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The Hounds Redeux

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The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby diabolicalxdamsel on Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:05 pm

(Currently this is a private rp between myself and SkullsandSlippers, but there may be some bigger roles down the road so shoot me a PM if you're interested).

"Are they approaching?" Cassie's voice sounded over the static of Lenus' headset. He squinted into his scope wishing he shared his sister's superior eyesight. The beads of sweat trickling down his forehead didn't help. He hated these long distance jobs. Through the glass, he saw the four individuals race through the village from his perch atop a church's steeple. A grin crossed his face and he relaxed a little. "They're getting close," he responded. "They're heading North... turning at that intersection by the pani puri stand... get ready." Cassie was prepared, her sniper rifle resting on an empty frame of an old window facing South towards where she would see her targets approaching. Their fear of capture blinded them from the realization that it was all a trap. It almost always happened this way. She didn't much care for bringing back live ones. "Let's get some of that pani puri after this is over." Her fingertip gently hugged the trigger like an arm around a lover. This was familiarity. This was solace. The targets approached the bend: one middle-aged man, two young men, and a petite girl hardly out of her teens, all sweating and terror stricken. Her brain knew which order to shoot at nearly the same time it told her finger to pull the trigger. The bullets were silent. Nobody screamed. The alley was empty. Cassie leaned back with a sigh and tried to rub the crick out of her neck. "It's done. Let's signal the cleanup crew, grab some food, and get out of this damn desert." Lenus grinned "Ten-four."

Mae awoke with a start, the nightmare fading as quickly as her arousal. She groaned under the flickering fluorescent light and sat up on her hard mattress. She blinked dully at the heavy iron door of her cell. With a label such as "domestic terrorist" stamped on her file, she received private quarters with more security. At least there was some false sense of privacy when she used the toilet (if you didn't count the all-seeing security camera). She'd been locked away nearly a year spending much of that time in solitary confinement. She stood, stretched, and looked into the mirror across the room. "Do I look like a criminal?" she mused out loud. Talking to herself had long become normal. She touched a blonde curl cropped up to her ears by the prison's resident barber and interrogator. She missed being able to twirl it around her finger multiple times.

She didn't remember being a criminal, she just had some smart friends who hated corporatism as much as she did. She just thought about something one day and now she sat on death row. Nobody died, no one was hurt, but that doesn't really matter when a young journalist and a couple of graduate students cost the world's largest oil conglomerate six billion dollars in a matter of hours. She didn't do anything except say "I wonder what kind of profits Star Petrol is making on that oilfield they just secured in the East." She didn't even give a shit about SP's profits. She just wanted to impress that stupid jackass Freddie. He was the one who hacked into the system. He and Marcus hatched the damn plan. She just worked on her news articles and cheered them on. However, when the authorities banged on their flat at four A.M. and hauled them all to the bighouse, they pointed their fingers at her in exchange for a lighter sentence. After all, it was her computer; Freddie never compromised his identity. They wouldn't even let her prove that she knew nothing about computers outside of email, browsing, and using word-processing software. They didn't even hook her up to a lie detector. They just threw her in a room and beat the lies and false confessions out of her. They made her think her fair weather friends were being tortured in the room next door. When you cost money for oil tycoons, you cost money for the government, and in their eyes, that's treason. And treason means death.

So she went through the circus of trials where all the anti-establishment criminals went through. She testified before a judge and jury that pretended to be unbiased. She sat before the tape of the torture that inevitably led to a confession. Still, she bit her tongue about fucking Freddie and that's where she messed up. She watched the interview in the chow hall after the judge sentenced her to death by lethal injection. That skinny prick shaking his head at the interviewers claiming he had no idea that she was capable of such atrocities that nearly collapsed the country's economy and left it vulnerable to any foreign attack. She always wanted to be famous. Didn't look like journalism was going to pan out.

Her miserable flashback was disturbed by the creak of her door. An irritated guard stood with some black piece of clothing draped over his arm. "Put this on," he grunted as he tossed her the black jumpsuit. We're taking you downtown." Mae was more perplexed about the impromptu field trip than she was about the fatigues. She wasn't scheduled to die for another two months. "Where am I goi-"
"Just put it on."
He gave her some privacy as she changed from orange to black. "This looks like some getup from an action movie." The gaurd didn't seem to care about her babbling. She figured he had heard plenty. He ziptied her hands and led her down the halls of barred prisoners. The catcalls always sent a chill down her spine. Watching the double doors of the exit get closer felt like a dream. Perhaps she was dying now and the poison was in her clothes. The brisk gust of wind that hit her face as those doors opened sure felt real. She couldn't remember the last time she felt the sun on her face. It stormed during her trial.

She was ushured into the back of a van as a single passenger riding alone on a bench in a dark carriage. The ride felt like it took an hour, but the city was only twenty minutes away. A gaurd opened the doors and put a blindfold over her eyes. "Am I going to die by firing squad? Beacuse I don't think that's what the judge said when he s-"
"Has anyone told you you talk too fucking much?" the gaurd replied with a hard shove into an unknown building. Mae rolled her eyes and bit the insides of her cheeks to avoid responding. As a girl on borrowed time, she didn't care to spend the final days of her twenty-five year visit to Earth with yet another welt on her cheek.

She could hear the doors of an elevator. She blindly felt for the bars as it began to sink a little too quickly for her liking. They stepped out and the gaurd removed her blindfold. They were in a polished hall of dark gray marble. She was pushed along the rows of steel doors approaching a more ornate, wooden one at the very end of the hall. "Inside," the guard ordered though his voice seemed to lose the sharpness it had outside. He opened the door and closed it when she stepped in. He didn't follow. "Ah, you're here," purred the secretary at the desk in front of her. "Marvelous. I'll let the Lieutenant General know you're here. She leaned into the com pressing a button with a manicured finger. "Ma'am, she's here."
"Send her in."
Another button and the two tinted doors behind the desk opened. "If you will, Miss Walker."

Mae stepped inside into the office of a middle-aged woman with tightly bound red hair that had began graying around the temples. She extended her hand. Miss Walker, I am Lieutenant General Laura O'Hare, and I have an offer for you, a way out of this dreadful mess. However, we have another guest coming so let's have some tea in the meantime. Do you take sugar?"
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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SkullsandSlippers on Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:01 pm

Via stood. She didn’t know where they were taking her but she knew it had to be better than days in the cell alone. She wasn’t sure if it was better or worse that she wasn’t in a normal cell. Her ability to pick locks and escape from places made it near impossible to put the former spy turned prisoner any place without fear that she would one day vanish.

As well when they cuffed her to move her it was not normal handcuffs they placed on her wrists. She couldn’t help but smile. At least they aren’t incompetent.

A bag went over her head, a common thing used with prisoners. Via frowned in the darkness. Okay, not moving somewhere in the prison. She didn’t ask what was going on. She knew better than to say anything. Questioning the guards came with swift repercussions.

Someone nudged her forward. Via walked. At one point she knew she was in an elevator, she could feel the floor moving. When she felt the wind, she was very confused. Leaving the building. Interesting....

