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Temp Profile Archive.

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Name: Magnus
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160
Alias: The Count, Matanbuchus or Belial interchangeably.
Age: Unknown

Far back in an ancient time where all was unified behind the sacred gates of heaven, Lucifer, the king of evil was banished and sealed within the deepest layer of Hell for all eternity. Invalid as he is at the time his influence is omnipresent, leaving his bidding to what fallen angels are not shackled, which respectively and quite literally rule the realms of Hell and all their circles. Sealed off from Satan they rule things how they see fit so long as it ultimately fulfills - or says it's for the cause of - the freedom of their dark lord. Within their ranks is an entity known as Magnus, a part of the rulers. His view of reality, so corrupt that he ultimately seeks to only destroy - a perfect image of whom is locked in the ice.

-subject to change as character progresses throughout roleplays-

Through his constant study of magicks of all kinds he had, after what seemed like an eternity, learned powerful enough abilities to actually project himself into the realm of the physical, creating a proxy of himself that is able to live, breathe, and communicate with other forms of life. From there his abilities only advanced, he delved into three realms of power, with the ability to fully maximize the potential of the Body, the Mind, and the Soul. Respectively each of the aspects of his power provides interesting and unique ability to his arsenal. Even with his potent powers he still could not free Satan from the grips of cocytus.

He eventually strayed from their original purpose, secretly, and found amusement in toying with the beings of the tangible plane. Befriending them and turning them to do his bidding, experimenting to see how the energies he's mastered effects the human body. The first case he found was a trouble youth by the name of Rau, whom desperately seeked to free himself of the shackles of society and wished to be fished out of despair. Magnus approached him as a godsend, converting him to his cause, Rau is the physical harbinger of the Count and many times is sent in his stead. He gave Rau multiple abilities that surpass his human nature so he may combat and destroy anything in his way - the only drawback - his free will sapped from his body reduce him to little more than a tool.
In his experiments he created a being which faulters in phase, between solid, liquid and gas, it was almost a careless experiment of his, unleashed upon the world for personal amusement. He named the creature arcane project Xelas AF364j5, or shortened versions Xelas 5 or just Xelas. The creature absorbs numerous specimens across the galaxy for him to study their abilities to see if it would provide use in freeing Lucifer from the ices of the lowest level.

Magnus fervently seeks the new subjects to spread his corrupt ideals in hopes that one day he may find a way to free Apollyon.

Appearance: Magnus has many forms but the appearance he most casually takes is as follows: dressed well but his clothing has a sense of the victorian vampire. Shoulder pads which is connected to a hard collar that extends just to the base of his head and follows his jawline, though not connected to it, attached to it is a long dark cape which many a times shrouds his body inside. The hard portion of it outline in gold as the cape ends in tatters, which seems to stay in a constant state of combustion, just at the tips, only to dissolve into nothingness as it oxidizes. His clothing underneathe consists of fine dark slacks, black italian leather shoes (or at least that is what it relates with what it actually is), a vest tapered together with golden, metal buttons the insignia of the beast on each one of them, what looks like a red cravat from the top of his black silk shirt underneathe the vest.

His hair is of a silverish hue, shoulder length, but always pulled and tied back. His skin is of a pale white hue, as if frosted over or dead, his eyes take a dark brown color, long tapering fingers that end sharply, his posture is upright and carried with a sense of class or dignity. He is of average height and is somewhat slender, though only because he chooses to be.


The only visible weapons he carries on him are his cape and his rapier that he keeps sheathed upon his right hip.

Rapier: Magnus's rapier has a wire-guard style that is fashioned into a mass of prickly thorns twisting around the hilt of the blade. The light weapon is ultimately effective in quick thrusts or fast swipes and he wields it deftly, easily able to outmaneuvar most enemies, the style he usually uses with this blade is fencing.

Cape: Magnus can solidify his cape, and change it's shape and length within reason, he normally favors this to the Rapier as he just has to motion his arms to maneuvar it, it can fashion itself into an arm and stretch to wide lengths. The inside of the cape he can use to swallow almost all attacks and launch them back at his opponent as long as swallow his opponent and trap them within the void therein. If he favors simply devouring the attack he can change the composition of the cape back to a simple fine fabric after consumption of the attack or opponent, within the void everything slowly decomposes over time with little to no escape.


Magnus's abilities and spells are vast and his powers reach deeply, they are divided into the three sections of Body, Mind, and Soul, though sometimes they can dabble within each other and cross boundaries to create attacks that are of multiple elements of these catagories. (Elementally crossed abilities are signified with a *)


Magnus is able to perform a collective amount of inhuman feats, such as move at an extremely fast rate in nearly every position, a high-rate of regeneration, flight, teleportation*, and the summoning of certain familiars* he has.

His bodily form is when the sinews of his muscle unravel, still attached, transforming into snakes which are able to spread, stretch, drop off, each deadly venomous with the potential to kill a human within a single bite within seconds. They are able to move at with little restriction and are controlled at will in conjuction with his body, but leave his bones bare. His bones inflate and take the shape of a crabs carapace, his arms become rather large pincers and parts of his lower body warps into a tail of a scorpion, though it is not venomous it is used to fend physical attacks and is nearly vorpal, with speeds unparallel. His face remains the same with the exception of his canine teeth stretching and sharpening his eyes become completely crimson as the band holding his hair together snaps causing it to completely stand on end, occasionally following suit with the serpents, but not always. The majority of his body remains skeletal and he usually undergoes various cosmetic changes to introduce his opponent into this form.

*When Magnus's eyes go into a certain state for a period of time, in any form, he can hypnotize, or mind control, his foe, but does not effect senses other than sight, smell, taste and hearing, allowing him to create simple illusions, depending on how powerful the illusion determines how realistic it is.


His section of mind has mastered many many different type of psychic abilities and is formidable even by itself wielding abilities such as Clairvoyance, precognition, forms of mental defenses and offenses, temporal magicks*, and different types of psychokinetics*.

In psychokinetics Magnus uses elements of Mind and Soul to effectively communicate between the proxy that he usually has in his stead and himself, which dwells within the circles of hell. This communication allows him abilities such as cyrokinetics, pyrokinetics, electrokinetics and telekinesis.

His temporal magicks allow him to dabble very sparsely in magics that deal with time, if he isn't capable of moving fast enough he can pinpoint his body and increase the flow of time making him appear like he's moving much faster than he really is, or vice versa on his foe or attacks his foe sends at him. This ability is very taxing on his connection between him and his puppet, and even on every element he has, so he very rarely uses it.

Necromancy*- so long as there are deceased bodies in the vicinity of where he is he can ressurect them for a set amount of time and set them to do his bidding though they are merely a shell of the ability they once had.

