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The Clerics of Okern [OOC & Recruitment]

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The Clerics of Okern [OOC & Recruitment]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lithitemir on Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:01 pm

Welcome to the Clerics of Okern. This is a roleplay based in a fantasy world that I created. Well, started to create anyway. Those who join this rp will become a cleric of one of the Gods. The (Unbiased) God lore will be posted below so you get the jist of them, and can choose accordingly. There will only be One High Cleric for each God, so if you want to be a Cleric of a God that is already taken, prepare to be outranked. Clerics are the Gods Holy enforcers. They wield the power of the Gods and are their representatives on Okern (Okern is the Name of the world). No one being is as powerful as a Cleric, in his own territory. Yet, as a Cleric moves farther away from his Gods lands and Temple, his powers will wane. Clerics can wield the powers of the gods in many ways, through magicks, through weapons, or through any other means imaginable. A duel of Clerics on even grounds (Both the same distance from their respective temples) would end in the death of both Clerics. For no one God is more powerful than another. The god lore now follows.

Gods of Okern

-Elven, Female, God of nature {Name: Minerva}
-Dwarven, Male, God of Earth {Name: Enki}
-Human, Male, God of the sun {Name: Haruspex}
-Human, Female, God of the Moon {Name: Nyx}
-Elven, Male, God of War {Name: Lithitemir}
-Elven, Female, God of the sea {Name: Aquila}
-Human, Female, God of the wind {Name: Vevina}

The Beginning I

At the beginning of time, Okern the High God of the Stars gave birth to a planet. Upon this world, many races and continents were formed, but none of them were cared for by Okern, as much as the one he named after himself.

The First Gods II

The High God of the Stars blessed the continent of Okern with five Gods to govern it. First he gave to continent Enki, God of the Earth, to shape Okern, and make the land suitable for life. The star God then gave Okern Vevina, Goddess of the wind. Vevina was to shape the sky and spread life-preserving air throughout the land.

The third God was Haruspex, God of the Sun. He was charged with bringing light and warmth to Okern. Next came Minerva, Goddess of Nature. She was made to bring an abundance of lesser life to the continent, life that would later be ruled by the mortal races. Finally the High God created Aquila, Goddess of the Sea. She was given the task of ruling the water masses and the creatures that dwelled within them.

For many years these five Gods governed Okern in peace, and the races grew strong, and intelligent.

The Sixth God III

As the mortal races grew smarter, they began to complain to the Gods, saying that the sun was too fierce and they were never given a break from its gaze. The High God, hearing the mortal’s pleas, created a sixth God. Nyx, Goddess of the Moon, was to take turns ruling over the skies with Haruspex, each serving for Twelve hours at a time. Thus came day, and night, and the beginning of the calendar.

Satisfied the mortal races went back to their lives, working and playing.

The Foreign God IV

For several more years the mortal races were content. But soon another problem arose, a problem that would end the times of peace. A mighty force came from beyond the sea. These foreigners brought with them ideas that the mortal races never heard before. Ideas like murder, fear, theft and conquest. Worse than all other things the Foreigner brought with them, they came with a new God, a God that the High God never wanted upon Okern. The new God was called Lithitemir, his title, God of War.

God of War V

Lithitemir quickly obtained followers of Okerns mortal races, for he was a master in words and tactics. He then convinced both Okerns eldest and youngest Gods to attend a secret meeting with him. The details of the meeting were never revealed to the mortals, but from that point on, the followers of Enki, Nyx, and Lithitemir became one, and called themselves the Domaken Alliance.

The remaining Gods grew angry that the Domaken alliance had been forged. They were told at the beginning of time by the High God to repeal and ignore all foreign ideas, and now two of their own were associated with this new God. They formed the Orbeca Alliance, and sought out the High God to expel Lithitemir from Okern.

The War VI

The High God’s wrath was indescribable. No mortal words can explain the anger that Lithitemir’s interference ensued. The High God came to Okern in his great rage, and sought to banish Lithitemir.

Lithitemir however, had been expecting this, and called his Godly alliance together, and united the three Gods fought a great battle with the High God. For a full mortal year the God’s battle raged, until, smote in the side, the High God’s defences lapsed. The brief lapse was all that Lithitemir needed, and he unleashed a brutal blow, that slew the High God.

