The Book of Abram (Non-Canonical Alternate Flood Story)

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The Book of Abram (Non-Canonical Alternate Flood Story)

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Elanu is the sky father. Tiara is the earth mother. The moon and stars are their children. The first was Aten, the sun god. Aten's sister was Luna, the moon goddess. Aten ruled over the day while Luna ruled over the night. Elanu and Tiara created Adamu and Lily, the first human beings. Adamu gave praise to Elanu, but Lily committed adultery with Samael the fallen star. Samael and Lily had several monsterous offspring who died at birth. Lily cursed the seed of Adamu and became a witch. Elanu created Ava for Adamu using Adamu's own blood. Ava was bewiled by Lily who turned into a dragon and led Ava astray. Ava led Adamu astray. Elanu cursed Adamu and Ava with mortality and insects that bite. Elanu cursed Lily and turned her into a snake. Adamu killed the snake and Lily's ghost became a demon. Adamu and Ava had three sons. Their first son was Qayin and Awan was his wife. Adamu and Ava had another son named Abel, who was not married. Their third son was Seti and Nama was his wife. Seti and Nama gave praise to Elanu and had many children. Seti had a son named Enosh, who was the father of Kenan, the father of Mahalaliel, the father of Jared, the father of Enoch, the father of Methuselah. Qayin's wife Awan was murdered by Lily during childbirth. Awan's infant was a stillborn. Qayin was jealous of his brother Abel's success and murdered him in the field. Elanu cursed Qayin by turning him into a vampire. Qayin wandered in the desert for many nights. Lily appeared to Qayin as a witch in the desert. Qayin and Lily had a son named Enoch, who became the first vampire king. Enoch was the father of Irad, the second vampire king. Irad was the father of Mehujael, the third vampire king. Mehujael was the father of Methushael, the fourth vampire king. Methushael was the father of Lamech, the fifth vampire king. Lamech united the five vampire kingdoms and became the ruler of the first vampire empire. Lamech had two wives. The first wife was Zillah and Methusaleh was her brother. Methusaleh was the son of Enoch and was considered a righteous king. Lamech and Zillah had a son named Tubalcain, who was the first daywalker. Tubalcain's sister was Naamah, who was also a daywalker. Lamech kept Zillah and her children in the shadows. Lamech's second wife was Adah and Lily the demoness was her mother. Lamech and Adah had two sons. The first son was Jabal, who was corrupt by blood. Elanu turned Jabal into the first werewolf. Jabal lived in a wolfskin tent and kept humans as livestock. Jabal's brother was Jubal, the second ruler of the first vampire empire. Jubal played music and practiced majick. Jabal's children were therianthropic monsters and abominations that were half human, half animal. This included werewolves and monsters that resembled bulls, jackals, bears, goats, pigs, deer and lions. Jubal's children were pure blooded vampires who became masters of the vampirecrafts. Tubalcain's children were their enemies. In those days, Tubalcain was the first priest. Tubalcain invented the first sword of silver and slayed his half brothers, Jubal and Jabal who were the first werewolves and pure blooded vampires. Jabal's descendants waged war on Jubal's descendants. Both of them waged war on Tubalcain's descendants. This was the dark ages of vampire history. Methusaleh was the father of Lamech, who was the father of Noatim, the builder of the arch. Noatim's wife was Naamah and Tubalcain was her brother. Then the flood came and wiped out all things. Qayin's descendants drowned in the water and their ghosts lingered in the world afterwards. Only Naamah, the wife of Noatim, survived with the wives of Noatim's sons to carry on Qayin's lineage. Noatim and Naamah escaped aboard the arch with their three sons and their three wives. In this way, the lineage of Qayin survived the flood and was passed by the blood through every other generation. Noatim planted a vineyard after the flood at the foot of Mount Ararat, where he pitched a tent and gave praise to Elanu. Noatim and Naamah had three sons. The first son was Ham, who sinned against Elanu and was cursed. Ham knew his wife Nela and she gave birth to the Hamites, from whom Abram's wife Sarai was descended. Ham's son Canaan was the first vampire born after the flood. Noatim's second son was Shem, who gave praise to Elanu and was blessed. Shem knew his wife Sheda and she gave birth to the Shemites, from whom Abram was descended. Noatim's third son was Japheth, who gave praise to Elanu and was blessed. Japheth knew his wife Adah and she gave birth to the Japhites, from whom the kings of the west spread forth. Japheth's son Javan was a vampire. Japheth's son Magog was a werewolf. Japheth's son Tubal was a daywalker. Japheth's son Gomer gave praise to Elanu and was blessed. Gomer was the father of Ashken, the father of the vikings. Ham's oldest son Cush became the first werewolf born after the flood. Ham's second son Mizra became the first Egyptian pharoah and was worshipped as a god king. Javan became the first Greek god king. Cush's son Nimrod became the first Babylonian god king. Nimrod was a werewolf and a great vampire hunter. Over the centuries, the blood lines and lineages of these giants spread over the world. Nimrod's great grandson Nebuchadnezzar was the king of the Chaldean empire. Nebuchadnezzar was cursed by the prophet Daniel and became a werewolf like his great grandfather Nimrod, who built the Ziggurat of Babylon after the great flood. Over time, the flames of battle combined with the plagues of mankind and much of the history was wiped out. Nahor the Shemite had a son named Terah who was the father of Abram, the husband of Sarai who was blessed by Elanu and had many children. Abram led three hundred and eighteen servants in a rebellion against the Mesopotamian empire. Amraphel the Cushite was the king of Shinar, who along with Kedorlaomer the king of Elamites invaded the kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah. Bera the Hamite was the king of Sodom, where Abram's nephew Lot was staying. Chedorlaomer met the Sodomites at the Battle of Siddim, where the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fell in defeat. Lot was taken as a captive. Abram rescued his nephew Lot and killed the Mesopotamian kings by surrounding their camps and attacking them at night. After the battle, Melchizedek the king of Salem brought out bread and wine and blessed Abram, who gave him a tenth of the plunder. Bera the king of Sodom came to Abram and thanked him. Melchizedek was a priest of Elanu who baptized Abram in the Jordan river and gave him the silver sword of Tubalcain, which has since disappeared and faded into obscurity.

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