Dimensional transportation*- an ability Magnus uses quite frequently and is his speciality he constantly changes planes of existence, though his soul itself cannot leave hell and uses proxies to act in his stead. He is capable of summoning the gates of hell, themselves, which takes a large amount of preparation, of energy, and of patience; though the result is usually enough to freeze his foe in fright, if it doesn't drown them in the amount of hellspawn that leak out.


Magnus's true essence of existence, ever since he was thrown from heaven all the corrupt souls as well as him were locked into hell, his Soul is restricted to each circle of hell, and cannot go above five without conscent from the rest of the rulers and cannot control the last circle of power on his own accord at all. Almost all of magnus's circles are only effected by spiritual-based effects.

First circle- Usually isn't released to this level of power because he is always in a state of at least the first circle, just to keep connections open with his proxies, it is the weakest form of Soul's power, but allows him to utilize most of his Bodily powers.

Second circle- In this area he can slowly drain the light of the sun, shading the world in an eclipse, so long as he is in this level, eventually making it completely dark. His offensive measures are winds that rattle the very soul of his opponent damaging them on every level even prematurely aging them as a cause, the wind is uneffected by natural elements as it is intangible but to only the target.

Third circle- A heavy rain casts down upon the area which allows him to wash away poisons or anything lighter than the voluminous amounts of precipitation that falls, the effect of the rain transforms the ground to a mucky state which is adhesive to his foe, which is unnaturally sticky, restricting the movement of his foe. Hail falls from the sky along with the rain, and he is allowed complete control of it to the point of assembling it together to provide crude defenses or offenses, he is also the determiner of the size of hail that falls down upon his foe in this stage. The third circle also allows him a summon: Cerberus, the hound of hell. This massive three headed hound allows further manipulation of the area, cerberus also provides the most blatant physical threat to his enemies as a single physical attack can rip them apart, it also is able to utilize elements that are present in this circle.

Fourth circle- The weather clears and any summons of his dissipate to make way for his second to last circle that he, himself, can summon. In this stage Magnus's telekinetic abilities are truly manifested weights form around his body that he can use to hurl at his foe and control at a whim. The summon truly defines this stage, a statue of the demon Plutus raises, with magnus's goading the statue effects the gravity of a given area, able to crush his foe with their own weight.

Fifth circle- His final circle of power that he can use by himself, it strains the limits of Soul as the Fifth circle itself is almost entirely a summon. The gates of hell must be open for this, from the gates insidiously dark waters flood everything beginning to erode features of the battlefield, and beyond, insatiable it begins to erode everything it comes in contact with creating an ocean. Underneathe the surface of the water countless bodies gnash and gnaw at enemies and at each other, gorgeing upon all that is within the waters viciously, like a constantly waged war. Like other elements within the circles of soul the water is also uneffected by natural elements. Essentially this summon is Magnus's last circle and is otherwise known as the River Styx.

Other: Magnus has other abilities which don't seem to fit in with Body, Mind, or Soul. There are three.

Proxy: Magnus is incapable of leaving the domain of hell, however he is capable - through using all three facets of his power, the mind body and spirit - creating a proxy. A proxy is the act of magnus taking an already existing body and lobotomizing their mind, his mind then takes over through magnus' own soul power he basically inhabits a body on a different plain of existence through a three fold proxy process, keeping nearly every facet of his proxy body latent.

Dark Energy: A potent dark energy that magnus uses and can physically change it's form to his desire allowing it to block incoming attacks charge at his enemy or allow it to act on it's own accord, different forms of the energy allow it to physically recompose it's state of being, from an electrical energy to a flame to a water, etc. This is also the basis of what Xelas was made from, though this dark energy isn't nearly as acute or complex as Xelas's.

Blight: Magnus's influence is so corrupt it actually decays the ground he stands on and spreads like a disease. This area that is decayed he can spatially manipulate depending on how far it reaches, it only reaches within a certain radius, he must put forth effort for it to grow further than it's casual diameter. Under this power he can literally turn the very ground his foes stand on into a water-like substance. This is also the basis of most of his summons.
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Re: Temp Profile Archive.

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Name: Arcane Project Xelas AF364j5
Height: Inconsistant
Weight: Inconsistant
Alias: Xelas, Xelas 5
Age: Unknown

Created and tossed away as an imperfection xelas was born in that classic test tube, and bunsen burner lab setting, of a mad man. Created by the Demonic Count, Magnus, xelas was tossed to the physical realm as a failure. Xelas was supposed to be able to imitate other people and their abilties, as well as act as a complete doppleganger, but it lacked something. There was no thought process, there was nothing controlling xelas but a desire to consume, and it was far too weak at the moment to do something like that. It could barely control it's shape so it remained in a constantly-evaporating stage of semi-liquid. Before xelas had completely evaporated it had slithered it's way into a chance vent, the cool temperatures of the vents kept it from completely drying out, or completely evaporating, the temperatures were just right. It slithered through ducts of what was a prison system, it sensed heat, which came from a room full of moniters, carrying the records, files and computer information of all of the criminals. Instead of absorbing all of the knowledge of the criminals the moment xelas seeped from the vent and landed on the computer, it instantly absorbed that sort of process, the same way a computer would. It would use it's innate desire to absorb and consume to become an autonomous bio-computer. It modeled it's shape over the human structure, but carried distinct differences in aside from it having two arms two legs and a head it had no features, save a single red lense that it used to observe things. Xelas had mastered it's basic phase-shifting now that it had a process of thought. It was ready to absorb it's first target.

Though xelas had mastered it's innate abilities and had access to it's magic defenses and physical defenses it still was green and hadn't thoroughly tested it's skills. It had statistics of the inmates so it could properly measure what a human's physical capacity should be. The only problem was that so many things within this rich multiverse weren't as they were supposed to be. Xelas started small absorbing weaker foes and has worked it's way to larger enemies, each enemy it absorbs it's intelligence expands exponentially as does it's attack power.

Natural Abilities:

Phase change: Xelas is capable of changing it's body from solid, to liquid, to gas and back. It can bypass stages and can do it on a whim, it has full control over itself in any form.

Replication: Xelas is capable of splitting itself off, creating new offsprings in an instant, these offsprings are capable of going through all the natural stages of the original Xelas. They come off in an infant stage (Xelite) as tiny bleb-like particles that look like little squid-like orbs, after they mature to a regular Xelas stage they are capable of going all the way up to the GalaXelas stage, just like the original.

Transformation: Xelas, in addition to being a phase-changer, is also a shape-shifter, it is able to take on remembered forms and figures by altering it's appearance.

