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What's Your Dirty Little Secret?

The Conversation

a part of “What's Your Dirty Little Secret?”, a fictional universe by Grumpy-Converse.

Ah, Summer, everyone's favourite time of year. You get off school, and it's time to make memories! But with every memory comes a consequence.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “What's Your Dirty Little Secret?”.
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The Conversation

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Grumpy-Converse on Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:36 pm

Okay, I've decided to do this incase someone is offline for a couple of days, and comes back to loads of new messages to read. I'll be editing in new conversations every now and then. Please don't reply to any messages not sent to you.
Here is so far:

Conversation #1 - To All Contacts:

From - Unknown Number:
I bet your all dying to know who I am, right? But trust me, you all have something in common - I hate everyone of you. You have all got dirty secrets I've been DYING to reveal, but who's first? Well, I'm not horrible, don't worry, if you follow my instructions, yours won't be spread. Have fun, my bitches. - A

From - Jay:
Who the hell is this? Is this a prank?

From - Unknown Number:
Sorry to disappoint, honey, but no, this is no joke, and no amount of drugs is gonna' change that. Whoops, almost let something slip there - A

From - Unknown Number:
BTW, don't get any funny ideas about calling the C-O-P-S. I bet they are just dying to hear your secrets just as much as the rest of this town, and we don't want anyone to get in trouble, do we? I'm sure they would just love to know that there's a murderer in the school. xxx - A

From - Antonio:
Fun - Toni Feliciano

From - Unknown Number:
Feliciano, please don't use that sarcasm with me. You might get me annoyed, and then where would you be? xx :* - A

From - Veronica:
A murderer? please! And you don't have anything on me. I have a clean slate. ;)

Conversation #2 - To Veronica:

From - Unknown Number:
Whoever said I was talking about you? ;) And besides, a clean-slate? Having unprotected sex at sixteen, then killing the kid when it was in your stomach? Real nicee xx - A

Conversation #3 - To Numerous People:

From - Unknown Number:
To - Antonio:

What did you do this Summer? More Vodka? Or another mental breakdown? - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Zaria:

What did you do this Summer? Another failed attempt to hook up with Beck? How many things did you set alight this time? - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Madison:

What did you do this Summer? Help your Dad rob the hospital for more drugs to sell? - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Veronica:

What did you do this Summer? Help your Dad in his con artist business? Or just head to Paris to steal a diamond ring again? - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Thomas:

What did you do this Summer? Wrecked another guys life? Killed your friend, what was his name, Blake? Just remember, ghosts don't rest until they get revenge - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Beck:

What did you do this Summer? Watch your Dad rape your sister? Or did you finally try some of that alcohol Mommy and Daddy have been drinking? ;) - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Jay:

What did you do this Summer? Try some Methamphetamine? No, wait, Mom wouldn't be very happy, and you love to please everyone, don't you? - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Rosalie:

What did you do this Summer? Back to the mental hospital? Oh, lemme' guess, hooking up with another guy at the stripper club? What a whore. - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Amoranta:

What did you do this Summer? Kill another two-year-old? Or were you too busy making sure no-one knew you were a bastard? ;) - A

From - Unknown Number:
To - Angel:

What did you do this Summer? Visit your baby in his foster home, or raped again? Bet you enjoyed it the first time, you dirty slut - A

From - Antonio:
Dude, what is your problem with antagonizing people?

From - Veronica:
Okay so I underestimated you. What do you want? You know about my acting skills, what can I do to help

To: Antonio
I don't have a problem, sweetie...unlike you, I hear you are going insane, why am I not surprised with your crazy animal slaying sister? Must run in the family xx - A

To: Veronica
What can you do to help? I don't need any help, honey, but your right about me wanting you to do something. Not yet though, be patient xxx - A

From: Beck
You don't know what you're talking about...Who are you?

To: Beck
I don't? Oh, I must be thinking of a different 16 year old Beck Oliver who likes photography and art xxx - A

From: Jay
What do you want?

To: Jay
Hmm....quite a feww things, actually. Don't worry, honey, I'll tell you when I want you to do something xxx - A

From: Zaria
What the heck do you want?

To: Zaria
You'd be suprised at how many people have already said that to me ;) But truuusst me, I'll tell me if I want something xxx - A

From: Veronica
You know I have no patience for these types of things. But if you know all my secrets you know I can help you with.... other people.... scaring them or even getting them to confess to me. If I get them to confess to me, you'll have no power, so how's this gonna go sweetie :* ~Ronnie

To: Veronica
Who would you get to confess to you? What, about who I am? Sweetie, I haven't told anyone else about this, I already know who I'm 'working' with. Oh, look's like you fell. Better watch your step ;) Why does that Macy girl even like you? I've heard thousands of people calling you a bitch - but who am I to judge? I thought you used to be sweet, but I guess popularity comes with a price. xxx - A

From: Angel
If you know him, please don't hurt him. It's his birthday. And I didn't enjoy it, okay? Please, whatever you do, don't hurt Jackson. I would die for him.

From: Amoranta
Just try and mess with me bitch. You'll be the one going down >:)-- AL

To: Amoranta
I wouldn't bet on it, sweetie :* xx - A

To: Christopher
What did you do this Summer? Get beaten by Daddy, or rob your Principal? xx - A

From: Christopher
Who the heck is this?

Conversation #4 - To All Contacts

From: Unknown Number:
Listen up, my bitches. I've got a challenge for you to protect your secret...well, one of them. It's pretty simple, really. All of you better be going to that party tonight -- I'm sure you all know which one I'm talking about ;) -- Because that's where the first 'task' is. All you have to do is create a scene, and your secrets will be safe. Anyone who doesn't, one of your secrets is getting out xx Don't even bother asking what I get out of this. Look on the bright side, maybe you'll know who the rest of the people getting these pretty little messages are. :* - A

From: Madison
What do you mean create a scene? What do you want us to do?

From: Unknown Number
Be creative. What do you think I mean when I say 'create a scene?' Sweetie, just 'make a scene.' Whatever that means to you, I don't really care xxx - A

From: Zaria
Any chance I can get out of this?

From: Unknown Number
What do you think? xxxx - A

Conversation #5 - To Numerous People:

From: Amoranta
I'm going to find you---AL

From: Unknown Number
Good luck, honey. How will that change things, anyway? Will you hire another plumber to paralyse me, too? xxx - A

From: Angel
Fine. Just don't hurt Jackson. Not before I get my letter from his family with his pictures. I don't want a sad letter to go in there.

From: Unknown Number
Wow, you must think me real cruel ;) I'm not that evil that I'd go after your son, don't worry, honey xxx - A
Last edited by Grumpy-Converse on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:00 am, edited 4 times in total.
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Re: The Conversation

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Grumpy-Converse on Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:07 pm

Ignoree :)

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