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OOC » The Characters of Concordia

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[OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby LunaTalula on Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:26 pm

Here are the list of all characters, categorized into little groups....
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby LunaTalula on Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:53 pm

The Wolfsbane Royal Family:

Markell AKA Zack Jackson
Keegan AKA James McTavin
Taran AKA Sean Walker

League of Twelve:

Valius Pendus
Demetrius Black

Allies of The Wolfsbane Royal family:

Saige Marie McKinley
Masaharu Motoshima
Reicha Sharite

Allies of the League of Twelve:

Cleopatra Pendus AKA Krystal- daughter of Valius Pendus, Watcher of Markell
Black Lotus- Sorceress
Corissa- Scythes slave, Watcher of Taran

A side of their own:
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby shinigamiriku on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:32 am

This is a list of all the taken magicks and abilities and the characters who have them

Black Lotus: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Luminecance, Precognition

Markell: Fire, Telekinesis, shield, weapon summoning

Nazar: Necromancy, darkness, light, life

Morganna: Blood

Taran:storm manipulation, ecological sensing/empathy, animal/feral domination,animal mimicry, werebeast form

Demetrius: Expels heat

Cleopatra: Persuasion, plant

Sorcha:telepathy, the ability to make things grow/heal, adapt to different temperatures, and can speak to animals. Powers she inherited from her mother are: the magic that will allow Sorcha to give her brothers back their memories (control over the mind; dreams, thoughts, etc), and the power to restore energy to those who are weak and close to death

Scythe: omniscient sight, and blood rage

Keegan: Ice, Earth, Life-force consumption, Life-force bestowal

Reicha: Poison

Shien: Lightning, spirit bane, energy conversion

Uriel: Water

fire spirit and dragon stuff

I shall now offer som magic not take

Specific weapon

And the list just goes on from there
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby Jaybt9 on Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:29 am

shinigamiriku wrote:
Taran:storm manipulation, ecological sensing/empathy, animal/feral domination,animal mimicry, werebeast form

I wonder where he got that from. LOL j/k
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby Aufeis on Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:08 am


I believe this is my fourth char, along with my second League member. This is where you wanted it, right LT?

Name: Jarev Zakiea

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Phenoan
Appearance: The Phenoan people have two separate forms; a human form, in which they look like any other human citizen of Concordia (except for their bright purple eyes), and their true form, in which they assume bright angel like wings and radiant feathers, as well as sharp talons. They are not necessarily to be deemed wielders of fire magic, as the Phoenix itself does. However, they are very potent magical wielders, preferring to channel the magic than feel the weight of a sword.

Alliance: League of 12 Member

Personality: He is very cynical, and very belittling to people (much like Kiel) although he would rather toy with a person’s mind than end it quickly. He is absolutely not honorable nor does he admire discipline. He likes cold, hard fear. Fear and torture.


Puppet Magic/Puppeteering: The ability to bind magic to an object to control it, whether a living human or a statue. It has to be within his sightline to enchant it, and he has to maintain the “strings”. The strings can be cut my magic users.

Animation/Deanimation: The ability to animate objects that he has bound with his Puppet Strings. For Example, if a statue were to be bound, he could animate it, giving it a much wider berth of movement as opposed to the stiff joints of a stone man. As such he can also de-animate objects within his grasp, making them complete statues, yet capable of sensing, meaning hearing, sight, smell, etc.

Second Wind: The ability to heal from seemingly mortal wounds very quickly. (If he actually dies, he’s dead. He can’t actually reincarnate.)

Gem of Linking: While not an inherent ability, he needed a way to keep Valius in the loop while he played with his puppets. Since he could not take the time to repeatedly traverse the worlds, he instead used an enchanted jewel encrusted into a headband to project his thought to the current Ruler of Concordia, allowing him to communicate when the link is opened by Valius.


Jarev was formerly the ruler of the Phenoan people, but it was discovered that he was using his magics on other Phenoan nobility to further his own goals. He was banished from the kingdom and his daughter, Alyssa Zakiea, was put in charge of the people. It didn’t take long for Jarev to find his way to Valius and conspire against all those who had cast him aside, and he was made part of the League of Twelve. When the time came to watch over the brothers who were sent to Earth, he himself volunteered for the assignment, using the opportunity to get back at his people and to torture and keep his daughter captive for almost five years, using her as the main-face for his plot.
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby LunaTalula on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:01 pm

1. Name: Aliana aka Corissa Walker
2. Gender: Female
3. Age: 22
4. Race: Human
5. Appearance: Image
6. Alliance: Scythe
7. Personality: Corissa is a very confused individual. She is very loyal to the end, unless something changes her mind and she is quick to change sides. Corissa can be a bitch at times, but most of the time she is laid back and just goes with the flow. She is currently in love with Sean aka Taran Wolfsbane, but is slowly beginning to have feelings for her slavemaster, Scythe.
8. Occupation/Skills: Corissa can form an illusion and make people think they are seeing something that they are not actually seeing.