The Absorbed:
Yuukyuu Ikari: A young samurai that was unfortunately less experienced than xelas was, through it's phase changing abilities xelas was able to defeat the speedy adversary and gain control of a few abilities.

High speed: Speeds that the human eye has difficulty keeping up with, the average rate of movement can seem like a complete motion blur to an untrained (or even keen) eye.

Wind Manipulation: Air currents bend to the whim of Xelas and can even be supernaturally solidified to form 'air razors' which are invisible blades made completely of air. Similar to air moving at such a high speed that it actually cuts it's foes. This also allows xelas to change the direction of wind in the most minute of detail. To the point that it would be able to inflate itself like a balloon, literally; or that it could bring itself to fly by putting the right currents on itself.

Limited Teleportation: Moving at such a high speed already xelas can actually completely slip through the senses of a foe completely allowing it to act under impunity for a small amount of time. Rather than simply being still and vanishing and appearing somewhere else, this sort of teleportation requires already extremely fast movements in process and allows it to simply vanish to sight, not to space/time.

Piccolo: The multiverse yields many different types of characters, some original, others not. This power-based character was outwitted and out-manuevared by the new abilities of the shapeshifter, Xelas.

Ki usage: The ability to use a new sort of energy, a spiritual-based energy known as Ki (Chi). This ability is usually portrayed as raw destructive power that can be used as an intimidating factor or as a potent attack, itself. The level of Ki is usually dependant upon xelas, itself, rather than piccolo's power level. This energy also allowed xelas to create the 'ki aura' that allowed it indefinate flight. The ki can be honed or focused to xelas's liking, and can be used in a multitude of different ways.

Regeneration: Though xelas already had a high factor of regeneration this sort of namekian regeneration allows xelas to form second images of itself, such as an offspring, which would allow xelas to fight as multiple bodies.

Agron: The earth-yielding Agron was narrowly defeated by xelas, at this point Xelas' ability had been raised to another level, vastly expanding the horizon of xelas' fight, now.

Mineral meddling: Xelas can now merge with minerals or move them to it's liking allowing xelas to create structures, fuse with it's opponents internal structure, or merge with the surroundings and take limited control. This gives xelas a natural approach of battle, using the earth's own elements to combat an enemy.

Temperature control: Agron could control it's body's temperature in layers, allowing it to melt or to freeze, this compliments with xelas' already-present abilities well allowing it's phase-change to be nearly uncontested. For example, xelas can have it's body changed to a boiling liquid, and if an intense ice-element (that being one of many things) spell is used on it instead of simply freezing, xelas would instead cool some, but it would have time to re-stabilize it's internal temperature, allowing it to hold an everlasting level of homeostasis.

Infection: Xelas is able to infect it's body with the power of others, allowing it limited mobility within the energy or attack, this is especially useful if xelas's body has been reduced to particles, allowing it to move within the attack of an enemy without being completely annihilated by a blast, but instead conforming to the blast, acting as a parasite, allowing it limited access to the blast.

Panident: After fighting the super-powered cyborg xelas advanced its technological prowess greatly.

Electromagnetic manipulation: While panident only manipulated parts of his own body via electromagnetics, and never really seeked the full potential of this ability, Xelas has re-created the technology to the point where it can use the ability just like it's predecessor, or better.

Uchiha Izuna: After fighting the timid Uchiha, Xelas absorbed it and is utilizing his abilities for better purposes.

Chakra Manipulation: Unlike most of the realm of the Uchiha, Xelas does not require handseals for the molding of jutsus, it has an affinity for fire and lightning type jutsus. Xelas is also able to manipulate chakra, the essence of these elemental jutsus on minute scales, or may use it to greatly increase physical strength or speed. It can project the chakra and manifest it minutely in some cases, but chakra manipulation is a very broad scope.

Sharingan: Xelas, while it absorbed Izuna, only has an affinity for fire and lightning elemental types, so it can copy most fire/lightning handseals and perform the jutsu with ease, it can also create Genjutsu (illusions) on the fly, predict movement, and can see chakra in a color coded style. The sharingan also comes with a few other abilities.

Mangekyou: Xelas absorbed one of the very few that had attained the mangekyou, and thus, has access to the Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo. Unlike it's predacessor, however, xelas does not rely on eyesight and uses it's ocular to transmit sharingan and mangekyou techniques.

Saladin(Staggered): and so Xelas did the largest scaled battle of it's short lifespan against a sorcery of such magnitude that even Xelas had to release all failsafes, eventually Xelas gained control and upper hand of the battle and managed to subdue and absorb Simtar Saladin Akara.

Elementalism: Just as Saladin is now one with Xelas, the elementals lifeforce is also fused with that of Xelas. Xelas is capable of tapping into one of each element Fire, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth and use their power to combat against any adversary, it is also possible, that as they did with Saladin, the elementals may fuse with Gennosuke in a time of destruction.

The male half of the One Power, the power that turns the Wheel of Time, allowing ages to come and pass, only to be brought round once again. It is the power that drives the universe, and is split into The Five Powers: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Spirit. No one weilds Saidin, rather, they submit to its flow, allowing it to pass through them, and through submission, control is gained. In essence, the control of Saidin is the coercing of that immense flow of power into streams called threads. Laying threads into intricate patterns known as weaves create the 'magic' of Saidin. A basic list of abilities that utilise Saidin follows
- In addition, if necessary, Xelas can also become a Sa'angreal, or a conduit for the one power, thus making it incapable of burning out.

- Air shield: A commonly used technique of Saladin's now becomes a staple of Xelas' knowledge on Saidin. Using weaves of air Xelas is capable of creating a bubble-like shield that deflects lower magicks and psionics as well as nearly all physical attacks. Xelas, like Saladin, can tie off the weave allowing it to maintain itself, without having to concentrate on uphold the weaves.

- Manipulation of Metals: Using weaves of earth Xelas is capable of creating, analysing, moving and meddling with minerals, while Xelas may do this it is also capable of creating cuendillar, a set of indestructible armor. Xelas is also capable of manipulating the basic elements, seperating molecules to become seperate single atoms, etc.

Xelas is continuously absorbing new targets, so profile will be updated constantly with new subjects, Xelas is currently battling alongside Magnus, it is expected for xelas's arsenal to increase after the war, and this list will be updated after that happens. Not all of the effects or abilities that are here are completely cut and dry, Xelas constantly combines abilities to create a new effect.

The Trantor fleet engagement:

Xelas, transforming it's body, became a ship to hold it's master and two other crewmates. Xelas gains a multitude of different powers and abilities once it transcends to this second form.

