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The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

a topic in Fantasy Roleplay, a part of the RPG forum.

If you would like to make your own roleplay based in a fantasy realm (dragons, elves, magic), use this forum. You will be in charge of all things related to your roleplay, so you're on your own here.

The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:04 am

Welcome one and all to my Fantasy Role Play :). This is going to be set in a fairly 'normal' fantasy setting, what with your elves, magic, swords, etcetera. This game, this world, and my character are based off of a book idea I've been toying with for probably about a year and a half now. There'll be some unanswered questions concerning my character, but time will tell more of him. He's meant to have a bit of a mysterious past, atleast to newcomers. But like I said, don't worry, he'll come out of his closet in due time :). Now, onto the rules.

1.) This RP will allow MATURE language and all that good stuff. I hate to stifle what others may want to right, plus I hate censorship :P.

2.) Character approval is required. I'm pretty open to whatever, but this way I can make sure that characters are of quality and originallity, all that good stuff. Plus all character bios will be put into a roster, to keep clutter in the thread to a minimum.

3.) ABSOLUTELY NO Godly characters. NO FULL BLOODED Demons, Angels, etc. will be allowed. Also, please, no vampires or that kind of thing. And if you REALLY want a vamp or something, it had BETTER BE GOOD!!! :P I will deny it if it's anything less than FABULOUS.

4.) Have fun! See, not too many rules :P.

Now, onto the character template:








Physical Description:





Backround Information:


A final note: This world that our characters live in is full of godly intervention. Demons, Angels, gods and goddesses, and all other manner of spiritual beings making their presence known, and causing havoc, is a relatively common thing. Common monsters, along with the regular barage of goblins, ogres, etc., you'll find demonic animals. With all of the dark energies being spread around, willingly and unwillingly, by the demonic forces throughout the land, it's quite common to see tainted and twisted animals. They've become savage beasts, very much possessed by darkness. Some are just aggressive counterparts to their normal kind. Others are sometimes possessed to 'protect' a certain area, or item. The possibilities are quite endless.

Alright, well that's all everyone. Hope that this RP has a good turnout :). Also, when posting your character, try and keep a variety in the character pool. I want a bit of everything, from thieves to wizards, from meat-shield type warriors to bow-wielding rangers. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via PM :). Have a good day!
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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:06 am

Character Roster:

Axle's Character:
Name: William Danesin

Age: 25

Race: Half Human/Half Demon

Class: Bard

Alignment: Lawful Nuetral

Height: Five feet and Eight Inches

Weight: One hundred and Fifty-Five Pounds

Physical Description: Will has a fairly 'compact' frame, not a very tall man and a tad skinny looking. Despite this however he has a decent amount of muscle for his size. He has tanned white skin, shoulder length golden brown hair, soft hazel eyes, and an almost permanent smile on his face. He has a beard that goes along his jawline, which is kept trimmed.

Clothing: Will is wearing a pair of scuffed but sturdy travelling boots, a pair of thick black trousers, a black long sleeve shirt with a dark green cloak over that.

Equipmeant: For armor, Will has a chain-mail shirt and a medium sized round shield, painted red on one half and white on the other. The boss in the center is bronze. For weapons, Will carries a nine-inch dagger made of iron, and also has a short-sword which is two feet long, which is made of steel. Also in his pack, he carries his flute which he plays with great talent. Other than these, he has normal survival gear; a roll out travel mattress, blankets, flint and steel, a whetstone, some rations for the road, etc.

Talents/Skills: William is a wonderful singer and a good flute player, making him a gifted Bard. He's also quite proficient in sword fighting, though due to his physical size, relies more on technique and agility than raw power. He's most certainly not the meat-shield of the group!

Burning Hands: Due to his Demonic heritage, Will can summon fire to engulf his palms, either to start fires while camping, or to scorch his enemies on contact.
Terror Aura: Another gift of his Demonic heritage, Will can put out an Aura of Terror, sending weak minded or weak hearted enemies running from his presence.

Backround Information: Will doesn't disclose much information about his childhood and adolescence, but what he does tell others is that he left his village willingly at the age of eighteen, and has been travelling ever since.

At the age of nineteen and a half or so, he was saved by the rogue Ariana, after he took serious injuries at the hand of a Demonic bear. She tended to him for a week while he was in a comatose state, aiding his healing which was already accelerated by his Demonic blood. After waking, Will thanked her, and during the course of his recovery told her his story. He figured it was the least he could do, to open up to her and tell her why he was there.

She was intrigued by his story and his life mission, to discover himself and his heritage. Tired of living in the same town her whole life and yearning for adventure, she joined him and they've been travelling ever since.

After travelling together for nearly a year and a half, William and Ariana both realized that they'd fallen in love with eachother, and have been a couple ever since.

During the past five years, William and Ariana have found and lost other travelling companions, won and spent small fortunes, but have not found out much more about Will's heritage. But with the rumor of an ancient artifact, containing the wisdom of the Hells and Demonic Planes, Will is on the track to perhaps find out more about himself, and his Father.

1.) To discover more about his Demonic Heritage, so that perhaps he can grow and master his Demonic powers, or perhaps restore his humanity, ridding himself of his dark side.
2.) To become a famous Bard, whose songs are sung by his peers throughout the great halls of kings throughout the world.

Lil KK's Character:
NAME: Ariana Leston (aka- Ari)

AGE: 24


CLASS: Rogue

ALLIGNMENT: Nuetral Good


WEIGHT: 110lbs

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Ariana is very elven like with the tall thin frame, but still muscular (for a girl). She's tanned like most elves, with shoulder length dark black hair with auburn/blood red streeks in the light. Her hair is almost always kept in a single braid down her back or lots of little braids. Her eyes are large and golden-brown that shine at night, with lips that are full and beautiful. She has a large scar on her left shoulder blade that she had since she was five, recieved from an evil Demon... or so she was told.

CLOTHING: Ariana always has on a pair of soft knee-high tannish brown boots made from the hide of a large wild cat, tough, extremely durable and yet soft as a feather. She can usually be found wearing dark brown trousers that hug her body, a tight black sleeveless tunic with a dark, almost blood red, velvet hooded cloak that reaches just below her feet to trail behind her.

EQUIPMENT: Ari has a chain mail shirt that is made especially to be light and easy to move in, that is her only armor to speak of. For weapons she has an assortment of things, a six inch silver dagger kept in a boot, a bow and satchel of home made arrows, and her only valued posession... A staff made of a 1000 year old oak tree with a stone the color of fire on the end. The stone is 'said' to contain the power to control the fire element. She received this great gift from an Elven shaman and it is said it can also never be broken. In her possession she also has a lot of survival gear: her bedding, rations & herbs to cook with, fishing line and bait, weapon cleaning items, etc...

TALENTS/SKILLS: Ariana is an expert tracker and very talented with her bow & staff, all come from her class and years of hard daily training. One of her greatest skills is her tongue, she's a quick thinker and even faster with her tongue. She's fast and agile in her wooded surroundings, which she is most comfortable in. Also she is a great thief, skilled at pick pocketing and lock picking.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Ari doesnt have very many magic abilities. She does receive power from her staff, its said to be able to control the element of fire... She just hasnt figured out how yet. The only magical thing she can do is go through most any type of heat or flame and be untouched. Her body is partially immune to fire, though she's not quite sure where it stems from. The shaman that gave her her staff said that she was blessed by the gods at her birth, but who knows. She has the abilities of the rogues and thieves also, but not anything magical just skills.

GOALS/AMBITIONS: 1) Have an adventure; 2) Find riches to live on; 3) Find a real 'home' to live 4) Help Will complete his "quest"

BACKGROUND INFO: Ariana grew up in an Elven town in the mountains. At the human looking age of 16 she moved out on her own, she never really likes to look into her past or think about it. She began wandering for years until she found a little home in the woods. One day, like any other, she stumbled upon a man that was near death. He had happened upon a demon bear in the woods. Ari took the man back to her cottage and cared for him for weeks, when he recovered they decided to travel together. That is how she came here today...

