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The Dark Court

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The Dark Court

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Thu Sep 13, 2007 2:34 pm

In the Night world of Lunerze, witch is inhabited by monster demons, the wicked. The cities have a old fashion brick builds and large chapels dedicated to the darkness and the night. This world is ran by The Dark Court witch is a group of High Ranking people of Lunerze that are each given a role to control in the city. And one of them is called the Night Lord. the Night Lord acts as the leader of Lunerze. When some quits there position on the Dark Court or died or has gone missing, they are replaced by some one of there chousing, if they leave, but if they have gone missing or killed (There is lots of Back stabbers in Lunerze.) They will elect a candidate to take their place. Also, it is always night in Lunerze, but normally when it would be daytime, the moon get slightly brighter. Locals will notice the difference but people who come to Lunerze cant tell the differences.
(In the Largest city in Lunerze call Lunre, the never ending night sky is blanketing the heavens. The normal crowds are out and about. The areas where full with fighters hacking away and fans amused. Shop keeper where selling curses and other dark things. Life was normal. But , near the middle of Lunre, the Umbra Chapel sat next to the Hellbound Hall. The Umbra chapel is the largest chapel in all of Lunerze that worships the darkness. The HellBound Hall, is wear the Dark Court meats, live (Only when a large item that acquires the attention of the Dark Court or if you live there by choice.) and dictate the fate of Lunerze. In the highest corridors of Hellbound Hall, Gerovin Blan sat in his office as the Night Lord. He looked just like a human man in his 40 with shirt black hair and a beard. He was wearing a tux. His office walls where covered by bookcases and his desk was swallowed by paper work. Four suits of black armor stood on guard. A kncok at the door interrupted the silence.
Gerovin: Come in.
(The doors open and a tall women with red eyes and a long black cape enters. Gerovin looks up to meet the girl. )
Gerovin: h It you. Guards! Leave us be for a moment.
Black suit of Armor with and axe: Yes..My lord. (The four suits of armor slowly walk out of the room and close the door behind them.) What do you want?
Girl: hehe your life...
Gerovin:..... You truly are foolish, You cant even harm me.
Girl: No..... But this can. ( She pulls a yellow metal ball with holes in it. The ball started to light up. Screams could be herd from Gerovins office. The Black suits of Armor came rushing in to she him on the floor and the women laughing. The suit of armor with a sword ran up to the girl and drove its blade into her back.. She hit the floor with a thud as blood seeped out of her. Just down the hall. A women with blue skin and two horns coming out of her head was walking down the hall. Here green hair was orderly and tidy. She was wearing black pants and shirt and had a crisom red sleeved vest on over her shirt. It was laced with gold silk. A large bat with two sets for wings flew down the hall frantically.
Bat thing: Ms. Aune! Ms. Aune!
Ms. Aune (the girl with the horns.): Yes?
Bat Thing: Gerovin has been attack! As the Dark Court member of the military you have to see this!
Ms. Aune: !?!?!?! I dont even believe it! (Runs off with the bat. She arrives at the office. The suits of Armor where scouting around the room and other demons where cleaning up the mess and being interigated about what happened.
Ms. Aune: What happed here?
(A zombie wearing battle armor and a Humanoid ant wearing a brown trench coat walk up to her.)
Ant: Aperently this girl (points to the womens body. walks up and shows a paper singed by Mr. Blan for a hearing. The guards let her in. She walks to this room, he asks the guards to leave and then the staff and guards around this area hear him scream. The guards bust in, kick @$$ and that wraps it up.
Ms. Aune: What do we know about the girl?
Ant: Well, she was only found wearing those robes and nothing else underneath. Perhaps she was homeless? Any ways. She has noting on her body, all of her hair on her head has been shaved off.