Someone put a hand on her head, forcing her to duck down and it didn’t take a lot for Via to figure out she was now in a vehicle. The rumble underneath her confirmed it. When they stopped and she was pulled out again she could hear someone talking. Via strained to hear what was being said but they were too far away. She did not want to give the impression that she was eavesdropping and did not make an attempt to escape. She wanted to be the model prisoner as this situation intrigued her.

The sound of the plane really piqued her interest. Where are we going? Come on...a clue, something... Those that escorted her said nothing. Now it was just becoming frustrating. Via ground her teeth together and sat still. Just like a mission, bide your time.

The flight was long, how long she wasn’t entirely sure but she got the distinct impression that they were outside of England now.
They escorted her off the plane and into another car. This is truly getting tedious.

Via had lost the curiosity now. When they finally took the hood off of her she blinked from the sudden light. She looked around. Dark grey marble, wood door. Via was nudged forward towards the wooden door.

One of the guards opened the door and Via stepped inside. A woman at a desk looked up. “Oh good.” She pressed the intercom and told the unseen person that Via had arrived. American. It was the first thought Via had.

A guard moved her towards another door and opened it letting Via step inside. She found two other women in the room. One sat behind a desk.

“We have the prisoner for delivery.”

The man beside her spoke up, addressing the woman behind the desk. Via stood very still, hands still cuffed behind her back, her eyes now focused on the wall behind the desk.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby diabolicalxdamsel on Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:04 pm

She picked up two sugar cubes with a small pair of silver tongs and dipped them into her tea. As she stirred she sated, "you know where I come from, we have found out that this stuff tastes much better over ice." O'Hare merely grinned and shrugged as she studied the paperwork in her hand. Mae sighed audibly; the charm and anticipation she had felt was already beginning to fade into a state of boredom. At least the inmates back at the jail brought some excitement and spontaneity to things. She didn't even know if the girl that would smuggle her candy bars one day would attempt to murder her the next.

"I know about being fashionably late, but this is getting silly."

Silence from the lieutenant.

"We should just get started and have our guest catch up, whadaya say?"


"You know, in the time we've been here, I swear I've seen another gray hair sprout out of your head.

O'Hare pulled a file from her stack paperwork and opened it. "Bonnie Mae Walker-sentenced for high treason in her attempt to collapse the country's economy by robbing its most successful company."

Mae shrugged "My papa always told me not to mix business and politics, ma'am."

O'Hare continued "You have two bachelor's degrees in communication and journalism. You became the chief editor of the Yungsten State College newspaper and landed your first job with the Monroe County Herald."

Mae knew what O'Hare was trying. She wanted to scare her by reminding her of all the little details the government had on file about her. They pulled this stunt a year ago and it worked. But now she possessed a harder shell and an unshakable nerve. She felt that with some crimson lipstick and clump-free mascara, she'd be unstoppable.

"Nice of you to do your homework, but anyone who turned on a tv last year ought to know that.

She could see O'Hare's lips begin to grow thin with irritation. Success at last.

"Fair enough, Miss Walker. Should I send some additional information to the media as well? What about that embarrassing scar? What about that jagged black line you have inked into your right hipbone because you had a panic attack at the tattoo parlor?"

Mae blinked a little stunned and taken aback, but O'Hare continued.

"I know about the high school keg party you snuck over two when you were thirteen. Your still haven't told your father, but he found out about it years later. I know that you were teased in the second grade for having a severe stutter. I know you became an alcoholic as a teenager and didn't sober up until your junior year of college."

The lieutenant finally smiled looking up at an uncomfortable Mae who suddenly lost most of her bold attitude.

"The evaluation says you are vain beyond reason sometimes, you don't like silence and you try to make jokes or small talk when you're nervous. I know your ticks. I know that you pretend to clean your nails when you don't want to show that you are scared....just as you are doing now, Miss Walker.

Mae quit digging under her thumbnail looking at O'Hare with a face she dearly hoped expressed anything but her yearning to hide.

"I have enough here to tell the world an entirely different side of you. What would publick opion say about you if I told them about the time you tried cocaine in your cousin's van and displayed your mugshot all over the news?"

She tossed the mugshot on the table for emphasis. Mae's heart sank at the sight. She was usually proud of her good looks, but the image showed a woman battered from police brutality. Her golden curls were tangled and matted, her lips were swollen and bruised, thin smears of blood streaked her forehead and the flesh around her eye was plump and in a deep shade of purple. She knew the power of the media, especially in the hands of the government and she knew they didn't make her look as bad as they could have. She prayed for a way out from O'Hare's ferocious gaze when she heard the click of a latch. O'Hare went back to buisness as usual.

"Ah, Agent Dering. Do come in."

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SkullsandSlippers on Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:13 pm

Via was not sure where she was or why she was there. She knew she was in the states and that she was standing in an office with a woman behind a desk and another who sat, looking very uncomfortable. There was tension in the room, that was easy enough to read though the cause was not readily apparent.

“Do you want her to remain cuffed?”

Via looked over at her guard and then back to the woman behind the desk. She met the woman’s critical gaze, not wavering. “No I am sure Ms Dering can be trusted to sit and have a conversation.”

No smile, no reaction other than a glance at the guard. He looked wary for a moment, as if he wanted to make sure the woman understood just what she was saying. He wasn’t sure if this American woman had seen the prisoner’s file but if it was him he wouldn’t let her out of cuffs.

Via had yet to say a word though her patience was being tested. She wondered how long it would be before the woman at the desk snapped at the guard to get a move on. He seemed to be weighing out the option of telling the woman that it was a bad decision.

With a slight shake of his head the guard moved behind Via and in seconds her wrists were free. She let her arms slowly relax back to her sides. The guard nodded and left the room. Via remained standing.

Behind her there was a slight scuffle. “Be careful!”

“Sorry mate, didn’t see you there....” The gruff voice chuckled.

“Look wise ass..”

“Sorry, can’t chat, I have a meeting to attend to.”

Via glanced over her shoulder just as the handcuffed man shouldered the guard out of the way. There was amusement in her eyes though she did not smile. The man entering was a familiar one.

“Well I am here, let’s get a party going.” He rubbed his wrists as the cuffs were removed. “Well darling, didn’t think I would ever see you again.” He reached out, a heavy hand clapping her on the shoulder.

Via nodded her head to him. “Good to see they didn’t execute you Hugh.”

Hugh snickered, a small smirk appearing on his face. “Nah, you don’t kill something you might need later and besides when was the last time those blokes hung someone?”

“What’s this all about then?” He looked to the woman who sat behind the desk before looking at the other person in the room. He flashed her a smile.

“Hello there. Name is Hugh Peterson.”

He reached a rough, large hand to her. The hand was connected to an equally large though muscled arm. He had the build of a man who not only took care of himself but worked out often. He wasn’t so big that his neck was no longer visible or shirts did not fit. Hugh’s jaw was square with slight stubble. Woman often found him handsome in a rugged bouncer sort of way.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby diabolicalxdamsel on Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:12 pm

Mae lifted an eyebrow as the new guests entered, the dimple of her cheek deepening as her lips curled into an amused smile. "My word, lieutenant. I would have taken the time to gussy up if I knew I was coming to a party." O'Hare's jaw became fixated and her nostrils flared. Something about the sight before her triggered a twitch around her left eye. "Take a seat, Miss Dering, Mister Peterson" she sated the man's name with a bit more firmness.