Horus's Character:
Name: Ivan Zeninovitch

Age: 42

Race: Human

Class: Inventor/Marksman

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 275 Lbs.

Physical Description: Ivan is a pretty big guy. He's fairly tall and his arms are large, but he is not the fastest guy around and despite his looks, he's not incredibly strong. He's not weak, but certainly not the bruiser he looks like. He is bald, but has a huge black beard.

Clothing: He generally wears simplistic clothes, often in earth tones. He prefers short sleeve tunics and loose pants. Ivan also wears studded leather armor.

Equipment: His polyruna, a large, two-handed, crossbow like weapon that fires darts about as large Ivan's index finger rapidly. It has a thirty dart magazine that is inserted into a box on top of the body of the weapon that holds the gears and mechanisms that load the darts. It is operated by a hand-operated crank that moves the internal machinery and a trigger that releases the projectile. The polyruna is also heavy and cumbersome, balancing out its destructive potential. He also carries a battleaxe, in case the weapon jams, as it is not yet perfect. Other than that, he carries several magazines of darts, an array of tools, and parchment, as well as his rations and such.

Talents/Skills: He is a skilled marksman and inventor, and he invented the Polyruna, a weapon that fires darts faster than any bow or crossbow. He is also quite intelligent and often surprises people with his wit, ingenuity, and knowledge.

Powers/Abilities: He has no magic, instead relying on his polyruna to get him through. He has a name for it, "Cathy", so dear it is to him.

Background Information: Ivan is a bit old to be traveling and fighting, but he has always had the urge to test his inventions and such out against the beasts and monsters of the uncivilized lands. He has been a creator all his life, ever since he was old enough to draw his basic schematics on the parchment he would steal from his father's study. His father was a scientist, but did not have the ingenuity and creativity to invent, so he studied the world around him. Ivan always surprised people with his machines, and continues to this day, reveling in their stares of awe.

Goals/Ambitions: His goal is to become famous for his creations and to perfect his favorite, the polyruna.

Mr. Devious's Character:
Name: Aglacea, the wild one.

Age: 22

Race: Half Demon/ Half human

Class: Warrior Mage

Alignment: The Devil learned how to be evil from THIS guy, so he's a baddie (Note from Axle: Chaotic Evil :P)

Height: 7'0

Weight: 180 lbs

Physical Description: He is a tall and slender man, who likes to stay healthy. His eyes are an eerie red, but they seem almost lifeless, very dull. Tattoos cover the his torso, with visions of the apocolypse, armageddon, and things of that nature. His hair is black, and it hangs over his face usually, because he isn't the type to keep it up. He also has a pair of decieving wings, to make it looks as though he were an angel

Clothing: ... e-41842107 Thats the gist of it

Equipmeant: A sword forged with his demonic aura, held at his side at all times

Talents/Skills: The skill of intimidation, negotiation, and charm

Powers/Abilities: The Power of Hellfire bends to his will, Chaos(Holy and Dark Powers collided) and flight

Backround Information: His background isn't really known by many. He was the bastard son of a Demon male and a human female, a priestess none the less. He remembers his father, hunting he and his mother down, trying to "rid" himself of the shame. When his mother was brutally murdered by his father, thats when Algacea got his first taste of rage, and the power he held inside. Releasing an ancient energy from his body. That of Chaos. That would be the last know thing of him, as he disappeared. He re-emerged when he came of age. His first battle, he used his power to slaughter, and strike fear into the hearts of men. Which he skillfully did. He's moved in out of the scene, plotting his take over.

Goals/Ambitions: To remove the prejudice of the world, in the only way he sees fit. Causing Nations to war amongst eachother, while he slowly slips in, and takes control.

Lithitemir's Character:
ooc: Well, I'd like to join this rp, so I guess I should start on a character. But before I do, I have a question about the current events.
Where is (are) the aforementioned Guard(s)?

I would also like to state, that I prefer developing my Character as he reacts to certain things in the rp. So my Character Bio will not be too specific, on the personality side

Name: Nyx

Age: 27

Race: Human

Class: Necomrancer

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 160lbs

Physical Description: Nyx is quite skinny, and as a gaunt face. He has very little muscle, yet that which he does have is toned and trained. He has long almost skeletal fingers, and hands. His hair is a dark brown, and cropped short, he has no facial hair.

Clothing: Nyx wears black hooded robes, which have many pockets within them. The hood is deep, and does well in concealing Nyx face, even in daylight. While in public, or untrusted company, Nyx wears a black half mask, over one side of his face. This mask is used to hide the deep tattooing that marks him as a Necomrancer, and a wielder of dark magi. Over Nyx’s robes, is a thick travelling cloak, used to help protect the frail necomrancers form, from chilled winds or other unkindly elements. On his feet, are a pair of armoured boots, and are the only armour he wears. The metal on Nyx’s boots, is a deep red, as the have been enchanted with demonic powers.

Equipment: The enchanted boots that Nyx wears, are not the only demonic item Nyx carries. A small, reddish black dagger is strapped to his bare chest. This dagger is not enchanted with demonic powers however. It was forged of demons, in the deep pits of the ninth hell and thus is an artefact of great evil, value, and majesty. This dagger is Nyx’s passion. For his entire life he has searched for relics, or artefacts of the Gods, and the Dagger is his reward. But the dagger is much more than an artefact to Nyx; it is a sign of hope. For this dagger proves Nyx’s efforts are not futile. He is not stated by the dagger, it is only the proof he needs to convince him self that his goal is achievable. A set of Unholy Demonic Armour, and Weapons. And a set of Holy Angelic artefacts of the same attire.

(ooc: Well, that may have not much to do with equipment, but I fit it in so there.)
Nyx however, would never use the dagger in a fight, unless he was using it against a Fully Fledged Demon, or Angel. Using it against a mortal, or half mortal being would be insulting the dagger, and its maker. Instead he uses his magical abilities or a large dagger of dwarven make. Nyx also carries a variety of spell components as well as other items essential to an adventurer.

Talents/Skills: Nyx is gifted in the arts of guile and stealth. His boots are enchanted to eliminate any noise, which he may make while walking, and thus he is very apt at moving around unnoticed, or sneaking up on an unsuspecting foe. He is quite agile, as his muscles are trained well. He could dive under a sword, have a dagger past armour, and be out of range again, without getting touched. Well, he could if he wasn’t encumbered by his robes.

Powers/Abilities: Nyx wields the dark magi of the Necomrancer. Necomrancy, which is generally a frowned upon art, is not just corpse manipulation and undead summoning as most believe it to be. Nyx personally avoids that area of his magi, as it is much to taxing, and complicated to cast, if caught unawares. Nyx prefers the more subtle spells. Such as causing temporary blindness, or confusion, or suffocating a victim in a thick mist.

(ooc: I have no list of spells in mind if that’s what you’re looking for. I most of the spells casts will be made up as a situation which requires a certain affect is encountered. If at any time you believe that I am using magic in a way that gives me an unfair advantage, please tell me and I will correct any error of judgement.)

Background Information: Nyx was raised in a chapel by a Knight turned priest. He grew up hearing stories of the great feats accomplished by the heroes of the Gods. He learned to envy their fame, their success, and their immortality in the history of men. When he was still young Nyx decided he would take his place among them in history, but he would not be a hero of the Gods, as the others, he would be a hero of Men. He believed that the Knights in the stories were only successful because of the gifts the Gods bestowed upon them. Blades, maces, armour and other such things, that made these men heroes. But Nyx did not want to be gifted by the Gods. He did not want to be a pawn in their game. He would find his own Relics, his own items of power. He would recover the artefacts from the old tales, and he would wield them in a way the Gods did not intend, and he would become the most renowned hero of all time.