Ship Form: Xelas, rather than simply absorbing it's defeated foe, can assimiliate technology in this form so long as it survives the encounter with said weapon or technology. Once it aquires the data on the weapon that was used on it, it's very composition allows it to recreate the technology upon it's own body. Xelas must be in ship form to make use of this sort of assimilation and only technology can be assimilated in this form or fashion, if supernatural energies are used on xelas then it must actually physically contact the energy to recreate it. Ship xelas has also had a multitude of absorbtions within the trantor war that boost it's arsenal quite formidably.

New armaments: Basic weaponry that the ship form of xelas aquires once it transforms into this powerful state.

Ion Cannon: Deals little damage to armor other than damage from plasma heat, but is extremely effective against electronic devices.

Heavy Turbolaser: Heavy laser-powered technology that is more effective against larger ships than smaller fighters.

Heavy Assault Concussive Missles: Powerful missles capable of demolishing even heavily-armored ships, more effective against larger ships.

Trantor Vessel: Xelas had managed to aquire a trantor vessel in the earliest encounter of the war. A massive war-based arsenal was formed out of the foreign technology.

Mark X Phase Shift Cannon: A laser that drills through hyperspace, capable of damaging most shields, but is ineffective against heavy armor.

Mark ZZ Hi Mega Beam: A large gatling-gun type weapon that can attack phase shielded ships and shields but is also quite ineffective against heavy armor. The Hi Mega beam is extremely effective against infantry and multiple ground units because of it's rate of fire. The Hi Mega beam can fire for up to 10 minutes before a cooling phase of about 14 minutes. Also effective against smaller ships, and can charge for a much more powerful single-shot blast.

Plus V (Nano-Fate) Dual Beam system: Effective against larger ships and frigates, with a rating of 1.2 megawatts per shot.

M-Link system: A projection system that allows xelas to shape itself into any of the characters on-board the xelas and replicate their abilities allowing the characters to assume full control of the Xelas or vice versa, shaping the weaponry of the xelas to said character's weaponry.

Plasma Blasts(GalaXelas can also use): A powerful blast that is conducted of super-heated plasma bolts.

Upgrade Package I

Ray Shielding: Protects against Physical projectiles, like railguns, missiles, bullets, anything that uses kinetic energy to deal damage.

Beam Shielding I: This improved beam shielding allows protection against high speed particle impacts such as Energy Guns, Lasers, Beam weaponry, the like

Standoff Missiles: Weapons to intercept missiles with other missiles, and chaff missiles to intercept beam weaponry/ray diffusal.

NEW WEAPONS REACTOR: The Creative Energy system uses the creative energy of the user to help mold weapons, however this takes time and energy to use, In therory, you could change your weapons midbattle, but you would need a decent ammount of energy held in reserve

Multi-Melee Attack Kit

This kit is useable in any form of Xelas, except Xelite.

Assault drones: Mechanoid creatures with equipped shock rods, throwing knives and chainsaw-sword combination melee.

Portable drones: Small hovering drones that are equipped with beam weapons, shotgun attachment and has a repair function for other mechanical units.

Portable troopers: 8-ft tall humanoid machines equipped with small rocket attachments for ground battle and assault rifle attachments.

Saladin (Staggered): and so Xelas did the largest scaled battle of it's short lifespan against a sorcery of such magnitude that even Xelas had to release all failsafes, eventually Xelas gained control and upper hand of the battle and managed to subdue and absorb Simtar Saladin Akara.

- Gateway: The folding of the universe where two points of the universe touch each other is what a gateway is. This allows Xelas to move from one spot in the universe to another instantaneously this also allows xelas to instantaneously redirect attacks and is an effective defensive maneuvar.

- Balefire (Ultimate usage reg. Xelas, also GalaXelas): Using all five weaves Xelas creates what is usually a beam of blinding white. On contact with balefire, in essence it 'burns out' a thread in the wheel of time of a given person. If one's thread is burnt out by balefire, they are erased from having ever existed, memories, past actions etc are erased. If that person has killed someone then the person is brought back as a result of the killer having never existed.

An additional transformation phase is needed to activate the strongest possible form of Xelas to date.


When powered by the Quantum zero point module the ship form of xelas transcends to a universal threat with the ability to tangibly interact with galaxies and cosmic bodies. The xelas is able to utilize spiral energy (the energy to evolve or adapt.) As well as the xelas has access to trantor protocols it can utilize code OOC to gather the ability of the tengen toppa gurren lagann: See Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for reference.

Assimilated various technologies: These technologies are indicated in what form they can be used by the form labeled in parenthesis next to them

Creation Cannon(GalaXelas): A cannon that is capable of destroying just over two planets in one blast, a powerful threat that even causes the threads of the space/time continuum, this is rarely used against a single target and is usually used as a planetary threat, however there have been exceptions before.

D-Phase Torpedos(GalaXelas): Torpedos that slip through space/time and are programmed to detonate within a specific rate of time that is relative to their interior counter. A single Phase torpedo is comparable to a nuclear bomb in efficiency and effect.

Core Implosion(GalaXelas): By creating a pseudo-core that resembles panidents original heart, xelas can expose it to physicality causing it to instantly implode, creating a black hole anomaly.

Culminated Beam(GalaXelas): A very strenuous blast of planet-destroying capablity, however, not so strenuous to xelas in GalaXelas. (Can also be used in ship form as an 'ultimate weapon')

Saladin (Staggered): and so Xelas did the largest scaled battle of it's short lifespan against a sorcery of such magnitude that even Xelas had to release all failsafes, eventually Xelas gained control and upper hand of the battle and managed to subdue and absorb Simtar Saladin Akara.

Kelantean Sorcery:
It is manipulation of the very building blocks of the universe. The particles and energies that turn the universe are under the control of those who have mastered Kelantan Sorcery. Sub-atomic particles obey the command of the Sorcerer from Kelante, and so many great feats can be performed.

Gennosuke: Xelas ascends through all the stages, fighting against a being that is actually capable of equaling GalaXelas in combat. The two fight, the multiverse shudders, and as a result of the inane amount of power that GalaXelas expels on the fight, it is reduced to a need of a symbiotic relationship. There is one that had willpower strong enough to escape from Xelas, and take over as it's host. Gennosuke fought alongside Magnus, Xelas, and Schrodinger in the Trantor Fleet Engagement, and throughout the battle for the Multiverse, Gennosuke stirred. Eventually his willpower became strong enough to allow him to overcome Xelas and resume conciousness. Xelas is currently in a weakened state and provides Gennosuke with power.

Weapon Master: There are times that Xelas skews the thoughts of the absorbed with it's host, Xelas provides Gennosuke with all the foreign martial arts style used by the Kelante and by Saladin, as well as weapons usage, making Gennosuke a more-than-proficient melee fighter.