Mae looked up at the sizeable gentlemen. Minus the accent, he sort of reminded her of the meatheads that hovered around her in the gym. Well, maybe not. The smile was honest and easygoing rather than standing to mask some predatory agenda. "Mae Walker. Pleased to meet you." She met his eyes, firmly shook his hand, and returned the smile.

She glanced at the other woman, this "Miss Dering." These two had a story and she was curious. She took in whatever information she could from these brief glances. They were both cleaner than your garden variety prisoner. They were also both very fit. This Dering was treated with quite a bit of caution. The gears in Mae's head begin to turn. She hoped to have them figured out by the meeting.
O'Hare was back to business and began to hand out contracts " Now these are just privacy agreements to ensure that none of what I'm about to say is shared between none but ourselves. Mae quickly glanced over the statements and conditions. The repercussions sounded a bit harsh (she could never keep a secret), but her days were numbered anyway. She signed in big, loopy lettering, tapping her toes on the floor.

"Can you finally dish out the news, Lieu? I'm dying just sitting here."
She turned to the others, grinning like she knew they'd love her stupid jokes.

O'Hare put on a pair of frameless reading glasses and pulled some paperwork from her clipboard. "Despite what you may see on the news, we don't always execute our Death Row prisoners. Sometimes, even amongst the most obnoxious of dissenters, we give them a chance to earn their freedom. We give them a chance to start afresh and live a new life."

Mae's ensuing chuckle was laced with an unexpected bitterness "That's awfully nice of ya'll, Lieu. I reckon you don't hand out these get out of jail free cards purely out of the kindness of your hearts, huh?" She heard rumors of these chances. People without any other way out doing dirty deeds for their overlords only to be shipped across the pond to some other bullshit country with nothing but their belongings from jail. No other clothes. No other money. No other resources. Still, it sure as hell beat being stuck in a box with nothing with her thoughts and her own voice as company. She teased Marcus when her told her about these rumors and dismissed them as another dumb conspiracy theory.

Sure enough, O'Hare launched into the whole spiel about their "wonderful opportunity" to perform a few "simple tasks." The work wouldn't take any longer than three weeks. "And you, Miss Walker will have the chance to finally correct your little stunt. After all, you just got to catch a man. You've certainly managed to do that a few times, yes?" she stated with a grin and a few pats on her personal file. Mae pursed her lips, looking down and saying nothing.

O'Hare handed everyone a glossy mugshot of a man around his late twenties or early thirties. "This is Javier Vega, the leader and founder of the largest anti-government movement The Eye of Truth. This group has exploded to dangerous proportions and we are seeing signs of unrest all over the country. "Oh well we can't have THAT" snorted Mae.
O'Hare ignored her and continued "Your job is to penetrate the core of this group, get close to Vega, and apprehend him. Our goal is to capture him alive so he can be properly tried."
The lieutenant didn't have time to continue because Mae had swiftly brought fists down on the table with a tremendous SLAM.

"Oh, oh PROPERLY tried" she erupted, her Souther accent thickening as her anger grew "You mean like when you had that sadistic FUCKER torture me for SIX HOURS until I buckled and said I hacked the system just to make him stop." She was visibly trembling by now and a guard came in to restrain her. O'Hare hardly looked phased. On the contrary, she looked somewhat amused.
"Well, well Miss Walker. I would have expected more excitement from Miss Dernier here than I would from you."

Mae wasn't having it. "Oh, cut the shit, lieutenant. I'm an innocent woman and you know it. Surely if you know how many boys I let cup my boob, you know that I don't know a damn thing about computer codes. You KNOW Freddie Connor and Marcus Lepinski pulled off that entire circus."
"Yes, Miss Walker and they're working nice, cozy jobs for intelligence now. It's funny how quickly a little fear and a lot of money can keep those smart boys out of trouble."

Mae didn't realize she had screamed at first. The guttural roar didn't fit her small body or higher-pitched voice.

"Are you quite done, Miss Walker? Your innocence isn't the point. We needed gifted boys like them on our side and we needed to make an example for the populace. You're getting your chance now. You can take it or you can die."

For once, Mae was at a loss for words. Never before did she realize that people could so willingly throw their convictions out the window. Freddie and Marcus once swore they'd die for the truth. What cowards. What idiots. Then again, Mae was pretty idiotic in letting them use her computer. Finally, she deflated, her limbs going loose as she slumped back into her chair. She didn't even bother drying her tears. Her face couldn't settle on an expression of anguish or defeat.
"Fine." she muttered hoarsely.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SkullsandSlippers on Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:04 pm

Hugh opened his mouth to say something, likely sarcastic when the Mae introduced herself. He shook her hand and gave her a wink. “Seems we are all in a bit of trouble.

Via sat though she would have prefered to stand. She spent a lot of time sitting in her cell. Her back was straight, her hands in her lap. There was still a bit of her boarding school upbringing in her.

In contrast Hugh plopped himself into a seat and reclined as if he was at a frat party. Via looked over at him. As much as he was capable at his job his behaviour left Via with a bad taste in her mouth.

Via listened intently as the lieutenant explained that she had privacy agreements, that she was about to share information with them. Her face gave away none of her confusion. I am a prisoner, a traitor they say, what do the Americans want with me or Hugh for that matter?

Via and Hugh each took a form and looked it over. It wasn’t nothing overly special, no different than what they had both signed when they were put on the team to begin with.

Hugh looked over at her, an eyebrow raised slightly. It was clear he was wondering the same things she was.

She turned to look at Mae. The girl was clearly not a soldier. She called the woman ‘Lieu’ and made what seemed to be a joke though Via’s only way of knowing was the smile on her face.

Hugh gave a slight smile though he didn’t get the joke either.

Via understood that England wasn’t in the habit of executions so she assumed the Lieutenant’s speech was for the other woman, Mae.

Hugh looked up at the ceiling. He was a bit bored himself and didn’t understand what this was all about. As far he was concerned he was happy to go back to his cell. He hated all the chit chat. I wonder if I could ask for a beer?

Via said nothing, did nothing as O’Hare explained they would be on a mission, three weeks with simple ‘tasks’ as she put them. A chance to be out of the cell? I won’t’ say no.

Hugh chuckled. “I don’t care what we are doing if I get a chance to have a drink I’m happy.” He looked at Via. “Catch a guy. We can do that.”

Via nodded. She took the photo and handed it to Hugh. He looked at it and passed it to Mae.

Hugh snickered. “Like that time we ‘penetrated that that weapons ring? Remember?”
Via nodded.”Alive. Properly tried, bit of a joke.” It was the most Via had said.

They all looked to Mae as she too protested. Hugh looked at Via, amusement on his face. He sat back and crossed his arms waiting to watch the show.

Innocent woman. We are all innocent... The thought was sarcastic in her head but Via said nothing out loud.

Mae’s scream, borderline primal made both Via and Hugh sit straighter. Via was clearly shocked. She had the impression the woman was excitable but this was unexpected. Via almost smiled.

Hugh bit back a laugh though he felt terrible as Mae slumped in her seat and she had tears in her eyes.

Via frowned. The display of emotion was odd to her.

She looked to Lieutenant O’Hare.

