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The Invinitverse

a part of “Rejuvenation”, a fictional universe by cass-isnt-here.

"When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature." ~Ernest Hemingway [Forever open to new characters]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Rejuvenation”.
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The Invinitverse

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KILLERZARIC on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:09 am

The Invinitverse is everything except one being, the creator of everything, the Chaos God. He lost control of his creation, so he made Chaos to regain control. A planet/star is inside a solar system, which is inside a galaxy, which is in a galaxy cluster, which is in an universe, which is in a multiverse, which is in a megaverse, which is in an ultraverse, which is in a mini-sector, which is in one of the three sectors, which is in the Invinitverse. Planet Arthica, were Desmond Radion's RP is based, is in sector 3, mini sector 23, ultraverse 281, megaverse 9604, multiverse 91234, universe 153258, galaxy cluster 563, galaxy 9124562, solar system 12471842, planet 5. The ranks of chaos are as follows:

0: Chaos halfling
1: Chaos spawn
2: Chaos pawn
3: Chaos gaint
4: Chaos warrior
5: Chaos archer
7: Chaos ninja
8: Chaos mage
8.5: Chaos dragon/animal
9: Chaos elite
10: Chaos elite general
11: Chaos royal guard
12: Chaos hunter
13: Chaos general
14: Chaos lord
15: Chaos king
16: The Chaos 7
17: Chaos omega king
18: Chaos god

The ranks of chaos are more than just human races, except rank 8.5, which is a strong chaos animal. Rank 8 and above (not including rank 8.5) can infect people, increasing the numbers of chaos. If the infection has only spread part way, then the infected becomes rank 0, were they look like they normaly do, but they are evil (e.g. terrorists, dictators, Hitler, etc.). They are ranked depending on there power when they are infected. Rank 1 and 2 can eat living things (not including plants) to get more power. They can rank up by having enough power, and, depending on the rank they are turning into, they can also transform. Rank 4 and above have a brain (also rank 0 has a brain too) while rank 3 and under are mindless (Depending on the animal, rank 8.5 can also be mindless).

Chaos has set their sites on planet Arthica, were a war is already in place. The war is between the Capitol, the Gunners, and the Rebels. They all hate each other, including Chaos. There is a group called the Outcasts, who have been kicked out of their original team. There are also neutrals, like mercinaries, bandits, traders, adventurers, etc. There is a test that people enter every two years, though the test is hosted every year. The way you take the test depends. Your last name (not in real life) is turned into a number (1-26), if the number is even, then you enter when your 6, 8, 10, 12, etc. until your 20, but if the number is odd, then you enter when your 7, 9, 11, 13, etc. until your 21 (e.g. Grace Jane= J= 10= even)(BTW, you enter when your that old, don't know how you can get it any other way). The test determines what rank you are. The ranks are as follows:

0: None
1: Novice
2: Normal (this is the only one that doesn't go in your title)
3: Expert
4: Master
5: Arch
6: Advanced
7: Very advanced
8: Extremely advanced
9: King (Only one of each class)
(e.g. Arch Rogue, Rogue (normal rouge), Very advanced warrior)

You rank up by none, once, or rarely, twice. If you aren't ranked by the time you finish your last test (either when your 20, or 21), then you won't get a rank, or class, as you only get your class when you get rank 1. You don't decide what rank or class you are (this is purely RP, if you want to join, then you can choose the class and rank you want, but don't go overbourd, and keep in mind your age). If you don't get one, then you become a everyday citizen (farmer, blacksmith, shopkeeper,etc.) and you can't take the test again. But if you are rank 2 or above when you finish your last test, then you can take the test again (now it's whenever you like) over and over, so you can rank up. The test is hosted for these people every saturday, but it only once a year, on a sunday, that the test is normaly hosted. Everyone has to take part in the test, though once you finish your final one, then you can stop the test. If you complete the test, then you will start getting missions (this starts as early as 8 years old), depending on your power. If you don't have a rank, then you will have to do all parts of the test, but if you have a class, then you only have to do part of the test, suited to your class (rouges are all rounders, and need to do all parts). The sections are (in order of when there put in):

1: Quiz (for everyone, but the questions are based on your class, not including rogues and people with no class, they have to do every question)
2: Magic usage (mages, rogues, healers, people with no class. They ask what magic you use, then they task you with destroying, or fixing, objects)
3: Necromancy (necromancers, rogues, people with no class. You are tasked with raising a spirit as powerful as you can. If the spirit obeys you, then you can keep it, or throw it back in the underworld. If the spirit gets free, then you have to destroy, the people around you only help when in dire need, like a spirit with a lot of power, or when you are about to die)
4: Combat (choose one of the teachers to duel with (BTW, you will lose, its just to see how long you can last (unless your on your final test, or past it, then you may win)) and you are given infinity metal weapons (the second strongest metal in the invinitverse, the strongest will be announced later) depending on what style you want to use (you can do this part twice, changing your style). The teacher uses the same style you want to use. For rogues, warriors, swordsmen, people with no class)
5: Archery (simple target practice. Rogues, archers, people with no class)
6: Musical symphony (play as well as you can. Bards, and rogues may go in, though this part is optional, people with no class have to go in though)
7: Healing (a wounded soldier from the hospital is brought in, and you have to heal him/her (if you accidently kill him/her, then, depending if the soldier was about to die or not, you will go to jail for the time period needed, unless they were about to die, then you are excuse. For healers rogues, people with no class)
8: Strength test (lifting varios objects, with one or to hands (other body parts aloud). Warriors, rouges, people with no class)
(the gunners do section 1, 4, 5 (but its switched to aiming, with guns, or other throwing weapons), 6, and 8)

After the test, there's the revealing of the rank ups the next day, in the town square in the morning, then a celebratory feast at night (different halls, one area of ranks in each), a day of rest after that (alchohol is legal when your 10 or above), the next day is checking the new weapons oben to you, and training with them (some weapons are only for higher ranks, including pistols (excluding the Gunners, who have to have guns early). The next day is more rest, then missions start again. Everyone other then the Gunners have to use weak pistols (you have to cock most of them by hand, and revolvers need you to turn the barrel yourself, the trigger only fires the bullet). The time period at the start of this RP is the morning, four days after the rank reveal, mission day.
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