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The Heroes, The Villains, and The Dead

a part of “Disney: Darkness Falls”, a fictional universe by Magus1108.

A Coalition of Evil led by the vile Maleficent seeks to conquer all...and they are winning. Heroes are being slain by these villains left and right. But hope remains; a new Alliance of Heroes is emerging, and together they shall take back their worlds.

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The Heroes, The Villains, and The Dead

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:47 pm

The Coalition of Evil:

Third Circle

Ratcliffe (Commands an army of demons...but other than that, he's not that powerful or intimidating)

Gaston (He's a fairly strong person in his own right, fairly charismatic, and he has a squad of demon-wraiths at his beck and call, but he's still human, and overall isn't that powerful)

Mother Gothel (She's a very good manipulator, and good with a dagger. But, she's not too much of a threat, in the end)

Frollo (Very spry for his age, good with a sword, and has a demon army at his beck and call. Otherwise, not very noteworthy)

Second Circle

Prince Hans (A skilled manipulator, able to put on a very convincing facade. He's good with a sword, too. But he can easily be overwhelmed and defeated, since he has no supernatural powers at his beck and call)

Yzma (She may be old and frail, but she's very, very dangerous. She's a mad scientist extraordinaire, and boy does it show. Her powers as a sorcerer-scientist are nearly unparalleled. But, she's still a very old woman, so it wouldn't be too hard to defeat her, once you've taken away her potions)

Shan Yu (A fearsome tyrant, to say the least. He's a man of few words, but when he does speak, it usually doesn't end well. Has an entire army of vicious Huns at his command, and is a very powerful and fierce warrior, overall. Very dangerous, but still a man, and still killable, if you try hard enough)

First Circle

Doctor Facilier (Has friends on the other side, and is a powerful sorcerer. Not a force to be reckoned with. Nearly unstoppable, unless you can get his “friends” to turn on him)

The Horned King (A powerful sorcerer, lich, and necromancer. Highly dangerous, and a very credible threat. Has an army of the undead at his command. He won't be going down without a fight, to say the least)

Ursula (An all powerful sea-witch, with the power and abilities of the Trident in her hands. She's also very good at manipulating people, and making deals that work in her favor. She is not a force easily reckoned with, to say the least)

The Atlantis Team (As individuals, they're as tough as nails, and they're all experts in their own particular fields of work. Together, armed with modern technology....they're quite a formidable force. They might not have supernatural abilities on hand, but guns and explosives can kill you just as hard as any spell or sword can)

The Big Bad Triumvirate

Jafar (An all powerful Genie, one of the most magically potent beings in all known creation. He does have restrictions on what he can and cannot do, but there are loopholes to every contract, and Jafar knows how to exploit them well. And sometimes, you don't have to kill your opponents personally to ensure they are utterly defeated...)

Hades (An actual god, and ruler of the Underworld. Has an armada of demons at his beck and call, is quite a good manipulator and schemer, and did I mention he's a god? He's nearly impossible to defeat or kill. He also is allies with the Fates, who could very well warn him if he's in danger of being defeated or killed)

Maleficent (A demonic creature made of pure evil, with nearly unlimited power. She's the most powerful sorceress there is, and she can turn into a very powerful dragon as well. She is also behind the existence of this very Coalition, which makes just about every future tragedy the Coalitions causes all her fault. Very evil, very powerful, and a force to be reckoned with, overall)

Alliance of Heroes:

I think I broke a Nail!

Ariel (Can she even fight at all? Maybe underwater, but I doubt she has much experience doing that as a surface dweller)

Prince Naveen (A pretty-boy Prince who, much like Jasmine, was pampered for most of his life. He might know some basic fighting moves, but he's a long, long way off from being a warrior)

Princess Jasmine (Spent a good majority of her life as a pampered princess. More likely than not, she can't hold up on her own in a fight. She does have a pet tiger to help her out, though, if that counts for anything)

Megara (She's street-wise, in a sense, and no doubt could put up a fight...just not very well. She'll have to go through a lot of training to be even half as strong as her former boyfriend, that's for sure)

Rapunzel (She can hit people with a frying pan. And she's very athletic and agile. Otherwise...yeah, she needs to buff up)

Esmeralda (Esmeralda is used to living on the streets, so she has some advantage in that regard, and she could probably do fairly well in a fight on her own...but against a serious opponent, she wouldn't last very long)

Time to get Serious

Princess Eilonwy (She has some basic magical abilities, and has a sort of companion magical device known as a Golden Pelydryn. However, she's a long way off from being a proper sorceress)

John Smith (He can fire a gun. Probably. And he looks like a man who's in shape, and in his prime. Still has his work cut out for him, though)

Kristoff (While not a warrior, Kristoff is in fairly good shape. He also has experience surviving in an extremely cold environment, which could help him out later on down the line. Still has a lot to learn, though)