Doujutsu: Gennosuke's natural ability is named "Enchanted Vision" and it is quite a powerful natural ability, it is radial in it's effect for one, and the second effect is based upon eye contact, but the two are of some of Xelas' most deadly, and are Gennosuke's own. The two fold effects of the Enchanted Vision are listed below:

- Time Manipulation: I know that this is iffy - however this is the radial effect. Gennosuke creates an invisible yellow orb of influence where his temporal powers are effective, and can only maintain it for so long, the wider the diameter, the less time he can maintain this factor of the doujutsu, but within this sphere he can rewind, slow down, stop, or speed up time. This allows him to appear to move at speeds that exceed that of light, teleportation, and impeccable reflexes, but it is only a temporary ability.

- Will Contortion: The Will contortion is an iffy aspect to doujutsu, and it is said that any whom look into his eyes with the intention of malice have their own hatred reflected back at them. This aspect of the doujutsu almost takes the appearance of mind control. I.E. someone is intending to kill gennosuke as they charge him with a sword, however he looks them in the eye, their malice is now redirected back at themselves, and they in turn intend to kill themself - regardless of their awareness to it.

Will and the Word: Only Xelas understands the data of the Will and the Word, but Xelas has neither a will or words in which to convey, it is a machine by all natures. However, Gennosuke, is now acting as it's host. Once Gennosuke and Xelas are within perfect synch they are capable of utilizing this technique. Saladin used it as willpower, what he wants to happen will happen, all he has to do is speak the words of which he desires to happen and the universe will obey.
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Re: Temp Profile Archive.

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Name: Katana Ashigaru, Blood Moon, (Katana ULTIMATE: Parallel universe option)
Age: 22
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye color: Amber
Hair color: Brown/black
Race: ¾ Caucasian, ¼ Japanese
Universe: Sun and Moon (ULTIMATE) universe.


Not much is known about Katana’s early childhood, he was drafted into some sort of large syndicate of Bandits of early age and was trained to fight with the sword. Pillaging villages and small-time jobs were what the band usually faced, their last recorded battle was at an uncharted monastery high in the Himalayas. The battle with the monks was met with some resistance but ultimately the bandit’s numbers overwhelmed that of the monk’s and so the monastery was completely ravaged. One of the only survivors was a young one named Takezo Shinmen; one whom Katana would meet after leaving the bandits.

After Katana left the band of thieves he joined up with Takezo as two independent ‘Brothers’ in arms. They would take on assassin, retrieval, bodyguard, and delivery missions; anything they could put their weapons to use would be a job of their notice, and they weren’t too picky, either. Eventually, Takezo’s religion and Katana’s moral laciviousness disagreed and the two split ways.

Katana wandered for quite some time, seducing women and taking in the alcohol wherever he went. Finally the swordsman met someone whom seemed interesting to him, a friendly fellow by the name of Akujata Kyoei. Kyoei reminded Katana of the charismatic bandit lord, Mushi Uesugi, and in turn he pledged his sword to Kyoei out of his own volition. He was fiercely protective of Akujata, slaying nearly anyone who would dare lay an ill hand on him, but quite often he would be too inebriated to distinguish if they were laying a harmful hand on him or simply acting in jest and would attack them anyway.

Katana felt almost indestructible, never from that point was anyone ever able to lay a hand on him, and it gave him an all-time high. Everyone who would threaten him or Akujata were dealt with swiftly and he still kept all of the woman and liquor to himself! Eventually though, as if fated, Katana and Takezo met again, and their meeting was a bitter one. A simple spar that had been taken too far ended in Katana knocking Takezo off the edge of a ravine. Katana felt deep remorse, for his actions, but tried holding up a front to show that he was still the same. A win, yet, in and of itself this was also a loss for Katana, believing his brother was dead. It seemed that Katana was on a streak of bad luck, in his depression a man whom attacked Akujata defeated Katana in a battle, but luckily left them afterwards. He was enraged, never had he been defeated like he had at that moment, he challenged him to regain his sanity every time he saw him until one day he defeated the man by the name of Jin purely overwhelming him. This was a definite ego boost for katana, and almost made him forget of the horrible sin he had committed.

All highs have their lows, and Takezo suddenly appeared after having thought he was dead. Katana was relieved and for once felt something that he never had: Fear. Katana was swiftly defeated in the very same place he once defeated Takezo, and in the same fashion. Katana after aiding himself the best he could still struggled to survive, he had been dealt various wounds that would be mortal to most men. It took an entire week for him to return to Akujata, and he was still in poor shape.

After Katana nursed himself back to health he began searching for Takezo, hoping to finally make amends and return with him. The more Katana thought of the old-days and how he wanted them back, more and more Katana was living in the past, forgetting the present. He was bent on finding Takezo before any of the other organizations that were searching for him did, the Kyoeishin, the Kato, etc. Eventually it drove Katana nearly insane, he would think nothing other than finding his brother and so everything he did served the purpose of finding ‘The Rising Sun’.

Eventually Katana did find his brother, after a long trek in the himalayas, cross-continent with Akujata. He was so hellbent on returning with his brother that he would do it by any means necessary, even if by force. So once again they crossed swords, and this time was the last time…

Personality: He has been described as a womanizer, lecherous, a drunk, an idiot and a general asshole. Katana, however, likes putting up the tough-guy attitude, constantly inebriated, he picks fights and takes women. Sometimes Katana seems to lack any trace of common sense i.e. shaving with a katana blade without any sort of cream or gel, picking fights with a tree. In actuality Katana is a brilliant tactician and an excellent fighter in general, he prefers to do things ‘like a man’ even if the enemy he’s fighting is a woman, and it’s even thought that he has his own, personal code of honor. On rare occasions Katana has proven to be grieved by his shortcomings and even emotional, though this is very rare. He is slow to make ‘true friends’ but once he tries his best to be loyal to them.


Sodom: A self-forged katana(ULTIMATE: Sodom is able to directly effect the ethereal as if it were corporeal: a blast of ki can be absorbed into the blade, or cut into, pushed back. A laser can be reflected off the blade, etc.)

Gomorrah: A self-forged scimitar(ULTIMATE: the scimitar is able to directly nix magic/psionics that occur inside, on the surface or within one meter of Katana’s body so long as it’s sheathed, if the blade is jostled out of it’s sheathe, dropped, drawn, or taken by the opponent then it’s effect is nullified)

Ultra Durable Hairs: Katana has thread-like hairs that are oiled down and kept on two hilt-like spools attached to the gourd on his back, these can be attached to the needles he has, his swords, or other weapons he has, they are very difficult to detect and, with enough pressure, are able to cut through steel.

Gourd: Katana has a gourd of some sort of Alcoholic substance. He claims to have brewed it himself and is constantly seen drinking it, this substance is extremely flammable when he creates a spark.