Goals/Ambitions: (ooc: Take a wild guess from the backround information. If you guessed anything but obtaining relics or artefacts, you did not read my bio.)

Okutai's Character:
Name: Orukai

Age: 19

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6.2 Ft

Weight: 100 kg Minus his armour

Physical Description: Orukai is tall and broad shouldered. His unusual, long, dark crimson hair is always neatly kept in a ponytail at the back, yet a few strands of it descend across his face. His broad and square jawline is framed with a neat, rough bread. Giving him an imposing, yet strangely handsome look.


Armour: Another unusual piece of clothing. Big plates of Black and white platemail cover his body, leaving out the neck line and joints as the only vulnerable spots on his body. The platemail is an oddly colored black and white that contrast his personality. The white parts seem to glow with a sort of holy light that shows the pure heart of the wearer. However the black parts seem to absorb the very light that exists around it.

Equipmeant: He carries his 2 handed adamantite mace slung across his back. He also carries throwing hammers on his hip for use whenever possible.

Talents/Skills: Although not as fast as the Rogue, or as agile as the ranger, Orukai can take a MANY more hits than the latters could. His years of training has made him strong enough to wield his mace like a sort of toothpick. And his accuracy with his throwing hammers have been honed over the years to be known as deadly.

Powers/Abilities: Has the ability to heal fellow allies and can reduce their weariness. This however, CAN destroy his own weariness.

However, he has offensive spells too. Not just equipped with holy spells, Orukai can summon the dark arts to aid him. These spells can mean a number of things. But usually is more tiring than his holy spells.

Backround Information: As a kid, Orukai has always wanted to be a paladin. As the patrols would patrol the town everyday, Orukai would sit and watch and be amazed at how their armour gleamed in the day light and how they seemed to be so alert and amazing at helping others. He would follow them and started talking to a few of them. The paladins always would warn him to train so he could protect his people! And Orukai would! He went straight away into his barn and looked for some sort of equipment to train with. And lo and behold. The sledge hammer of his father. He picked it up and trained and trained and trained. After he went to the blacksmith of the town and secretly 'borrowed' his hammers. He trained with them for years to come.

One day. When Orukai hit the age of 10, his town was attacked by some bandits. But these weren't some normal mob of bandits. These were trained and organized. The Order of light (Paladins) fought against the bandits and won the first few battles. But as the bandits campaign carried on, they slowly started gaining ground. One night they broke into the town and killed off a few paladins in their sleep. Orukai at this time decided he would take a part in the battle. The next night he creeped off with his fathers sledge hammer and his throwing hammers. And walked into the night.

As he neared the bandit camps. He toke out the sentries with his hammers and proceeded towards the leaders camp. Deciding it was best to disguise himself he used one of the sentries' cloaks and walked slowly toward the leaders tent. As he neared he heard loud snores and he decided he would kill the others after. Long story short, he managed to kill the bandit leader. But was captured straight after. However he managed to escape and made it back to his town and alerted the paladins. Taking the advantage they managed to crush the bandit rebellion.

This earned Orukai a place among the Order of Light and in the next week he took the Paladin's Oath to never ever turn to the dark arts. As an apprentice Orukai excelled in everything he managed to start. At the age of 14, he managed to tame his horse, he called him Lehror. However, after a brief thinking Orukai thought that the use of Dark arts would be able to help the Paladin Order gaining power and being able to help more. He put this to his mentor, and was greeted with anger. Hurt from his tutor's ignorance, Orukai decided to learn the Dark arts himself and then show his teachers and mentors how POWERFUL he was!

In the next few years Orukai has mastered the basics of the Dark art and fully mastered the Holy arts. Deciding the time was right to show his teachers. He challenged the leader of the Holy Order to combat to show him how powerful he was! But when he summoned the Dark arts in battle, The fellow Paladins that he had grown up with all stepped in and stopped him.

Orukai was banished from his kingdom. With a bitter revenge in mind he sets off to found his OWN Order of Paladins. One with a more FREE thinking! Who know's who will he meet on his way?

Goals/Ambitions: To make his own Order of Paladins and take his revenge on his former tutors.

Excaliburnus' Character:
Name: Elzce ix Kittarn

Age: 24

Race: Human with perhaps a little elf somewhere way down the line.

Class: Warpriest [I guess that's the equivalent prestige class to him]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Height: 6'2

Weight: 179lbs

Physical Description: Elzce is lean, with a graceful physique that's corded with muscle. His skin is the pigment of your average, untanned caucasian and his hair is golden blonde with bizarre yellow eyes that disciples of his deity develop and he has fair and youthful features beset on a face with the raised cheekbones of his highborn ancestors. Tattoos have been inked into his skin featuring tribal desgins and his chest and forearms are adorned with gratuitous gashes that never healed, yet never fester, scars, burns and other faded striations.

Clothing: He wears a deep vermillion cloak trimmed with thread-of-gold filigree in intricate patterns. Underneath is a forearm length shirt of fine polished sable chainmail, blasted, forged and woven by some of the most skilled armorworkers who serve the temples in his distant homeland. He wears a black felt full-sleeved tunic under said armoring. His trousers are a plain ruddy red and tempered steel kneeplates, polished and black with a four inch spikes on them. He wears a pair of black boots with a lionmane trimmed mouth. Steel studs adorn the bottom sole of the boots for better grip. On his waist he wears a brown leather belt fastened a gold buckle, holding both his trousers, and the two swords in his possession.

Equipment: Two swords ride on either side of him, hanging down over his hips from the belt. Their ensheathements are of brown, sundried and waxed leather, while the swords themselves are twin falcatas, 28'' blades that pitch forward in a recurve-like stoop. Their lengths are tarnished and notched but the smooth black blades have been honed deathly sharp. The blades are full-stubbed with reinforced pins on a smoothed, oak handle with gold handguards inset with glittering garnets and bright rubies. Upon completion, both were named, but Elzce cared not to remember them. He also has a black-bladed halberd fitted securely onto a shortenedheavy oak shaft, 66'' total and a brass and glass amalgam oil lamp that he uses for traveling by night and the rare ritual.

Talents/Skills: Besides the prayers and rituals those of his devoting faith are taught and the swordplay he was tutored in by the high exarch Jurade ix Phrexes, Elzce, as an exarch, was also taught to read and write. He is also a learned and hobbyist falconer, and he has a snow white gyrofalcon that was said to be concieved by the Burned God as a gift for Elzce ix Kittarn himself. It's name is Elioph. Lastly, priests of Elzce's chapter were taught never to cry out in agony or pain, and instead ushered into silence during times of great suffering such as self-mutilating burns and lacerations that are ritual tribute to their martyr God. That said, it is very hard to illicit a response of physical distress from him.

Powers/Abilities: Elzce is a warrior exarch and emissary of the deity that goes by the name of the Burned God or the Great Martyr, among many others, a extraplanar semigod. When he is carrying out the will of his God, his God is more like to assist him with blessings of improved strength and speed, along with spells of both healing and searing flames. However, Elzce is most respectful of his deity and would not normally ask the aid of him unless it hath already been granted. Thus, in matters of common disputes, Elzce t'would be no more than man. He also knows several rituals that grant quasisimilar affects.

Backround Information: Elzce was born from a foreign land that is quite devoted to their foreign God, who was said to be vanquished millenia ago in a forest lit afire to save the ancestors of their people, and so they call him the Great Martyr. Elzce ix Kittarn, meaning Elzce of the Kittarn bloodline is revered and looked upon kindly in that homeland for being one of the benevolent priests of the Burned God's own order. However, the exarch Elzce belongs to a chapter of warrior priests who bring both the seeds of faith as well as the judgement and justice of the Burned God. For this, Elzce was learned to be no slouch in lethal battles.

Goals/Ambitions: Elzce has little in terms of goal and nothing to speak of ambition. He is a disciplined priest of a monastic order and follows his mandate with highest priority, only letting himself be temporarily impeded by his own physical needs.

