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The Imagiverse

The Imagiverse Gods

a part of “The Imagiverse”, a fictional universe by Adam Skelecoot.

The realm of Fantasy, where the cartoons live.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Imagiverse”.
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The Imagiverse Gods

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Adam Skelecoot on Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:53 am

Today, I am going to list the Gods and other supernatural entities that exist in the Imagiverse.
(NOTE: Some of the gods may not have images. If you have some art or an image which you think fits that character, don't forget to PM me!)

Full image: ... -535683887
The Underworld
The God of the Underworld, also known as the Great Undertaker. A slothful god who, whenever he feels like it, tries to keep the traditions of the Underworld flowing.

Full image: ... -623705406
The Lord of the Flux, and main entity of Chaos in Minecraftia. He rules almost half of Minecraftia, that is, the half that's Flux'd

Source: ... -570351249
The Flux Queen. Unlike Nex, she is more nurturing to the Flux. Shame she got booted off the throne when Nex was released.

The Ender God. Is located in the void below the End. Like Yogg-Saron, but with more eyes and maybe slightly less mouths.

The Blood God. A vicious entity that grants those who sacrifice their stock (and kin) to him varying amounts of power.

Vice Quadrant
The Necrostar:
The result of the energies of Commander Cosmo and the Chaos energies of Creator's End effecting an exploding dead star. Only slightly resembling a gargantuan skeleton, it is the being that Necromancers worship.

Goddess of the Sun, seen as the ruler of Equestria. It is said that she is responsible for the sun rising, although this idea has its technicalities.

The Goddess of the Moon. Like Celestia, except with the moon this time. Was once possessed by untold demonic energies, though it is possible it was the Darkness that corrupted her.

God of Chaos (in Equestria). A reality warper, although you don't neccesarily need supernatural powers to break the already-fractured fabric of Fantasy.

The Hub (the general gods of the Imagiverse)

The God of the Smithy. A brass-bearded giant who created Chronos. He's known for his celestial black-smithery.

God of War. There isn't much else to say about him.

The Keeper of Time. A mechanical, floating cuckoo clock guardian built by Goldren to protect the Timeline. He doesn't take kindly to time travellers.

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