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In the Aftermath...

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

In the Aftermath...

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:58 pm

Ethan continued to sit quietly in his room. He had lost it temporarily, earlier, and even had snapped at the young Karaudu. He could only guess that it was built up frustration from trying to build himself a new life, and leave his old one behind, finally coming to the surface. He held his head for a moment, wishing that all of this would just be a nightmare, and he could finally wake up from it. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't so.

Ethan stood up and walked to his terminal and sat down behind it. He was a bit worried about whether or not Karaudu would become suspicious on why he had gathered so much information about practically everyone in the earth's sphere. He wondered if the new captain would draw the connection of his true identity. Typing into his terminal, he saw that Karaudu had sent him the message that he had mentioned earlier about the }{G. The message was a second or third recording, meaning that the sound wasn't the best quality, but Ethan recognized the voice of someone form his past, Zhelir.

Zhelir - We have no intentions of acting on Earth, so long as Earth in turns leaves us be. Our intentions lie in eradicating the new parasites that have infested the colonies. Our colonies. Today is the first day of the end of said parasites. If you wish to join in this movement, I invite you to come to the rogue colony, MO-V. Come as you wish, when you wish. We'll be here.

Ethan listened as Zhelir pause, just as Akemi walked into his room.

Zhelir - }{G's recruitin'.

The message ended and Akemi smiled.

Akemi - Perhaps you should contact him, you are a superb pilot.

Ethan didn't turn around to look at her, as he slid on his sunglasses.

Ethan - The }{G should have died when Kiyoshi Kazami died. That is my own personal view. Whatever Zhelir is planning, it will surely fail.

Akemi looked confused as she walked over to him.

Akemi - Why do you say that?

Ethan - There should be no separation between the Colonies and Earth. They both should have their own Independence, but be linked because of the fact that Earth is our mother. The way Zhelir speaks, he wants the Colonies to remain separate, and that is where the conflict arises in the first place.

Ethan turned in his chair to look at Akemi.

Ethan - Kiyoshi Kazami had a different ideal. He too wanted to rid the colonies of, what Zhelir referred to as, Parasites, but also he wanted to free the Earth from their rule as well. That is why he pushed for an alliance.

Akemi - It sounds like they both have honorable ideals.

Ethan - Maybe so, but I will not support this }{G, but this is not what you came to see me about...

Akemi nodded.

Akemi - We're working hard on the Epsilon. Improving things here and there, making it more battle ready, instead of just a proto-type.

Ethan nodded.

Akemi - If you leave with the Advent Emblem, we will be going with you.

Ethan raised an eyebrow.

Akemi - It's our own personal decision. Chikaka, Mariko and myself, believe it will be for the best.

Ethan - I'm sorry, but I cannot endanger your lives.

Akemi - Who else knows the Epsilon better than anyone? Only us three. If we don't go and something happens to it, who's going to be able to repair it!

Ethan realized this was an argument he couldn't win. He had faced women like this before, and so he simply nodded in return.

Ethan - I will let you know when we leave out.

Akemi continued to look at the Lieutenant. She could tell that the battle had changed him. After wards he was angry and spiteful, but now he was back to his calm and reserved self.

Akemi - What happened out there?

Ethan - I faced my worst possible fear, and it won.

Akemi looked at Ethan with saddened eyes. The man who seemed to have endless amount of confidence now sounded like he was completely defeated. Akemi then remembered another reason why she was here.

Akemi - Also, our new boss wants to meet with you...

Ethan looked up at Akemi, the look of surprise would not be seen by her, but it was there. He had not had a chance to look at the list of causalities, and he was surprised that Myers had been apparently killed. Ethan stood to his feet.

Ethan - Who is it?

Akemi - Doctor Andrew Lanson. Because the damage to our facilities is so great, he wants to go ahead with the roll out of the Gun-Marine, Gun-Ace, and Windam mobile suits. He hopes it will generate some profit to begin rebuilding.

Ethan made a slight nod as he walked to his door.

Akemi - He's on Runway 4, and he's waiting for you.

Ethan walked out of his room with Akemi following him. The walk was quiet, mostly because Akemi didn't know what to say. Finally they arrived on Runway 4. A crowd had gathered and there were several news camera's. To the front of the crowd stood the Gun-Marine on the right of the Windam, and a Gun-Ace on the left. The three mobile suits stood with the wreckage of Einhardt behind them. A white heard, but athletic looking man, stood in front of the suits at a podium, who quickly noticed Ethan and Akemi.

