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The Great Guild Fortune

The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

a part of “The Great Guild Fortune”, a fictional universe by Nulix.

"What makes a great guild? Fortune? No. Power? No. Glory? Not necessarily. It's the friends you gain, the adventures you have together, and the memories you make along the way."

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Great Guild Fortune”.
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The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nulix on Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:26 pm

A place to write our characters secret thoughts on the other members of the cast! To be updated as the story continues.

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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 1.25 INK Postby Nulix on Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:15 pm

Yuwen’s Opinions:

Namari - Still a regular practitioner of bastardry. We didn’t leave on the best terms. Who remembers who hurt who but it’s no matter. No one can stay mad at Yuwen Fortune. When i knew her she was that funny far off noble girl who’d visit. The Blind Byeonsun. I don’t know what’s happen since, but seeing as she’s chained up to that lewd loincloth man, and seeing as i found her in Poyo of all places, I suspect it’s not good...

Suiken - I have trouble telling if he’s old and fat or if that’s just how snow oni’s look. Amongst the group he does seem the most reasonable. I’ve not met many snow oni who I would describe as peaceful but he seems to fit so far. Snow oni are useful companions, who knows what secrets from the north he may know.

Sunaarashi - Quiet and deadly. I don’t know much about him but he hasn’t tried to eat people yet so surely he can’t be that bad. Not sure where he’s from but I suspect Sune- both due to his name and appearance. Will have to probe further- anyone who keeps that quiet has a reason to.

Takai - Did you see that shot he took at the tengu? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a bowman so good. I like him! And more importantly, he seems easily manipulatable! Wait, scratch that, sounds bad. He seems like his goals align with mine. A criminal who protects for the good of the people? That’s a man who both treasure, glory, and maybe being a hero. And seeing as I’m in the business of leading heroes this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Lo-Muna - Am I not human? Does blood not burst through my veins? She’s… extremely physically charming. And she offered to fight with me right away, against the banditos of the marsh. But there’s something about her. Perhaps it’s the speed, both of her feet and of her tongue, but there something about her I do not yet trust.

Ginchiyo - Seemingly from another world. Maybe thats a world where they feast on the defeated but… I’m not sure. One does not eat the flesh of another sentient being so lightly. Perhaps I should fear her, she is deadly. But Instead, I’m curious. I know nothing about this wildling and I think I need to.

Xanth - She can climb like no one I’ve seen! Also, she seems to dislike clothes! She was one half of a mercenary company that suffered a grave casualty during the tengu attack. She helped me defeat the tengu and save the village, it only reasons that I should help her find her bear. She’s strong, beautiful, powerful, mute- right, mute. We’ll have to figure out how to get around that.

Yamato - A wandering tengu with a grudge against other tengu. Unusual. An outcast with a sword is exactly the type that fits into a warrior guild, but.. there was something about how he attacked the tengu master. A brutality. Will need to keep my guard up around him.

Kaor - Seemed nice. Hope she isn’t dead.

Jensu - Huh? Who?

Samyan - The Ashuran necromancer. I knew something was off from the moment I laid eyes on her. I spent years on the snow oni sea and never once met one who looked like her. She has the most to answer for. What is a necromancer doing here, in Poyo of all places? Was she working with the tengu? Is she a spy for the empire of the Ashura? Is her seemingly immature, idiotic, extremely stupid nature an act? God, Ashuran are weird looking too- I’ve never interacted with one for so long before. Won’t become breast-friends with her anytime soon. Sorry, best-friends. Weird looking, right. Definitely weird looking. I don’t trust her and out of all the prospective guild members who’ve joined me on my adventure, I don’t know that I’ll ever grow to.

Ren - This group has two people I’d call warriors by trade- Sunaarashi and Ren. While Sunaarashi seems like he became a warrior through suspicious means Ren seems like he became one through noble ones. Must learn more and keep an eye on him. Nobility and honour can sometimes... contradict a guild’s line of work.

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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 1.25 INK Postby PirateofPie on Tue Mar 16, 2021 9:45 pm

Suiken's Sonnets

Yuwen- I'm not entirely sure if I trust this kid yet, but....certainly knows how to weave a tale. I'll give him that. I can't say if his goals are noble but he seems to want a force of friends he could have by his side. Whether his intentions prove to be more than a simple treasure-seeker's remain to be seen...but as it stands, I was plannin' on traveling soon anyway.

