The Hundred Lions Confederacy

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The Hundred Lions Confederacy

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Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.[1]


Official Name: The Hundred Lions Confederacy

Other Name(s): The Lions

National Color(s): Burgundy, Sky Blue

National Slogan:

Protect and Serve


Government & National Population


Government type

Democratic |-|--------------------| Authoritarian

Political Left |--|-------------------| Political Right

Open Society |---|------------------| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |---------------------|-| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |---------------|------| Isolationism

Nationalist |----------------|------| Pacifist

Key Members of Government:
Doran Ko'Tar - Senator-Elect
Thaddeus Orphidian - Minister of Trade
Erin Gherran - Minister of Defense
Verran Faroth - Minister for Diplomatic Affairs
Jadar Trice - Minister for Internal Security

Lynta Molotch; Commander of the Fleet
Orion Vaprais; Commander of the Defense Force
Rena Skarvo; Commander of the Special Tasks Group


Population:129 Billion

Core Systems: 7 Inhabited Planets (Population; 23 Billion)
Eastern Fringe: 12 Inhabited Planets, 23 Defense Stations (Population; 42 Billion)
Culmar's Reach: 8 Inhabited Planets, 2 Space-Stations, 16 Defense Stations (Population; 34 Billion)
Outer Colonies; 6 Inhabited Planets, 2 Space-Stations (Population; 30 Billion)
Neutral Hub; 1 Space-Station, 18 Defense Stations (Population; 10 Billion)

Major Race(s):

Average height: 8'2
Average weight: 180lbs
Defining features: A tall and slim species with sickly blue skin. Decorating their extended necks like a trio of parallel knife wounds are gills, a remnant of their underwater life before they evolved the ability to survive above ground. Tiresians are abnormally tall and thin boned, but wiry muscle coats their frame.
Lifespan: 180 terran years

Average height: 6'4
Average weight: 200lbs
Defining features: The Navarre are the most human species in the Confederacy, all uniformly medium hight with broad shoulders and a noble aspect to their features. A Navarre typically will have pale skin and dark eyes, with a mop of black hair streaking across their scalps. Due to the highly militaristic society present on Navarre, the Navarre have high fitness levels and are capable of taking massive punishment.
Lifespan: 80 terran years

Average height: 4'2
Average weight: 220lbs
Defining features:A race of short barrel chested humanoids, who have to exist within sealed vacuum suits due to the different environment present on Vervun. Underneath the suit, the Vervun have mole-like features, with stubby under developed eyes, that are normally replaced with faceless ocular implants. The design of the suit varies according to the Vervun's clan.
Average lifespan 50 terran years

Average height: 7'3
Average weight: 190lbs
Defining features: A race of khaki skinned avian creatures that evolved in a harsh jungle environment. The Haryn are all tall and wiry with hooked beaks and a forest of quills decorating the back of their narrow skulls. Their eyes are sharp and dagger-like, giving them excellent vision in all situations. The Haryn are highly dextrous and capable of great agility. The Haryn's backward jointed legs allow them to run faster than the average human. One of the more discusting traits of the Haryn is that they openly feed on the flesh of the dead. This does allow them to gain information from the genetics of their meal.
Average lifespan: 150 terran years

Population Breakdown:
Navarre: 26%
Tiresians: 24%
Vervun: 18%
Haryn: 22%
Vatakuec: 1%
Other: 9%

Language(s) Spoken:
Confederacy Common Language (CCL): 95%
Other:[i] 5%

Religion(s) Practiced:
Atheism: 75%
Planet-Specific Religions: 15%
Other Religions: 10%




Primary Tech: Space-Stations - The Confederacy excell at making large and complex structures, capable of housing as many people as a planet in their multi-armed design. A byproduct of this are military stations, bristling with enough guns and marines to hold off a sustained assault.

Secondary Tech:Agriculture and Hydroponics - Due to their many Orbital Stations and large trade vessels, the need to artificially grow crops in deep-space, the Confederacy has pumped large amounts of funds into developing nutritious and hardy crops that can survive in almost any environment. Along with this comes highly advanced machinery, designed to function under any conditions.

Tertiary Tech:Small Arms - Despite being isolationist and generally peaceful, the Confederacy knows that it will have to defend itself at some point, and as such puts a great deal of investment into developing cutting-edge small arms, a combination of both rail and coil technology.




The Confederacy Defense Force

The men and women of the Defense Force are the only thing that stands between the enemy and total control of the Confederacy systems. They are Marines, Airborne and Infantry rolled into one highly trained package, and armed with the best equipment the arms factories can provide.

Every resident of the Confederacy must, upon the age of 18, undergo two years military service. After this, they are allowed to return to civilian life, with only the best staying on as permanent career soldiers. This allows the Confederacy to maintain a vast informal military, that can be reactivated in a matter of hours.

[i]Tactics of the CDF

Schooled in the principles of guerilla warfare, the CDF maintains a home-field advantage on every world and station within the Confederacy. They utilize hit and run tactics, making great use of armoured vehicles and small VTOL craft to strike from the shadows and melt away within seconds. CDF insurgencies can last for decades.

Uniforms of the CDF

Everyday Uniforms:

The Uniform regulations for the CDF are fairly relaxed when outside combat, and bar the basic olive-drab pants and jacket, troopers can wear any hairstyle with tattoos and facial piercings being commonplace. Over the jacket is worn a simple ceramite/kevlar vest, with webbing carrying six magazines, two grenades, a tactical knife and a pistol holster under the arm.