Lanson - Ah yes! Ms. Akemi and Lieutenant Teir! I'm glad to see you finally arrive.

Lanson began waving them forward, but Ethan was reluctant. He didn't like camera's at all, but Akemi pushed him forward. The three stood in front of the crowd, camera's flashing and recording for later news broadcasts.

Lanson - These two are important individuals here at Einhardt R&D! Ms. Akemi here developed most of the designs that you see behind us, and Lieutenant Ethan Teir has tested all three to their very limits. He is also the brave pilot who defended our base with our prototype Gundam unit!

The crowd began to clap and cheer. Ethan turned and lowered his head, trying to hide from the publicity. Akemi looked over at Ethan for a second, but then turned and smiled. She knew Ethan didn't like people to give too much fuss over his accomplishments.

News Reporter - Lieutenant Teir! Lieutenant Teir! If we may get a few questions in!?

Lanson - Yes! Yes! Ask away!

Lanson pushed Ethan in front of the podium and stood beside it.

News Reporter - Lieutenant Teir, we were just wondering, what are your views on the attack that occurred today.

Ethan - My...views?

News Reporter - Yes, do you believe that this is a further attack made by the Vanguard Prime or the rest of the Trinity Alliance?

Ethan glared through his dark sunglasses at the reporter.

Ethan - I do not think that they were involved in any possible way.

News Reporter - The Caligo Umbra, supposedly underwent some kind of operation in Asia, are you sure it's not some kind of cover up?

Ethan - The Caligo Umbra were involved in their own personal mission, as far as I know. Again, I do not believe the Trinity Alliance was involved.

News Reporter - Then who do you believe it was?

Ethan went silent for a moment, he realized that at this moment, his cover could be blown. Dyed dark blue hair, might not be the best disguise. However, he then decided that perhaps hiding right in the open might be the best plan of action, and he should tell these people the truth.

Ethan - My own personal beliefs is that an organization of possible Super Soldiers are committing atrocities across the Earth Sphere.

The crowd went quiet for several moments. Everyone was surprised.

News Reporter - You must be joking. The last known super soldier died in the War of AC 199. Unless you are saying that Kiyoshi Kazami is seeking some personal revenge...

Ethan - Kiyoshi Kazami is dead. The reports say so. However, if he was alive, I do believe that he would be upset with the way that his ideals have carried out over the last three years.

Ethan began to realize he was saying too much.

Ethan - If you will excuse me, no more questions.

The crowd began to call towards him as he made his way off the stage. It was time for him to make preparations to leave.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Thu Jan 12, 2006 1:15 am

Ethan walked with his hands in the pockets of his flight suit. He could already see it now, his image would be pasted everywhere, and it wouldn't take long for someone from his past to make a connection. He could only hope that many would understand that who he is now, is just that. His past shouldn't matter, except with a certain exception, and that exception, Ethan planned to keep to himself for as long as he could.

Akemi walked briskly behind Ethan, trying to catch up with him. He had left in such a hurry, and because the news reporters tried to get her to answer some of their question, he had got a considerable lead on him. She didn't want to call out to him, or really slow him down. After all the time she had known him, she could tell when Ethan wanted to be alone with his thoughts.

Suddenly, Ethan stopped and turned his head slightly to look back at her.

Ethan - If you wanted to ask me something, you should have said something.

Akemi stopped and looked towards the ground embarrassed. What was she doing in the first place. Now she was chasing after him too?

Akemi - Lieutenant...I just wanted to say...

Ethan turned and waited for Akemi to continue on, but several minutes passed as Akemi tried to struggle to come up with something, anything. Finally, something popped into her mind.

Akemi - I believe the Epsilon's new paint job should be finished soon...

Ethan - You think about the mobile suits a lot, don't you?

She nearly fell over with embarrassment. Was that what he thought she was? Is that why he had kept a distance from her. No, she knew it had to be something more deep inside him.

Akemi - No! That's not true! I mean...Lieutenant, I think you are mistaken.

Ethan turned and began to walk towards the Epsilon's hangar.

Ethan - I think I will go inspect my mobile suit, before I leave.

Akemi ran this time to eliminate any distance between her and Ethan.

Akemi - You're leaving so soon? You'll have to get an official transfer from Dr. Lanson...that is if you are going with the Advent Emblem.