Needles: Katana has multiple needles that are patched through his haori, capable of piercing flesh and some fabrics they’re usually used to find a kink in armor.

Loyalty: an old-style musket that can be wielded like guandao, it has a blade on the end(ULTIMATE: An old style looking musket that katana uses, he wears it on his back and it can transfer collected energies from Sodom into a single, concentrated blast of raw destructive energy, the amount of accumulated energy will determine the recoil of the gun and the power of the blast.)


Speed: Katana is fast. Not just any sort of ordinary fast, katana is blindingly fast, and pretty strong to boot. His Self Sacrificial Speed is near the pinnacle of his speed, and is where his body starts to reject his physical movement and show adverse effect. Katana can easily dodge bullets at normal speed and his reaction time is second to none, but other than that he doesn’t have much abilities other than his swordman skills.

The Heads of the Hydra: A swordsman skill that is accomplished once Katana is using both Sodom and Gomorrah, while he is moving at Self Sacrificial Speed uses all his momentum into a double spinning combination that literally tears at the winds around him. Katana’s first strike is meant to break through a defensive counter, the second is to reach someone who has moved just out of reach. The first strike is with Gomorrah, using the curved nature of the blade to create a point of extreme pressure in which it can cut directly through an opposing weapon. The second strike is with Sodom which (using the length of the blade) would catch an opponent off-guard by extending his reach with his already amazing forward-momentum.

Rage: (ULTIMATE: Katana’s ultimate trumph-card Rage is a cursed that had been placed on Katana, where he enters a hulk-like state of mind. The angrier he gets, the more powerful his attacks are, the defense of his hide is based on his willpower. This ‘second form’ is based completely on Katana’s emotions and is only utilized when he has been severely traumatized or provoked, he can’t just tap into the power at will.)


Katana is a superb swordsman, he is able to analyze most stances and style’s flaws and exploit them, while it appears he’s recklessly attacking his enemy

Katana claims his two weaknesses are beautiful women and good alcohol.

Katana is skilled in drunken boxing, but only while he’s actually drunk.


Name: Katana Ashigaru (Grand Tournament Variant.)
Stats: All the same as the previous Katana.

History: This Katana's history is the same as every other Katana's except he didn't die. Spawning off the ultimate version of Katana Ashigaru, this Katana was transported through to the GT dimension, where he fought and looted every competitor he came across, eventually coming to the final round Katana fought a large monster that was responsible for splitting the gt league dimension apart, with the aide of his final round opponent. Katana survived the battle, his opponent however did not.

After the Gt dimension was merged with the rest of the Metaverse, Katana underwent a timeshift in which all his acquired weapons are restored to his person.


Sodom (Ultimate version): Sodom is able to directly effect the ethereal as if it were corporeal: a blast of ki can be absorbed into the blade, or cut into, pushed back. A laser can be reflected off the blade, etc. In addition to being able to always directly effect the ethereal, if gomorrah is nullified, Sodom's aura takes over allowing it to absorb any energy that is around him within the aura's field.

Gomorrah (Ultimate version): The scimitar is able to directly nix magic/psionics that occur inside, on the surface or within one meter of Katana’s body so long as it’s sheathed, if the blade is jostled out of it’s sheathe, dropped, drawn, or taken by the opponent then it’s effect is nullified.

Ultra Durable Hairs: Katana has thread-like hairs that are oiled down and kept on two hilt-like spools attached to the gourd on his back, these can be attached to the needles he has, his swords, or other weapons he has, they are very difficult to detect and, with enough pressure, are able to cut through steel.

Gourd: Katana has a gourd of some sort of Alcoholic substance. He claims to have brewed it himself and is constantly seen drinking it, this substance is extremely flammable when he creates a spark.

Needles: Katana has multiple needles that are on his person, capable of piercing flesh and some fabrics they’re usually used to find a kink in armor.

Loyalty: An old style looking musket that katana uses, he wears it on his back and it can transfer collected energies from Sodom into a single, concentrated blast of raw destructive energy, the amount of accumulated energy will determine the recoil of the gun and the power of the blast.

Weapons Attained from Discipline:

Modified pump-action shotgun. Main ammo: depleted uranium flechette shells. Alternate ammo: chaff rounds (highly reflective, super-heated metal shavings that explode in a huge cloud from the gun. Obstructs visibility and deflects light- and wave-based targeting methods). Holstered horizontally clip-in across lower back.

Strapped on his personal Katana acquired some gear from Ichi-Gou:

3 Concussion Grenades

3 Plasma Grenades

1 10-inch tactical tanto knife, Lockardized Titanium-Steel Alloy and anodized black surface

4 Containment Sphere units (they’re pokeballs, but they work on anything)

1 additional tanto

Gear Attained from Asimov:

Lombardi Arms Corporation GP-X404 Apex-Kaiser Exoskeleton [High]: The GP-X404 Apex-Kaiser is the pinnacle of Technocrat defensive engineering, and one of the greatest feats of engineering perpetrated by Lohengramm von Totenkopf. The Apex-Kaiser eschews the Grimmig base armor used by the Oberst, instead operating on wholly original mechanics and material. On top of a base carbon nanocell layer are heavy carbon-dueranium block-plating half and inch thick in some places, with a chest block measuring five inches deep. This armor amplifies Asimov’s natural abilities ten-fold, including his electromagnetic control. Instead of battery power, the Apex-Kaiser uses a Zero-Point Energy harvester in the chest plate to provide it with unlimited energy. The only additional weapon systems that the Apex-Kaiser supports is a pair of waldo arms folded inside a back module and controlled by Asimov’s central nervous system. These robotic appendages grant the General additional combat effectiveness, as well as allow him to handle multiple weapons at once.

Lombardi Arms Corporation GP-909 Backlash (x2) [Mid]: Modified heavy machine guns designed by Lohengramm von Totenkopf. According to his records, von Totenkopf built the Backlashes from Brounen Hassalar .464 caliber machine guns, weapons that have long been regarded as commercial failures, and in some circles, completely fiascos which may have contributed to Brounen's inability to break Masenkraft's grasp on the Extra-Corporate private arms market. The Hassalar was an ambitious automatic weapon, essentially double barreled carbines with an unusual chambering and, as it turns out, terminally low velocity and penetrating power, to the extent that the Masenkraft Type 151 .223 caliber carbine carried more power, despite having less than half the bullet mass. The twin barrel firing scheme also meant that the guns devoured entire belts of ammunition (which defeated the purpose of the carbine), and a lack of inertial stabilizer technology (which was omitted to maximize the magazine) made the Hassalar difficult to use and wildly innacurate. Von Totenkopf's solution was essentially to split each weapon in half and add the subspace repository technology which was cut out from the original Hassalars to keep costs down. The gunsmith then attached the two assemblies back-together by a bridging grip with two triggers, but instead of having the ends facing the same direction, he reversed them, allowing the Backlashes to firing both in-front and behind the General, simultaneously even. The inclusion of subspace technology allowed von Totenkopf to expand upon the other inner functions of the weapons, adding the inertial stabilizers and a more powerful firing mechanism. The end result is the GP-909 Backlash, a weapon that attacks from all sides.

