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The Multiverse

The Fleet Is on the Move

a part of “The Multiverse”, a fictional universe by Remæus.

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Where legends collide, warriors rise and titans fall. This is the general in character world, where your creations can rise to fame driven only by your imagination - this is the persistent world in which all characters exist. This whole forum is one big roleplay, with no specific rules or guidelines. If you want to create a roleplay in a single thread, this probably isn't where it needs to be.

Remember - this whole forum is one persistent world - your characters are free to move from topic to topic here with no restrictions.

The Fleet Is on the Move

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:53 pm

At the small moon of Dystal, a planet not much larger than Pluto, the sun “rose� Well it wasn’t much of a rise, but the star did brighten the far out world. If you could come closer to the planet, you would notice an almost impenetrable layer of various drones floating around, scanning all frequencies and areas for signs of FTL. “This planet was fleet command, and the feet was not going to be destroyed now.� At least that’s what the man thought, as he read the updates from the Dalek’s papers. “We have the fleet ready, mechanized, walker and are the walkers ready?� the older man asked. A woman was near the Admiral, quickly typing down something on the laptop which was a classic “Apple� iMac model. She looked up, and sighed “Listen Rich, even if the BattleCorp manages to stop this incursion, can we really afford to help this planet, we don’t want what happened to the long old American Federation happen to us?� Rich looked at his wife, and sighed “Honey, I know that sometimes what the queen says is irrational, en insane, but I have enough faith in her, that these troops will succeed, now I’ll be waiting, but you have to go, the fleet’s ‘aiting.� They gently kissed, and she ran off towards her station at the head of the flagship, Fiscal Justice.

Back at the fleet, a good 75 ships had a assembled, and a larger battle station was in the center. The battle station was constructed with a large spherical front section, with a neck attaching it to the rear tubular-looking section, with several solar panels attacked to the rear. The various ships in the fleet, several classic Constitution class, as well as a few Defiant had been representatives of sector 001, as well as several heavier Acclimate class Star Transports caring a valuable cargo. The heart of the fleet was the powerful, Dreadnought transports, modified to carry more Valkyrie mechs, waiting for the signal to Go FTL. The last few ships arrived, three battlestars, and a strange looking ship, a large cylinder, with a large ring orbiting it jumped in. this ship was odd but the fleet paid it no matter. The final ship was a Galaxy class, the TSS “Trade Rights�

Inside the Galaxy class, the fleet commander looked at her viewscreen, countless faces expecting her to give a speech. She opened up the communication channel and spoke “Fellow citizens of the Trantor empire, we are at an impasse. One of our agents Ryand is on a planet where he planed to set up peaceful trade relations. We have heard that the group of industrial titans wants to oppose our efforts o peacefully trade. That is unethical, and immoral. As of our charter in TY 4M233, we must be forced to send our Military advisors to determine if this foe is worth the efforts that Ryand and the Dalek have both proposed. We shall fight, and win this battle for Trade, Business, and Great Economic Justice!� Thought the fleet there were shouts, as the ships all jumped into FTL, the first Battlestar reappearing at the rendezvous pointing the far out orbit of Terra, near the waiting Executor and the rest of the Dalek’s advance fleet. The two fleets were waiting, and they slowly approached the orbital station New Huston.

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