“I will take the assignment and I assume anything other an affirmative means we are sent back to the UK.”

Hugh snickered, “I am in on taking down some guy you deem is a threat of some kind.”

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby diabolicalxdamsel on Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:30 am

Mae began to recover, her anguish, fear, and sadness diminishing into a moment of perplexity. She blinked her eyes as if she had just woken up and then she realized how she behaved. It felt right to give the lieutenant a piece of her mind, but her upbringing dictated that it was very impolite to air out one's grievances in front of people who weren't a part of the issue. She turned to Via and Hugh, her blue eyes wide as she mouthed an exaggerated I'M SO SORRY. She was really quite embarrassed. She liked to think of herself as a lady with some damn decency. She straightened up, rolling her shoulders back into a rigid posture. She held her head straight, crossed her ankles, and folded her hands into her lap. She still eyed the lieutenant with fiery hatred.

O'Hare lifted an eyebrow towards the intelligence officers and lifted her hand "Not so fast, Agent Dering, Agent Peterson. You two aren't leaving these borders for some time. It seems that England is intrigued by our system and the results that it brings. They have been considering adopting our model since the uptick in protesting since those documents were leaked from your own intelligence group. Surely you wouldn't know a thing about that, right?"
The corner of Mae's mouth curled into a grin and she just slightly lifted a hand into a fist of solidarity.

"Now I've been told that you two have been behaving very badly. England hopes that you two may stand as an example for your colleagues. Now for one more bit of paperwork..."

She handed the three of them another set of contracts. "Upon signing this, you ensure that you have received your mission, agree to take on the mission, and you are aware that if you fail to succeed in the allotted time for any reason whatsoever, there will be dire consequences."

Another eye-roll from Mae. She was a dead woman walking. The government knew every dirty little secret she ever tried to hide. "Dire" was hardly a word worth worry. "And how would you punish us, Lieutenant?"

O'Hare smiled and something about her face reminded Mae of a shark. "I will have to deploy two of my soldiers to bring you down. Do be aware that this mission can only end in two ways: success or death. You may be smart, agents. You may be the strongest, fastest, meanest, most clever two agents in your country, but I can guarantee that you are nothing compared to the two I have. My soldiers are very special."

Mae's mind began to filter through her thoughts. Special soldiers-- she remembered Marcus telling her some other crackpot conspiracy about some super soldiers. He made her read some documents that he found.

It felt like her ribcage was closing in on her lungs when she remembered.

"The Hounds" she whispered

She felt a fear that stemmed mostly from the realization of what her government did to create those people. It went beyond of notions of morality or ethics in science. Psychos making psychos.

O'Hare kept smiling. "Well once you sign those papers, we can finally get started. Peterson, Dering, your keepers will take you to your train where Miss Walker will be meeting you after some....alterations. "

Now Mae really looked afraid. She lifted a hand defensively to her cheek. "What do you mean alterations?"

"Well, your face was plastered all over the news this past year. If you're going to be out on the streets, we need to make you a little more inconspicuous."

Only the weakest promise of freedom kept her from tearing the contract right then.

"So I do the job and I'm free, right"

"You read the contract, Miss Walker and we always obey out legally-binding documents. You will be free."

She practically had to will every muscle in her right hand to pick up the pen and sign.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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Via had to admire the way the woman recovered. She pulled herself together once more and mouthed an apology in their direction. Via honestly didn’t care but she got the sense that the woman was embarrassed so she simply gave her a slight nod.

Hugh on the other hand found the whole thing amusing and as Mae apologized he couldn’t help but smile. He watched her sit straighter, cross her ankles and act ladylike. He shook his head a little. Women...

His eyes glanced to Via, her face still a mask of apathy. He marked how she didn’t change, not in demeanor or appearance. She looked unphased by everything though she always appeared that way. In the years they worked together the most emotion he ever saw from her is when someone screwed up on a mission or when she got blamed for a mistake she didn’t do. Even then she handled it in such a detached manner that Hugh wondered if she was human.

He liked her though. She was pretty to look at and great to work with as long as you did things her way.

Hugh looked to O’Hare. He rolled his eyes as she stated that England was interested in adopting the Americans model. Never like anything the Americans do you, who are you kidding. He knew better than to say it out loud but he could happily think it.

He crossed his arms, “Oh we know plenty about that cock up. We were the scapegoats since they couldn’t prove we even existed at government agents. Risk you take though aye? Getting in bed with a government covert operation. Especially ones that involve going undercover.”

Hugh looked pointedly at O’Hare.

Via clenched her jaw, her lips forming a straight line. She knew that O’Hare knew damn well that she and Hugh hadn’t actually done anything and if she didn’t then she was a fool for believing the British government outright. Oh they were right to warn her about Hugh and Via’s proclivity for unconventional methods. Via was sneaky on a level that most could only dream of and locks were of no match for her. Hugh was stronger than he looked and had an instinct about him that made him far more dangerous than the roguish charm gave away.

Hugh looked at Via,”Behaving badly? Must be you. I am nothing but a good boy.” He laughed heartily.

Via didn’t give Hugh any sort of response, not that he was expecting one. They both reached for their contracts. Standard procedure from what they both read. Failure had never been an option for their team. This seemed no different. Glory or death... Via thought.

It seemed Mae was not in the same understanding. Via did frown a little and Hugh gave her a look when O’Hare mentioned deploying two of her own soldiers to take them down should they fail. O’Hare was addressing them as she spoke of her soldiers being special. Via simply gave the woman a blank look. Special, sure. We are all special. Fear doesn’t do shit for me lady. I fail, I deserve to be taken out.

Via wasn’t good with threats. She had her own set of standards. She understood that this woman didn’t know her or Hugh from any other face but if she thought setting some watch dogs on them was really going to keep them in line than she hadn’t read their files very thoroughly.

Both Via and Hugh looked at Mae. ”The Hounds.” She seemed sufficiently scared. Hugh looked at Via. She could tell what he was thinking and she gave him a small nod. They had heard of these American secret soldiers. Every country had their own version. Hell, they worked with England’s version many times. Scary, efficient and deadly. Yes. Did it change their goal in all this? No.

Via signed her paper. “You understand that we aren’t afraid of your “Hounds” we fully understand that we don’t do what we sign off on we are dead. Failure isn’t an option, never has been.” She handed her contract to O’Hare and stood.

Hugh scribbled on his quickly. “You think we are rogue agents and some threat will keep us in line then you don’t know us. We understand. They will take us out if we don’t do the job. We were never rogue. Keep an eye on us, I expect nothing less but we will get this done.”

They moved to the door. Behind them Mae seemed distressed at the idea of altering her appearance. Via put her hand on the door and opened it. She got the impression that Mae was more interested in her freedom than looks in the end as pen scratched paper.

Standing just outside the office door was the guards who had brought Hugh and she in.

“Miss me?” Hugh brushed past her towards his guards. “Come on, I got a train to catch and I think you need to make sure I have supplies right?” He looked over his shoulder, giving Via a wink and a mischievous grin.

Via glared at her own guards. One moved to put her cuffs back on. “Is that necessary?”

The guard grunted. “What do you think?”

Via gave a slight sigh of annoyance. “I think I am under contract and to fail means my death so I am certain I can behave myself.”

