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The Goal

a topic in Vffekt's Challenge, a part of the RPG forum.

A challenge to all Roleplayers that wish to see their limits and grow from there.

The Goal

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Vffekt on Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:16 pm

[align=center]Lord Vffekt

The final goal for this Challenge is to obtain the skills and power necessary to overcome a foe as overwhelmingly formidable as the great Vffekt. A brief history on Vffekt is the least I can offer.

And ancient race of demigods were stricken down from power, robbed of their free wills, and then their lives. Angels were the ones that found them unworthy of life, and with numbers and strategy, destroyed their small civilization.

The last of their kind, a warrior of shadows but also a warrior of righteousness, wandered the earth for many years after. Plagued by visions of family lost and futures cut off, he was a haunted man with no past left to hold to, and no future to see ahead.

This man then retreated to a pocket dimension, a mysterious dimension known as the Shadow Realm. From there, he spent a few years creating a human body for his spirit to inhabit, and hopefully find peace in.

This human, as soon as he was created, was little more than an amateur swordsman and minor Shadow User. This was not enough, and when he found himself lacking, he went to train. No memory of who he was, his personality still lingered, still beckoned for the strength to defend loved ones. Though this strange man, called by many the name Vicious, held no loved ones, the need for that strength survived.

His life progressed, as did his vastly unfolding powers. He moved from place to place, learning what he could, before moving to the next. This man was not entirely honorable, and occasionally would steal from those who would call him "friend".

One such relic, the centerpiece for a powerful knighthood that cherished the power of all forces combined as one. The Twilight Brotherhood, whose sole responsibility was to safeguard the Twilight itself. A mysterious two-foot pyramid that contained the energies of a benign force. A force that would grant those worthy Knighthood, which would grant black armor and flight.

Vicious stole this object, and as he moved to escape, the monks gathered all of their spirits and assaulted him. Devastated by the attack, his flesh bleeding and his soul leaking into the world around him, Vicious could not see that the pyramid had found a new shape. The Monks had died to instill their hatred upon the holiest of relics. The once benevolent object was now a monster of hate. A bringer of Chaos. The combined might of every element swirling together and destroying all that's present. This runeblade was something to be feared.

Over the next ten years, as he would finally make friends and family, he would slowly come to learn how to suppress the madness that leaked freely from the blade. Forced dozens of times to slay countless innocents, yet unable to cast the weapon away, this new power was a welcome comfort to his soul.

And just as he would find peace, other works would seek to end him. His body was dragged straight into the most secret of place in the spires of Heaven, his soul torn open like a paper bag, and the powers long ago hidden within his kind were forced out of him. The God reborn, Vicious was left dead, not even a corpse to show his passing. The mysterious sword was gone immediately, but where to, none would know.

Hundreds of years in Hell, only a few in the living worlds, whittled his mind and his memory down. Tortured mercilessly by the seven Lords, he lost his mind and over time became as useless as a doll. And treated as a Doll, this empty soul that simply would not diminish as most would, became an asset to the Legion of Demon.

The seven lords, each with their own intent, would take this nameless soul and grant him a vast portion of their power.

Fire, Ice, Dark, Light, Death, Life, and Wind. Combined in one body, all the knowledge required to use each element freely, but granted also an ability the Demon Lords did not have. The ability to leave, to travel between life, death, Heaven, Hell, and the Great Void.

The moment they directed him earthward, towards a task now forgotten, he emerged from Hell. Now wearing the clothes his body had come to be accustomed to before he had died, he still bore no memories. Now he carried a purpose. A need. To free those that could not free themselves. To destroy kingdoms, and allow the people to manage themselves.

And the demons appeared from all directions. Some leaving Hell, others abandoning Warlock masters. His presence, which was latently connected to the Great Void and the Demon Essence, caused all those of Demonic Blood to follow his command with loyalty and respect. He was their natural leader.

But, he knew that he could be as wrong and cruel as those others whom would change the world on their ideas. Thus, in his mind formed the Challenge. To allow those that would disagree, or simply be willing and strong enough to fight at his side, to grow in power perhaps to rival him.

Only in experience with impossible odds is fighting the Vffekt, The Lord of Endless Chaos, Master Vicious, anything beyond a fleeting dream.

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