Lombardi Arms Corporation GP-202 Matador [Mid]: Variable Grenade launcher designed by Lohengramm von Totenkopf, Asimov’s weapons engineer. The GP-202 is a weapon designed less for anti-personel means and more for battlefield restructuring. Grenades are fed into the launcher by a large, cylindrical package each containing sixty shells, twenty of each variety built for the Matador. The Matador's barrel is bored for 40mm specifications, allowing it to use, as its standard ammunition, LAC Sabertooth Rail Propelled Grenades, though von Totenkopf has provided the General with a more creative array of explosives. In addition to the Sabertooth rounds, von Totenkopf devised the LAC T-Krach Grenades, which generate temporary singularities fifteen feet in diameter, and the LAC T-Diffusion Grenades, which will project Type 12 Diffusion Fields over a spherical area of a 300 foot diameter, which will persist for several hours. Within the Type 12 Field, the deep quantum state of a given universe is frozen to a degree only surpassed by the Type 13 Fields used in Technocrat capital ships. By freezing the deep state, through the diffusion of Caizo bosons (C-particles) into the structure of the quantum barrier (thus reinforcing the bonds between individual dimensional strings), the Diffusion Field prevents any form of high level reality manipulation, such as spontaneous transmutation, teleportation and dimensional distortion (portal generation, for instance), as well as oppressing the effects of lower level manipulations, such as magic or psionics.

Technocrat Combat Pack [Low]: There are times in a combat situation where it may not be necessary for a Technocrat to employ the full extend of his individual talents and power levels. Occasions when success demands a more traditional, minimal approach, so far as it is possible within the realm of Lombardi technology. For this purpose, all Technocrat agents are expected to carry on their persons these combat packs, containing an array of smaller weapons for dispatching lesser adversaries, or providing suppression fire against more powerful foes. Asimov utilizes these packs, in the form of two narrow pouches on his upper thighs and one larger on in the small of his back, though he selected a rather unique variety of weapons. His arsenal includes:

-Combat Knives (x4): 8 inch heavy steel blades.The value of these knives is seen not only in their killing power, but also in their utility. One never knows when one needs a big knife.

-Throwing Knives (x6): Light, 4 inch daggers built for aerodynamics. Crude, but effective. To quote Starship Troopers’ Sergeant Zim: “The enemy cannot press a button if you disable his hand.”

-Double Grenades (x4): Small canister bombs with a two stage explosive mechanism. This is accomplished with a layered chemical warhead inside the grenade. The first stage is a concussive blast, followed be a larger, incendiary burst a second later. Asimov’s preference for these weapons is somewhat unusual, since the power of the concussive blast is more subdued compared to most TCP Grenades. His primary reason for using them is due to their dispersive qualities.

-Low Tensile Sensor Micro-Wire (x300 feet): Wrapped tightly around a ring spool, the purpose of these wires is detection and entrapment. They break under relatively minor pressure, and in doing so, can set off alarms or, more commonly, explosives. Asimov often incorporates them with his Double Grenades.

Mateba 2008 Autorevolvers [Low] Asimov’s trusty firearms, and two of his most prized possessions. Asimov rescued the Ma.Te.Ba. corporation from bankruptcy with the backing of his Black Dog paramilitary corporation, after becoming entirely enamored with their side arms. The Mateba 2008 is the first model they produced following their financial recovery. Matebas are unique among revolvers in that they fire from the bottom of the cylinder rather than from the top, which provides a more stable shot by focusing the path of recoil down the center of the gun rather than across the top. Further, the kinetic energy of the shot rotates the cylinder and resets the hammer, allowing for a second shot to be fired immediately after. Asimov’s Matebas are chambered for the .442 Technocrat Heavy ammunition, and he carries several varieties.

LAC R-13 Rifle [Low]: Sniper issue Bolt-Action Rifle. The R-13 is chambered for 14.5x114mm Technocrat Assault rounds. The R-13 is commonly called the Bonecrusher due to the immense recoil delivered when firing, making it less used overall than its cousins, the R-7 .223 bolt-action and the R-12 .223 semi-automatic. It serves Asimov's purposes quite well, however. In design, it is not dissimilar to the classic Springfield rifle, with its fine red mahogany stock and body with a dueranium barrel and firing assembly, but the its immense power comes from the magnetic coils lining the rifle barrel, giving the rifle the properties of a coil gun in addition to that of a chemical propulsion weapon. Asimov uses the same ammunition that he uses for his Matebas with this gun, scaled up to Assault size.

Conventional Ammunition [Low]: .442 caliber bullets for Asimov’s Mateba revolvers. All of his bullets utilize either a steel core or a steel casing to allow them to be controlled by his manipulative powers. In the absence of his Subspace Shell Repository, Asimov stores a large number of these shells on his person, spread about his gun harness, combat pack and his duster. Taken together, he carries on himself roughly 150 revolver shells, eight handgun clips and five rifle clips. Of these, he carries several distinct varieties:
Basic- Standard soft lead bullets
Full Metal Jacket- Soft lead bullets encased in copper for extra penetrating power.
Hollow Point- Lead bullets with hollow tips that cause the shell to expand inside the target on impact, to remove the risk of collateral damage by the bullet passing all the way through a target.
Silver- Bullets made from blessed silver alloyed with white gold jacketed in sterling steel to protect them from deforming from the discharge. The silver-gold (electrum, technically) is etched with special Geomancy, or Technocrat magic based on mathematics for additional effectiveness. The electrum is a further casing that contains a core of mercury.
Azide- FMJ shells containing Lead(II) Azide (Pb(N3)2) bullets. Highly explosive.
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Re: Temp Profile Archive.

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Damn. Xelas would kick my you know what

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Re: Temp Profile Archive.