Ms. Aune: odd.... (Then a choking noise came from Gerovin.)
Ms. Aune: HE is still alive?!?!? (Runs over to his side.) What happened?
Gerovin:... I chouse you ...Aune to take my ....*cough* as the *wheeze* Night..Lord (He becomes lifeless. )
Ant: Did not see that coming....
Zombie officer: Mbla?
Ant: Yeah....... So What are your orders Night Lord?
Ms. Aune:... We shall make this story public first thing in the morning. Until then, keep this quit and keep investigating. Also gather any other of the Dark Court members now.
Ant: Yes my lord! Also my name is Detective Bugswith of the investigation branch for the homeland security.
( Ms. Aune and the large bat walk down the hall way.)
Ms. Aune: Get me Zenm from the Umbra Chapel.
Bat: Yes Lord! (Flies off.)
Ms. Aune: I did not think this would happen for another few weeks... Oh well. This is only better for me. (She let out a soft laugh and head to her room.)
-No godmoding
-No Controlling other peoples chars without there permission.
- Also dont say you attack did something amazing like blow through his face or ripped his arm off.. If you are aiming to hit it in the face or something, then just aim your attack there in your post.
- If you have any ideas about the rp or something you want to happen, just post it or pm me.
- You can join any time after the rp starts, dont even bother asking, just make a profile. And you can start as soon as joining.

Species: (If you say monster or demon, you must also say what kind you are like a lizard demon or a fire demon ex.)
Weapons: (if any .)
Items: (if any.)
Extra info:

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Re: The Dark Court

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Daniya on Mon Dec 24, 2007 2:40 pm

Name:Daniya Alversa
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Half human Half Water Demon (can I do that?)
Appearance: Daniya is short for her age, only standing 5'4". She's slim but not a stick and has dark purple hair that is choppy and goes down past her shoulders to mid-back. Her golden eyes sometimes creep people out, but they run in her family. Her normal apparel is a black and purple halter-like top that cuts off just above her stomach, showing her midriff, a black skirt that comes down to mid thigh and a black and purple silken robe, showing her status as a Sorceress in training.
Personality: Normally a fun, bubbly person with her friends but Daniya is shy with people she doesn't know.
Weapons: A Moon Staff, 2 small daggers hidden in her boots and a Katana
Items:(if any).
Bio:Her life has been rough which leads her to build a wall around herself and fake happiness at times. She's very intelligent, coming out of the Dark Lotus Academy at the young age of 15. With 3 years to spare she trained under her Uncle Dantonius, in the Art of Elemental Sorcery.
Extra info:

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Re: The Dark Court

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Daniya on Mon Dec 24, 2007 2:46 pm

Walking the streets of Lunre, Daniya sang to herself, wanting to get home quickly. Her uncle had told her earlier that day that she would need to be ready early tomorrow 'morning' for a quest that he needed her to go on.
Finally! It's been 2 months since I've been on a quest. I wonder what I'm doing this time.
She thought to herself, disregarding the silent clicking noise that followed after her.

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Re: The Dark Court

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Akishra on Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:35 am

Name: Akishra
Age: 16-ish
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Dirty-blonde hair, going to just under her shoulder blades. Blue eyes. Thin leather for her clothes - vest and pants. Mocassins. A black cloak (hood attatched, though usually down) obscures her clothing and footwear.
Personality: Tough, rustic, and shy. She's a bit of a loner. But once she lets you into her heart, she's extremely loyal.
Weapons: A small dagger, but she doesn't use it much.
Items: A small pouch at her hip holds her personal effects.
Bio: After being raped repeatedly as a young child by her father, Akishra finally couldn't take it anymore. She willed him away, and, to her surprise, he went, being flung across the room. Intruiged, she develloped her abiltity farther, eventually going beyond what anyone had had before. Now, she travels on her own, a street performer on occaison and harbouring a deep mistrust of men.
Extra info: She can do exraordinary things with her telekenesis, but it tires her out to do. The more exraordinary the thing is, the more of her energy it drains. She can also sing pretty well, and can make any instrument sound clam and soothing.

Akishra walked down the street, under the glare of the moon. She didn't think she'd fit into this town, but it was one of the few places left she could escape from him. She hoped she could find some place to stay -- she didn't fancy sleeping on the streets here. She just couldn't wait for the sun to come up so she could see better. Little did she know that, in this place, the sun never came up.
S'ereht on yaw M'i lamron...S'ti em.

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