Guttierrez's Character:
Name: Apollo Telius

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon/ Half Human

Class: Cleric

Alignment: Lawful Nuetral

Height: Six feet and two inches

Weight: One hundred and Seventy Pounds

Physical Description: Apollo's is a tall and Muscular man, although he doesn't rely much on physical strength, he believes he is a very powerful man because he has knowledge, and he believes knowledge is the most powerful asset anbody can have. Apollo has blackish scales for skin and a line of small spikes go uo from his waist all the way up to the back of his neck. He also has two small horns which nobody knows about, because he keeps them hidden under his thick long hair.

Clothing: Apollo doesn't wear a shirt, so it reveals his black scaled skin, he wears some black trousers, and no shoes.

Equipmeant: Apollo doesn't use any armour, he does however have a white robe for when he does his practices, other then that he wears only pants. Apollo has only a small dagger, otherwise he uses his spells.

Talents/Skills: Apollo is quick to learn something, he is a great teacher and is infact a very knowledgable person.

Powers/Abilities: Apollo can only use spells from his books and his own knowledge.
Heal: This allows Apollo to Heal most wounds
Shield: This allows Apollo to summon an auroa shield around whatever he likes.
Blast: This allows Apollo to blast something with positive elements such as water, earth, and air.

Backround Information: Apollo is a friendly man but doesn't like to tell about his past, because his past is of horrible significance.

His mother was a Necromancer and could do pretty much anything with her dark forces, while his father was a Paladin, even though the two didn't mix they still loved each other, and couldn't be seperated. They got married and after years of their marriage they wanted a child but his mother couldn't conceive, so his mother and father combined their forces to summon a baby. They did indeed summon a baby, he was a kind boy and didn't have a bad bone in his body, but he did have the parts of a dark dragon, caused by his mother's magic. His mother was so sad, and angry when he was summoned and started making creatures demonic, and creating new ones such as Demons, and Reapers. Apollo's father tried to stop his mother but, she had killed him, and as soon as she did, she had died aswell. It seems they had created a link between each other and as one died the other had done the same.

Apollo left home after the death of his parents and went to learn knowledge in hopes that he could restore the balance in life by restoring the creatures to their neautral ways or destroing them.

1.) To restore or destroy what his family had created.
2.) To learn, and gain knowledge so he can pass it on to others, to use this to help the world.

Beau Goodbarrel's Character:
Name: Beau Goodbarrel

Age: 24

Race: Halfling

Class: Assassin

Alignment: Chaotic neutral (lunatic)

Height: 3'4"

Weight: 37 lbs

Physical Description: Beau has long bronze colored hair that is tied into a rattail and the braided to make it more easier to manage (long hair gets in the way when your chasing after you target), his eyes are a deep brown, and he has a scar on the side of his neck (Which will be explained in the character bio)

Clothing: Beau wears a flanel shirt with a leather over vest and some leather breeches(pants), Boots and gloves. he also wears a brown cloak to match the leather.

Equipmeant: Beau has two custom wakizashis(Which are like the katana, excpet they are shorter with a thicker blade to deal out more damage) and a Kusari-Gama (a Sickle on a chain)

Talents/Skills: Beau has a great weapons expertise and knows how to use the deadly assasssination techniques. he is swift, agile, cunning, and smart. he also knows how to cook a good "halfling" sized meal.

Powers/Abilities: Baeu's special power is that he can compact himself into any thing he cannot normally fit into, allowing him to gain axcess into lock rooms and treasure chaest that most people can't.

Backround Information: Beau was raised by his father and mother, which lasted for 20 years of his life, then he was captured by humans and put in a cage becaues they never saw a halfling before. Beau was bought by a man with a strange hobby, he liked to experiment on live humaniod subjects. Luck for Beau, his master's little half-sister was ther to protect Beau from any harm, until she was murderd. Then the experiments started, and Beau's neck was cut open and left like the for many hours, which eventually drove him insane. in the end, beau killed his "master" and left back home. But when he got back, his fiance' was dead and his mother and fahter where inprisoned. Now Beau is mad and looks for the family that was taken from him.

1.) to kill anyone that had a hand in the murder of his feinc'e.
2.) to find his mother and father(if their still alive) and kill those responsible.
3.) find a new fiance'.

Shadofire's Character:
Name: Ruku

Age: He knows of 4 years. A definate is unknown.

Race: faerie-elf

Class: magic-user

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Height: 3'9"

Weight: 41 lbs.

Physical Description: In most respects, Ruku looks like a child of maybe 7 or 8, by human standards. All except for a pair of brown and green mothlike wings he ususally keeps folded under a long jacket. His build is wiry, almost unhealthy-looking. Ruku's appearance is nothing extremely striking otherwise. Sand-colored hair long enough to cover delicately pointed ears and occationally fall into the path of emerald-hued eyes.

Clothing: Ruku's clothing is obviously suited for travel, and nothing one would see a child wearing; so it looks peculiar on him. He keeps as much skin covered as he can, other than his face. A long-sleeved sweater under a coat that nearly touches the ground, high boots and relaxed-fitting pants, a belt with a couple of pouches fastened on, and a pair of thick gloves. None of it looks expensive, just functional, and all in earthy colors.

Equipment: Ruku's equipment stands at a scarce amount of provisions and spell components. It wouldn't be benificial for him to carry much more.

Talents/Skills: Other than the obvious ability to fly, Ruku has improved on that a little. Much like a moth, he can flutter in silence, making him very difficult to detect once he's off the ground unless he's in a hurry.
Ruku has an uncanny knowledge in most anything natural.. some might mistake him for a druid or ranger with his aquaintence to the wilderness. He seems to be able to survive fairly well just by hiding and sneaking.
He also knows some odd languages... faerie, bird, and pixie he can speak and understand completely.

Powers/Abilities: Ruku has tatoos of a magical nature which only faerie-folk wear. They are only seen when activated, and glow faintly.
His most utilized is a tatoo in the middle of his forehead that eerily resembles an eye. It's effect is the same as the Detect Living spell with a radius of 60 feet.
A wing of non-dicernable type tatooed onto the back of his neck allows him to use an ability similar to Speak w/ Animals, but it only applies to winged creatures, and can be used only twice a day.
The other effective tatoo is over his chest. Several circles within each other, somewhat like a ripple in water. It's effect is Invisibilty one time per day.
He has also a much more intricate tatooing around the same finger one would wear a wedding ring.

Backround Information: Ruku awoke one night within a hidden villiage of faeries.
While he was only half fae, they at least helped him to learn to survive before they turned him out.
Ruku has no memories of what his life may have been before, only that he has a 'lifesbond'; an eternal marriage, to someone. Ruku has been traveling since the day his adoptive fae family wished him well and sent him on his way in the deserted forests.

Goals/Ambitions: Ruku's only driving force other than simple survival is to recover anything of his past; mainly to find the one his soul is bonded to.

Ayaliss's Character
Name: Aëal the God Eater

Age: 26

Race: Unknown (has Elven features).

Class: Warrior Monk

Alignment: Neutral Good(ish)

Height: 2,4m. (I don't know how to measure the way you Americans/Englishmen do, sorry)

Weight: 90kg. (see height)

Physical Description: A very muscular and yet thin man, with short hair naturally running behind his ears. Always looks as awake as can be. Has a curved nose with a sharp end and a fitting moustasch hanging all the way down to his chest. He has one thick (about half a decimeter thick!) tattoo running from his right shoulder down to the left part of his waste, ending in a stylish curve.

Clothing: Very baggy pants of silk and a stomach-warmer that reaches up halfway across his bare upper body, both red. He wears nothing else (no, not even boots).

Equipment: He wears gloves, whereas the right hands fingertips have one foot long blades attached to them.

Talents/Skills: He can eat anything and get nourishment from it (whereas the name Godeater; he worships the world as a god). He is an extreme talent when it comes to controlling his body parts and is very accurate and steady when using his fingerblades.

