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Taoist Space Opera

a topic in Futuristic Roleplay, a part of the RPG forum.

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Taoist Space Opera

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Vega on Sat Aug 11, 2007 5:30 pm

This is a game set to the tone of the book of Tao in the year 40,000. Technology has advanced so far that it literally courses thorough the air everyone breathes in the form of Nanites. Humanity within the protectorate had lived in peace for so long, democracy was abandoned for a monarchy, with the most perfect human being selected for the task. A man once known as Jun Wei Lei soon abandoned his name and became the almighty emperor. His tasks were many and he still rules over the Protectorate 2,000 years later. Below is a brief history of his exploits.

The emperor using Feng Shuei and mastery of all five elemental nanites rearranged the stars and created hyper space. He also reserved a universe for his decedents known to all as the forbidden city- a universe in the middle of a vast galactic empire. Then he made an AI of himself which rules over the empire and will rule over the empire for all time, while his descendants live off fruit from the tree of life (another of his creations). His final act was to put up a void of nothingness known as The Great Wall around the Proteactorate. Anything that comes fourth from the void is evil and is known as The Hun.

The emperor has four organizations to carry out his will, as the AI is only his mind. His hands are the army, composed entirely of Fire Adepts, his feet are the navy, composed of water adepts, his Voice is composed of all whom are charismatic enough to represent his highness in a public setting. The fourth is known as the eyes of the emperor, could be composed of anybody, and is best spoken of in a whisper behind barred doors to close friends and lovers.

Also, Wood Geomancers (more on them soon) did experiments where they essentially gave animals human traits. Thus, talking animals are a common sight in the celestial realm and are seen as equals- though bestiality is still a crime, and for a damn good reason.

The taoist part comes in with the elemental representations within the nanites. Also each Taoist element represents a given trait and the trait in which you are adept (only one) determines your specialty weapon and Kung Fu style!

Wood: Wood Geomancers are farmers and Doctors. In essence wood deals with life itself. Everyone draws their strength from the element of wood. Wood geomancers practice Jut Keen Do (Bruce Lee's signature style) and have the ability to harden their bodies like oak. Also, they know the poison palm technique, an ability that can instantly kill a man. If wood geomancers are ever armed, their choice weapon is the Ax, a weapon used to end life- from the sacrifices in Rome to the clearing of forests to executions worldwide.

Earth: Craftsmen specialize in earth, which are the industrial nanites which build everything from teacups to starships. Everyone's health is determined by earth nanites. Masters of earth nanites are not only good at shrugging off hits, they tend to take them and reverse them as they specialize in the martial art known as Aikido, a style which revolves around counter attacks and defense over direct initial assault. However, when armed they use the Teeth of the Dragon. These lengths of micro-serrated chain can slice through steel! Not only that, but they are nigh impossible for those not adept in the element of earth to control.

Metal: Those who are adepts of the metal nanite have the virtue of intellect in spades. All nanites are metal nanites in addition to their given element, so adepts of metal sort of have a higher understanding. Metal adepts often act as messengers to the emperor using the stream of nanites to quicken their movements. They fight hand to hand with the hard style of Kung Fu known as Mui Thai (Think Oong Bak) and use the weapon known as a scholar sword- a blade that is feather light so that it may keep pace with their quick and deliberate movements.

Fire: Fire adepts are capable of controlling heat nanites to do everything from flying to destroying enemies from afar. Everyone derives their will from this trait, and those trained in the art of fire possess an indomitable one! Their choice martial art is Long, or Dragon Technique, a style which emphasizes good old fashioned punching (essentially, boxing with panache), which they often employ to interrupt said fire nanites into exploding! Their choice weapon is the Far Blade which, to the untrained eye looks like a practice sword. However, they are infused with billions of Fire nanites. In the hands of a master, they project sheets of energy that can cleave a starship in half!

