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The Final Swing

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

The Final Swing

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Southern Wind on Sun Nov 27, 2005 1:55 am


The light hues of pink signaled that the setting sun was at it's final reach. Ominous clouds hung in the sky, dark, yet producing no droplets of rain. Blace sat at his table, reviewing his new addition's specs fo his Aries as he awaited his own arrival.

He positioned his glasses as he reviewed it's armaments with an occasional "Hmm". He knew that he was supposed to be moving into the area where the factory was contained, yet what was the point? The island was covered with a variety of his troops, there would be no quick departures from this accursed island. He reclined lightly in the seat, reaching his right hand upwards to remove the glasses from his face, his opposite hand reaching over to rub his tightly closed eyes, as if it would help reduce the pressure swelling in his temples.

A soldier stepped into his quarters, standing firm at attention, as all his soldiers had. He turned in his general direction, arching a brow lightly as he awaited whatever information the man had to offer.

Soldier - Sir, we have reports that there's a gundam on the way!

He looked away from the soldier, leaning his head back over the rest of the chair to stare idly upwards to the ceiling of the tent. It seems another idiot was going to try and test his position in the area, what a waste. All these mobile suits coming, yet the only one that had actually offered to do battle was struck down. Rather godly on his part, but isn't that what he was, a god? No, but close enough.

Blace - Ready the Tallgeese.

Soldier - Yes, sir!

The soldier disappeared from the tent as abruptly as he entered. He'd have to remember to discipline him later for not announcing himself before bursting in. Knowing this mobile suit, it'd take a while. Their range of perception had broaded since the last attack and he knew full well that nothing would sneak up on them.

He stood from his chair, his arms raising over his head as he stretched his back muscles which had gone almost rigid from sitting for so long. He turned away from the table and stepped to his cot. Laying down atop of it, he slid his headphones on in an attempt to drown out the regular sounds of a mobile militia. They would notify him when the time came.



Kaden sat at the controls of the DSX, his palms already sweating from their tightened grip. It was finally time for something to be done. He didn't ready any backup, nor did he notify any but his senior officer. The fight would be broadcasted across the entire ship.

This manic's slaughter of that one village was definantly standing out amongst the Jyotika's shadow. Even though it'd been a while since anything was heard of Jyotika, he was sure the man was well hidden, or at least heavily guarded.

That wasn't his fight for now though, oh no, "Blace Lowe" was a butcher and it was something that he just couldn't stand. He traced his fingers over the controls of the DSX as he looked around it. He never would really figure out how he learned to pilot a machine such as this, but he was glad he did. Wars weren't only fought with firearms anymore, things had moved along quickly. From nuclear weaponry to mobile suit weaponry, to mobile suit weaponry equiped with nuclear arms.

How long would it be before this "Blace" came into control of a nuclear weapon, if he hadn't already? His eyes drifted upwards, settling on a picture of Mia that he'd taken sometime before, but couldn't quite place a finger on it. It was from the Pegasus, no doubt by the cold steel walls surrounding at each side.

Pilot - Sir, we're coming upon the encampment.

Kaden - Good, keep us at a distance, I don't want them to spot us by getting too close.

Pilot - Affirmative, sir.

The pilot began to slow the shuttle down to nothing more than a hover. The trip from the Pegasus would've been too far and hard on the DSX. Plus, manuvering the Pegasus out towards Australia would've sent off too many alarms in too many enemy bases.

His fingers danced across the controls of the DSX, powering the suit up as the pilot began to call off the launch procedure.[/b]

Pilot - [i]Departing in 5...4...3...2...1, launch.[i]

The floor seemed to fall out from beneath him, the force of gravity now taking it's tug against the DSX to begin it's drop. He fired all engines as he instantly acctivated the Hyper Jammers, attempting to hide his suit from view.

It was clear that the encampment was amongst the trees. Surely they hadn't planned on staying there for too long, but it seemed they had. Something had held these people back from whatever their other plans were. Their plans wouldn't matter now, not anymore.

The shell in the Buster Gun at his wrist began it's charge as the DSX neared a special circle around the enclove of trees that circled the encampment. He remembered clearly that there was a ring of explosives stated, and he was going to give them all one.....big......suprise...



[b]His eyes jumped open as the ground beneath him began to shake, bouncing his cot about violently. His right hand grabbed hold of the cot as his left threw the headphones from his head. He jumped from the cot and to his feet, scrambling to get his normal attire on.

He stepped from the tent to immerse himself in an area of panic. A heavy smoke drifted was drifting into the camp, presumably at all angles. He reached out a hand to snatch a running officer up in his iron grip.


Soldier. - S...Sir.....Someone has set off the explosives...

He loosened his grip, dropping the soldier, who didn't take much time to dwell on it before crawling away. He joined among the ranks with their mad dashes, his having a more determined outcome. The Tallgeese II had finished it's upgrade, the new armor glinting clearly in the moonlight, yet shrouded by the drifting smoke.