Namari- This kid reminds me of home and that's no good. Spoiled rotten to the core. Holds the value of other's lives in little regard. Strong though in mind and body. Would be tough to get anything through to her, I'd wager. Still, she seems to know Fortune. That....actually, I'm not so sure if that's a good thing or not.

Sunaarashi- Man of few words. Sunish, by appearance.

Takai- This kid is a hell of a shot! Has a good heart too. I've heard tale tell of monkey archer here and there, but could he truly be one and the same? Perhaps. But if we all stay around eachother a little bit longer, he could stand to teach a certain noble a lesson...

Lo-Muna-She seems a compassionate sort for the most part! The kid has some...odd ideas about cannibalism but perhaps that's a Beast-Man thing. Another good fighter, bouncing to and fro! That could be a new ballad! The Ballad of the Bouncing Bunny. ...Though, perhaps I should clarify the meaning of the title first.

Ginchiyo- She....she ripped the flesh from that corpse. Rare to come across something like that. What's stranger is the suddenness at which it occurred and how she collapsed just as suddenly. Is there a possibility she's fallen into a curse? If not...perhaps there's a answer even more sinister somehow.

Xanthe- Silent. And not by choice it seems. But this kid's skill in the shadows is nothing to scoff at. She seems to have a habit of...nasal excavation. There are only a few reasons I can think of to commit such an act, none of them particularly savory. Her companion appears to be missing thanks to the Hatago Warriors. If she needs help looking for her, I'd be glad to offer assistance.

Yamato- Not gonna lie, this kid seems like a handful. A Tengu swordsman is nothing to scoff at, but one with the degree of arrogance and stand-offishness this one possesses likely won't find it within himself to respect others. Then there's his clash with the Tengu elder. The way he didn't seem to care at the slaughter of his own kin. I've a bad feeling...

Kaor- Seemed nice. Hope she isn't dead.

Jensu- Never heard of 'em!

Samyan- Her reasons for masquerading as a Snow Oni are understandable. Ashura are often illusive. It is rare to see one outside of their own country. However the sheer....tomfoolery displayed leads me to wonder how she managed to keep up the charade for so long. It's quite possibly an act. Her Necromancy was a last minute unpleasant surprise. In fact, that settles my previous question. No true fool would divide the lines between the living and the dead...

Ren- This kid is a soldier. Is or was. He seems to be wary around Snow Oni from what I can gather and if his armor's make is from where I think it is, then that's understandable. However I'd like to think there are more concerning matters, so there's no worry about a blade attempting ot cleave through my neck once the festivities die down.

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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 1.25 INK Postby AtlasAtrium on Tue Mar 16, 2021 11:28 pm

Namari’s Judgments:

Yuwen - A memory of a more nostalgic time. Not especially excited for this reunion. I can sense he's been getting up to no good, as usual... but knowing him, it'll be something fun.

Suiken - Preachy old man. Seems like a pushover, especially for a snow oni; his peace-loving yippie attitude makes me sick, and I bet it makes all of his kin back home sick, too.

Sunaarashi - A big man with a big sword. Respectable... until he starts giving me lip.

Takai - A decently behaved monkey, at first glance. I wouldn't trust him near my purse, he looks like the type to have thieving little hands. Seems to be okay with a bow.

Lo-Muna - Looks and thinks like an animal. I'm getting quite wary of all these beastmen walking around in the open, their barbaric customs are known to turn cities into pigsties. Though, I suppose hares are the less offensive of their lot...

Ginchiyo - Vile. Absolutely unthinkable. I feel like I'll catch a disease just by standing too close to this feral woman. Where is her owner?

Xanth - A collector and an assassin, by the look of it. She behaves strangely for one, if that's true; a far cry from the professional killers I've grown accustomed to over the years. I'll be sure to keep my distance, I can stop attacks from an inch away but I don't have a nose for poison.

Yamato - The race traitor. An interesting fellow. Hard to say if we'll get along, but I respect his straightforward thinking. And admittedly, I have passing interest in the nature of his vendetta. What can I say? I'm a glutton for drama.