1. Name: Malikye, Alpha male of the Shadow Valley wolf pack
2. Gender: Male
3. Age: Unknown
4. Race: Wolf
5. Appearance: Image
6. Alliance: Sorcha
7. Personality: Malikye is very loyal to Sorcha. He is her only true friend and her servant as well. He is the alpha male any wolf pack could wish for, with his good looks and humorous personality, who could ask for better? He is also very strong for a wolf ( as most animals on Concordia are when compared to Earth animals) and possesses great leading skills: strength, wisdom, firm and many others that will be revealed during the story. (Can’t think of stuff right now… will add more later.)
8. Occupation/Skills: The Wolf Call—His great and powerful howl can halt enemies in their tracks as he summons his wolf pack. The howl can reach a radius of within 100 miles. He can also speak to humans, if he so chooses, but no other wolf, including his Alpha female Mayka, have this magical ability. (There are more he can do, and I just can’t think of them right now. Will add later.)
******I have included a picture of Mayka though*****




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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby Aufeis on Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:28 am

Name: Aldrich Varanlaeh

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Race: Human

Appearance: ... 60x427.jpg

Alliance: He sides with the Royals.

Personality: Aldrich is a determined young man, and a born leader. He is very quiet and proper, but definitely has the means to knock your block off. Occasionally he can come off as cocky, but his confidence is not misplaced.

Occupation: Mercenary


Movement Magic: Magic that enhances agility, endurance, and speed, and allows for brief bouts of flight and extended stints of invisibility while standing still.

Weapons Training: Familiar with both firearms and melee weapons, he is an able fighter in combat.

Trap Making: The ability to make traps out of common items, such as turning small shards of glass into a deadly contraption.

Thief Tricks: The ability to pick locks, pockets, and lift items with relative ease.
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby FunnyGuy on Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:03 pm

Name: Brom
Gender: Male
Age: Dunno
Race: Giant
Appearance: Image
Alliance: The League of Twelve
Personality: Personality? Brom might as well be an animal. His level of intelligence is very low, and he thinks mostly with instinct. Brom can barely speak, but who needs words when you kill 90% of what you see.

Occupation/skills: Brom is the ruler of the Eastern Concordia. He possesses massive strength with his size. He has no magic, but his hide is is extremely resistant to damage. It is said that he ripped through every strategic stop that was thrown at him by Keegan.
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby Magix on Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:15 pm

Name: Trifect Quaizon

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Race: Sorcerer

Appearance: Image

Alliance: League of 12

Skills/Occupation: The Mad Scientist/Interrogator for the League.

- He has little skills with Melee fighting, and carries a crossbow just for mild protection. His body physically is usually weak, but that's because his magic is very strong.

- Reincarnation. This isn't used the way one would think. It isn't used on himself, but rather used on others. Like Necromancy, he can bring the dead back to life, however they retain all powers they had before death. They also realize what is going on around them, just they cannot control their bodies. His will, becomes their will and he controls them like their master, without any actual effort. However if he were to die while his creations live the revived would explode in a violent explosion in a last ditch effort to take those who killed him, with him.

- Dragon Transformation. After extracting and experimenting on Kiel's DNA, he was able to develop and implant himself with a special magical mark allowing him to transform into a dragon. However, unable to create a perfect clone of a dragon inside himself, he is unable to breathe any element like most can. This does take a toll on his body and as such is used as a last resort technique. It's usually only used when his reincarnations are dead.
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby shinigamiriku on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:29 am

Name: Xune Baenre
Gender: Female
Age:345(looks 25 as Drow do)
Race: Drow-Dark elf
Alliance: The drow, Nazar
Personality:By nature the Drow are sadistic, arrogant, cruel, destructive, hedonistic, and treacherous. Their eternal game of advancement at the expense of others, which is encouraged by the spider goddess herself, has transformed the dark elves into a race of scheming backstabbers eager to increase their own stations by pulling down those ahead of them and crushing their inferiors underfoot. Drow trust no one and nothing, and most are incapable of compassion, kindness, or love (or at the very least, because of the aforementioned rampant distrust, incapable of bringing themselves to express such emotions). In a drow’s mindset, there is little room for friendship, for while they may secretly value other family members or acquaintances, their overly suspicious (paranoid, by some standards) natures taint any strong relations they may otherwise form. Many dark elves go so far as to be actively murderous and delight in the giving of pain.\

Xune meets these standards to a T. She holds trust in no one but herself. She is paranoid to all around her, especially her family who she knows actively plot against her. Sadistic and murder hungry, not a day goes by that someone doesnt fall by her hands.

Occupation/Skills: Xune is the Matron mother for the first house of mother. She obtained this rank after she killed her mother. She is a high cleric for the spider demon known as Loth, who the Drow praise as a deity.She holds the common powers of the Drow, the orb of darkness used for shrouding enemies in an impenetrable darkness, and faerie fire that can mark enemies, making them easier to target, and resistance to magic.

