The Graffiti Wars

The Graffiti Wars

Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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OOC » The Graffiti Wars' Gang Ranking System

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A question was brought to me, and caught my attention.

Since the Depictioners and the Hounds are technically still gangs, not official organizations or anything, being somewhat like the Mafia could bring things like this into consideration. They're both underground gangs whose members just have a great passion for art. So they need organization, yes? And so comes brought forth a ranking system. Both the Depictioners and the Hounds would probably vary on their ranks, but this is good idea of I imagine it to be:

  • LEADER(S)- The founder, or person who naturally takes charge with their own leadership. Whether by personality-wise or mutual respect.
  • OFFICER(S)- Members who have been around longer, and generally make sure that the newbies don't get too crazy.
  • BLACK - The OFFICERS who take care of betrayers, ex-members, threats to the gang. The main ones who give the gangs a more violent image.
  • WHITE- The OFFICERS who take care of the government issues, supervisors to testings and member initiations and group projects.
  • PLANK(S)- Members who do not have any authority to make important decisions; been around for about a year or more. Are superior to the newbies.
  • NEW(BIE(S)- Self explanatory. Are officially PLANKS after gaining some rep. and being in the gang after a test and a year.

However, this is just something that's a bit crazy. The Leader thing is a definite, but I think it's best to be up to everyone to decide whether you'd like this. Your choice guys.

On another note. I haven't been exactly clear as to how they came into existence, and so Black Officers and White Officers (I'm still pending on those titles.. Lame? And, whether the ranking system stands) would weed out the bad ones, and the Leader generally picks out the ones for the official initiations, where from there is much, much harder work.

I don't think that this would be absolutely necessary to place in the Introduction. Unfortunately, this would involve you guys having to decide what rank your characters would be, unless you don't mind. Anyway, you should decide after your character is accepted, so yeah. If indecisive, I could always determine you character's rank -- if needed.
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