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Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer

The Armed Forces' Apparatus

a part of “Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer”, a fictional universe by Redred33mer.

In this future-set RP, experience a world of unrivaled adversity. One mistake could mean certain demise when you're under the nose of your enemy.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer”.
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The Armed Forces' Apparatus

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Redred33mer on Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:43 am

This thread will clarify how the UPAF is organized, and makes more sense if you read "The War Itself" first. I will continue nailing away that for discussions, use the auto-generated topic, not this!

The UPAF is a union of 9 different sovereign planets under one banner for sake of protecting each others interests. Also known as the Planetary Union from within, the UPAF constructs itself as a collection of democratic and republican states sharing one greater military. Of course, any efficient military divides its roles and duties among branches.

The Executors

The "Executors" are the representatives or heads of state from the individual planetary governments that make decisions on the Union's actions. Meetings are called when necessary, such as when there are growing threats of Redemption terrorists or when the situation of the war significantly develops. Each planet has 1 vote on issues, and only a simple majority is required to pass these things. Any independent faction could apply for membership in the UPAF, just as well secede from it. Each planet is, in the Planetary Union, independent.

The Conventional Army

Supreme General - Harry Whitman

The Conventional Army (CA) is the frontal ground units for the UPAF. They conduct planetary invasion and conquest, as well as organize ground defenses. It contains both infantry units and armor forces. Strategy is not below them; Conventional forces try to use minimal forces to accomplish their objective, but not so low as to threaten completion of their objective. The CA breaks itself down into subgroups to be more efficient in completing all objectives set by higher ranking persons of the UPAF.

Conventional Infantry - Your average organization of infantry. There isn't anything too special about them.

Omicron Infantry - Omicron forces are a higher grade soldier. As well as being effective on frontlines, they are utilized for defense as well as special operations infantry on the ground.

Delta Armor - Your all-purpose armor forces. This also includes engineers who repair defenses and tanks.

The Avionic Fleet

Supreme General - Kacy Mandarin

The Avionic Fleet (AF) commands all units that travel in space or that fly. This is the biggest branch of the Planetary Union; it must supply soldiers for Planet-surface support, space defenses and assaults, warship raiding parties, and the engineers to do any repairs on all of these things. They must also provide transport to other branches of the UPAF between planets. Since the AF has a large task to fulfill, it creates subdivisions within itself.

Rangers - These conduct warship raids and operate all armaments on any U.O.S. (Union Owned Ship). They're somewhere on a plane between Conventional and Omicron Infantry.

Avians - This includes all space traveling ship crews; this includes all pilots (fighter, frigate, cruisers, etc.), ship mechanics, and people with other miscellaneous jobs on board.

Echo Force - The Avionic Fleet does cover the fighters down ner the planet surface as well, which is exactly what the Echo Force is. The Echo Fore is the primary support for Conventional forces on the ground.

The Omega Division

Supreme General - Dan Myles

There is not one person on the UPAF who doesn't bow down to this elite group that currently has 4,000 soldiers. They utilize all of the cunning advances of modern technology; lithium bombs, laser rifles, railguns, Armaeus vehicles, and more. However, maintaining these toys that the Omega Division is allowed to use requires a profuse amount of funds, as well as to keep advancing it. Because of the restriction of funds, the Omega Division stays maxed out at 4,000 in numbers.

All Omega Division personnel in the field can do just about any job: repair machines, hack computers, fly a ship, operate a vehicle, and especially permeate the battlefield with chaos. However, some people are better at one thing than the other. There are soldiers specialized in mechanics, cybernetics, medical care, or the various depths of fighting. But in any situation, any soldier can be called on to do a task, something which takes immense amounts of training to become capable of all things necessary. No other force known to mankind is as successful as these people comprising the Omega Division.

Planet Militias

Planet militias are allowed in the UPAF. These are funded and coordinated by the individual planets, and are solely for the individual defense of that planet. No militia is used for invasion, and no planet is allowed to declare war on another entity by its own action. Militias also don't have much to do with interstellar travel, and only deal with orbital and ground defenses. Most militias amount to something similar to an individualized Conventional Army and Echo Force. Planet militias also serve the purpose of being the last line of defense between a member of the Planetary Union and the UPAF itself.
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