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Elementalists ~Those who supposedly vanished~

The Fire Elemental Tribe

a part of “Elementalists ~Those who supposedly vanished~”, a fictional universe by Bliss.

Two centuries ago in the Kingdom of Erris lived an odd group of people called Elementalists. Each of these people were granted one elemental power from the Great Spirit Oerilius. They supposedly all died out about two centuries ago. Or so humans thought..

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Elementalists ~Those who supposedly vanished~”.
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[OOC] The Fire Elemental Tribe

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Bliss on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:37 pm

Welcome to the Fire Elemental Tribe! Fire Elementalists are a powerful race, filled with rage and frenzy in their hearts. They are extremely powerful, able to burn their victims alive and sometimes even themselves if they are not careful. They wield fire with grace and ease and embrace their flames to become a part of themselves. True Fire Elementalists know their limits of their own powers and how to be one with fire in both a peaceful state and violent state.

The Fire Element: One of the most deadly and wildest of elements. Fire elementalists have difficulty taming this element when they first discover their powers. If they are not careful, they can severely injure themselves or even die if their power is misused. This element is known to be both destructive and useful. It can do a lot of damage to an enemy or area if one knows what he or she is doing. It can also be useful like lighting a torch, providing warmth, or powering up an engine that burns coal. This element is especially weakened by the Water element, and sometimes strengthened by the Air element.

Here's the list of Fire Tribe members and Fire Elementalist Rogues! If you plan to make a Fire Elementalist yourself please post you character's profile on this page so others can see. (:

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Re: [OOC] The Fire Elemental Tribe

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VoidSun on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:48 pm

To the Reader:

If you are reading this I can only take it that you have come to the age to know the truth and all of the truth about us, also you reading this means there is no one around to tell you the facts or you found this document by mere luck. If you are reading this is a sure fact that I found my destiny following the path of the Fire. This document shall tell you all you need to know about what is my pride: the fire tribe. Brother or sister read well the history of your people as it´s the only document I will leave behind me, stranger fear and pity the history of a culture that loved to always live to the limit.

Ass the ages passed we were called by many names, many related to being monsters that were drove by the anger and the madness, however do not let this affect you. We were powerful because we were blessed by the fire spirits, we always treated them with the utmost respect as they were the ones that taught us how no t get burn. Yes reader are greatest advantage is also our biggest weakness we are like candles if we force the fire in us the chance that we will die for surpassing the limit of our bodies will be big. The water element is no close to damaging us as our own skills. Be wise and learn when to burn and when to not.

The fire element is not only about creating fireballs to throw or surround us with flames.

There are many types of flames in these world and the name they posses has been changing with the pass of time.
The most common name is Pyromancers the type of person that only knows to burn by throwing fireballs of waves of fire from distance and always from distance.

Fire Bearers are the type that can call the fire in themselves and use it to boost their fighting abilities this kind of skill is really vicious as it allows the fire travel outside the body without burning it improving whatever the user needs, however be warned that this skill takes a lot of stamina and you need to be wise to know when to use and when to not.

Fireblenders are the “cousins” of the Fire Bearers, instead of bearing the fire outsider the body the imbuid the energy, heat and flame wherever they need it may it be a part of the body, an object or a weapon, blenders can give the “energy” they need to their imbuid making this Skull one of the most balanced there is out there.

Firetongues are the type of people that train themselves to breath fire as the legendary dragons did. However were are not dragons our bodies cannot hold the fire all the time as them, this skill must be used once you call it or you will be burning before you know it. Never let anyone to call you a "fire spiter. I have seen people being able to manipulate the shape in the most impressive ways this technique is useful in both close and long range.

Melters are the type of people that burn everything around them quickly, but not for desperation or unknowing the situation, Melters burn all to manipulate the fire around them and use it to their advantage.

Finally we have the Fire Callers without a doubt the strongest warriors in our tribe, being able to call the power of the spirits themselves and use it to their advantage.
This is what a Fire Elementalist is or was, however always remember that the True Fire Elementalists know their limits, those who wish to be called masters are not the ones that can control all the skills without problems, a true master is the one that knows what he or she can use without meeting their end burning for overusing the fire skills and always remember that it not matter what skills they control they cannot be used at the same time. Few did it in the pass and prevail... is not my wish to see more of my people die trying to conquer the greatness of the fire, remember the flame may burn slowly but at the end it will be a powerful force similar to the manifestation that nature itself creates.

20th Head of the Fire Tribe
Lya Blazedge

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Ala Alba rocks!!! Bow---> m(_ _)m

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