His hand grabbed the zipline, his tug signaling for it to raise him up towards the cockpit. Once inside, and heavily strapped in, he powered up the systems. It wasn't long before the Verniers of the suit lifted it clear of the treeline and it finally hit him, it was that damn gundam! Why weren't they able to identify it?!

He began turning about franticly in the air, searching for this new mobile suit. His eyes fell on nothing but open flames and burning trees. It seems his soldiers weren't as loyal as he had planned them to be. He spotted several heavily armored vehicles began their retreat, driving clear through the burning hot flames.

One vehicle was caught in it's burning reach, igniting it in a haze of orange before launching random pieces of it's occupants and itself in various directions with the explosion.


His voice echoed in the cockpit, though the only ears that it fell upon was his own. His sensors keyed up, forcing him to navigate his gundam towrads the right as his line of vision fell on the burning remnants of his camp.

There, standing amongst the flames, was a hulking mobile suit, it's colors tinged by the heat of the fires yet noticeable none the less......Black and Gold...


The Fight

[b]The DSX rose from it's flames, seeming as if they were melded to it's frame by they way they seemed to melt as it roared upwards. It's right hand reached to it's side, producing what would seem as a steel pole, yet the igniting blades would clearly designate it as the Twin Dual Beam Scythe.

The pilot of the Tallgeese took no time to watch as it produced a Beam Saber of it's own in it's left hand, the Dober Gun raising as well to fire off a quick shot. The inward dash of the DSX had too much velocity at this point to dodge the massive shot of the incoming slug. Instead, he used his active cloak to shrug the shot off with it's best ability.

The two blades met, casting off a resounding crackle as their electric fields met and clashed as well. Finally, it burst the two back, both firing their engines to move upwards, the Tallgeese II having a bit more of a speed advantage.

With the said advantage, it gained a greater height than the DSX and pivoted itself downwards into the upwards motion of the DSX. It aimed it's beam saber out towards the hinges that connected the active cloak to the shoulders and back. The T2 manuvered easily to the back of the DSX, trailing it's saber down across the hinges to send the right active cloak falling from the mobile suit.

The DSX canceled out one engine while firing the other, allowing the weight of the scythe to tug it down through his lightened grasp til he held only the area beneath the lowest blade on it's end, the other two positioned towards the legs of the T2 as it moved down.

The blade sliced through the Neo Titanium armor of the T2 to drop the right leg of the T2, it's sheer shock of losing a limb forcing it's pilot to retract it from the DSX's range. The DSX raised it's right hand, firing off a shot that was aimed with only seconds to spare.

The suprise of a beam weapon at the wrist of a mobile suit caught the T2 offguard once more, the shot drilling into the chest of the T2 to begin it's downwards drop. The engines at the back of the DSX fired furiously as the E-Shell discharged from the right hand. His left dropped to it's hip, grabbing another to replace the fallen as it continued it's movement towards the T2.

The T2 waited as the DSX moved inwards, about to show the pilot that new tricks could be taught to old dogs. As the DSX raised it's beam weapon for a downwards slash, the T2 whipped around to the side of the DSX< using the same move of canceling out two engines and using the remaining two on just one side.

With the added force of the engine, the slice of the blade against the side of the DSX send shards of gundanium splintering downwards, as well as forcing it towards the ground as well. The engines of the DSX shut off, the redness of their boosters signaling that they'd reached undesired heat levels.

This was it, his opportunity. He fired all of his engines to move in towards the back of the DSX, aiming his shoulder, as well as the saber, out towards the back of the DSX. The sheer force of his shoulder into the back of the DSX surely jolted the man in the cockpit about as the saber pierced into the back.

The pilot of the T2 would not hesitate. He was trained in this mobile suit and new every aspect of it. Thus causing him to raise the Dober Gun to the back of the DSX. A quick movement of the DSX beneath him sent the blast awry, instead of moving through the midle of the shoulder blades, instead it ripped into the remaining active cloak to cast the black and gold mobile suit into a downwards death spin.

The T2 continued down, preparing the final shot of the Dober Gun as they moved further down through the air. The DSX swung the scythe upwards once more, the hold still at it's end. The long reach of scythe tore into the side of the T2, creating a stable hold as they both smashed into the ground, cratering it beneath them.

The two suits laid there, flames surrouding them, as well as a few fired errupted from inside them. The two behemoths laid there, dust still setting around them while they both held critical wounds.



He laid there in the cockpit, the core down to leave him in complete darkness. A bloody hand reached upwards, pulling on a line to pop open the cockpit door. A hand grabbed hold of each side of the cockpit, pulling the almost unrecognizeable form of the man up.

He coughed heavily, spitting blood across the scratched white paint of the mobile suit as he struggled to arise from the wreckage.

Blace - Son of a...a bitch...

His heaving only brought more blood from his mouth, he knew what the wound was, a ruptured lung, he knew how to fix it.....but he couldn't handle it himself....He raised his line of vision upwards, a lone figure standing before him, with a.......a scythe...



He stood there, weilding the one weapon that every man feared. The sheer look of it's blade glinting in the moonlight, meaning death to all.