Neckbreaker - Uses both hands. After disorienting an enemy, he moves quickly forward, supports his opponents neck with his left hand and slams the face with the other one. Not usable with the gloves equipped.
Low Blow Goes High Slice - Kicks his opponent with his right foot in the stomach or nearby, making the target bend over. He then does an down-to-up slice and cleaves the fiends face. Hard to execute.
Penetrating Hand - A left-hand hook in the side of his opponents head opens for horizontal strike with his right hands' blades.

Backround Information: A man (or Elf, whatever you prefer) with a very shady background. He does know where he is from; although he hasn't told anyone. Ever since he left his home (which he will tell no one about either) he's only gained one friend. That friend was an innkeeper, Andre, who sadly died three days after Aëal met him. Since then, he has been wandering around everywhere and no-where, without an obvious goal. Although not knowing it, though, he's been wandering not far from the inn, never turning around. To him, he has been wandering for years, but if you were to see his movement from up above you notice a template of turning and zick-zacking around the green fields. He still seems to be following a natural compass to a land unknown to him.

Goals/Ambitions: Unclear.

Other Info: He has white blood, making his specimen doubtful.

Aeleon's Character
Name: Arsin Omrot

Age: Died at 23 human equivalent years (Aka, she looks 23.)

Race: Dark Elf Vampire. (Daywalker)

Class: Archer.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 54kg.

Physical Description: Malnourished and lanky, there are traces of a beautiful, hourglass figure left in her bone structure. Her skin was once a lustrious charcoal, but is now reduced to a dark ash color. Her hair and eyes remain the colour they were in life; snow white tresses flow down to the small of her back and her eyes are red like rubies.

Clothing: She's often found in greek style wrapped dresses and robes in varying shades from black to indigo to gray.

Equipment: She has one birch bow, handcrafted, passed down throughout her family; it's over half her size, but she wields it with ease.

Talents/Skills: An excellent marksman, superior strength and speed to the average dark elf.

Powers/Abilities: She's very good at seeing in the dark due to her lineage and underdark living.

Backround Information: As the newest archery prodigy in Omrot clan, she was very well-respected in the Underdark, despite being a woman. This allowed her to be, in few words, a spoiled brat. She was condescending and rude to everyone, including her family around the time of her death. Naturally, she had quite a few people against her for reasons both uncontrollable to her and caused directly by her, which is her cause of death.

The Silenthammer clan, in constant rivalry with the Omrot clan, contains within its bloodline some powerful apothecaries who specialized in wounding potions instead of healing ones, and they secretly inflicted the most powerful curse they could upon Arsin. With this potion she drank in her first victory drink after winning the archery competition for her family for the third consecutive time, she would experience death itself. Her organs would rot, though her blood, however stale it became, would continue to run through her veins, and she would remain alive, presumably for the rest of time. The Silenthammer clan believed it was perpetual penance for the lives she made miserable throughout her life, and it did make her suffer. Her thirst for blood, a side-effect of the potion, would have lead her to kill a member of her very own clan if they had not exiled her to the forest first.
Her lack of communication with anyone, particularly those of her race and blood, has made her reserved and bitter over the years, roaming the earth aimlessly, always on the verge of death. She has lost all hope.

Goals/Ambitions: She has two options: either find a way to reverse the spell, return and have revenge upon the Silenthammer, or finally rest in peace.

NewArthur's Character
Name: Markus Ritt
Age: 29
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210

Physical Description:Markus is a tall man of god. He travels the land seeking evil and destroying them. This and traveling has made him tough and strong so he isn't fat or skinny but in the middle.

Clothing: He wears a white robe torn and tattered at the rims. He wears a Battered and scared piece of armor. He wears parchment of protective spells to help him fight against evil.

Equipment: He carries a two handed warhammer marked with runes to bring strength to his strikes.

Talents/Skills: Healing

Powers/Abilities: Healing hand: He can heal a target of a wound with a single touch
Soulfire: Markus's hammer glows with the strength and power of sigmatur, causing great damage to his foes. He rarely use's this ability as it drains him of all energy leaving him weak and defenseless
(each time he uses an ability, he energy depletes and he must rest to bring it back)

Background Information: Markus was brought up in a monastery and learnt the way of the priest. When he reached the age of 19 he took up the holy warhammer of his monastery and went on a quest to preach the name of god to the world. It wasn't long before he began to hunt demons. It has been ten years since he left the compound of the monastery and now he searches to bring his quest to an end by searching for the most powerful demon there is, hoping that once gone light will be restored to the world.

Goals/Ambitions: 1: To bring light of god back to the world
2: To purify his soul so one day he will sit at the right hand of Sigmatur

Lord Validir's Character
Name: Charcon, Also called the Dragon Lord

Age: 3520

Hight: 6'10

weight: 300 lbs

Race: Dragon trapped in a human body.

Class: Technically he's most like a dark night

Apperance: Pale skin, with pitch black hair, that is cut to a medium length, pushed back and coming down to about the
middle of his neck. His eyes are deep red and sometimes appear to be reptilian. He is strong, bound with heavy muscle that give him a thick set appearance

Allignment: Pure Evil, but not chaotic, he is in control of himself.

Clothing: He wears plain black clothes and a matching cloak, with tall leather boots.

Equipment: none

Abillities: He has great physical strength, being able to lift up to five tons. He has magics, but they are mostly raw and untaimed, allowing him to preform powerful but simple spells, such as small earth quakes, summoning up wind, reading the mind of those unable to resist his probing, and other forms of elemetal magic.

Talents/skills: Very intelligent and good at hand to hand combat. Very persuasive speaker. Has hightened sences of sight, smell and hearing.

Background: Charcon was once a powerful Dragon. He was also cruel, and evil. He brought much strife apon the lands for he believed that dragons were the superior form of life, and thus deserved to rule over all others. In the end though, he was defeated transformed into a human for his punishment, and imprisoned for what was supposed to be all time. He escaped however, and seeks to reclaim his dragon form. But to do this, he must find the talismans of the five wizards who changed him, for there in was his true body trapped. He has hunted them found three of the five wizards to be dead, taking their talismans for his own, and thus regaining some of his original traits. His strength, his magic, and his mind sight. The other two he hunts even now. With every talisman he gains, he becomes stronger.

Ambitions: He would regain his true form so he may once again bring his war apon the world, that he might rule it.
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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Fri Sep 21, 2007 4:05 pm

Will and Ariana kept on walking down the well-traveled road that they'd been on for days now. They'd come across caravans of all types, carrying goods from the north to the south, the south to the north, and every other direction you could imagine. They'd spent the last few nights on the ground, with a campfire and their blankets the only source of warmth. They were both quite excited that they were within hours of the next town, Reddendale. A real mattress, with a roof over their head and nice blankets; indeed, that was a welcome thought.

It was mid afternoon, the sun was shining down through a couple of white clouds here and there. They'd travelled for nearly three weeks now, from the north. The trees were beginning to look different, fewer pines and many more leafy trees. Will loved the southern countries, he enjoyed the warmer climate and just the surroundings in general. As he was admiring the country side, his thoughts were interrupted by Ariana's voice.