Xune posses a certain type of magic that is never seen amongst the Drow. It's called " Biomancy. Xune can control the physical body. She can use her magical powers to increase her strength, speed, make her skin hard as steel, control her bones, or other organs. It is because of this power that she is held under much scrutiny as being a halfling. Surely such a magic has no place amongst the Drow.

Weapon: Whip of Loth. A multi armed whip that Xune wields with deadly acuracy. It contains poisonous barbs.
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby shinigamiriku on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:15 pm

Name(s): Willow/Hecate
Gender: Male/Female
Age: 11/610
Race: Witch/Spirit/demon tainted
Alliance: Questionable
Personality: Willow is a shy boy who studders a lot. He is good at heart and believes in being good and Moral. Hecate after over six century's of existing and seeing the world has shed her noble visage and taken up a more....questionable one, seeming the exact opposite of her host. Hecate has thrown morals completely out the window and her behavior can be classified as more, provacative and scandalous. She has no problems with flaunting her sex appeal, though she does show some small amount of restraint for the male body she resides in her. She's confidant though not cocky, still possessing a great degree of poise.
Occupation/skills: As a member of one of Concordias oldest witch covens Willow is highly skilled in the magical arts. This is a fact grudgingly admitted by the witches council.

Sealing magic: Birthright of all of this particular witch clan. The magic of sealing is sacred. Willow can seal spirits into objects or forms of energy. He can also unseal anything he had sealed before. At the higest degree this magic can be used to seal dimensional gateways.

Demon magic: Willow can summon demonic and monstrous beings, in some cases he can coax them into assisting them, but for the most part he must establish contracts. This is done by offering a portion of his soul to them. Different monsters ask for different portions, weaker ones would be happy with a finger, but the more stronger ones deman entire limbs, if not his whole body. Up to date he's established permanent contracts with three monsters. The Hydra, Cerberus, and Chimaera

Hecate employs her own brand of magic

Power magic: this magic allows Hecate to augment her physical abilities, strength,speed, and endurance,

Shot magic:this is a projectile launching magic. Hecate can fire off rapid beams of magical energy in various shapes, arrows, bullets, etc.

Willow: Image

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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby FunnyGuy on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:54 pm

1.Name: Sindus Skullmaw
2.Gender: Male
3.Age: 97
4.Race: Half Ghoul, Half Goblin
5.Appearance: Image
6.Alliance: The League of Twelve

7.Personality: Just like Vann, Sindus is more of a soloist in the league. He keeps to himself, but not for reasons other than keeping secrets. Sindus comes across as very conniving and even deceiving. The pure malice from his heart seems to radiate from him, causing others to wear down as well. He has no sympathy for others and seems to to be happy when causing misery and pain. He may not be the strongest League member, but he is definitely one of the most sinister.

Occupation/skills: Sindus had been in given the duty of wiping and altering the memories of the the three living princes of Concordia. Sindus has the ability manipulate the memories of others. With this power, he can bring up past feelings and even make memorable things appear in physical states. His magic messes with the person's senses and almost makes them experience a memory as if it were real. Unlike a normal illusion, Sindus can bring about details such as touch, smell, and taste.

Sindus' malice is so powerful, that it manages to wear others in his general area. He can cause vegetation to die unconsciously and make masses of people fatigued and unwilling. He uses a pair of metal gauntlets as his weapons.
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Re: [OOC] The Characters of Concordia

Postby shinigamiriku on Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:53 am

Name: Sparta
Gender: Male
Age: Is said to be as old as Concordia
Race: Vampire
Alliance: League of 12, city of the dead
Personality: Sparta shows his years in his calm and composed figure. It takes a cataclysmic event to even remotely faze him anymore. While he for the most part he views the living as a simple food source, he bares no malice towards humans. He loves combat, testing the fighters of today to see there skill level and sometimes impart a lesson onto them. He is known to have a capricious nature, this is probably the key reason he joined the league of 12. From time to time, he will display an overly violent and sadistic persona. This ties in with the inherent nature of the vampire.

Occupation/skills: Sparta is the Vampire King, he rules over the west where the Necropolis, city of the dead, is located. The oldest and most powerful vampire, he has over millennia’s worth of combat experience. He is skilled in nearly every weapon that exists, preferring close combat. His preferred weapons are a chain blade and his bare fist.

Sparta possess basic abilities that all vampires do but on a more advanced scale. Enhanced physical capabilities: strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, senses. Due to his age he requires much less blood then the average vampire needs to function. He is able to walk in the sun indefinitely and is resilient to other vampire weaknesses, to an extent.

Cloud/propagation magic: This particular brand of magic was created by Sparta centuries ago while he was cloud watching. He noticed how the clouds would get bigger and multiply and wondered if he could duplicate that effect. Sparta’s cloud magic allows him to propagate objects. This is a key point in his battle strategy as he is able to entend the reach and size of his weapons, particularly his chain-based ones, elongating them to great lengths. He uses his own power to fuel the magic, but in some cases can take in anothers magic to increase the cloud magic.
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