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{The Almost Modern Fantasy} Nils Borden

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{The Almost Modern Fantasy} Nils Borden

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nils on Tue May 22, 2007 7:17 pm

{The Almost Modern Fantasy}

Name: Nils Borden
Age: 50s
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Gun-metal gray; reaches eyes, but neatly combed. Neat toothbrush mustache.
Eyes: Beady, pale blue.
Skin: Swarthy, slightly wrinkled.
Nationality: British

Nils Borden hails from old money. He was educated at Oxford University, but after two uneventful years of study he dropped out at the news of his father's death and never received his Bachelors in Magic. At twenty-years old and as the only child he inherited the long-revered Borden estate from Borden, senior. Nils began to invest in airship technology, and on the side, he served as patron for several renegade inventors, that is, research not sponsored by universities.

His marriage to Clarice Maze, daughter of the airship tycoon of Maze Industries who also worked closely with Borden senior, was well publicized, lavish, and fashionable. Together they raised two sons and one daughter. Though Borden money paid for the best tutors and teachers, discipline among the children was rarely enforced. Although Clarice Borden attempted to rear the children herself, they enjoyed a form of salutary neglect.

Meanwhile, Nils gained a reputation as an independent airship patron. Eventually with Clarice's father, he established Maze Borden Industries. With his income he spoiled his three children with outlandish allowances and continued to sponsor more airship projects. In a reckless thrill ride in a test airship, the elder son died at twenty-years old. Now saddled with the obligation to continue the business, the younger son abandoned his family name; his whereabouts are unknown, but rumor has it that he had eloped with a female airship mechanic. His youngest child, his daughter was on her way to study at a university with the goal of acquiring the aptitude to manage the business she will inevitably inherit.

Unable to cope with his elder son's death and the disappearance of his younger son, Nils Borden abandoned his numerous projects. Clarice Borden became bedridden and Nils Borden became a recluse, effectively closing the once festive and luxe Borden Estates. Within the confines that were beginning to fall into disrepair, Borden operated infrequently with the outside world and sent only trusted emissaries to communicate with the Maze Borden Industries board. Heckled by the media, the Borden daughter dropped out of university to escape the public eye as well as to care for her mother and handle the affairs of the estate. For five years, the public saw no sign of the Bordens.

However, after those five years, ailing airship tycoon Nils Borden has emerged with what some would call an eccentric proposition.

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