"It'll be so great to sleep in a real bed tonight, huh?" Ariana asked, and Will turned his head to look at her. Her dark hair with it's streaks of various color in just the right light, her bright eyes, Will couldn't help but smile. "Indeed, it'll be nice to get a good night's sleep, along with a bath. I feel like the dirt's going to be completely stuck to me if I don't bathe soon." Ariana stuck her head closer to him and sniffed, and jerked back saying, "By the gods, you do stink!" Will just grinned at her and said, "You don't exactly smell like a rose either, my dear." They both just smiled at eachother and walked closer together, Will reaching for Ariana's hand. She held onto his hand, as they continued down the road, south bound, to Reddendale.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

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Ariana and Will had been walking for a while, their hands tightly clasped together. Ari had loved Will a long time, practically since the day she had saved his sorry butt from the demon bear Diablo. Crazy boy thought he could take on that old grizzly and live, luckily he did or she would still be back in her little cottage alone. Ariana sighed and squeezed Will's hand to let him know she was thinking of him. He looked over and she smiled at him. They had almost reached the next town where they would rest a while. *Goddess how a good bath will feel on my filthy skin.* Ari thought to herself. Will was right, she did smell quite bad herself. She wrinkled her nose at the thought.
"So, Will. Whats the plan for this town? Same as before or have our tactics changed? I know that i need a strong ale and a good HOT meal." She smiled at her lover, a twinkle in her eyes. Suddenly Ari had dropped Will's hand and was racing down the road at a break neck speed. Will watched almost surprised. "What in the nine hells are you doing this time?" Ariana all but dove at the ground. She stood up and held her hand to the light. "Look love!" She held her find to the sun and there was an eruption of colors all over the surrounding ground and their clothes. "Its a crystal I saw it shining in the dust!" Ariana was very excited and proud of her find. Will snorted, "Of coarse you found it." Ari was always doing these things, anything shiny or sparkly or just pretty colored made it fair game for her to have. At times it was a bad obsession, considering on more then one occasion it had been items on a preson like a ring or necklace. Ari always gave the said item back after toying with it for a while, it was one of her few faults.
Ariana and Will continued down the road with Ari holding the crytal to the light and randomly twirling it around. Her mind may be smart but it was sure amused easily. After a long while of walking and playing Ariana came back to the real world and placed her magnifacent find in her satchle. "So Will, you never did finish telling me what our plan is for this town...." She slid her hand back in his and interlocked their fingers.
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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

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Ariana asked Will what they would be doing in Reddendale, and Will couldn't help but smile at her 'find'. It didn't look like much, more like a chunk of colored glass than anything. But he wouldn't rain on her parade. "Well, we DO need to get a good night's rest, and a good meal would be fine too. And concerning prospective companions, well, we just might find some at the inn.. I'll just sing for a few hours for our room and bored, and perhaps I'll put out a call to any adventurers. The rumors say that along with what I want, there's a nice treasure to be had. That will probably catch the ear of a few people there." Ariana just looked up at him as she listened, and Will smiled and held her a little closer.

They trudged along for a while, through the afternoon sunlight and into the late afternoon. They would be in Reddendale soon, and a good thing too; the sun was already beginning to set, and they only had one more torch. It would be a shame to have to start burning it so soon. A mounted sheriff, clad in worn looking iron armor, trotted by them. "Good day sir, m'lady." The man said as he continued by them. Will said, "Good evening sir." And Ari waved. Will didn't particularly care for sheriffs, they tended to get on his case, when they knew of his half-breed status. They continued walking, and just a couple miles away Will could see the outlying buildings and houses of a town, undoubtedly Reddendale. "Look, we're almost there." Will said to Ari as he put an arm around her shoulder and squeezed a bit, as he bent down and kissed the side of her face...

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

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Ariana grinned as Will kissed her. She did truly love him. She was so excited to see what her new find was worth.

(Later inside the Dancing PIG INN)
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS WORTHLESS?!" Ari yelled at the bartender. "Look at it shine its magnificent!" She twirled the "crystal" around in her hands. "See." The bartender took the thing from her to inspect it, he held it up to the light then in a flash slamed it into the table shattering it to peices. Ariana's eyes got huge, she clenched her fists tightly "Why in the name of the goddess did you just smash my pretty crystal? I swear to the nine that i am going to smash every damnd galss in this place to show you the difference between glass and crystal!" Ari was very upset her toy had just been ruined.
Will wrapped his arm around Ari and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Love... Sorry to tell you this, but it was glass." He kissed her temple and pulled away. Ariana's face sadened, grumbling to herself she apologized to the bartender for her loss of temper and wandered to a nearby table. On her way she happned to "pick up" a very pretty necklace. She sat down and began to twirl it in the light as Will conversed with the Tavern owner about their stay.
Moments llater there was a hard tap on Ariana's shoulder. "S'cuse me... Where'd you find that there necklace?" Ari turned to see that a small man with a large wife behind him spoke. "Oh this little thing..." Ari swung the necklace in the air. "I found it... Is it yours?" The man looked nervouse and nodded, "Actually its me wifes." Ariana grinned and stood up to look at the women. "Well its very pretty. Sure glad i found it and not someone else i was waiting to see if anyone lost it... most would keep it." She tossed the necklace to the woman, turned and sat back down. As the couple walked off she heard the woman tell the man "Filthy little theives we got in this town now. Cant have nothin nice these days." Ariana just snorted. *At least i gave it back this time* she thought smugly.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Sat Sep 22, 2007 11:44 pm

OOC: Horus and Devious, I planned for your characters to come into contact with me here in the Inn. So feel free to make your appearances now :). And to anyone else interested, go ahead and PM me your character sheet! Still plenty of time to get in the game now, but to others yes there will be plenty of chances in the future to join as well, along with the possibility of just joining the party 'on the road'.

IC: Will watched Ariana walk off, and then turned his attention back to the Inn Keeper. He sighed and said, "Terribly sorry about that. She's sometimes far too easily excited about things, and sometimes it inhibits her judgemeant. Anyways, I've no money for me and my wife to stay, but could I perhaps entertain your guests for some food and a room? I'm a Bard, skilled in singing and instrumentals. I don't know if you have anything for me to play, but I do have my flute with me." The keeper looked at him a minute then nodded, "Sure, it's been a little over a week since we've had a skilled musician. That'll make the guests happy. Can I get you anything now?" Will sat down on a stool and pondered the large wooden menus hanging from rope behind the keep. "Hmm, how's about a gulp of Dragon's Bile Whiskey, and a mug of whatever wine you have in stock. Something red if you have it. A drink always helps loosen up the vocal cords!" Will said with a grin as the keep turned and got his whiskey, then a cup of wine. Will downed the whiskey, then took a long draught of the wine to relieve the burning sensation of the whiskey. He sipped his wine for a bit, then finished it, setting the cup back on the bar. He got up off his stool then, and made his way towards the stage at the end of the commons room, near the hearth.

As he made his way to the stage, he stopped near Ariana to pull out his flute. He kissed her forehead and said, "I'm on my dear." Then he made his way to the stage. There was a small crowd right now, but it would grow as the night grew darker. Will pulled up a stool to the front of the stage and sat down. He began playing a catchy, lively tune on his flute, and he caught the eye of several of the patrons. He smiled inside as he saw them watching him, tapping their feet or bobbing there heads a bit to the tune. Will loved to play, and for this very reason; he loved knowing his songs livened people's moods, and loved it even more when they tipped him. Will continued through his song on his flute, and once it was over, gave a slight bow of his head to the crowd. A few clapped, and he smiled as he set his flute down on the stool when he stood. He cleared his throat a bit, and then began reciting a poem depicting an ancient fight between a young Angel and Demon.

"Great were the days, the sun shining down; But dark were the hearts of those men, no light they had seen; The dark ones were many, the high ones were few; But one day brave Angel came, determined to put an end to the sins..."

Will continued to sing, and much of the crowd became enthralled. Will was sure that the Inn Keep would have no problem giving him room and board now, along with as many drinks as he could down. He was doing a very good job at his entertaining tonight...

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HorusTheHeretic on Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:21 pm

Ivan gently pushed open the door. The warmth from the inn washed over him like a wave and he squinted in the sudden brightness from the fire. The night was dark and frigid, and this was a welcome change. He stepped in, knocking the dirt off of his boots on the mat, and slung the polyruna onto his back.