Ethan - Captain Karaudu seems to be set on that I'm a member of that organization now. He said that they needed me. While a pilot of my experience would be beneficial, I don't like to have everything riding on my shoulders...again.

Akemi looked at Ethan with a bit of surprise.

Akemi - Again?

Ethan gave a sly smile while still looking ahead.

Ethan - In my previous unit, I was highly regarded. It's nothing too important.

The two reached the hangar, and after walking in, Ethan finally took off his sunglasses, and looked up at the fully repaired Epsilon. Instead of it's grey coloration, it was now painted blue. Chikaka ran up to them and smiled.

Chikaka - Ethan! We've been looking all over for you! We wanted to surprise you with the Epsilon! Can you guess what's different!?

Ethan - It's blue.

Chikaka - YES! Ethan's favorite color!

Mariko walked over to join the group.

Mariko - We thought that it should be given your own personal color scheme, just like your Gun-Ace.

Ethan - Thank you, I appreciate it.

Ethan continued looking up towards the Epsilon. "My Gundam's complete," he thought, "Now it's time to get the rest of things in order, and find out just who exactly is causing all of this trouble..."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:56 pm

After leaving Akemi, Chikaka, and Mariko continue their work on the Epsilon, Ethan made his way to his former boss's office. He figured Dr. Landers would take it over now with Myers gone. Ethan walked inside just as Landers was walking past his secretary.

Ethan - Dr. Landers...

Landers turned around and smiled.

Landers - Lieutenant Teir, I'm glad to see you.

Landers opened the door going into the actual office, Ethan followed him.

Ethan - Yes, unfortunately...this must be breif.

Landers sat down at his desk looking up at Ethan.

Landers - Do you wear those sunglasses all the time, Leutinant...

Ethan took off his sunglasses and slid them into his pocket. Landers looked into the pilots cold green eyes and continued to smile.

Landers - I'm guessing this is because you want to transfer to the Advent Emblem.

Ethan showed a little bit of surprise, but returned to a calm expression.

Landers - Akemi mentioned it to me. Demanded that we hand over the Epsilon, and allow her and her two assistants to go with her.

Ethan - Akemi already saw you?

Landers - Yes she guessed that you'd want to do something like that. Is it true?

Ethan - Yes, doctor. I'm afraid I have matters to attend to, the Advent Emblem seems like a good enough ship to take me where I need to go.

Landers - Myers mentioned you were against testing the Epsilon in combat conditions before he died, why has that changed?

Ethan - I fear that there is a new enemy soon to enter the growing conflicts. The attack recently is just a small example of what they are capable of doing.

Landers - They? You mean the "super soldiers" you spoke of at the press conference?

Ethan - Yes. The enemy said that there were more.

Landers - And you think you can fight them all?

Ethan narrowed his eyes.

Ethan - Man had no right to try and become God. Someone has to try and stop them before they do more damage.

Landers - A man like you shouldn't try to carry the burden of humanity on your shoulders.

Ethan - I have no intention to fight for humanity again. This is something personal.

Landers took a deep sigh as he began writing on a piece of paper.

Landers - Well, I do hate to lose you. Myers was very impressed with your skills. He always believed that you should have been doing more than being a mere test pilot. Perhaps, he will get to see you be much more.

Landers looked up at Ethan and smiled.

Landers - Take care of those three.

Ethan made a slight nod before walking out of the office. Now it was time to find Karaudu.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Karaudu on Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:42 pm

Karaudu - How are preparations for our mission into space? I want us to be prepared. Space is the most dangerous of Oceans these days.
Ethan, slid off his sunglasses as he walked into the bridge of the Advent Emblem, the twins looked over their notes readying to report.
Ethan - Unfortunatly, we won't be facing storms or sea serpents...just enemy mobile suits...
The twins broke in after Ethan now ready to report.
Lali - Well Captain, it seems your specific mobile suit the Sagitarrius has been loaded up with "that".
Lilu - Yes, and Mr. Teir's Gundam has been loaded as well. The Epsilon. All that's left for that is for them to be checked once over.
Karaudu nodded to the twins, and checked off his clipboard, then acknowledged Ethan.
Karaudu - Good to see you. Your "assistants" arrived earlier with your Gundam. They yelled at the "old man" for trying to check it over as we were loading it.
Ethan crosses his arms looking at the ship, he can&#39;t help but think of his old ship.
Ethan - They are quite protective of their work, I appologize if they have caused any problems.
Karaudu shook his head
Karaudu - Not at all, we'll be headed to the last attacked area Colony L5 by the way. I'm going to meet with the GaiaZ relief force, and see if I can get a list of witnesses, or some colony tapes of the encounter.
Ethan made a slight nod
Ethan - Before leaving I will have to collect some personal belongings and return my flight suits and other uniforms.
Karaudu laid his clipboard down on, the armrest of his captain&#39;s chair
Karaudu - Ah, I suppose you'll be needing a new flight uniform?
Ethan shrugged
Ethan - I am part of your forces and under your command. That's up to you.
Karaudu nodded, then sat down
Karaudu - You'll receive one of our uniforms in your quarters.
Karaudu then sighed.
Karaudu - This better not be a wild goose chase though. I'm going on a hunch here.
Ethan shook his head, before turning and walking towards the door to exit the bridge.
Ethan - Space has been calling to me for a long time. I've supressed that feeling for a long time now. Something is up there.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:52 pm

