vulpine demon.

Birth Country/Resident Country:Munich, Germany

Currently resides in: The of keep of Bonegreive.

Occupation: Rogue knight. Killer for hire.

~Eye Color: Dark purple.
~Hair Color: Mainly black fur with random red marks.
~Skin Tone: Fleshy pink (hidden by fur)
~Scars/Tattoos/Distinctive Markings: A long scar running up his spine.
~Clothes: Rarely out of his armor, Lords clothes.
~Other: Large wings, Supported by dry, exposed bone with chain mail over layed to form the main surface area.

Weapon(s): A giant zweihander, 8 feet in length, 2 feet thick. One side is sharp as any knife, Ending in an upward curve. The other side is flat and thick with spikes evenly spaced every 4 inches for six feet. The last two feet is taken up by a huge hollow. This allows him to lock his weapon with his opponents.

Armor: Drake dons a full suit of armor almost all the time.
The armor covers him from head to toe. All of it a deep, bland black.
His full helm is molded after his face and fits perfectly only with his head. From his muzzle to his pointy fox ears. He keeps his mouth guard closed and often his visor open.
The plate body has many barbs and hooks on it. This adds to his menacing appearance and serves a minor defensive purpose. His plate legs has a few barbs, But considerably less then his plate body. There is also armor around his tail, Though it doesn't look as bushy in it as would normally appear.
His left gauntlet is overly large, It was designed this way so he could use it as a club in close combat. His armor adds another 120 pounds to his weight.

Special Power(s): Drake possesses titanic strength, Able to lift almost a half ton.
Also Drake is a sturdy foe, His endurance is legendary, His bones are said to be unbreakable and when injured, He has healed with no lasting effects. Even though his weapon is quite taxing to wield, His unrivaled fury grants him the energy to last a fairly long battle. even with repeated swings.

History: Drake Herzeleid wasn't always the menace he is, But power can do that to a person. Born into a royal family, Drake could have had anything he could desire, What he chose, was more. More money, More women, More power.
For the firs hundred years of his life, He trained. Brutal and merciless, He honed his skills with his favored weapon; The fabled two hander. Suiting his raw power, His ego flourished. Soon winning wasn't enough.
He had to have more. Slowly losing to him started to cost more. First it was bruises, Then cuts, scars, limbs, then finally your life. Even that failed to hold the princes satisfaction. He started to conjur up ways of absorbing his fallen foes energy, Be it mana or life essence, Electrical impulses in the brain. None of it was fit for anybody but himself.
All the while, His father and the court that served him became worried.
Drake had grown angry, Lashing out at anything and quick to pick a fight. He would be locked in his personal training room for days, The sounds of his practices could be heard clearly day or night. Leading many to believe he didn't not sleep.
One day, His father ordered him to be dragged out of the room. He would explain training wasn't everything, Nor was money. This never took place.
In a rage, Drake ripped the throat out of the King's most trusted friend, The court councilor. Enraged, The king condemned his only son to the dungeons.
This is where Drake spent the second hundred years of his life.
There he sat, Chained to wall, His fury and anger growing and seething.
Soon it came to the point where he sent prayers of hatred.Promises of anger and misery. After many years his pleas where answered. Down descended a light, Pulsing with the very essence of anger. Sitting kneeling in front of the glowing orb with a hunger for revenge. It emitted a loud shriek, The noise breaking his bonds.
The guard that came to investigate the disturbance was soon greeted by a newly free Drake. He hadn't the time to even scream, As Drake completely overwhelmed him.
Now free, Drake began his revenge, Finding his favored weapon he soon began dispatching off persons in the castle. Everybody and everyone died that night.
Complete in his deed, Drake fell to his knee's, The shining globe floating in front of him. It instructed him to a cove a few miles away, Where he found his current weapon and armor, It seemed the spirit had other plans for the angry prince.
Eagerly Drake followed, All the while the restless wrath in his body continued to build and grow.
For the next few centuries, Drake stalked the battle fields and courts. Taking lives as he pleased, Sometimes bringing down whole courts, Unaware of what the faced,.
In between each period of carnage, There was a period of training, Pure brutal training. Though over the years, he has turned to making money from his pleasure, Killing those hated enough to be worth a price. Now done with his session of honing his skills, Drake has returned to remind people why anger is a deadly sin.

Alignment: Evil.

Other: Drake's wrath is so potent, That it manifest as a noxious poison on his weapon. Not fatal in the least, The venom will ignite the pain nerves, Giving the feeling of being burned alive.
Te orb that follows Drake,Known as the Architect of aggression, What could be assumed his patron god, Is an otherworldly force that has yet to enter on a grand scale. It seems it only has influence over people filled with wrath. Drake being one, if not, the angriest person around was a natural choice for the Orb of loathing.
"I smash my head against the wall
Dark moments, go go!
I got a pain, and no one knows
It's so wicked in every way" - The fair sex

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Drake Tancer
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Drake Tancer on Sat Sep 09, 2006 10:03 pm

Name: Tancer Morgenstern

Nickname(s)/Alias: Testament

Age: 26

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 230 pounds.

Race/Species: Human\ Lightning elemental.

Birth Country/Resident Country: Germany, Frankfurt

Occupation: Freelancer\ Petty thief.

~Eye Color: Dark purple to crimson.
~Hair Color: Dark purple.
~Skin Tone: Pale
~Scars/Tattoos/Distinctive Markings:
~Clothes: A pair of dark, brown leather pants with lots of straps. A black leather trench coat, Reaching his knee's. Black leather travelers boots.
~Other: A chain wrapped loosely around his hips. About 10 feet long and a half inch thick.

Weapon(s): His fist, Sometimes his chains.

Special Power(s): Electricity flows through his body, He has the ability to control this, Though sometimes he's over taken.
The effects of of the electrical energy flowing through his body is heightened speed, In rare cases as fast as lighting itself. Shocking people and immunity to other electrical attacks.

History: Tancer was born to a low-income family and quickly learned that sometimes you couldn't earn what you needed to survive.
He has had his powers since he could remember. Managing to put them to good use in his chooses profession, A petty thief. He never had or has any intention of going 'bigger and better'. He doesn't like stealing and would rather go 'straight and narrow'.

Personality: Tancer is one of actions and words. A big talker and a big doer. He doesn't care for his current life style, But is unable to change it. Maybe he is waiting for the right time, When ever that may be. He is cocky and often comes off rude. This he may be, But he does it with out malice. He just states what he thinks and tells the truth.

Alignment: Neutral.

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Drake Tancer
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