Kida (She's received a little training no doubt. But it's not like Atlantis has an actual army, and even then her training probably wasn't the best. Still, she's better off than some of the others)

Heavy Hitters

Princess Merida (She's one of the few Princesses trained for combat! She's a great archer, has experience in swordsmanship, and can ride a horse! She's not your typical Princess, that's for sure)

Beast (In his bestial form, Beast is quite formidable. A lot of muscle and raw strength backing him up, and his fierce looks could spread the fear of God into a man, to say the least)

Kronk (Pretty big guy, very well muscled, very strong. Probably doesn't have training as an actual warrior, but hey, no one's perfect)

Mulan (Trained as a full-fledged soldier in the Chinese Army. She's swift, agile, strong, and great with a sword. She also has a good mind for tactics, and can come up with a plan on the fly when need be. Out of everyone here, she's the best qualified to fight against the Coalition)

Elsa (Has the power of Ice and Snow at her command. She can freeze anybody solid within a few seconds, no doubt. While not quite a sorceress, she's still very, very powerful. But she hasn't had actual training as a warrior. Even then, she's easily the strongest person in the alliance, due to her magical powers)

Of Gods and Men

Phil (He might not be much of a fighter himself, but he's trained the best damn Heroes around, and he won't let you forget it! It takes a while for you to earn his trust and respect, though. And he'll be a little bit sexist about training women...)

Genie (A nice and friendly genie, who's just as powerful as Jafar, though not nearly as vicious and cruel. He's got your back no matter what, though he has limitations on what he can and cannot do)

The Ancestors (The collective spirits of generations of Fa family members. While they exclusively help out Mulan, they may not be adverse to giving out advice or help to people close to Mulan now and again)

The Greek Gods (Zeus and the rest of the Greek pantheons, residents of Mount Olympus, and rulers over mankind. While the gods cannot interfere directly with the fate of Man, they try to do their best in the fight to stop Maleficent and her Coalition. If you can earn the favor of a Greek God, then your luck just might turn around)

The Dead and Fallen:

These are the brave souls whose lives were vanquished or otherwise thrown into chaos when the Coalition came into power. They cannot help the Alliance, but their spirits still linger on, and those with a strong enough will might just be able to give important advice to those still living...

The Imprisoned

Kuzco (Yzma didn't quite have the heart to kill Kuzco...plus, she wanted to gloat to someone. So she just turned him back into a Llama, and imprisoned him in the palace dungeons)

The Dearly Departed

Pretty much everyone in Sleeping Beauty that wasn't Maleficent (They are all so dead. Deader than dead. Dead dead dead dead dead. Dead. Deady dead dead. Maleficent slaughtered them all and bathed in their blood and gore for weeks afterward. It was a pretty brutal affair, all things considered)

Taran (He was slain by The Horned King when he returned to life, conquering the land with a legion of the undead and demons)

Prince Eric (He died when Ursula unleashed an army of demons to invade and conquer the surface world)

Belle (She was personally murdered by Gaston himself, when he came back to life and stormed the Beast's castle with an armada of unstoppable demons. If it's any consolation, she didn't suffer long)

Aladdin (He was [indirectly] killed by Jafar when he invaded Agrabah with an army of demons. Sucks to be him)

(She, along with pretty much the rest of her tribe and the residents of Jamestown, were slaughtered when Ratcliffe invaded the New World with his own little army of wraiths. She ended up suffocating to death when the forest was burnt to the ground)

Quasimodo and Phoebus (They both died when Frollo returned to life, and razed Paris to the ground with an unending army of demons)

Hercules (Hercules is deader than dead. Can't get much deader than he is. Hades didn't personally kill the demi-god...but, he did make a Wish for Jafar to send Hercules off into space, where he shortly suffocated to death)

Shang (Unlike his wife, Shang wasn't so lucky in surviving the Second Hun Invasion of China. He, much like most of the Chinese Army, died fighting the Hun invaders)

Milo Thatch (He died alongside Rourke when Helga shot down the zeppelin Rourke was using to transport Kida)

Tiana (She was tragically slain when Doctor Facilier returned to life, and conquered New Orleans with an armada of demons)

Nearly everyone in Brave that wasn't Merida (Maleficent herself invaded Merida's kingdom, forgoing the use of a proxy. She and her demonic army made quick work of the kingdom's soldiers, though Merida's father and his men put up a good fight)

Flynn/Eugene (He was killed by Mother Gothel when she was restored to life, and invaded the kingdom with a fierce legion of demons at her command. Pretty tragic, but his heroic sacrifice bought Rapunzel enough time to escape the slaughter)

Anna (Anna actually made it out of the kingdom with her sister and Kristoff, when Prince Hans returned with a nigh indestructible army of demons at his command. However, she received a mortal wound during the flight to safety, and later died of her wounds, much to Elsa and Kristoff's grief)

There is no War in Ba Sing Se

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