The guard paused and then put the cuffs on. “I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. I can’t wait to hand you off for good.”

Via looked over her shoulder at the guard. “Ah sweetheart does this mean you won’t miss me?” Her tone was cold and sarcastic. The guard pushed her forward in response. Via gave a slight smile.
They sat on the train. Hugh reclined on his seat. “What do you think of this whole Hounds business?”

Via looked over at him. “I think she is serious and I’d expect nothing less. I think we do this job like we can and we have nothing to worry about. I think our biggest issue isn’t us it is going to be that woman. She isn’t military and I am not sure what use she is even going to be to us. What skills do you really think she has? I’d bet money she has never held a gun let alone shot one. And quiet? Hardly. Can she keep up a cover story? I sure as hell hope so.”

Hugh chuckled, “Bet she is fun in bed though.”

Via blinked, her expression not changing. “We need more information and a plan.”

Hugh nodded, his smile fading. “Yeah but this isn’t our first infiltration.”

Via, “No but it is a first with a civilian in tow and for someone who isn’t our people. What if this whole thing is a set up?”

Hugh leaned forward elbows on his knees, “Than we were dead or rotting in a cell either way so what does it matter?”

Via nodded and they went silent as they waited for Mae to arrive.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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A few hours later, Mae was escorted onto the train. Her curly blonde tresses were now a dull, reddish brown with extensions halfway down her back and a straight row of bangs across her forehead. A spray tan gave her once pale skin a bronze-ish quality. The look on her face would lead one to believe she had just returned from a funeral. She wanted crawl into a pit and spend the rest of her life in there. She didn’t know what to say to her companions except “A redhead with a tan. That whole department needs to be shot.”

The compartment where Via and Hugh were waiting was small, but elegant with a table, four cushioned chairs, drapery around the windows, and a flat screen television on the back wall. It flickered on once Mae settled down. O’Hare’s face flickered on the screen as an attendant arrived with a tray of refreshments and three envelopes. “Now that the formalities are finished, I can give you details of your mission. The goal is to penetrate Vega’s movement. You must earn the trust of him and his group. Then, you must find weak spots within the movement. Profile the members. Become Vega's best friends. Inside you will find your new identities for getting started. Peterson, you are Troy Kendall and new crewmember to Vega’s fishing boat. He was absolutely blown away by your charming resume and heartbreaking personal story. You have a brother who was imprisoned after agreeing to hold some illegal weapons cargo for a friend. The break in not only resulted in his arrest, but his poor wife, Mrs. Sarah Leeds-Kendall, that would be you Miss Dering, was pushed down a flight of stairs and is now wheelchair bound. You have been looking for work in order to help pay for her medical expenses. Miss Walker, who is now your sister, Trisha Kendall, takes care of the misses, but also has some experience in the fishing industry when it comes to prepping and packaging.”

Mae felt compelled to start bitching. “Okay, so first you make me look awful, then you give me the tackiest name to go with it, and now you’re telling me I’m going to have handle dead fish?”
“You signed the papers, Miss Walker. As dramatic as you may be, Miss Dering knows how to get into character. She is a master at the sob story. I’m going to need you to be…well you. I know you love a bad boy and it will be your job to get Mr. Vega in a vulnerable place. You look the way you do because the man has a type. If it is of any consolation, the belongings you had before your imprisonment will be waiting for you once you reach your apartment. I’m sure you’ve missed your precious cosmetics.”

Mae squealed like a child on Christmas day “My palettes! My brushes! Oh, I have a whole new look I have to work with. Perhaps there is hope for what you’ve done to me after all.”

O’Hare just shook her head. “Keep in mind that you should dial down that obnoxious behavior once you arrive at the wharf. Take a page out of Peterson’s book; be charming and flirtatious. I know you can be.”

‘With my palettes, I can make up anyone you want me to be.”

“Glad to finally see some cooperation. Well, I suppose that’s all of the debriefing for now. You will have some guards settle you in to your temporary home on Caraway Harbor. You must be present every morning before work to be debriefed and to be evaluated on your progression. Other than that, you are totally and completely free.” A cruel grin tugged at the corner of her lips when she said “free.”

Mae noticed, but hardly cared. This mission sounded so foolproof and simple she could hardly believe the government needed her to do it. It hardly sounded dangerous.
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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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Both Hugh and Via looked up as Mae entered. Via immediately turned her attention elsewhere while Hugh bit his lip in an effort not to chuckle. The look on her face was priceless. He covered his mouth with one large hand. “It isn’t that bad.” It was all he could manage. Mae looked like someone had killed her cat and the whole combination was the funniest thing Hugh had seen in ages.

Everyone took their envelope and settled in for the formal briefing.

Hugh took his papers out and scanned them. Troy Kendall. Fishing. He carefully took in all the information. His eyes lifted to look at Via as O’Hare commented that she’d be in a wheelchair. Ha! Via immobile. This will go over well. He waited for the fireworks.

Via simply looked over her papers. She said nothing and when she lifted her chin and looked at Hugh the look on her face was one of questioning. Hugh slumped, disappointed. He was used to Via asserting herself, changing the plan when she didn’t like something. He thought for sure she’d hate the idea of being stuck in a chair the whole mission.

Both of the British agents looked to Mae as she immediately protested her part in the plan. Via’s face didn’t change, still a mask of unreadable emotion. Hugh on the other hand now openly laughed as O’Hare told Mae her job was to get close to Vega, to flirt and be charming. He couldn’t wait to see this diva-ish woman handle fish and try to flirt.

Via’s eyebrows lifted slightly as Mae made a squeal of delight over make up. Neither she or Hugh missed the look on O’Hare’s face or her tone of voice as she reminded Mae that when it was done she’d be free. They gave each other a very subtle look.

They both knew that in this world there was no such thing as ‘free’.

As the train moved, taking them to their new location Hugh stood and leaned on Via’s seat. “Wheelchair huh? You didn’t complain. Lose your edge? I expected you to rewrite the whole plan. I guess they really tamed you when they locked you up.” He smiled down at her.

Via looked up at him. “Protest? Why would I do that? Perfect cover. I won’t be seen as often as you and she will. It means while you two keep Vega distracted and work the inside I can slip off to try and find out more about his business. Much easier for me to infiltrate and work on his files, his paperwork, tap his phone, get all the information I can about his group if they think I am housebound all the time. I don’t think there is a problem with this. You work the people, the talking. I’ll do the shadows, it is what I do best. I don’t mind playing second fiddle to her. She can take the point and flirt with the man. She’ll do fine.”

The corners of her mouth twitched just a little.

Hugh shook his head. “Nice.”
They arrived in the dark. There was a wheelchair waiting in the storage of the train car. They had to keep up the appearance right from the beginning. Via looked at Hugh. “Carry me out. Trisha get the wheelchair. We get in the car and head to the apartment. From this point on you stay in your role.”

Hugh picked her up. With his musculature and Via’s lean frame it was effortless movement. He moved to the train door and stepped down slowly. His eyes moved about the area. “Nothing that I can see.”

Via put her chin on his shoulder, looking back to see if Mae was following. “Should be clear unless they had suspicions from the beginning or O’Hare is setting us up. We make this smooth and easy. By the book.”