Aftermath VII

As the High God died a thousand stars died with him, and Lithitemirs cry of triumph was said to be heard across the universe. However Lithitemir’s victory was quickly brushed aside. He had another matters to attend to. He now sought to destroy the Orbeca Alliance.

Soon after the High God’s death, Vevina dismissed herself from the Orbeca alliance, and declared herself neutral, she would fight no more. She devoted herself to peace, and any mortal that did not wish to fight could seek peace in her great city of the sky.

Flaine, High Cleric of Vevina.

To join this Roleplay you must make an opening post in this thread. Based on that, I will decide whether or not you are fit to join this roleplay, if I like your style, then I will pm you. After that pm you can move your post into the in character thread, and continue roleplaying from there. A character sheet is not necessary, as one should be able to describe his character in his opening post. However, if you DO make a character sheet, you do not need to describe your character in the opening post if you do not feel the need to do so. I will not accept you if you do not use at least grade 7 level grammar. This means, most words should be spelt correctly, correct punctuation should be in place, and words that should be capitalized, are.

I will now make my opening post, as Thorox, the High Cleric of Nyx. The city this is taking place in, is the coastal city of Aquila. My post explains the opening of the game.


Thorox pulled his plain black robes tightly around him with one hand, the other clenched tightly around the burnt black staff he was using as a walking stick. Withdrawing his head back into his deep hood, he shivered. The chilled winds tore into his pale skin like daggers, and the faint light of the sun burned his eyes. He was stiff from the long journey, and eager to get to his destination. He was sent as Nyx's representative in the meeting.
The Clerics were to discus a 'treaty' between the Gods. Thorox sneered to himself. Yeah right, treaty. Peace was about as likely as him giving up his black robes for white, or trading his staff for a sword.

He carried on down the street, cursing the sun, and the cold. Until finally he entered the Inn where he planned to stay during the negotiations. It was empty, as the day was still young; no one was in yet to drink away their sorrows from the war. This suited Thorox just fine. He preferred to keep his distance from crowds, especially in enemy territory.

Thorox let the door bang close behind him, to get the innkeepers attention. The innkeeper looked over at the door, startled by the noise. He put down the sheet of paper he was reading and beckoned Thorox toward the counter.

"What can I do yea for?" The man asked.
"A single room." Thorox said, his voice raspy and weak.
The innkeeper, somewhat startled by the voice of the apparently younger man, nodded and turned away to pick up the piece of paper he had just laid down. "What'ser name?"
"Thorox." Came the reply in the same weak voice.
There was a pause, as the innkeeper scanned the list. "Your not on m'list. You do have a reservation right?" The man glanced at Thorox with an accusing stare.
"Reservation? No. You have no room openings?" Thorox asked tiredly.
"Nay sir I do not." The man said, "Usually I would this time of year, but there’s supposed to be a big meeting, with Clerics and everything, people want to be where the action is." The innkeepers eyes gleamed at the thought of all the extra gold he was getting. "You'll probably have trouble finding a room anywhere round here actually. Towns been sold out for weeks now."

Thorox sighed, "I'll pay double whatever the asking price is for a single."
"Err. Sorry, I can't help you sir. Can't just turn away someone whose got a reservation now can I?" The man said almost sincerely, but Thorox noticed a small twitch in the mans face.
Again, Thorox sighed, "How much do you want for a room?"
The inn-keep, barely concealing a grin at his luck, "Well, to turn away a reservation.. I couldn't accept less than 30 gold."
Thorox's gray eyes flashed beneath the shadows of his hood, and he almost protested. Hell, he almost killed the man at the outrageous price, but contained himself. Digging into a hidden pocket in his cloak, he pulled out three platinum coins, and handed them to the man. Who, grinning, handed Thorox an old key.
"Room 2, first door on the left up the stairs."

Thorox turned away quickly silently seething. 'Should have killed the bastard on the spot.' Thorox thought viciously. And he would have under normal circumstances. But he was ordered to contain his anger at the beginning of his journey. He needed the other Clerics to trust him.
The Clerics of Okern - Looking for High Quality Players:

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