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The Hunters

a part of “Power of Resurrection”, a fictional universe by Arabella13.

In the modern world, there is a secret society of people who call themselves Hunters. What do they hunt? People who have the ability to die and then come back to life, the Resurrected. Both groups fight for survival, but only one can live.

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The Hunters

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Powers: One magical skill or spell that they can use. The ability to detect Resurrected.

Role: The complete and utter extinction of the other 2 races.

Philosophy: The Resurrected are a blight upon this world, and the Huntsmen have declared themselves as our enemies.

Political state: At war with the Huntsmen and hunting the Resurrected.

History: The Hunters are the only of the three races who was not created by dragons. They found a way to allow people access to a single magical power and the ability to detect Resurrected. This ceremony is long, but easy, and as such, yields the lowest natural abilities, giving the hunters only a slight increase in speed and strength. They often make up for this in surprise and guerrilla tactics. They are often well trained.

They first found this ability out around 300 years ago. About 50 years after that, they began to hunt the Resurrected. The reason that they first began to consider the Resurrected a blight is not known. It was only a year after the first Resurrected hunts that the Huntsmen decided to step in, leading to a state of war.

Society: The system of the underground society of the Hunters is a hierarchy. The world has one great council, made up of one council member from each continent. These councilmen act as the heads of their continent's council, which has one councilman from each state or province (America and IndoAsia), or country (Europe).

These continental councils then command the continents Hunters through a system of messengers. Only the highest of Hunters has ever been given a mission by a council, usually by letter or invitation to the councils chambers. Each state, province, or country has 2 elite Hunters who take missions from their council. Each council has an underground city where all of the Hunters under its control have a place to stay. The council chambers is almost always to the back. All councilmen have 3 assigned bodyguards who are among the best Hunters. When in the chambers, most of the body guards are doing jobs throughout the chambers, leaving four in the council room.

A Hunters rank is shown by a few things.
  • Entrant - They have just finished their training and are given a Hunter Iron hunting knife or dagger as a symbol of their status
  • Sniffer - They have gotten only a few kills under their belt, and are often deployed to find Resurrected who don't know it yet. They get a weapon of their choice, with the blade of Hunter Iron and a grip of wood. They are the eyes and ears of the Hunters.
  • Trapper - They have at least 20 kills and have proven they can fight. They get a weapon of Hunter Iron with a grip of wood and leather.
  • Stalker - They are the Hunters who have shown that they are good at following Resurrected. They are often used to track Resurrected groups. They get a cloak made of enchanted leather and a weapon fitting their rank. Stalker is an add on rank. Such as Stalker Sniffer George would be a Hunter named George who seeks out Resurrected and follows groups if they are found.
  • Battleman - They are the Hunters who have completed the first of the arena trials. They are often used as council city guards and troops for when Stalkers have found Resurrected groups. They get a weapon of choice with a blade of Hunter Steel and a grip of wood and leather.
  • Arena - They have passed the second of the arena trials. They often form strike squads and handle more experienced Resurrected. They get a weapon of choice with an engrave handle of wood and leather, and a blade of Hunter Steel.
  • Darkling - The next version of the Stalker rank, those who are called Darklings have passed at least the second arena trial, and the first trial of stealth. They get a weapon fitting of their rank, and a pair of enchanted gauntlets to go with their cloak. The Stalker rank name gets replaced with Darkling rank name.
  • Destroyer - They have pass all three of the arena challenges. These Hunters are sent to handle anything that the local Hunters can't handle, and also are the rank used as council guards. They often work in 2 to 4 man squads. They get a weapon of choice with an engraved Hunter Steel blade and a handle of engrave wood and leather.
  • Nightkin - These are those who have passed all three of the arena challenges and the second of the stealth trials. They are trusted to handle any extremely sensitive matters. They get a weapon fitting of their rank. They get a pair of the ever prized Boots of Silence, along with the other stuff. Nightkin replaces Darkling in titles.
  • Hero - This is the highest battle rank that a Hunter can acquire. They must have killed at least one Huntsman without aid and complete all three of the arena challenge. They tend to operate either directly ordered by the council or a level or 2 lower than that. They get a weapon of choice with a engraved Hunter Steel blade and a handle of engraved silver and leather.
  • Night Hero - This is the absolute highest rank that any Hunter can obtain. The hunter must have completed all three arena trials, killed at least 3 Huntsmen one on one, and completed all three stealth trials. They answer only to the High Council of the Hunters, taking jobs from the lower councils to keep their skill sharp when not needed by the High Council. They get a weapon of choice with a blade of engraved Hunter Steel and a handle of engraved gold and leather. They also get an engraved and enchanted Black Metal, stronger than steel while being too light for weapons, breastplate. The title Night Hero takes over both their rank and their stealth title. To call one by name without prior permission is considered to be disrespectful to the highest regard.
  • Councilman - The same rules with title respect apply with Councilman as with Night Hero, except the titles name. These are the political elite of the Hunter society, and get a weapon according to their rank. They also get a pair of councilman's robes which is an absolute display of their power. The color of the robes is to that of the state, province, or country from which they represent.
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