Hugh moved to the waiting car and put Via in the back. He opened the trunk and waited for Mae. “Come on Sis. Quite taking your time.”
The place wasn’t highend by any means. It was clean and livable with everything they needed but nothing more. They were on a second floor which meant Hugh carrying Via and Mae carrying the wheelchair up the stairs. There was no elevator.

The apartment had two bedrooms, one for the women and one for Hugh. The living room/kitchen combo had a window that looked out over the water.

Hugh looked at Via as he put her down on the couch. “Lucky you, sharing a room.” Via stared blankly back at him.

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Re: The Hal Talori Invasion

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Mae gave Hugh a weak smile. "I have to disagree, but thank you."
Her bubbly energy finally appeared to be spent as she leaned against her seat and became quiet. She really couldn't predict if she could manage to pull off her end of the assignment. Her file stated that she was a terrible liar. She flunked every high school audition she tried out for. Why did O'Hare even want her in the first place. She couldn't think of anything that could qualify her as an ideal agent in covert operations. At least daddy taught her to shoot like a champ.
She pretended to immerse herself in Vega's file as Via and Hugh talked. If the woman wasn't such a robot, she'd wonder if the two of them ever had a thing between them. Mae found it hard to picture her possessing any more passion than a rock.
But the woman seemed pretty damn smart. She wished she could take things in stride like she could. Not that Mae eventually accepted her lemons in life, she just had to indulge in a great deal of bitching and moaning first.
She caught the subtle motion of Via's mouth. You don't believe that. That's okay. I'm not sure if I do either.


Mae strode a little slower behind them. The fact that she could not put a finger on their relationship drove her nuts. She could usually read a person in hardly any time at all. Her perception made her a very successful interviewer. No one ever expected the giggly blonde to ask the hard questions. She just had to pay attention, read the body language and micro-expressions, and then go in for the kill.
But this girl didn't react to much of anything.
Maybe she's a sociopath. The government's full of 'em.
She bounded towards the car grinning. "I'm sah-ry, bruddah" she said in the most awful excuse for a Boston accent. "I just miss beins outside, ya know?"


She followed them up the stairs carrying Via's wheelchair. She made another delighted squeal as they entered the apartment.
"Oh, isn't this just wonderful? Wow I havent had such roomy living quarters since before I went to prison. Oh, and would you look at this! A real kitchen! That means I get to eat real food!"
She began to rummage through the pantry and refrigerator. "Hmmm. They didn't leave me much to work with, but I think I can manage. We're keeping our paychecks on this assignment, right? Oh man, you Brits are in for treat. Beef tips and rice, cornbread, fried chicken, collard greens, biscuits, I mean real biscuits, not those cookie things, oh and a mess of brown gravy for all of it. Did I mention I'm a heluva cook? Oh, but first..."

She ran into the shared bedroom. Sure enough, her beloved eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, foundation, concealer, mascara, and professional quality brushes and tools all sat neatly on top of a dresser on her side of the room. A small choking noise came from her mouth and her eyes welled up. "My babies...mommy has missed you all so." She looked around feeling disappointed that the only mirror sat in the shared single bathroom. Even though the assignment didn't begin until morning, she frantically began to fix up her face with wing tipped liner, mascara, a bronzish-pink eyeshadow she thought complemented the new skin tone, and warm, coral-colored gloss. She also filled in her eyebrows. "Well it's not my best, but not bad considering I've been out of practice for so long. You have to let me give you a makeover sometime agent. I think with a good plucking and a little color on those cheeks, you'd be quite the knockout" She gave Hugh a wink. She was still under the suspicion that they shared something.

"So who's hungry?"

She fixed a pan of biscuits audibly complaining about the lack of any cast iron cookware ("Can't make good biscuits without a good, seasoned cast iron pan"). She also prepared some of the frozen chicken fingers she found in the fridge ("Just pitiful. Just you wait until I make the real stuff") and a pot of black beans.

"I'm don't cook a lot of that rabbit food, but you'll get your carbs and protien."

With a good meal and a made-up face, Mae began to feel like she was living a normal life for once. She knew she was shamelessly breaking character tonight. She knew she'd have to dial down her "Mae-ness" starting tomorrow, but just for a moment she wanted to pretend that her life wasn't in jeapoardy. Just for tonight she wanted to feel free again and to share a meal with real people.

"So tell me...what are your stories?"
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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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(whoops I posted something here I didnt mean to post and I didnt know how to delete it so this is just going to be here)

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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Via sat as Mae flitted about the apartment. It was the only word that came along when she watched the woman move around.

Hugh reclined on the couch, enjoying the feeling of something soft under his backside and a warmer room than he’d experienced lately. He looked over at Via as Mae squealed with delight from the bedroom.

Via gave him a small shrug and looked away. Her face as usual was unreadable. Even as Mae commented on making Via look like a knockout she registered no emotion. Hugh barely hid his amusement.

“Hey, yeah I could use a bite to eat.” Was all he offered. He could read Via’s eyes and she was not entirely impressed at the moment. The woman was not a professional and her unpredictability was driving Via nuts. She liked a tight team, a clean mission and this woman was simply a civilian.

From the kitchen Mae complained and Via tuned her out. She moved to the bedroom and began inspecting the clothes and other ‘personal’ items that were waiting for her. A wallet with her appropriate id, a closet with simple clothes that fit the lifestyle they were portraying and hidden in the back was Via gear. With a deep inhale she pulled the knapsack out and began to go over everything. Ropes, bugs for tapping phones, bugs for planting on laptops to allow the government hackers access and more items she needed for her part in the job. She’d play the role of cripple by day and as soon as she was alone she’d get to work. Hugh and Mae had the harder jobs, the face time with the target and the keeping in character for longer and more in depth.

Hugh went into the bathroom. The shower ran briefly and when he exited he was dripping and just in a towel. His body was evidence that the man spent a great deal of time keeping in shape. His right shoulder blade bore a tattoo that looked military in original, a crest of some sort.

By the time food was ready he was dressed in comfortable jeans and a t-shirt that was a bit snug on the arms. Via too had changed though. Black yoga pants, black tank top with a black hoodie overtop. Her auburn hair was tied up in a neat ponytail.

Hugh chuckled. “Story? Not much to tell. Military, special forces and then high specialized secret team.”

He dug into his plate of food giving Mae a nod of thanks. “Hot and has flavour, brilliant.”

Via ate though it was in small bites and seemingly noiseless. She didn’t answer Mae’s question feeling that Hugh had covered it for both of them. “Tea?”