Samyan - At first, I thought her a fool. Then she revealed herself to be a fool AND a necromancer. I could not imagine a more unfortunate combination. Were her death sentence not so deeply written in stone, I would strike her down myself.

Ren - I like a warrior with some sense to him. They know when -- and when not -- to make trouble. Well, not that the average commoner should be getting any ideas about making trouble...

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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 1.25 INK Postby Light_of_the_Fallen on Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:12 am

Lo-Muna's Thots:

Namari: She certainly has a mouth, doesn't she? I can already tell she'll be difficult to work with. She's like an angry kit, thumping her feet about everywhere. Shame since she seems to have an eye for nice fabrics. Spoiled brat.

Suiken - Ah this ancient oni of the snow. He seems to have some reason though he definitely seems like a buzzkiller.

Sunaarashi - Tall, strong. Definitely my type of man to fight alongside with. Maybe more...

- My fellow beastman! Of course he's already in my good graces. Especially with that shot he took! He certainly does us proud.

Yuwen - I certainly thought he was very good looking, charming even. But when he snatched that scroll from my hands... I mean this group already suspects him right? He certainly seems like a suspicious type. Perhaps I should give a little push in revealing Yuwen's truths...

Ginchiyo - It's not strange to see beastmen eat in that manner. What is strange is a human doing it. I didn't want to admit it to Yuwen but I do feel something may be a bit off with her. Not that it matters to me. She has aided me twice so far and I'm rather... fond of women like her. Especially with those muscles! That height! That intimidating demeanor! Enough to make a rabbit shake.. in fear if I'm not careful.

- Tiny human! Hmm seems trusting enough. I meant what I said to her about the bearwoman... But I was also under a bit of pressure there. She seems very sweet though and as long as she doesn't sic her dog on me, I think we'll be fine. Or try to stab me. Or bite me...I mean, I wouldn't mind the last one so much to be honest. Perhaps I can even lend a hand in her communication efforts.

- Good dog! Sweet dog!... Please don't bite me.

- I mean I do like the brooding types but he just seems like more of a murdering type. I am curious about why he would turn his back on his fellow Tengus. Not the smartest either since he asked about the way out of the tunnel he just hopped into.

- I feel guilty about letting them escape with her. I've seen many beastmen lost to slave traders and I've honestly lost a lot of hope. I want to believe we'll find her but with this group... Those chances are slim. Hope she isn’t dead.

- Who???

- Ah, big. Beefy. A bit of an idiot to be honest? But seems friendly enough. Looks really fun to be with. I look forward to enjoying her company more so long as it's not near the dead. I do find that bit somewhat unsettling. Her assets clearly aren't as big as mine.

- Him and the raven haired woman are my top picks in this group. He also assisted me in the fight so I must thank him for that at some point. I would like to get to know him better over drinks as well.
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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby CabbageAngel on Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:33 am

Xanth's Stances

Yuwen - Xanth's already made up her mind that she's joining him as he's the only one around here with the slightest clue of what's going on and has a penchant for heroics, which is regrettably what she needs right now. Not to mention he already tried to help Kaor, saved her own little behind, and has a face for comedy. Xanth likes laughing! 8/10, charmed.

Namari - OK, sure, she didn't know that Xanth needed the elder tengu alive for a bit longer, but it's hard not to hold a grudge - especially because she looks like a noble. Just a big, fat, jiggling coin pouch - a necessary evil for Xanth's own benefit. Also everything she's ever overheard her say has been rude. 3/10, pockets well guarded.

Suiken - Boring ethics lecturer. Thankfully there are others in the group less ethical than she so he's not on her case yet. Xanth definitely doesn't get it. Other than that, her impression is that he's a good oni with a real wisdom about him, and Xanth is young and wise words are easy to dismiss. 6.5/10, you're from another time, grandpa.

Sunaarashi - Sunaarashi has neither said or done anything since Xanth has been in contact with him. Right now he's just part of the scenery for her.

Takai - Wonderful! The only one that stuck around for her when she was upset after the boss fight and he's a good shot, it's nice to have back up. Did try to stop her from murdering once but completely made up for it by promising to find Kaor. 9/10, tail envy.

