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The Arena Project

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The Arena Project

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lee_Fang_Tze on Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:19 am

You find yourself at a small flat open fighting arena made in the shape of a perfect circle having a 15 foot radius, a 30 foot diameter and a 94.25 foot circumference. The circular open arena covers an area of 706.5 square feet paved by over 3,500 individual small 3 inch thick rectangular white flatstone bricks and grey square tiles forming an old antique natural rounded brick floor design with moss and grass growing up between cracks in the granite tiles.

The stone arena is raised slightly 3.5 feet above ground level, resting on a large platform and is entered by walking up the 3 small swirling black and white marble stone steps which encircle the whole arena along it's outer edge. The platform has a 94.25 foot circumference and is 30 feet thick made of solid concrete. The arena has no ceiling, doorways, pillars, ropes, fencing, walls or railings. It is just an open flat circular stone platform covered with bricks and tiles and surrounded by a small 3 step marble staircase around the whole edge.

The arena is located on a large open square field, directly in the center of the field. The field is a perfect 60x60 foot turf square with a 30 foot radius. The square is covered with soft green grass which surrounds the open stone fighting arena, creating a 15 foot wide grassy open walk space between the circular open stone arena and the partially sheltered open-air square shaped spectator colloseum.

The stone arena is in the open center of the wooden pavilion and dome shaped or pyramid shaped open-air waterproof tarp rooftop which rests upon 12 stone pillars. There are 4 pillars on each side of the open square field surrounding the arena. The tarp blocks the sun and protects the crowd from rain, dust or snow, but does nothing to protect the fighters on the field or in the arena.

The front row of stone stairstep seats is just behind the green grassy open field and just inside the shelter, closest to the round platform. The second row of stone stairstep seats is just behind the front row, raised slightly above it. Just above that is the third row, fourth row and fifth row. The rows are divided into 4 corners or sections. There are 4 aisles in the middle of the sections to divide each corner.

The aisles are positioned perfectly between the central 2 pillars looking towards the center of the field on all 4 sides. These aisles are the entrances and exit ways in and out of the colloseum. The colloseum itself stands roughly 35 feet high to the top of the open dome or pyramid, as each row and section is raised about 3.5 feet from the one in front of it to offer the best view from all sides.

The colloseum has an outer square open wall composed of 20 marble stone pillars, with each of the 4 sides supported by 6 pillars, for a total of 7 pillars per sheltered corner section between blood stained reddish brown carpet aisles. The 4 exits or entrances to the colloseum, going down the 4 aisles between the 8 pillars away from the arena, have stone arches presenting them which act like open portals or doorless entryways before each pair of pillars.

Flanking the arches on either side are alabaster stone white statues of the arena guardians, each one unique, for a total of 8 statues around the whole outside of the colloseum. Around the inside of the colloseum at each corner of the square grassy field, there are 4 more guardian statues in front of the 4 pillars facing the arena. The stone arena platform or fighting stage can support 100 people or roughly 25,000 pounds.

The open colloseum can support 200 people per section, or a total of 1000 people altogether, which is around 12,500 tons. The tarps and pillars have air-plants, vines and flowers hanging from them, while the entire construct seems to have random chunks and sediments of gold, silver, quartz, and other elements infused into the bricks, tiles, stones, arches, pillars and statues around the whole area.

Your mission is to "draw" a map of the area, describing what you see while showing both the colloseum and the open arena in one picture.
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