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Maxwell "Möbius" Lionheart

Age: ~23
Height: 6'3
Weight: 215
Race: Akkadian (Think advanced human in terms of physique, mentality, and technology)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Skin Color: slightly tanned

History: Maxwell is from the 31st Akkadian Lunar Colony which was - after his birth was raided by a Val'garan herd. Unfortunately his parental figures are never elaborated on but he is jettisoned from the planet to the 22nd colony until he is sent off to a terran world. There in the hands of a benevolent benefactor, Joseph and Jane Lionheart he is renamed Maxwell as a mimic of the Akkadian name, Mzadech. Maxwell "Max" Lionheart there went into school skipping through the early grades with relative ease, he soon became bored with the terran curriculum and quite simply didn't apply himself in his later years of life, he did - however, still participate in school sports and such as his advanced physique made him quite popular on the football, basketball, soccer, and baseball teams. The later he went into life academically the lazier he got, he started to gain a certain sort of disdain, feeling he 'already knew' all of the concepts they were teaching (and it was quite likely that he actually did.)

Once Maxwell graduated he was recruited and enlisted into the military, perhaps due to slight näiveté on his part. Fortunately there he felt the vigor of the battlefield - which is customary of all Akkadian, it was as if he were where he really belonged, his morale was high in his regiment and he quickly acceled as a warrior. His enhanced skills always put him a couple steps above everyone else and he was quickly promoted to sergeant. As Maxwell rapidly ascended in rank he was put on notice, he was tested more rigorously, piqueing the curiosity of scientists and his superiors - even the fittest of athletes didn't match his strength, speed, reaction and ingenuity. Tests were run on him and he was exposed to situations that would have easily ended other men, but he came through. Much to the delight of his superiors they decided to allow him into a super-secret military faction that was independantly run called Möbius Corps. Maxwell was actually an original member of the Möbius Corps and he still acceled even with the S-Level missions they gave him. Since he was one of the top agents of the Corps he was dubbed the nickname of the actual corps "Möbius", this is his codename and he uses it on secret missions and such.

Personality: Maxwell is an upbeat fellow, and while he craves contest he is one to always keep morale high. When in difficult situations he will place the needs of others many times above his own and he has a strong sense of righteousness. He is able to normally keep his contestive nature in check, but sometimes he will come off as slightly arrogant or compulsive. Maxwell has been known to show compassion for his comrades on several accounts for their personal grievances, despite his military training he is not an emotionless soldier - actually QUITE the contrary.

Appearance: Max is a fairly muscular fellow, he is slightly tanned with large blonde hair comparable to a lions' mane, giving him a fierce appearance. He has defined facial features, a stern brow and strong jaw. Through casual wear just out on the streets Max usually just wears khaki cargo pants, dark steel toed boots and a wife beater coupled with an open button-down that usually has some sort of tacky design to it. He has a leather belt buckled around his waist. In tactical outfit he wears a black skintight suit similar to that used on Gantz, this provides him with many basic necessities as he travels, a camoflauge unit, a few serums that inject into his bloodstream while fighting enhancing his adrenal capacity so that he become even more physically formidable. There are three serum vials encased in a very durable polymer at his right him along his beltline. Depending on the mission that he takes in tactical outfit he may wear a tactical vest over his suit, in many cases he wears the suit directly underneath his casual clothes.

Equipment: Some equipment Maxwell carries within an arms reach or on him, usually, and some equipment or weaponry Maxwell may only have with him on some occasions. Max is skillful with many types of firearms, and passive-aggressive attachments.

C-35A Canister Rifle: The C-35A Canister rifle is Maxwell's weapon of choice, and his favorite at that. The Canister rifle is a multifunction weapon that he uses to combat his enemies, technologically advanced, organic, or any of the above. He normally has the large C-35 strapped to his back as it's too large to holster at his side. The C-35 also has an adapter unit that allows it to cloak when Maxwell's suit cloaks him.

-A three-fold purpose of the C-35A allows it to primary serve as a gauss (magnetic) assault rifle with a 24 round magazine clip, making a limited effective mid-short range weapon, as it uses up ammunition quickly due to a moderately high rate of fire.

-The second function of the C-35A is a canister launcher, which allows Maxwell to use multiple "canister" rounds that are wide spread radial effective and can be launched for an effective long-mid range attack.

-The third function of the C-35A is a sniper rifle, it is capable of utilizing a bolt-action style fire which it pulls straight out of the ammo clip and allows it to single-shot fire these rounds through magnetic coils as well chemically launch the rounds, allowing Maxwell to stay well out of sight and harm while firing the rifle.

Munitions: Maxwell carries multiple munitions on his person consisting of the following.

Hellzone Canister (2x): The Hellzone canisters fire in a single canister, then fragment into multiple, tiny heat seeking explosives.
Flash Canister (2x): The Flash canister enables a single-shot canister with a split second release upon firing to explode with ultraviolet wavelengths, capable of damaging retinas, blinding foes, and damaging photo optic receptors.
EMP Canister (2x): An EMP canister is capable of frying any unshielded electronics upon firing.
Irradiate Canister (2x): The Irradiate canister upon exploding releases a harmful gaseous substance that is highly poisonous and corrosive, extremely effective on biological enemies.
Sticky Canister (2x): The Sticky Canister is unique in the sense that it can be fired or thrown, upon leaving ones person a blue plasma aura surrounds the round allowing it to become uncomparably adhesive, and with a second delay it later explodes.

Ammo clips: Maxwell has (4) 24-round magazine clips located on a strap that goes across his chest.

Abilities: While Max does carry a formidable weapon, he also has formidable abilities at his disposal.

Bio-Force: Within the standard universe there is a supernatural explanation to the way things are, some are lucky and learn to utilize this energy in an ethereal format, Maxwell is one of them. There is a downside to Bio-force, when Maxwell taps into Bio-force it is, in essence, him tapping into his own life force. Maxwell has three vials located at his belt line, one is a camoflauge unit for his suit, the other is an adrenal enhancer for his physical abilities, and the last vial is a bio-replenisher. Using genetically acquired data this vial is automatically used if Maxwell has utilized too much bio-force, just so he doesn't kill himself, but if he uses too much after that one safeguard, that's it, he's dead.

Okay, so bioforce has a big downside, but there's an upside to it too.

Positive Bio-force - Maxwell is especially skilled at utilizing positive bioforce, and with it he is capable of maintaining and creating constructs of basically anything his mind can conjure. After he uses the bioforce to create the construct it takes nothing more than focus to maintain it, there is no additional bioforce that is drained from his body to maintain the construct, and the construct is only as strong as the amount of bioforce that is put into it.

Negative Bio-force - Maxwell is not as skilled at negative bioforce as he is with positive, and in addition to not being as skilled in this catagory he also dislikes and disapproves of the usage of negative bio-force, so it would be extremely rare to see him use it. Negative bioforce acts in the opposite manner of positive, instead of creating a construct, if coming in contact with it, negative bioforce will erase and destroy anything it comes in contact with. It is a definite killing tool.

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Re: Temp Profile Archive.

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"I did it for the butts"
Walter Cory H

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Re: Temp Profile Archive.

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