He attracted stares as he walked by, the other patrons eyes glued to the huge crossbow-like weapon on his back. A small smile crept up his black-bearded face. The looks of astonishment and wonder were what he lived for as an inventor. As he sat at the polished, oaken bar, he fished into his pocket for a coin and, finding one, flicked it to the barkeep. "Give me a large mug of your strongest beer." He said. His voice was deep, growling, sonorous.

The old man nodded, filled a stein, and slid it down the bar to Ivan, who took a sip of it. He smiled gratefully and began to knock it back. Wiping off his mouth a few seconds later, he summoned the bartender back over. "Have you any food? A ham perhaps?" He asked.

"Certainly, friend." He responded, and called over a serving girl. "Give this gentleman a generous portion of ham."

"And another beer, while your at it." Ivan added as she walked off.

The barkeep eyed the weapon on Ivan's back. "What's that thing? Looks like a crossbow."

Ivan smiled. "This, friend, is the polyruna, an invention of mine. It is the next phase of ranged warfare." He dug a hand into the inside pockets of his dark brown trench coat, and produced a wooden box, about six inches by ten inches. He opened the lid and pulled out one of thirty bolts. "It fires these." He said, handing it to the man. "Every second."

The old man's eyes widened. "Your pulling my leg..."

"No, no." He assured him. He unslung the polyruna from his back and set it down on the bar. It was nearly five feet long, and was essentially a large crossbow, except it had a huge box atop it that made up most of its bulk. A large winch rest on the side. He pointed to the box. "Inside here, is the internal machinery. The winch operates the loading mechanism and the trigger releases it. If you hold the trigger and crank the winch, it fires automatically." He took the dart back and put it in the magazine, closed it back up. "It takes about a minute to replace the magazine."

"Its not perfect, though. It jams from time to time, and it is rather bulky. But it is my favorite invention." Ivan finished.

"Astounding. You're an inventor, eh?"

Ivan smiled once more. "You have no idea."
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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

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Aglacea usually never went into the Inn's of men or things of that. He would certainly draw a crowd. The eyes of men did not like that of difference. But he longed for the feel of a warm bed. His plans of domination were still in the planning phase, so he was unknown within kingdoms still. Retracting his wings, he entered the Inn.

Immeidiately, looks and whispers. Some scowls, and some winks. It wasn't all bad. He made his way to the Innkeeper. Thankfully, this was a man of the coin, so he didn't care whether you were a man, or anything else, as long as you had money. Reaching within his robes, Aglacea handed the innkeeper a pouch of gold coins.

"Sir, this is far too much..." The innkeeper spoke.

"Please, take it. You never know how much time you have left." Aglacea said maliciously. He nodded to the innkeeper and made his way back to the bar. Human drinks were good to him, and he wanted one. The barkeep wasn't as nice or as greedy as the innkeeper. He ignored Aglacea altogether. Aglacea simply smiled. After the Barkeep had a short conversation with another man at the bar, he walked past Aglacea. Aglacea grabbed his arm and spoke. "Worry not friend, soon, very soon, your sins will be washed away." The barkeep angrily tried to shake his arm from Aglacea's grip. Not wanting to cause a scene, he let go. He reached within his robe yet again. He left another pouch of gold on the counter and took his own bottle of drink. The barkeep was about to do something, but Aglacea just looked at him. The barkeep froze, and turned around. "Thought so." He said.

He turned and listened to the bard tell his tale of the Angel and Demon. He laughed a little bit. Not loud enough to be heard over the crowd though. "The thought of such a tale...haha." He thought to himself. He continued to listen to the bard. He was starting to feel anger rise. "Who says Angels are so holy, who says they're not the sinners." He hated the prejudice brought about by religion. His world, would be perfect. No religion, no false gods, for he would be god, a god that everyone can see, and hear. With an angry scowl on his face, he threw the mug he was drinking toward the stage, it went passed the bard and broke. He was angry, but held his composure for now. Extending his wings fully, he cared not who they hit. They just happened to push the barkeep into the wall. He gave one last, very viscous glare towards the crowd, his red eyes almost glowing. He then made his way out of the bar area, and up to his room. "All in good time..." He muttered walking out, he added in his mind, "...All in good time, this world will be reduced to ash, to make way for my world."
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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LiL_KK on Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:50 pm

Ariana saw the dark being enter. She knew what he was, her love was similar to him, just not as dark. *Filthy bastard gives half bloods a bad name* She thought to herself. She took a gulp of the ale she had just ordered. It burned as it went down and warmed her belly. The waitress was just passing by and Ari stuck her hand out to tap her arm, the woman turned. "S'cues me ma'am. I was wondering... My husband, the bard," she pointed at Will, "He arranged a room for us. When the night is closing could you send two large basins up with hot steaming water and lots of soap?" The waitress grinned "I hate dirt." Ariana confided. The waitress gigled, "I understand. I will see what i can do." She winked as she walked off. *Some people can be so pleasant.* She thought as she twirled a ring in her hand. *DAMN IT!* Ariana jumped up and went after the woman. "Ma'AM!" she caught her arm, "I think you dropped this." She handed the women the ring. "THank god my husband would'a killed me!" She slid the beautiful ring back on her hand. "Dont worry about your bath it'll be there. Thank you again." The waitress walked off. Turning Ari headed back to her seat. *Sometimes I hate my absent minded obsession. Stuid shiny things.* Without realizing it Ari picked up a small chunck of what looked like emrald off the ground. *I bet its just glass from a bottle.* And yet even as she said it she put it in her satchel. She made her way threw all the people listening and enjoying Wills performance and sat down. *I love him so much.* She thought with a grin, as her heart warmed at the thought of the man she loved.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Sun Sep 23, 2007 9:20 pm

As Will sang, several more people came into the Inn. Some more travellers, some people that looked like they were locals, a large man with a very large weapon, looking like a crossbow. But the one that REALLY caught Will's eye, was a man with angelic looking wings. Though Will could tell from the moment he entered, by the man's presence alone, he was far from angelic. Will could feel that the man was like himself, demonic. But Will kept singing, and though it looked like he just gazed out to the crowd, half lost in his own thoughts as he sang, he eyed the other demon. He started drinking a beer, but as he listened to Will's song, he apparentally became angry. Will couldn't tell if it was due to his song or something else, and Will continued. Will's suspicion that it was his song was confirmed, as the mug he was drinking from came flying toward the stage, and Will's head. Will quickly jerked to the right, as the mug came whizzing past, and shattered against the stones of the hearth. The sudden movemeant and stress almost caused Will to fumble in his song, but luckily he didn't. Will finished his tale, much to the applause of the crowd.

Will stepped down from the stage and made his way to the bar. On his way he gently touched Ariana's hand, and let his fingers trail up her arm in passing. She smiled at him and he smiled at her, as he continued toward the bar. He needed a glass of water, his throat was rather dry for some reason. The demon had gone, whether outside or to a room Will couldn't be sure. Will caught the attention of the bartender, who'd been having a discussion with the large man who had the strange crossbow. "Hello there great skop, what can I get for ya?" The keep asked with a smile. "Just a water good sir. Throat's a tad dry." Will said as he watched the keep turn around to fill a glass for him. "Aye, well we wouldn't want your voice to be lost, that's fer sure. Haven't heard such fine singing in months!" Will smiled as he drank the glass down in one draught, and had him refill it. "Well thank you good keep. Always a pleasure to be complimented on my talents." Will drank the glass of water, this time a bit slower, then set it down on the bar. He made his way toward the man with the strange weapon and sat down next to him for a minute.

"Hello friend. My name's Will, and I must say that in all my years of travelling, I have YET to come across a weapon of the same sort as yours. What is it, if you don't mind my asking?" Will asked the man. 'Perhaps he's an adventurerer, as well.' Will thought to himself, 'He looks like a hardy man, and his axe and whatever contraption he has there would surely come into use, should he choose to come with me...' Will waited for the man's response, quite eager to learn more of this strange crossbow of his.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HorusTheHeretic on Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:09 pm

Ivan smile grew as the singer sat down next to him, another opportunity to show off his invention becoming evident. "This, dear bard, is the polyruna." He once more produced the magazine from his coat. "It fires darts about as large as my index finger," He held up his finger for comparison. "At rapid speed, via a series of gears and assorted machines inside this box, which are operated by a hand crank."

