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The Dollar Diamond

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The Dollar Diamond

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Southern Wind on Mon Sep 05, 2005 6:32 pm

Welcome to the Dollar Diamond, this is where all the betting will be held. For the first several fights odds will not be used. People need to stack up a win/loss record before that can be influenced.



All bets are final, there will be no refunds of any sort.


Bettings will be placed before a fight begins, not during.


Money will be paid or it will be taken from your account and paid to another. Plus, if bets are not taken care of by users then whoever fails to make payment to the winner will lose his betting privelages for one month. Repeat offenders will suffer longer bans.


For now, to begin a bet, there must be two, one for one side and one for the opposite. They will designate a price and each will be able to hold onto their money. After the match, if the loser refuses to pay the winner then the above actions will be taken.


As per the DD, 5% will be taken from the winning lot of money, rather reasonable.

If there are any further questions then please contact me. Plus, if someone feels there is an event that betting could be used on then propose the idea to either Master or myself and we'll discuss it

AIM - TehSouthernWind

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