Water: Water adepts use water nanites as sort of a telekinetic energy so that they may complete tasks without ever touching a given object. The difference between fire and water however, is that water nanites are not volatile and do not destroy anything when they are disturbed. Sailors who use the hyperspace as their ocean use water nanites to propel their starships rapidly through space. Thieves are also inclined to become adepts of water as it makes acts of larceny much, much easier. Everyone derives their dexterity from water nanites. Masters of water use Jujitsu as it is a technique that emphasizes throws and flowing movement, much like the tossing and turning of a river. Their favored weapon is a gargantuan sword called The Other Oar as in, "Kenji, the Huns are attacking, go get the Other Oar." The weapon is not held but instead swung using water nanites.


1) Like any self respecting epic, this is going to be full of mature content. Cursing the gods is quite common, as is extreme gut wrenching violence, but sex needs to be kept on the subtle side for the sake of everyone involved. If I really need to elaborate any further than just don't play.
2)God modding is allowed to a certain extent- up to the point of killing someone. As martial artists, your characters need to be tough as nails. If your opponent breaks both of your arms, then use your devastating kicks and brutal head butts in the place of jabs and punches. Also, everyone is associated with a particular Nanite, so everyone knows martial arts! Even the cooks!
3)Feel free to place a similar martial arts style over those which I have selected, but only do so if you know what you are doing. Replacing a hard, punching style, such as shaolin long fist with a counteractive style such as Judo does not make any freaking sense.
4)Do not feel constrained by the fact that this is Chinese in nature. I would love to see a massive Russian Earth Geomancer who has mastered the martial art of Sestema. And yes, you can play the animals with human qualities, though no animal is able to become a master of metal.
5) Roll with it. Every time someone says something happens it does. Remember the only god modding not allowed is killing other players.
6) Variety is the spice of life. I don't want to see a bunch of Wood geomancers. That is boring.
7)Don't waste space by posting your character sheet. PM it to me and I will put it below my character.

Character Sheet

Martial Art Style(No need to elaborate too much. Let those who do not know find out for themselves.):
Physical Description (include standard dress and equipment):
Biography(Who did you train under, what is your job, social status, etc):


Username: Vega
Name: Bastion Barsteau
Gender: Male
Gemancy: Metal
Martial Art Style: Savate
Physical Description: Bastion Vega is a rather short man only standing about five feet, seven inches. His hair is steel grey from his constant contact with the metal nanites and is conservatively styled with a business-like comb over. A pair of thick lines are tattooed from his cheeks and appear to be coming down from his deep blue eyes as though they were the tears he has cried for the men he has slain. His Gi is the same color of navy as his eyes with the sleeves torn off to reveal his slim, muscular frame. His knuckles and palms are concealed over his leather gauntlets which have the Chinese characters for "party" and "time" etched into their surface. He wears cowboy boot with hard steel toes so that he may better deliver the punishing kicks characteristic of Savate.
Biography: Born into a poor family, his parents scrounged up enough money for his tutelage under maser Gerard Gordeau. Over many brutal years of training, his chi flows freely and Bastion cannot comprehend defeat. Due to his blinding speed and overwhelming power, Basiton has become sheriff of the Shenmue Prefecture on planet Wei, a lone desert planet rich in resources and full of corruption. However,his mind is much stronger than his body, and he has already set into motion a chain of events which will make him leader of the mineral rich planet on which he resides.

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Re: Taoist Space Opera

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Warr on Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:12 am

Interesting, but a few questions:

Don't you mean "System" in the place of "Universe" which is the forbidden city? Galaxies are in Universes, not the other way around.

Are we given full reign in creating our character's origin planet/state/city/etc?

Exactly how does one become an Adept?

Are the weapons used by the adepts absolutely 'have' to be used sort of weapons, and are the styles the only ones which could be used for such a thing?

How many people are you looking for in this game?

You say it's the year 40,000, right? 40,000 Anno Domine, or something else?

Does Earth still exist? Has it ever?

Are any other races co-mingling with the humans of the grand empire?

Who invented the nanites, when were they invented, how can they move in space, and how are they on every planet?

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