Hugh nodded. Via stood and put on the kettle. “How about you?” She looked at Mae.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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Mae smiled at the compliment on her cooking. It felt good to take care of people again. Sure she fussed about her looks on a consistent basis, but she was also caring almost to the point of being a pushover. That's what got her into trouble in the first place. She dug into her meal with a similar vigor as Hugh, having to remind herself to maintain good table manners. It felt like it had been ages since she had a hearty, home-cooked meal. She nodded at Via.
"Tea sounds good...thank you"
Why was she hiding? What was she hiding? Mae still had doubts that they would even make it out alive. Why hide it? Then again, caution seemed to be the better route. She trusted far too easily.
"My story? Heck, it was plastered all over the news here for months. 'Anti-Government Journalist Hacks into Nation's Most Prosperous Company Causing Billions in Revenue Loss.' That company would be Star Petrol. It's our biggest oil refinery. Our own government has so many shares that it practically owns most of the place. They say most of the stock earnings go back into the budget to fund road maintenance, national parks, public sector paychecks, and so on. However most of it just goes into the pockets of our politicians. In return, Star Petrol isn't liable to the same kind of regulation and oversight as other companies. Our television and radio broadcasts are all government owned, so when those assholes spill millions of tons of toxic sludge into our soil, no one finds out unless its through word of mouth. When the company contracts soldiers to gun down protesters at their oil fields in the Middle East, no one has a clue. I certainly didn't hack the system, I mean do I seem like a hacker to you? I had a...friend of sorts...a roommate. He and his friend actually did the crime...I just did the time. Call me stupid, but I thought we were friends. I wanted to protect them I guess. I wanted them to keep fighting the good fight. I just published the results of their findings and handed out the news on flyers. They were the ones with the know-how. But once I was behind bars, the guys told every news agency that I was the mastermind and that they never had a clue. The news said I cost the nation billions, that I caused people to lose jobs and threw the country into a mini recession. Hell, that was caused by crony politics and their self-serving policies causing massive inflation. People were starting to see that at last and they needed an out. That was little ol' me."
She began to poke at her food. Her ravenous appetite had diminished.
"Then the Lieutenant tells me that the boys are now working for the system they swore to always fight no matter the consequences. Disgusting."
She went silent. It certainly wasn't her entire story, but it was plenty. She still didn't know if she could pull off this assignment. Ever since she signed the paperwork, her conscience had been nagging at her. Now she was about to betray a person in nearly the same manner as Freddy did to her.

She couldn't sleep that night. She developed a pattern of laying to one side, turning, staring at the ceiling, and turning to the other side. She wanted to talk, but she knew her new roommate wasn't one for chit-chat. One of them had to get some rest anyway. Her heart felt stiff and her stomach felt so tight, she wondered if she was going to lose her dinner. She looked at the clock. 3 AM. Shit.
Pull yourself together, Walker. You gotta do this. Just think of home.
Eventually, she did fall asleep, but she had uneasy dreams of being stuck alone in a deep pit while jeering onlookers screamed of her betrayal and called her "Judas!" She could feel insects nipping at her wrists.
By morning, she had nearly forgotten about everything that happened the day before. She stirred, feeling the urge to scratch her wrists. She noticed that they had swollen red spots on them. She realized she got tagged. This is bullshit she thought bitterly She tried her best to keep her rage in check. She hated having to get out of what she considered to be a luxuriously soft bed. She had to give herself time to primp before her new job. She wore her makeup a little heavier than usual. She hated this trampy-valley girl look, but she had to make it work. She put on a pair of distressed, bedazzled shorts, a pair of glittery canvas sneakers, and a fitted pink tank top. The padded bra she wore underneath made her chest look ridiculously large. She bent over the sink in laughter as she looked at her ridiculous get up. Why couldn't you be into librarians, Vega? She made sure to even paint her nails and toes in a glossy, bright pink. Afterwards, she brewed a pot of coffee and made toast. As she heated slices of bread, she held her hands over the toaster to dry the paint. She held the knife delicately as she buttered slices of toast.

"Breakfast is ready, ya'll! It's not much, but it should keep us going until noon."

She was quick to cram a slice of toast into Hugh's mouth when he saw her. "Not one peep from you, brother dearest."

They arrived at the fishing village shortly after sunrise. It was a warehouse-sized structure with white and blue painted plank walls. The open air market brimmed with activity as vendors began to prepare their booths for business. They were to head towards the harbor to find the boat Hugh would soon be working on.
"There." Mae said as she mentally prepared herself for the introduction.

The boat was a smaller sized black and blue seiner. Painted in elegant, white cursive was the name, La Libertad. Men were already hoisting the tremendous nets up the pulleys that hung from the booms on either side. Vega stood on deck taking inventory. He was a tall, lean man with rich, caramel-colored skin. His black hair was just a bit longer than a buzz cut and a five o'clock shadow adorned his chiseled features. He looked very strong, but his muscles were more lean than bulky since they were a result of hard work rather than weight lifting. An easy smile played along his lips. He wore rubber overalls, rubber boots, and a black tank top. He seemed to recognize Hugh as he approached.
"Hey there," he said with a grin and a his arm extended in greeting. "You must be Tony. I'm Captain Vega. Welcome aboard La Libertad.
Mae thought he looked awfully young to be a ship captain. He couldn't have been that far into his thirties. The closer he got, the more she forgot about the details in his file.

"And you must be Trisha."
"Yes I am. A pleasure meeting you Capt-"
"You can call me Javier."

Mae could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. Her throat felt dry. "Oh my." was all that she could muster while still maintaining an accent.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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Via stood and put the kettle on. She pulled out mugs and scrounged for tea. Hugh should go and get proper tea by the end of the week. Will have to mention that to him. Being wheelchair bound for public eyes meant not doing a lot of the things she was used to.

Her gaze fell to Mae as she ate. The striking hair was quite the change and Via couldn’t decide if the girl really was as she appeared or if she was playing at being the flighty girl.

Via set mugs before each of them, the tea steaming. “You have to go buy proper tea before the end of the week.” Her eyes met Hugh’s. He looked at his mug and grunted in reply before tucking into his food once more.

Both of the Brits silently listened as Mae told her story. Hugh simply shook his head as she commented that it was in the news here for months. He had to think back to figure out just how long he had been in prison. How long had that been that their covert team was hung out to dry in the public eye? Mae’s story wasn’t all that unusual. Corrupt governments existed everywhere. Whistleblowers call them out, exposing the worst but other try to do things differently. It sound to Hugh like the people Mae were used to cover up for the real people behind it. Of course those guys got cushy government jobs to utilize their talents. Hugh couldn’t help but wonder how many people got raises and new jobs in reward for taking Via, himself and the rest of their team of ‘rogues’ down.

Via cleaned the dishes after dinner and by bedtime laid in her bed on her back, her eyes were closed but her ears picked up the sounds of Mae tossing and turning in the other bed. She was glad she functioned well on so little sleep, she wasn’t sure how much she would be getting tonight.

Hugh, on the other hand was out the moment his head hit the pillow. Sure he was semi-alert, he always was but to him it was the best sleep he had had in ages.
Via was up before the rest. Her soft feet made no sound as she moved to the living area and began her morning ritual. Slow yoga stretches, eyes closed and breath slow. When Mae moved out and began making toast Via said nothing from her position on the floor behind the couch.

Hugh stepped out of his room, arms overhead as he stretched. “Good mor...” His eyes fell on Mae and he smiled. The smile grew larger and the lips started to part but Mae seemed to sense his actions and shoved a piece of toast in his mouth.

Via stood from her hidden spot and surveyed them both. “Good luck today.” She crossed to the counter, started the kettle and grabbed a piece of toast. They had their job and she had an entirely different one. While they worked at the dock, on the boat she’d be doing recon of the gang, their known hideouts and hangouts.
Hugh was in character before they even left the apartment. By the time they got to the dock he had mentally gone over his American accent, though his British one was long drilled out of him. Both he and Via carried not descript, non recognizable voices. No one had ever been able to peg down where they were from unless they were supposed to be from somewhere.

