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Stratos: Apotheosis of a Pirate

The Bestiary and Races

a part of “Stratos: Apotheosis of a Pirate”, a fictional universe by Eastep.

The pirate god is offering up his position to the best pirate in the world, and more importantly, to the one who can reach him in his abode. Thus a crew of brave pirates embarks on a journey to elevate themselves to godhood.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Stratos: Apotheosis of a Pirate”.
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[OOC] The Bestiary and Races

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eastep on Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:29 pm

This is a collection of information on the general creatures of the world that every character should know.


Being a ferocious beast of the air, dragons are reputated for the ability to bring down even well defended vessels. They are some what intelligent, nearing the cognitive capabilities of the four races, certainly able to be trained and taught.

As if to defy the creation of the gods, the northern elves befriended these beasts, sliding thick armor over scales, jagged steel onto claw, and saddles for them to ride. Under the direction of an elvish rider, a dragon can be a fearsome opponent even for an airship armed to the teeth.

Mosquito / Barnacle parasites:

Being a parasite which feasts on the magic of other creatures, these are most notable for attaching themselves to the hulls of airships and cities, leeching magic from them. These creatures are infamous for hiding away for as long as possible before draining the source utterly. The majority of airship crashes are caused by magic drain via parasite.

However, one of the weaknesses they display is an utter hate of cold weather. It is found that ice loosens their grip so that they can be scraped away, and in even more extreme cold they drop off altogether.

Magic gas sporesacs:

Being a bulbous plant which grows according to two stages: the former being suspended on a stalk, retrieving magic through it's roots via natural processes, and The latter being a floating bulb ranging from sizes upwards of thirty feet in diameter, the largest known record approaching 50. The second stage is noted for the abundance of pure magic stored in it which, in fact, is the very reason it stays afloat.


Being an adept magic-wielder, this specimen takes one large humanoid form, composed wholly of varying types of insects and worms. Noted for their aptness for solitude, these creatures have been reported to be hundreds, if not a thousand years old in cases. This is accredited to their amazing regenerative ability. An Entroph is not truly dead unless every insect comprising it is killed, which allows them to live very long lives dedicated to the arcane ways and the research of ancient ruins. These creatures are horribly ferocious though, and will fight to the end to ensure the secrets it keeps are safe from prying eyes.


Being a predatory creature which resides underground, preying on those that dwell on the surface with use of sensors hidden in their hide which are sensitive to vibrations.

Uncivilized Gremlins:

Completely savage and hordelike, performing sick rituals and sacrifices to the Outcast God.

Northern Elves:

As savage as Gremlins, but smarter, sleeker, and faster all around. These people are feared widely, as our their dragon mounts.

Cloud Creatures:

Being an enigmatic creature that travels in solitude, this beast is as unknown as it is large. There exist many reports regarding the true nature of their appearance beneath the veil of cloud and vapour, but nary a one has ever been confirmed outside of wive's tales and sailor's stories. All that can be said of them, is that a cloud seems to follow them, however it is widely held amongst scholars and wise men that the creature secretes the cloud around itself via magic and other means.
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Re: [OOC] The Bestiary and Races

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Fallacy on Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:34 am


Not much is known to the majority of the civilized world about this ancient race; most knowledge exists in the form of myths and legends passed down from long ago. No one knows if they still exist, or if they even existed in the first place. It's said that at one point, they had the largest and most extravagant empire in the entire world -- but they got cocky, if you will, and decided to challenge the gods; needless to say, they were sorely defeated, and a heavy curse was placed on them that made sure they would live forevermore as primitive cavemen, never again to form a civilization even nearing the grand splendor they had once known.

The stories claim they have great strength, think with incredible logicality, and have tentacles sprouting from their backs.
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