The Fae In The Basement ( open to players )

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The Fae In The Basement ( open to players )

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby TheSpaceInBetween on Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:04 am

[ Since i’ve Noticed that my thread that I created seemed very popular I decided to create a new one so that other people can join in, first come first served I suppose, if you really want to play this out please pm me ]

[GALLERY=media, 33336]D336AD56-29F5-4B86-A9BC-44980BCAD3F3 by TheSpaceInBetween posted Jan 3, 2018 at 10:42 PM[/GALLERY]

For years Athena always knew she was different, all through her childhood she never became ill from viruses, broke any bones or had any cold or sniffle of any sort. Her parents were the same always keeping a youthful look and giving off warming and comforting vibes. As she grew older her mother explained to her that she was a Fae, a magical being with an extended lifttime and abilities that made her unique.

Thinking back she remembered watching her mother create jars upon jars of remedying and cure all’s without need to look at books and her father giving advice the best he could to help people in need. Being the youngest of the family of seven Athena stayed around. But was unable to find her special ability, she knew she could help make people happy by spending time with them or even giving a hug or a soft touch of contact, a kiss worked wonders but not everyone liked being kissed.

After her parents decided to travel the world for there final years on the earth Athena at the age of 18 ( possibly close to 90 in Fae years) took over her parents store for a few years. Finding her own special talent while she was cooking one day, after the knife slipped and cut her finger as she went to clean it a drop fell into an old plant pot rejuvenating the once dead plant into a strong flowering one. It was strange at first but then she found her blood could be used in medicine, it was hard to store and only lasted a day before crystallising and turning into a flowering jar.

Word of her power somehow escaped and she was captured by a scientist who kept her in the basement of his house, to test her blood and try to make a cure for some of the worst deiseases in the world in order to make profit. The sceientist was later apprehended for experimentation on animals and in humane tests, Athena wasn’t sure when that was all she knows now Is that the basement where she is chained in is full of flowers, covering the floor and the walls and they smell so nice. It’s been about a year or maybe more.
I love roleplaying, making new friends, 1x1 I love as well. I enjoy playing interesting character and I feel that communication is important as well. We can discuss ideas and get to know one an other.

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