The ship was a flurry of activity. Hugh walked up to the man. “I am. Nice to meet you Captain. Glad to be aboard.” He made his way onto the deck and began to talk to a few of the others. His eyes scanned each and he began to catalogue them all. Names, faces, hair, eyes, etc. He could tell who was a smoker, who was a heavy drinker.

Hugh turned to look at his new Captain. “So where do you want us? Trisha and I. Don’t be afraid to work us right away. We are used to this stuff. Trish may look girly but she can handle a fish as good as any.” He crossed his large arms across his chest giving his sister a smile.
At the apartment Via cleaned the dishes, showered, dressed and was immediately going over satellite footage of buildings the gang was known to frequent. The warehouses would not be doable during the day. She couldn’t risk anyone recognizing her later on when she happened to be able to leave the apartment with the others. As far as the gang knew she was a body in a wheelchair.

Bars would be Hugh and Mae’s job up to a point. There would likely be offices in them that they wouldn’t get access to but even that she would have to tackle after the bar closed and before dawn.

For now she seated herself with a laptop and papers making notes, making plans and researching the security she might encounter at each.

Hopefully those two are endearing themselves to our dear Mr Vega.

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby diabolicalxdamsel on Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:06 pm

Mae smiled at Hugh and Javier her nose wrinkling and mouth slightly twitching at the prospect of having to handle dead fish.

"Excellent. Well I think I'll have Trisha work our booth at the market for now. I'm sure she's worth her salt on board, but I have a feeling that she'll draw a crowd. Why don't head that way? We're the stall along the middle far left wall. Look for a big brass bell and a crazy redhead." Mae nodded and turned away feeling a mixture of disappointment and relief. She didn't want to leave her partner, but she was glad that he didn't have to witness her losing her breakfast over the starboard railings; she was highly prone to seasickness.
Javier led Hugh on board. "As for you, I think I'll have you prep the nets for casting first. You'll be working with Nathan over there."

He pointed towards a burly, dark-skinned man intensely focused on repairing a net. Despite his imposing size and large hands, he expertly wove and threaded the thin cords of nylon, stopping only to scratch his thick beard.
"The scrawny guy over there barking orders is my second mate Tony." he continued pointing at an irritated blonde man with skin turned tan and leathery due to his years at sea. He scowled at the new recruit with hard, blue eyes.
"The baby-face punk with the green hair over there is Nick. He might be the youngest of our crew, but nobody knows the ship's engine's better than he does."
Nick looked like he had recently entered his twenties. His smooth, pale skin contrasted with the rest of the weathered crew. He saluted his captain and waves at Hugh before ducking below deck.
"And finally we have the twins: Manuel and Maria."
The twins too looked pretty imposing. Both of them had salt and pepper colored hair cropped into nearly identical crew cuts. Manuel sported a large scar across his cheek. Maria also had several scars along her left arm that appeared to have been caused by bullet shrapnel.

"It's a modest crew for a modest boat. Its hard work, but it pays the bills. Everyone here has a story like yours. We have all been terrorized by our government. The sea and heavy workload helps keep our emotions in check. Before I become a total hardass, I just want to let you know that you're not alone here. Nathan and Nick are pretty willing to share their experiences, but the twins need to come around first. Tony is pretty much Tony. If it's not about business, he's not going to talk about it. "

A brief expression of pity crossed Javier's face as he mentioned Tony, but it quickly passed.
"Well that's everyone. Go speak with Nathan and he'll get you started. Time to test your mettle, greenhorn."

The sharp, salty reek of fish bit at Mae's nostrils as she stepped inside the market. Already the place was alive with activity as vendors and customers haggled over prices. She spotted the stall Javier had mentioned and headed towards it. The stall looked a little worse for wear with yellowed paint that had begun to curl and chip around the ply board. However the lights, cheesy figurine of a winking halibut, and the roaring of orders gave her new place of work a kind of charm. A lanky, dark-skinned man gave a shrill whistle and called, "Sea bass! UHP!"

"UHP!" boomed the largest man Mae ever laid eyes on. His sizeable frame towered above the counters. His thick, fiery curls were cut short and a heavy beard covered his face. His companion hoisted the massive order and the redhead caught it with an unexpected gracefulness. He looked as if here were cradling the thing in his tattooed arms as he laid it over a big sheet of brown paper and bound it tighly in twine. As he handed the fish to a customer, he caught her glance. He smiled widely exposing a gold tooth. "What'll you have, darlin?" he said.

His thick, Southern accent seemed to calm her nerves a little.

"Oh um...well I'm Trisha and Javier told me that I'd be working with you."

He clapped his large hands with delight and the sound made Mae jump out of her skin.

"Well hot damn! About time Captain V got another person to draw in the buyers. Hey Ed! We're getting some fresh blood behind the counter today."

"Alright!" called the other guy.

"Terrence Boone. Most folks just call me Boone. Nice to meet you. Oh and you got a solid, firm handshake. That's a sign of an honest person you know."

Mae felt an ugly twinge of guilt. She shook it off.

"And over there is Eddie Grimes."

"Welcome aboard, missy" Ed said as a draped a pink lei over her head. "Gotta wear the new blood necklace until you get things down pat. Why don't you pass out these flyers of the stuff we'll be bringing in this afternoon and then we'll see if can catch a fish."

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Re: The Hounds Redeux

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Hugh couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face when Javier said Mae would handle the market. “Sounds right up your alley sis.” Hugh clapped her on the back.

He followed his new boss onto the boat. He made mental notes of the details of the ship. He looked for lights, security. All the things Via would need if she had to come check out the boat in off hours.

“Nathan, got it.”

Hugh made more notes on the crew. He marked each of them. He knew some basics about them from their files but the point was to get in and get to know them.

“Aye, aye Cap’n and thanks. Appreciate the chance. Things are rough and I got people to look out for you know?” Hugh nodded at Javier.
The table was littered with papers and on each paper was a small marker. Via was counting out the bugs that she was going to plant. She had hoped to get Hugh to plant a few, on the boat and maybe in the bar but in the end decided it would be better to do it herself. She didn’t want to risk either he or Mae blowing their cover trying to plant or get anything. That was her job. They were to get themselves set up in the organization, get close and learn the dirty secrets. Her job was to plant the bugs that would pick up the info for when they weren’t around.

She worked on her plans for a few hours, tucking everything away before partaking in another workout. A shower, fresh clothes and Deirdre decided to go up to the roof. She took her binoculars and hiding in a corner, the place she’d be least likely to be seen (her specialty) she began making notes on a map of landmarks, buildings, etc. This fresh data would help her plan her routes in and out from her jobs.

Via had already decided to make a run tonight, not to plant but to get a lay of the land so to speak. When the others went to bed she slip out into the darkness and check things out. She didn’t mind the daytime alone time. Her time was at night and being alone was something that never ever bothered her.

By the evening she waited for them in her wheelchair, a light simple meal cooked. It looked like the sort of thing that someone with limited reach would make. Salad, sandwiches and glasses of water waited the returning workers.

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