Combat Uniform:

The CDF uniform has been designed to be simple and practical, consisting of a camoflaged jumpsuit, woven with carbon nano-tubes to make it resistant to low-caliber rounds. The jumpsuit has one breast pocket, and two concealed ones at the true waist, able to hold small knives or explosives.

Armoured knee-high boots cover the feet, with a heavy armoured vest protecting the torso. This matches the camo scheme of the jumpsuit. The vest can hold eight magazines, four grenades, a twelve inch combat knife and has an integral hydration pack.

The Helmet is made from the same material as the armoured vest, and is compulsory for all ranks. The rank is displayed on the collar and left upper-arm of the jumpsuit.

Rank Structure of CDF:

Enlisted Ranks:



Officer Ranks:


The Confederacy Naval Defense Force

Technology of the CNDF

Uniforms of the CNDF

Everyday Uniforms:


Combat Uniform:


Rank Structure of the CNDF:

Enlisted Ranks:



Officer Ranks:


The Special Tasks Group

The STG are the Confederacy's paramilitary arm, who operate covertly beyond their national borders. Each operative has to know how to work autonomously in a hostile environment, and demands a super-human level of skill and endurance. The STG does not only use soldiers. It takes the cream of the crop from Universities and Research projects, spiriting them away to secret weapons and technology labs, deep in the core worlds. They are thought to be one of the few groups practicing cloning within the Confederacy.

Uniforms of the STG

Everyday Uniforms:

Combat Uniform:


Rank Structure of STG:

Enlisted Ranks:

Senior Specialist

Master Sergeant

Officer Ranks:
Group Captain


The Confederacy Free Corps

The Confederacy Free Corps are another unofficial branch of the Defense forms, used for unofficial black operations, often without the approval of the senate. They are gathered from the dungeons and prisons of the Confederacy, bought as illegal slaves, or hired as mercenaries. They are the most vicious element in the Confederacy military, prepared to give their lives for freedom or cash.

Uniforms of the CFC

Everyday Uniforms:

The Free Corps do not have an official uniform, instead allowing its members to wear their own armour can carry their own weapons. The only sense of cohesion is a burgundy/blue section painted on the shoulder-guard of any armour worn

Rank Structure of CFC:

Enlisted Ranks:

Senior Specialist

Corps Sergeant
Master Sergeant

Officer Ranks:
Corps Commander

Military Population:




Currency: The Lion

Gross Domestic Product: 978 Trillion Lions

Housed Under:First Bank of the Lion

Economy Type: Free-Market Capitalist

Economic Tendencies:

Core Systems:
Consumer Goods

Eastern Fringe:
Heavy Industry
Heavy Shipyards
Station Fabrication

Culmar's Reach:
Automotive Production
Small Arms

Outer Colonies:

Major Exports:
Ship Hulls
Heavy Space Stations
Low-Grade Small Arms
Agricultural Machinery
Hydroponic Pods
Cryostasis devices

Major Imports:
Armoured Vehicles
High-Quality Ballistic Armour
Luxury Goods
Genetically Modified Organisms

Unique Manufacturing:
The Confederacy produce some of the largest and most beautiful space-stations in their sector of the Expanse. These can be sold for quadrillions, and can house over three billion lifeforms a piece. They look like giant flowers, with six petals that can fold closed to protect the precious interior from attack.


Miscellaneous Information


Legal Stances:

Legal Drinking Age:18 (16 with parental consent)

Driving Age:18

Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification: 16/18

Military Enlistment:18 (16 on some worlds)

Voting Age:18

Reproduction: Permitted after Age of Sexual Consent.

Status of Drugs:
Marijuana - Legal, adult age restrictions apply.
Tobacco - Legal, adult age restrictions apply.
Cocaine - Illegal
Alcohol - Legal, adult age restrictions apply.
LSD - Illegal outside of applied use by the state.
Caffeine - legal, no restrictions.
Heroin - Illegal
Opium - Illegal
Methamphetamine - Illegal

Firearms: Private Possession is encouraged by the state, but with compulsory training classes before acquisition

Death Penalty:Approved in extreme cases

Speed Limit: Varies depending on World.

Religion: Accepting of all Religions

Pornography: Legal, age restrictions apply

Prostitution: Legal, age restrictions apply

Polygamy: Legal on colony worlds, frowned upon in more civilized places

Homosexuality: Legal

Stem Cell Research: Legal

Cloning: Publically illegal, but being researched in private

Slavery: Illegal

Hunting: Legal regarding animals and aggressive Xeno-Species

Consumption of Meat: Legal

Litter: Punishable by a 50 Lion fine.

Suicide: Illegal, though hard to enforce.

Gay Marriage: Legal

Abortion: Legal

Sexual Activity:
Pedophilia - Illegal, punishable by Life Imprisonment
Beastophilia - Illegal, punishable by 15 Years - Life
Xenophilia - Legal, with adult age restrictions
Rape - Illegal, punishable by Life Imprisonment

Obscenity: Pubically frowned upon, punishable by a 100 Lion fine if performed near Military/Police Personel

Prerequisites for Citizenship:

Automatic Citizenship:
Born to Parents who hold Citizenship
Members of the Armed Forces
Members of the Free Corps

Partial Citizenship:
Born within Confederacy Territory
Oath of Fealty to the Senate

Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Uninvited members of any other nations beyond Neutral Zone boundries.

Censorship of Media: Very low. Censorship only occurs in cases that may damage the Sovereignty of the Confederacy Senate.


[1]:Dylan Thomas, Do not go gentle into that good night

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