Lo-Muna - 10/10, beastmen are the best people.

Ginchiyo - Her eating habits seem instinctual, like Kaor's, but she's... human. Lots of unresolved drama there, flashbacks galore. Xanth would rather not get involved in it. Time to prove that she's not the weakest in this pack before this human gets any weird ideas. 4/10, hungry hungry human.

Yamato - Standoffish dude, probably 'cos of the massive sunburn - oh wait he's got wings. Talks violence and stuck in the hole. 6/10, smile!

Samyan - RUDE. Probably going to have to put up with a lot of “haha, you can’t talk” jokes from her. Maybe it's malice or maybe she's a moron. 1/10, read the room.

Ren - Classic mercenary at first glance, the kind she's seen around a lot in her circles, but has a firm grip on morality and ideals and is ready to punt you into the sky if you don't meet them. Xanth reckons she could take him. 7/10, comforting presence.

Kaor - Best friend. Xanth is well aware that Kaor considered her something small to care for and often struggled to get respect from her as a grown ass woman. Sometimes she felt more of a mother to Kaor despite Kaor's babying of her. She was Xanth’s mouth and though a common source of Xanth's frustrations was the bearwoman constantly censoring her, without her, she's at a loss for words. 11/10, oh my fucking god she's fucking dead

Dog - 1000000000/10, good boy.

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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Lord Saethos on Wed Mar 17, 2021 1:25 am

Ren's Rebukes:

Yuwen - Lots of vim, vigor, and empty promises. That tends to be the traits of a Charlatan. The supposed "riches" he promised were non-existent. But then again, he was right about the tomb, and there may be more to this scroll. Perhaps that pep has something more sincere behind it? Either way, he at least followed through with some adventure, perhaps I'll follow along a while, see where things go.

Namari - When I first saw her, I feared for her safety, being that she was chained up and being watched over by the snow oni. Now, having seen her in action, I find my fears were misplaced. Greatly. Looks very far down on others, was quick to kill the two Tengu (one of which was probably never going to fight again), and generally seems to have no regard for others. Maybe all this bravado is just an act, but better to not take too many chances.

Suiken - Was pretty sure he was a slaver at first, but between the battle in the town, and the events underground, I'm starting to realize my suspicions may have been unfounded. Nonetheless, he's a snow oni. I'll trust him as far as I can throw him until he can prove that kindness and spiritualism isn't just an act. Then again... I might be able to throw him a fair bit further than most could.

Sunaarashi - I've only heard of Sune through tales and legends, and so far he seems to be quite the myth himself. Hard to say what the content of his character is, but can't be much worse than the others.

Takai - Seems like a nice, compassionate fellow. Bit of a rogue, but everyone loves an underdog. Or ah, monkey for that matter. His mercy for his foes, while perhaps a little naive, is sweet. Looking for the good in others is commendable, so long as he keeps his guard up.

Lo-Muna - Friendly. Very friendly. And compassionate. When directed at myself, or some of the others, it seemed innocent enough, charming enough. But it might be to a fault. Saving the life of that Tengu was one thing, but her lack of action against our cannibal was definitely worrying. Hopefully that doesn't manifest into anything worse, but rabbits aren't really known for meat eating at least, so I think I can trust her there.

Ginchiyo - WHAT. ARE. WE. DEALING. WITH. I'm still quite certain she either has a demon inside her, is a demon herself, or has some other strange malady in need of serious fixing. And what was that about 'Lem'? Some strange secrets this one has. Very strange indeed.

Xanth - Silent assassin it would seem. Unable to speak by the looks of it, and now accompanied by one less friend. I feel for her. She's clearly capable at least, no doubt will be an asset to the group, so really I think the only thing to worry about with her is how to communicate. Oh, and the nose collection. I hope that's some sort of cultural thing.

Yamato - Seems to keep to himself, has a darkness about him. Hard to tell if that's malice, or pain. Either way, the look in his eyes tells of a "Devil May Care" attitude. Hard to say how we'll get along, but he is a fellow swordsman. Perhaps there's a greater understanding to be had of him in there.