Ethan left the Advent Emblem and headed for his quarters. He was always ready to leave at a moments notice, there were just a few things he needed to pick up. Once in his room, he changed out of his flight suit and into a pair of blue jeans and a black button up shirt.

Opening up the closet he took out a large bag and began filling it with the few clothes and possesions that he had bought within the last two years. Ethan then sat down behind his terminal, loaded in a disk, then backed up all his data onto it, before whiping the system clean.

Once that was all done, he took the picture that he kept close to his heart out of the flight suit he had been wearing, put it into the chest pocket on his shirt, and zipped up his bag and threw it over his shoulder. He left the room in neat condition, with his uniforms and flight suits folded on the bed. Ethan turned off the light and made his way back to the Advent Emblem.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Jan 22, 2006 7:59 pm

After being shown to his new quarters, Ethan unpacked most of his belongings, then moved to the seat behind the terminal. Soon he was looking at the scattered reports of a major battle outbreak outside and inside of one of the L4 colonies. At first he was just going to go and find out what needed to be done before launch, but something caught his eye. An object outside of the colony, something he hadn't seen in years.

Zooming in on it, he realized what it was. In AC 195, when he first became part of the }{G, there was a rebel faction that had converted an old cylinder type colony into a solar cannon to attack both the Earth and the Colonies. Cloud had nearly destroyed it, but the FRE Faction must have repaired it and brought into into Earth's orbit.

After changing into his new uniform, Ethan looked at himself in the mirror. The Advent Emblem was mostly black with a thick red stripe across the chest, and had a British lion encircled on the left breast. Ethan remembered that there was a booster unit to send single mobile suits out of the atmosphere stored away in the Einhardt R&D base. Ethan slid the picture he had brought into a pocket and made his way tot he bridge.

Ethan - Captain, I request permission to take the MS Booster to L4. Things are heating up drastically up there, and unfortunately, I may be the only one that can stop a weapon that the FRE Faction now has...

Karaudu - Godspeed good warrior. Strong faith will travel.

Karaudu turned in the captains chair to look at Ethan.

Karaudu - So what are you still standing here for? We'll be launching soon, meet us at L5.

Ethan nodded then turned and left the bridge, making his way to the MS Hangar. The bay doors were open and the Epsilon had been moved outside to attach the massive white MS Booster to it's back. Akemi saw Ethan as he approached and ran up to him.

Akemi - This is dangerous, Lieutenant!

Ethan - Things will be worse if I do not leave for L4 now.

Akemi glared at him. She didn't like the idea of him rushing off alone.

Akemi - Not only is this booster six years old, but what can one other mobile suit pilot do? The }{G and Vanguard Prime, as well as an unknown mobile suit pilot, are fighting the FRE...that should be plenty.

Ethan - The rest of the world doesn't know what the FRE have. I've faced it before...I might be able to take it down.

Akemi looked frustrated as Ethan put on a pilot suit over his uniform.

Akemi - What's this "it"!?

Ethan - You'll know if I can't stop it.

Chikaka and Mariko finished connecting the power cables from the booster to the Epsilon.

Chikaka - Ethan! It's ready...but becareful.

Mariko - We don't need you coming back in a body bag.

Ethan rode the zip line line up to the cockpit soon was ready to blast off.

Ethan - Lieutenant Ethan Teir, Epsilon! Taking off!

He hit the button to ignite the boosters. The cockpit began to shake violently and then, the Epsilon took off, heading outside of Earth's atmosphere to space.

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