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Size: ~2,000 ft.
Weight: ~5,000 tons

History: TerraCrusher is an utter mistake. After research on the galapagos tortoise Mobius corps was researching the application of bioforce on creatures, as well as a transfer program that extended lifespans of humans via the same way a tortoise might, once they reach a certain age of sexual maturity they nearly stop aging completely. The application of bioforce went wrong when Theodore Haviland MD used this mind transfer program which trapped him within the tortoises body and dealt permanent psychological damage. With the mental retardation Haviland was shortly abducted by another Herald of the Val'gara and quickly infected with the vesuvian virus. The Vesuvian virus was much more of a strain on Haviland than it was on most other creatures that are infected with it, and although most subjects vary in difference of their reaction to the virus, Havilands was quite odd, it created a bacterial strain in his body that effected growth, and to this day TerraCrusher continues growing. The name 'TerraCrusher' was given to Haviland off it's size and effect on the ground beneath it. As an addition to the vesuvian strain, TerraCrusher suffers from severe fits of rage and anger management, TerraCrusher's intelligence is not based off of a humanoid thought process, anymore, but that of an intelligent animal, and is based off of instinctual natures, coupled with logical decision making (when not enraged).

Appearance: Terracrusher appears to be a gigantic tortoise with a neon barbed tail and ridged shell. It's hide is a rough and leathery gray and a hard bone-like beak covers the front of its maw, curved and narrow. Terracrusher has large and stumpy feet, and if you can't hear it coming you're probably deaf, or you'll feel it coming, every one of its steps measure lightly on the richtor scale.

Abilities & Facts:

Bio-Force: Terracrusher has a sophisticated control over bio-force, and is able to fire blasts of negatively charged bio-force from its maw, as well as strengthen it's already-formidable defenses.

Durability: Terracrusher's shell is able to withstand a bit more than a nuclear bomb head-on. If retracted, Terracrushers defenses are nigh-impenatrable, and can be strengthened with Terracrusher's sophisticated control over bio-force. Terracrushers hide can withstand solid tungsten blasts fired at a maximum speed of mach 3.

-Terracrushers bristled tail is highly radioactive, and if the barbs are released on the tail they combust with an approximate downtime of 3 seconds. The bristles have the effectiveness of a series of carpet bombs, if the bristles are not released from the tail, they are not combustible and are able to be used as blade-like appendages for Terracrusher to use as a physical weapon.

Microbe: If venturing within Terracrusher, wayfarers will find a flesh-eating microbe that is compliant with Terracrusher's DNA pattern. The microbe is created by Leviathan and is located within Terracrusher's shell, coating Terracrusher's hide whenever it retracts.

Psi-link Bonuses: If Terracrusher psi-links with the cataclysm forces it enables the Cataclysm to wield a similar microbe to the one located within terracrusher's shell. It also allows durability increases with the psi-link.

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