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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Wed Oct 19, 2005 2:40 am

Verniers take energy directly from a power source and turns into thrust.

Hyper Jammer makes a suit hard to spot visually.

Stealth Jammer disallows electronic detection.

Laser communication requires constant line-of-sight to communicate. Interception only by entering the path of the beam.

Active Jammer blocks all signals from working on a radar.

Pulse Laser communication requires line-of-sight to communicate, but is much more efficient at keeping a connection than the standard laser communication. Interception only by entering the path of the beam while a signal is being transmitted.

3D Radar comes standard on most Gundams, and allows much more accurate rangefinding.

3D Mostronics is a multidimensional tracking system designed for use with 3D Radar.

Mass Reaction Detection System is an advanced system used to detect masses that may not have a radar signature. More detailed information takes time to resolve.

Active Cloak is a reactive-reflective surface that holds up well against beam attacks (Including busters)

3D Doppler radar is a 3D radar that can provide complete imaging of a body.

A.I. Equipped Fire Control uses a computer to determine the exact points to fire a weapon to optimize the chance to hit. Automatically leads targets for the user.

Compound Sensor System includes all detection types.

Omnidirectional Active Scanner can track multiple targets and recieve information from them.

A shield is a lump of metal to protect your ass.

A planet defenser works in triangles. It can hold off a signifigant amount of ranged weaponry.

Titanium Alloy armor is light but relatively weak.

A shield flasher contains an extremely bright flare, used to blind opponents. Is an otherwise normal shield.

Fine Kevlar Armor is an overlay to an existing armor, and defends against projectiles.

G-Unit shield is a reinforced shield.

Luna-Ceramic Armor is brittle. It's freakin' tile. It defends against heat and beam weapons extraordinarily well.

Neo-Titanium is just as light as Titanium, but is stronger.

Slide Armor is an armor modification that allows the armor to move, allowing flexability, transformation, and a slight bit more strength.

A buster shield is conditioned to defend against high powered beam attacks.

A Crash Shield is a disc-shaped shield with a big beam sword sticking out the front.

EMF Shield can aide in defense from any metal object. A large static field, making anything, including itself, difficult to maneuver within its small range. Also can fry electronics that are not covered.

Gundanium is a strong and light metal alloy, combining reflective and reactive properties in a very lightweight package.

Beam Scissors are a large attatchment to a Mobile Suit's arm. The attatchment has a blade on either side of it, and a blade of beam energy is emitted from the center. The attatchment can be launched from the suit's arm at an opponent.

A beam saber is a saber that uses energy as its blade.

A beam sword is a sword that uses energy as its blade.

An army knife is a big freakin steel blade you can stick on something.

Beam Scythes are scythes with energy as the blade.

Beam Glaives are glaives with energy as the blade.

Beam Lancers are double ended spears, emitting beam blades from the ends.

Heat Tomahawk can superheat to cut through most metals.

Beam Bayonet is a smaller beam saber that can attach to most guns.

Claws are Gundanium... claws.

Beam Tridents are tridents with energy as the blades.

Twin Beam Scythes are scythes with two edges on one end, using energy as the... um... blades. ~_~

Python Claws are mounted gloves with three claws that can be extended to use as weapons on the hands.

Shoulder Claws are like another limb, with beam weapons mounted on the end.

OKAY. This is getting annoying. I'mma finish these later, unless someone wants to pick up where I left off, or make this prettier and neater or something.

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