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The Ambassadors

Tips: 1.50 INK Postby lostamongtrees on Fri Dec 13, 2019 3:00 pm


Hey everyone! Your neighborhood lost here — today, I'm excited to tell you about RPG's newest staff team, The Ambassadors!

The Ambassador's Torch

Ambassadors can be recognized by their blazing torch, a beacon of light in what might otherwise be a sea of darkness for unsuspecting Internet denizens who, in many cases, have never seen something like RPG before. While the Ambassadors don't have moderation abilities, they are proudly recognized as leaders in the community nonetheless. We've selected a handful of excited members to kickstart this initiative, so be sure to say hello when you see them around the site!

What we do
The Ambassadors are responsible for ensuring RPG's new members are welcomed with warmth & kindness, and for helping both beginners and veterans alike learn the worldbuilding and storytelling tools that we've created over the years. Thanks to the efforts of our first few team members, we've already begun to show a major impact on the community climate — let's take a look at a few of our initiatives!

1. The Welcome Forum
Ambassadors are tasked first and foremost with providing rapid responses to new members brave enough to introduce themselves in the Welcome Forum, where many earn their first INK by baring a few personal details about them
as writers & role-players. We will leave no post unanswered!

2. Community Enrichment
From the Forums to the Shoutbox, the Ambassadors are active members you can always find lurking somewhere sitewide. Everyone has something to contribute — the Ambassadors are here to acknowledge contributions and assist with further engagement and participation. If you feel a little lost in the crowd,or just want someone to talk to, reach out to an ambassador. We're here to make sure nobody is left behind!

3. Building Universes
You've likely noticed that each Universe is unique, and that Universe creation can overwhelm with the seemingly limitless options for expression. Ambassadors are experts in their own rights on Universe creation. If you need assistance with building out your universe using the various tools, reach out to an Ambassador. We're here to help you succeed!

Need Help?
Feel free to contact anyone on the Ambassador team directly, or open up a thread in the Help forum and we'll clammor to respond within a few hours. While we don't always have the answers, we know everyone who does!

Joining the Ambassador Team
Ambassadors are those who rise above and stand out as leaders in our community. By reading our onboarding guide, you can understand our goals more deeply and begin to emulate them in your behavior around the site. In doing so, one day you just might find yourself officially carrying the torch in recognition of your contributions and leadership!

Feel like someone is setting a shining, consistent example of Ambassador-like behavior? You can nominate them by messaging me, @lostamongtrees, as an anonymous nomination, or as a reply in this thread if you want to shout it from the hilltops.

I'm so excited to finally share this with you, and look forward to serving you in the future!
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