Kaor - I wish I could have done something to help myself... I don't feel good only offering prayers for her, but I sincerely hope she either is safe, or had a quick, painless, and dignified end.

Jensu - Ginseng? No? Gen who? I'm sorry, I don't understand the question.

Samyan - Rips wings off Tengu's. Has the ability to revive the dead. Has 6 arms. Seems to lack an emotional connection to some of her actions. A person like this could almost be fun, if not for being quite horrifying. My concern with her is whether the things she does is out of malice, or ignorance. Either way makes her a pretty threatening person to be around, so hopefully more facts will reveal themselves and show a softer, less lethal side.

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Re: The Great Guild Fortune: Character Opinions

Tips: 1.25 INK Postby Kiyokojordie on Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:14 pm

Takai Spies

Yuwen - Recently found out that he's a noble. Well, that certainly puts a damper on things. He seems like a decent fellow though, like a sort of business man or a swindler. I've known a lot of guys like him. They're smart, but usually too ambitious for their own good. We might even become friends if he's not too, ahem, noble.

Namari - Ugh. UGH. Everything I hate about nobles. Smug, narcissistic, even has a poor commoner chained to her like a slave. Treats him like one too. Begrudgingly I must admit she's skilled with a blade, even if she barely uses her skill for good. Typical noble. Wonder if Ive stolen from her land before...

Suiken - What a great bard! Big guy, big heart. Love his type. Never met a snow oni quite as large as him. Good to hide behind if I need cover from a prefect (hope he doesn't mind), but more importantly he is a fantastic musician! I myself dabble on the flute. I would like to see if he can teach me a few things in the future.

Sunaarashi - A man of few words. Ive known a few Sunen in my time. He is certainly the most intimidating looking Ive seen, but I bet with a few drinks in him he'll be a riot. Reckon he has a good heart under that tough exterior. Would like to know his story.

Ren - There's a lot of guys like him in Flaming Lae Ming Wae. Ex-soldiers, warriors, mercenaries, bounty hunters. Most of them are washed up drunks, but some of them are still in business. This guy seems sober enough. Maybe a little too serious, probably needs to lighten up a bit. Maybe he's into practical jokes...

Lo-Muna - Whoa. I mean, uhm, wow. She's very erm...charming in a lot of areas. Hey, don't look at me like that! Listen, other than her appearance she seems like a lovely person. I'd be wary of her though, known a lot of attractive women with nimble fingers. Well, I can't talk. We'd make a good pair of thieves, us beastman. Nice to see a fellow tail in our ranks. I hope we get along!

Ginchiyo - So um. Well she's certainly...interesting? Look's like a human, acts like a predator beastman. I know beastmen who feast on the battlefield. Hurgh...I might puke up my lunch just thinking about it. I can't exactly blame people for witnessing cannibalism and thinking all beastmen are savages. On the other hand, human's like Ginchiyo are known to dabble in it too. Bit weird but hey, to each their own I guess.

Xanth - I might know her the best out of everyone. We've had a few conversations - if you can call them that - mostly me attempting to stupidly translate what she is signing to me. Might have to learn her language while we're traveling together. She feels familiar to me, rogue-like, like shes part of the gang back at Flaming Lae Ming Wae. A weird thing for noses, though. I hope we can become friends.

Yamato - Aahh, an angry Tengu. How many of those have I seen in my life? Well...admittedly not many, but he certainly fits into that stereotype. Like the Sunen, with a few drinks in him he might be a good time. Or he might get even more angry. Not really sure how to bond with his type, I have a slight feeling practical jokes wont work very well.

Samyan - Well well. I haven't met very many Ashura's in my time. I always had the impression that many of them were 'holier than thou', but Samyan seems very...not that. I suppose you can't trust stereotypes, eh? Seems like a jokester. A uh, a scary one. Raising the dead like that? Creepy. Ive heard of such magics but never witnessed it for myself. Hope the spirits don't get too angry. Hope I don't get cursed. Gulp.

Kaor - I liked her a lot. She was a big, friendly beastman. I could tell there was a lot of kindness in her heart. I really hope shes okay.

Jensu - I love goblins!

Dog - Cute and cool! Xanth gets to ride him around, wish I could do that....

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