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The burning region of Falgorn

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The burning region of Falgorn

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby RTK on Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:01 pm

~ Plot ~
The great land of Falgorn has been struggling to overcome the senseless war, started by the evil Necromancer, Garador the dragon.
Sending out large numbers or werewolf-like creatures with porcupine-like hair. These creatures are pure killers and have been killing off commanders of the Kingdom in which you live in. So far, they have successfully killed two commanders.
The Red Barren ordered all School Masters to recruit new students and train them on the advanced level.
Aside from being in school, you'll also have missions outside of school that the Barren has ordered.
You must venture into unknown lands, hunt down Garador, and defeat him! That is your main goal!


-Battle School: trained in the arts of the sword and shield. They can deliver powerful close-range blows and even kill a man in one swift sword attack.

-Scribe School: Using scrolls, they can summon heavenly or hellish minions, using them as a "meat shield", while shooting the enemy with magic from a distance. Their magic abilities are very weak though.

-Ranger School: Rangers are excellent bows men, they can practickly disappear into the shadows. They aren't very good at swordsmanship, They ar able to use some magic, They are good trackers and hunters

-Mage School : Using extreme force, Mages have abilities to command Fire, Ice, Earth, and Air. They aren't very good at physical strength.

-Hunter School: Trained in the ways of a hunter. Hunters able to track down armies, bases, and strongholds. These hunting and tracking skill far surpass those of a ranger. They can use Range, Swords, and Magic but not well trained in each of them.

-Monk School: Can summon powerful, heart stopping, attacks using the strength of the gods. They can use magic, but not to it's full potential. They can heal others and bring people back to life. They aren't very good at range of warrior skills.

-Assassin School : Assassins are very good and concealing themselfs in the shadows. They kill quickly and effectively. They are fairly good at warriors skills, and hunting skills.

~ Hybrid Schools ~

Bloodpath : A hybrid of Warriors and Hunters : Unlike full warriors, the Bloodpaths' wear stubbed leather armor. Their skill with the sword is not as great compared to the skill of a regular warrior, but their mastery in bows increase and they can track down animals and humanoids.
Darkbow : A hybrid school of Rangers and Assassins : The Darkbows' have an increased ability of stealth far beyond that of a regular assassin and ranger. Their bow mastery is not as great as those of a ranger's though. Their skills in warrior weapons increase.
Holyscroll : A hybrid of Scribes and Monks : The Holyscrolls' can summon minions, but not as strong as a regular Scribe. They have the ability to heal and bring the dead to life once more.
Flaredagger : A hybrid school of Mages and Assassins :Even though they are partly assassins, they are poor at stealth. Unlike regular mages, Flaredaggers' are physically strong. They can weild daggers and shortswords. Their magic powers are only slightly less powerful as a regular mage's power.

~Profession weapons~
-Warrior: Long sword, Poison-pit daggers, Holabird, Flail, Mace, Axe, War Hammer.
-Scribester: Spear, Javelin, Daggers, Short sword, Throwing knifes.
-Ranger: Long bow, Magic bow, Throwing knifes, Javelin, Daggers, Poison-tip daggers, Poison-tip arrows.
-Mage: Magic staff, Explosive shards, Magic band, Daggers, Magic-tipped daggers.
-Hunter: Short bow, Wand, Short sword, Poison-tip daggers, throwing knifes, wooden staff.
-Monk: Holy rod, Summon script, throwing knifes, magic staff, javelin.
-Assassin: Poison-tip daggers, Poison-tip throwing knifes, long sword, whip, Javelin.

~Weapon special effects~
Poison-pit daggers: The foe is Poisoned and will slowly die.
Magic Bow: The arrows turn into either: Fire, Ice, Earth, or Air arrows.
Poison-tip arrows: Arrows poison the foe ( Does extremely powerful hits if your using a magic bow with poison arrows)
Explosive shards: Throws them at an enemy, and they will explode
Magic band: Boosts the damage dealt to foes if using magic
Magic-tip daggers: Daggers do extra damage using Fire, Ice, Earth, and Air.
Summon script: Summon and control a fire demon.
Holy Rod: Heals the wielder automatically.
Whip: Cuts and paralyzes the foe.

~School Masters ~
Battle School: Sir Rodney (Male)
Scribe School: Sir Nortin (Male)
Ranger School: Halt (Male)
Mage School: Ignitus (Male)
Hunter School: Brock (Male)
Monk School: Father Fraye (male)
Assasin School: Keama (Female)
Bloodpath: Izzak (Male)
Darkbow: Pam (Female)
Holyscroll: Jeffrey (Male)
Flaredagger: William (Male)

Additional characters:

James Thottle, 42 ( The Red Barren )
Ben Thatcher, 57 ( Stable Master )
Robin Jacobson, 13 ( Pam's daughter )
John Vontle, 23 ( Graduated Ranger )
Jack Nellings, 15, Terry Puv, 16, & Luke Brady, 15 ( Bullies from the Battle School )
Angy Brady, 17 ( A cook. Also Luke's older sister )

Here is the sign up sheet:

Weapons: (Can hold up to 5)
Special skills:

Here's mine:

Name: Aros
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race: Elf/Half wolf demon
Description: ... sprite.png
Personality: Keeps much to himself, can be very brutal and violent at times, takes alot to get him mad, can be pretty rude and blunt.
School: Darkbow
Weapons: Magic bow, Poison-tip arrows, Poison-tip daggers, Poison-tip throwing knifes, long sword.
Special skills: Can run at 60 miles per hour and can jump up to 20 feet high.
I want to protect you. You and your fading smile. I am always with you. Even if the resounding voice that calls me should wither. I will find you.

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