His right hand barely clung to the scythe as he used it to support his weight. His right leg was shattered, he knew it and the other man knew it. Random shards of bone protruded from it as he attempted to keep his weight stable.

I can't let you continue this....You've cost too many people...too many good much......It's over...

With that said, he raised the weapon in hand, all his weight shifting to his 'good' leg, if you'd call it that...Then there was one final swing....One last move to finish it off....

The blade cut cleanly through the flesh, sending a massive spray of blood across his already bloody form. His grip around the scythe subsided, allowing it to fall to the ground to clank amonst the armor of the Tallgeese II....

And then he lost it....He fell.

He heaved a few breaths as his right hand moved up across his chest. His open palm fell on a shard of gundanium, piercing through his chest and out to his back....He stared up blankly at the sky, to the stars....

It's been a good run...I did what I could, dad.....I even fell in love..I hope..I hope I made you proud....

Blood began to trace from his mouth across his face, etching a clear line down across his skin. He dug a shaky hand into his pocket, pulling out a squashed pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He dug one of the few remaining cigarettes that weren't broken and placed it to his lips. The lighter ignited the end into a red hazed as he took a haggard breath.

He produced the smoke from his mouth as he began to rest his muscles, his eyelids growing heavier with every second..

At least this time.....I had my cigarette....

His eyes finally closed, the cigarette falling from his lips to roll down his neck and to the ground. The smoke wafted upwards, dancing it's way across an unseen wind as it floated it's way upwards, to the heavens.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:02 pm

Australia came into view, and Kiyoshi and Eota launched out of their mobile suits. Kiyoshi didn't like that this would be his first time piloting the Cygnus X-1, but he didn't have much choice. If Blace Lowe was still alive, he would have to hope this Gundam would give him the advantage he would need. He could tell that there was a major battle here, but he did not expect to see what he found next.

There two mobile suits laid, like dead soldiers. Just as their pilots. Kiyoshi quickly landed the Cygnus X-1 near the DSX. There, Kaden laid dead, his body pierced by a wedge of Gundanium. Delicately, he moved the hands to pull the body of the shard. Bringing the hands close to the cockpit, Kiyoshi opened the cockpit hatch, and saw that the hands had filled with Kaden's blood. He walked out onto the hands and fell to his knees looking down at his comrade and friend. Tears began to run down his cheeks under his sunglasses. His sunglasses that he used as a shield would not hide those.

Eota landed nearby in his Virgo, he couldn't see much. All he could see that both the DSX and Tallgeese II were badly damaged. He then saw Kiyoshi's image appear on the screen.

Have the shuttle pilot load both the DSX and Tallgeese II onto the shuttle. We're taking them back with us.

Eota - Yes, sir. Are the pilots alright?

No. They're both dead.

Eota detected the sadness in Kiyoshi's voice. Eota was shocked. That meant that Kaden was dead. The man that had been so nice to him before on the Pegasus. Reluctantly, Eota turned and head back towards the shuttle.

Kiyoshi climbed back into the cockpit of the Cygnus X-1. Seeing Blace Lowe's body against the armor of the Tallgeese II. His eyes filled with rage as they narrowed to points. Keeping Kaden's body in his hands, Kiyoshi opened up the Machine cannons on the shoulders. Soon the sound of repeated gunfire could be heard, and there was practically nothing left of the tyrant. But then, there was a distinct rumble. He knew it from anywhere. It was the heavy sound of a mobile suits walk against the hard earth.

A team of three Leo's appeared out of nowhere aiming their beam rifles at Kiyoshi. He made sure Kaden's body was securely in the Cygnus's left hand, before drawing a beam saber with the right. Kiyoshi's yell could be heard through out the comm. channels as he made the Cygnus fly towards the Leo's, who's pilots time was numbered in the seconds. With three separate slashes, the beam saber had cut through the weak armor of the Leo's. Then replacing the beam saber, Kiyoshi flew up into the air, drew the beam rifle from it's hard point on the skirt armor, aimed and fired three shots through the already near destroyed Leo's. This was overkill and all three exploded, seconds after eachother.

The shuttle pilot with the help of Eota took this time to quickly load on both the DSX and Tallgeese II onto the shuttle. Kiyoshi stared down at the burnt ground where the Leo's once stood. There was nothing but wreckage left from their suits. His breaths were heavy and ragged, but slowly he began to calm.

Eota - We're ready to go...

Kiyoshi only made a slight nod before he again made sure that Kaden's body was safe in his Gundam's hands, and then he took off. Eota loaded up on the shuttle, which soon took off after Kiyoshi, heading back to the Pegasus.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Dec 05, 2005 6:20 pm

Before it was even over, a majority of the Lowe forces knew what the turnout would be. They could see that their leader would not make it out of this one alive. So they did the one thing they could do to save themselves, then ran. This was the end of a chapter, not the end of the story, they would rise again and the vision that Blace Lowe had set down for them would be realized. From the saddened ashes of the battle in Australia, a new force would rise again. A force dedicated to bringing Blace's vision to life. But it couldn't be done here, not in this area, they had to move, take the fight to Asia, where their first step towards completely unifying Earth would begin.

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