"I insert the magazine into this opening," He explained as he did so. "Then, I turn the winch several times until I hear the magazine drop into place." There was a clunk. "I now pull the trigger and release the dart." He turned to a dart board on a wall just opposite them, shouldered the beast of a weapon, and pulled the trigger. There was a thud as the bolt found its mark.

He turned back to the bard. "If I wish to fire rapidly, I merely hold the trigger, and crank continuously. I will not, for fear of hitting someone." He slung the polyruna across his back once more. "It is my pride and joy. My favorite invention of all. Her name is Cathy."

He looked at the bard carefully. He was a handsome boy, young, but there was something strange about the the way he carried himself, and he had an odd look. It was... Otherworldly. He pushed the thought from his mind. "You are an accomplished singer, my friend. What is your name?"

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:45 pm

Will watched with great interest as the man showed off the mechanics and capabilities of his weapon, now known as the polynura. Or, to it's maker, Cathy. The man obviously cared for his work deeply, and took his career seriously. Will smiled himself when the man complimented his own abilities, and Will gladly obliged when the stranger asked him his name.

"Well friend, my name is William Frederick Danesin," Will started, "And it's a pleasure to meet you and your friend," Will eyed the weapon, "Cathy. Though pray tell, what is your name? I may've heard it already, seeing that you're clearly a gifted inventor." Will smiled as he extended hand toward the man. Will would defineatly give an invitation to this man to travel with him, when the time was right of course...

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HorusTheHeretic on Tue Sep 25, 2007 3:43 pm

Ivan took the bard's hand in his own massive mitt. "I am Ivan Zeninovitch. It is a pleasure to meet you, William." He released Will's hand. "I doubt you have heard of me. I am not quite famous, though you do find the occasional person who recognizes my name."

Ivan paused for a moment, considering something. "I do not wish to impose," He said carefully. "But would you test one of my inventions?" He dug into his coat and pulled out a metal cone device, about a foot in diameter. It was dented and a little rough, but looked sturdy. "I have tested this thing several times, but never with a good voice. My own becomes to garbled to hear through it, as it is so rough already, and I can't carry a tune to save my life. Would you care to sing a song through it? It should amplify your voice clearly, as you seem to be a tenor."

Ivan did not wish to impose on the young man, having just met him, but he wasn't sure he would get another chance to test the Amplus with such a fine voice.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:07 pm

Will inspected the cone-like thing that Ivan handed him. "Will amplify my voice you say? Sounds like a perfect addition to my performance, of course I'll try it!" Will said with a smile. Would be an interesting experience, atleast. "Well, I've given my voice a quick rest, I'll now go test your invention Ivan." Will said with a nod as he made his way back up to the stage. A few of the patrons gave light claps at the bard's return, and Will bowed to them.

"Thank you ladies and gentleman. I will now continue my performance, and I've agreed to do so with this, a device that will amplify the volume of my voice. This is provided to me courtesy of Mr. Ivan Zeninovitch, that man with the large weapon at the bar." Will said with a wink toward Ivan. He cleared his throat, as several people turned and waved to Ivan, and then turned their attention back to Will. Will began once again, starting with a song about a long dead king, who fought valiantly with the last of his men to defend the honor of his kingdom..

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LiL_KK on Tue Sep 25, 2007 5:16 pm

Ariana had become bored by the time Will had gotten back up on stage and already had a large stack of shot glasses about 12 high on the table. She was just about to put the last one on top when will anounced his song and she twitched. *CRASH* The tower of glass fell to the table and the ground and shatered. Lots of people looked at her but all she did was smile. "He he sorry. I'll pay for it..." She walked to the bar all the while listening to her love sing his amazing songs. *Goddess do i love that man.* She thought to herself with a large love induced grin. "What can i get you, ya clumsy girl?" The bartender asked. Ari blushed slighytly, "Well, um could i get a bit a dinner? Like come soup and bread and maybe some spiced cider?" She put on her puppy dog eyes that worked so well on Will. The bartender smiled, "Alright, i'll get Shay to bring it to yer table." I turned to walk off but he stoped me, "Here, take this..." he handed me a broom and dustbin, "You can get that glass taken care of fer me." He smiled as i took the items. "He he, no problem." I went and did as i was asked then sat waiting for my hot dinner.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Devious on Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:18 pm

Aglacea was still angered by what had happened. When he found himself angry, it was usually a while before he would be calm again. That was just the way he was. Up in his room, he began to write, it calmed him, or at least it seemed to.

It was more of a biography. He would consider this his bible once he claimed control. He wrote about the foolish bard and his tale of 'righteousness'. But the more he wrote about it, the angrier he became, he wrote so hard, his quill broke. "Fine...perhaps an indulgence is necesary." Standing up, he went into the center of his room. Kneeling down on one knee, he lifted his right hand into the air. Letting loose the reins of his demonic power, hellfire surrounded his hand. He took his hand and punched it into the ground, which cause a small explosion. The next few rooms were now engulfed in flames.

Aglacea stood up and smiled. Deciding to spread the fire, he flapped his wings, causing a great wind to stir up, and spread the flame about the inn. He let out a laugh, jumping from the inn's window. Flying up above it, he manipulated a smaller fire onto the roof. He stood there, in the air, laughing at his handywork. "Let's see who will survive, if any."

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HorusTheHeretic on Fri Sep 28, 2007 5:03 pm

Ivan jumped to the left as a beam came crashing down from the ceiling. He quickly grabbed the polyruna from his back and stood up. His eyes darted around, trying to get a grasp on the situation. Across the way, Will was doing about the exact same thing, except he was pointing up to a hole in the roof. From where he was, Ivan couldn't see what was up there, so he charged across the burning room, jumped over a knocked over table, and looked.

The man with the wings hovered above the building. It did seem strange now that no one had thought him out of place. They were paying for their mistake now.

Ivan shouldered his weapon and let loose all thirty darts as quickly as he could, all aimed with deadly precision. He grabbed for another magazine. "Will! If you can fight, get to it!"

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axle on Fri Sep 28, 2007 6:36 pm

Will took Ivan's advice and leapt from the stage, running toward Ariana. She was up and getting ready to run out the door, and once Will was close to her she ran out of the Inn with him. Once outside, Will looked up to see the winged man fluttering above the Inn, he'd just set fire to the roof as well. "HEY! You flying bastard! I was in the middle of a show!" Will yelled to him as he drew his sword. "If ye've got the stones to test your mettle against a scorned Bard, quit flappin' your wings and come down here!" Will had a quick thought, and ran back into the burning Inn, jumping out of the way as the bartender ran out. Will dove inside, hopped the bar and quickly grabbed a few bottles of liquor. He then made his way outside again, to see what the winged man would do. 'Aye, the bastard didn't have to burn the bleedin' Inn, I knew I'd be making some good tips tonight...' Will thought to himself, twirling his blade a bit in the fire-light.

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Re: The Demon Seeker (Open Fantasy RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Devious on Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:10 pm

The people ran out of the inn screaming and yelling. One man, the inventor from the bar came out, weapons blazing. Almost immiediately Aglacea went into evasive maneuvers. Twirling through the air, few of the mans darts pierced Aglacea's wings, not enough to stop his flight, but enough to harm him. The other man, that infernal bard had survived. He was the one Aglacea hoped to kill. He twirled his sword around and gave an invitation of battle to Aglacea.

"These two shall provide fun for now." He manipulated the fire around the one shooting, making the wall of fire high enough to hopefully block is vision. Looking toward the bard. "Fine, I shall oblige you and bring you your death." He said in the air. He flew up high, and came down at his opponent with a thrust of his sword aimed to his face.

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